A Sissy and His Master’s Hand

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: No character in this story is under the legal age of consent. They are all 21 years of age or older. No sex act in this story takes place other than between two CONSENTING adults. No character in this story does anything against their will or is seriously hurt, permanently physically harmed, abused without prior consent, maimed or killed. Every character in this story comes away from it fully alive and well, fulfilled to the utmost and lives happily ever after. There, are you now happy editing fascists??? Now get out of my way and publish my story like you did all of my other stories.

NOTE TO THE READER: Try to put all of that out of your mind and let my story take you places all of my stories take you to. The powers that be here tried to block publication of this story for reasons that make no senses to anyone other than themselves. Thank you for reading my stories. I masturbate a hundred times writing each one and hope you do too reading them. When all is said and done that is what this site is all about.

My story follows:


“Do you want your panties pulled down? Do you? I’m not convinced you do. Do you want me to touch that little thing of yours with my hand, do you?”

He stares at me from his chair. It’s the one chair in my house I’m not allowed to sit in after he leaves. It’s his chair only. It was my favorite chair until he started seeing me regularly at my house. He made it, and me, his.

“Please, Daddy, please…”

He laughs to himself. He know he has me well trained.

“Do you want your sissy panties pulled down for the reason we both know you love and can’t get enough of? Do you?”

I beg and stammer with pure submission and a hint of tears in my quivering voice.

“Yes, Daddy, yes. Please, Daddy, it’s been over a two weeks, please, please, please…you know I live to please you. Please touch me, please…I love you, Daddy…please touch me…”

I start to cry softly as I go on and on. I’m begging for him to expose me and remove my locked penis harness and play with me with his hand. I am addicted to his hand. Nobody has ever touched me like he does. He drives me crazy and he knows it. I think of it no other way. The locked chastity device keeps me in a constant state of sexual arousal and that is its intent. He knows this.

He keeps me in a constant state of wanting him and the release he gives to me, my sissy like submission assured by keeping me locked. He holds the key to my locked CB-6000 penis cage. I remember crying hard when he put it on me for the first time, crying much like how I’m standing here in front of him starting to cry now. ‘You’ll get used to it.’, was all he said as I felt panic at not being able to masturbate. He did it when I was at my submissive weakest for him. He had my hands cuffed and restrained behind my back. He had just finished fucking me. I had no idea what he was doing as he took the bag he brought with him to my house and pulled the penis restraint out of it. No discussion, no anything. He put it on me, forced my little thing and balls into it and locked it. It all happened so quickly. I was in shock. I cried like I never had before. I had a hysterical fit. I remember screaming ‘No, no, no…’ over and over. He just sat and watched for a long time. And then he stood and took his belt from his pants. He took my arm so hard it left bruises on me. He said ‘I’ll give you something to cry about, you ungrateful little whore.’

And then he beat me so hard across my butt and legs I almost passed out. My crying and begging only made him madder. I had marks and welts that lasted almost two weeks. He marched me to my front door by my arm. It felt like he almost broke it. He pushed me to the floor onto my knees, glaring down at me. He told me that he’d take the cage off but that if he did he was leaving and not coming back. He told me he’d find another sissy boy that was grateful for being kept as his only. I just looked up at him on my knees and begged him to be patient with me. I remember him letting me suck him like that at the door, remember him listening and smiling down at me as I apologized and begged him not to be through with me. I’ve been wearing my locked penis restraint for over a year and a half now. He takes it off and masturbates ka├žak iddaa me usually once every two weeks. He knows exactly how to take me to the edge of sexual torcher and then soothe me. It’s been just over three since he last time he removed it and ‘rewarded’ me.

I’m standing in front of him now as he sits. I’m wearing pink ruffled lace panties with matching pink lace top ruffled sissy ankle sox and pink ankle strap 3″ spike heel pumps. My fingernails and toenails are gloss pink as is my super shiny pink liquid lip gloss. I feel my tiny penis strain at its locked cage as I beg for him, pout for him, amuse him. I also feel the super huge wet spot of his cum, his cum runs out of me and into my panties.

He came to my house half an hour ago, just walked in without saying a word and put me over the back of my couch. He comes and goes as he pleases. He expects me to be ready for him anytime he chooses to visit me. Today was like many others since he took me as his ‘pet’.

I met him at the door in a short silk robe. I lost that quickly as he pulled it off of me and tossed it to the floor. He took me by my arm and led me to the back of my couch as soon as he came in the door. I said, ‘Hello, Daddy.’, but he completely ignored me. He pushed me face first over the back of my couch, face to the cushions, my butt way up high over the back of it. He lowered my panties and just dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles fast. I winced and whimpered as he quickly pushed his full erection deep up inside of me. I am always lubricated for him but he still hurts the first time he enters my rear end forcefully like that. He is huge. I felt the head of it spread me wide, felt it push its way up into me. It feels like he is up into my throat when he’s all the way into me like that. He fucked me hard and fast, just pushed himself into me and started fucking with deep long strokes. He made me cry. My crying is a very large part of it all. It never gets me any mercy on his part. He ignores all of it.

