A Pleasant Surprise

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Since moving in together, my boyfriend and I have had an agreement that while in private, we both consent to all sexual acts by default, and if either of us isn’t in the mood, we could always say no before it gets too far. We had hoped that this would lead to more surprise intimate occasions, but neither of us had taken the other up on the offer yet.

Until today.

I was just coming out of the shower, a towel wrapped around my body, when my boyfriend appeared from around the corner, his trademark crooked grin on his face. He had evidently been waiting for me to finish.

He took his right hand out from behind his back, and to my surprise, he had a long, white object in his hand.

Blood rushed to my face, forming a blush as I realized what he was holding. Oh, so that was the secret package he kept hidden from me yesterday, I thought, a magic wand.

The next moment, my mind was filled with completely different thoughts. With a gentle but swift motion, he flipped up the towel covering my body and touched the tip of the vibrator to my clitoris.

With a rush, my body instantly responded. I could feel my body warming and tensing up, blood rushing to all the erogenous zones around my body, my vagina wetter by the second.

He pressed the wand a little more tightly against me, and within moments, all the strength was gone from my knees. I began to collapse, legs too weak to stay standing, but he caught me on my way down and laid me gently on the carpeted floor. Somehow, he managed to keep the vibrator in contact with me the entire time.

Now on the floor, he used two fingers of his left hand to gently spread my labia. He inserted the tip of his index finger into my vagina, rubbing around the opening. Knowing well what turned me on the most, he did not rush to probe deeper, building up the anticipation.

I let out a quiet, whimpering moan, trying to keep it in, but knowing I couldn’t stay quiet much longer.

The feeling of his finger inside me and the tickling pleasure of the vibrator resting on my clitoris casino ┼čirketleri became overwhelming, and I instinctively tried to bring my legs together. He, however, denied me this, prying my legs completely apart using his elbows.

Spread naked with him kneeling between my legs, I was now defenseless against this assault of pleasure.

To my surprise, he slid a switch upward, and the vibration was turned up another notch. The sensation was already so intense, I had thought there could be no pleasure more powerful, yet I