He slapped my rear end and called me ‘whore’ as he used me. He always does when he fucks me like that. My crying turns him on. I learned that early on. “Whore!’, ‘Little bitch!!”, is the only sound in the room other than my whimpering, crying out and the thrashing slap of him up against the back of my butt as he moves in and out of me.

He fucks to cum when he’s in that mood, not to play with my tiny hole for his pleasure like he does most of the time. He’ll take me to bed and use me like a man uses a woman. He’ll use my tight little rear end to pleasure himself for hours. But not today. Today he was in ‘that mood’. It’s all about cumming fast for him when he’s like this. He only wants to cum and cum quickly. As soon as he did, fucking me hard for less than five minutes, he makes those noises men make when they cum. I love hearing him when he does that. It makes me feel like I’m his second wife, his dirty wife.

He spanked my butt, slapped it hard. He ignored my crying out. He bent and pulled my panties back up. He wanted his cum to stay in me. He then pulled me by my arm to my knees. He had me suck and lick him clean, wiping himself on the side of my face. He had me pull his pants and underwear back up, zip him and buckle his belt. He went to his chair and sat. He was through with me. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor in front of him. I knew what that meant. I stood and reaching back grabbed my butt cheeks through my panties. I held them as I slightly pushed the bulge of my little thing out in front for him to see. It’s the position I stand in for reward.

I feel him drip out me and into my panties as I stood before him, slight tears in my eyes with a throbbing tight slippery little hole, a huge wet spot forming on my rear end. I feel soaked with him, the mess he made. He cums huge. He always does.

“I woke up so fucking horny today, precious. All I could think of was that ass of yours and how much I wanted to use it, that ass that I own. That, and cumming in it.”

He laughed, smiled up at me.

“My wife couldn’t believe I left the house so early. She went down on me and I came in her mouth but that didn’t stop me thinking about fucking you, my dirty little whore. She thinks I’m shopping for a dinner party we are having tonight.”

He stared ka├žak bahis up at me, saying nothing for a couple of minutes. He just stared at me. I felt my face go bright red. He knows the shame that I feel about my sexual addiction to him that I would not break even if I could.

“Come here, sweetie.”

He talked so gently to me, the soothing voice he uses when he comforts me. He talks as if I were a child. He takes a small thin pillow from the floor next to his chair. It’s there for one purpose only. To put on his lap such that my wet butt does not stain his pants if he wants me on his lap after he’s had me. Or to lay across his lap to get my butt spanked or paddled. It’s always right next to his chair next to the black saucer, paddle and crop that sits as a reminder of who owns me. I’m not allowed to move it from view. My small black saucer he gave me for present, gift wrapped. It’s for his amusement to watch my humiliation as I lick it. I’ll cum onto it if he chooses to reward me that way and lick it clean for him. I know that is about to happen. I feel my penis throb and expand in its restraining cage.

He motions me to his lap. I go to him and sit on his lap. He kisses my cheek lovingly. I feel his hand go to the back of my neck, his other cups chest, his fingers go to my right nipple.

“Don’t you ever think I don’t love you because I don’t touch that thing of yours as often as you want me to. We both know you need denial. You are a masturbation addict and I cured you of that. And just because I’m abusive to you doesn’t mean I don’t love and adore you. I do. We both know you need that too. Your my perfect sissy whore.”

He kissed up around my neck, made me start to breathe heavily. He won’t kiss my mouth after I’ve sucked him clean after he’s been up deep into my butt. I wanted him to French kiss me so bad. I started to squirm slightly on his lap. He was turning me on like only he can do.

“You know how it plays with that submissive whore attitude of yours when I let you cum. Don’t you? You can’t hide it. You start feeling ashamed of what we both know you are.”

I feel his hand drift down my back and cup my butt cheek as I sit on his leg and he talks softly, lovingly to me. I feel the wet spot of his messy cum move around on my butt inside of my panties, on the pillow. I feel it move around up between the crack of my rear end. I feel his other hand move to the side of my face. He pets me. He nibbles my ear, drifts down to my nipple with his lips. I start to moan as he sucks it. I feel my penis push and strain against its cage as his other hand drifts to just the top of my panties, to the top of my cheeks.

“You really are a wonderful little boy. You’re my little boy, precious.”

He runs his hand over my rear, squeezes me. He feels the lace of my panties and toys with it with his fingers. He feels the goosebumps he makes rise on my legs and cheeks.

“Stand up, baby.”

I quickly stand and feel his fingers go to the waist band of my a panties at my sides. He pulls my panties down, sees my locked penis restraint fall out of them in front of me. I feel my tiny balls ache slightly as my restraint bounces forward. He takes the key from his pocket and unlocks me. As he pulls the penis cage off my tiny erection it gets caught in the ring that locks tightly behind my tiny balls. I whimper as he yanks it off of me. He places the cage on the floor next to his chair.

“There’s my little bitch, his tiny dick standing up in front of me like a little man. Now that is a beautiful picture. It really is. You are precious. It’s why I call you that. Come closer, Precious. Let me look at that little sissy hard on.”

He smiles to himself. He runs his hand up and over me as I step right up to the front of him. I start to whimper. I feel myself go weak in my knees. I moan softly for him. He forms a ring with his index finger and thumb and runs it over the head of my penis. He plays with the pre-cum I ooze at the end my penis as I tightly grip my rear end cheeks like I know to do when I stand before him like this. I feel some of his cum run down my inner thighs.

“Precious. So fucking cute. That little thing of yours, look at that. Look how it looks up at me. Smooth as a baby’s ass. I do love you, Precious.”

He talks to me in illegal bahis his most sexy hypnotic voice as he runs his hand over me.

“Now don’t you dare cum, little boy. Not yet. Daddy’s going to make his little bitch feel real good. Daddy want to play, to savor this moment. Daddy doesn’t call you precious for nothing.”

He laughs. He strokes me full length, knows he’s driving me crazy. I whimper and moan. I quiver as I stand in front of him, his hand working me, then stopping, then starting again and again. I feel his other hand scoop up between my butt cheeks. It’s shiny, covered with his cum as he lifts it to my face. I bend slightly forward and lick it clean as he strokes me and drives me absolutely crazy.

“Tell me, Precious. Tell me.”

I know what he wants to hear. And I know what I want to say.

“I love you, Daddy. I love you. I do. I adore you…love you…I truly love you. I don’t think of anyone but you. I love you…I am yours…I love you…”

I stammer. I go on and on through deep and heavy breathing, panting. I am sincere in all I say to him. He knows that.

He keeps me in that hypnotic sexual state for over ten minutes before he reaches down and takes up my black saucer with his free hand.

“Show me, sweetie. Do it. Let’s see my little boy drip for Daddy. Come on, baby. It’s okay. Let it go for Daddy.”

He stared intently at my penis and his hand moving over it as he holds the saucer up under me. He looks up at me as he strokes me fast, strokes for cum. He knows just how to make that happen.

“Come on, precious. Don’t keep me waiting. Don’t be a shy little boy.”

And then it happens. It always happens when he touches and talks to me like he does. I feel ‘the feeling’. I don’t resist it. I feel the first tiny spurt drip from my penis onto the black saucer. I whimper as he milks me completely.

“Oooooo, that’s my boy. That’s hot, baby. It really is. Look at that.”

As soon as he finishes, drains me completely, squeezing the last bit out of me, he takes his hand off of my penis and places the saucer at my feet on the floor. He takes my penis restraint off the arm of his chair and roughly and quickly forces my semi erect little thing back into it. I wince and cry out as the tight ring closes around the back of my little balls and tiny stainless steel padlock displayed on top of it all ‘clicks’ into place.

He sits back in his chair and watches. I don’t need to be told. I know what happens next. I kneel and start to suck and lick my cum off of the saucer. I do it slowly. Too quickly and that leads to a whipping or paddling. He likes to make me do it slowly to better remind me of what I am to him. He knows that after I cum I hate doing this. He loves that about it all too.

As I lick the last bit of my cum off of the saucer he stands, ignoring me as I finish. He moves to the door. I look up at him, my cum shining on my lips and chin.

“Dirty boy. Nobody likes a dirty boy. Filthy mouth. Fix your makeup after I leave. I’m going to be back here possibly later tonight. I have someone I want you to meet. You think about that. And be in all white. Do that lace bridal thing you do, all frilly and girly. Do you have a problem with me introducing to a friend?”

I look to the floor, taste my cum, his cum, my rear end all over the inside of my mouth. I am beyond ‘having a problem’ with anything he does.

“You know I don’t, Daddy. I’d do whatever you want me to do. I love you.”

He smiles as he opened my door.

“Good boy.”

He walked out my door closing it behind him, so matter of factly.

I feel my soaking wet panties. I feel my smeared makeup on my cheeks and lips from crying. I feel my shame and humiliation. I stay frozen in time like that thinking about what I am and how I don’t want to be anything else. I rub myself through my penis restraint thinking about what it all, what I’ve become for this man. I feel the tight little hole up between my butt cheeks throb as more of his cum runs out of me.

I move to my feet and start up to my makeup room.

Before I get to the top of the stairs I feel my tiny penis strain at its cage. At moments like this I know exactly what I am. I look back down at his chair and the things he keeps next to it. And I know I could not be anything else. I am his to do with as he pleases. Just thinking that makes me wet again. I am his sissy boy and my sexual addiction to him starts to rage once more. I would not have it any other way.

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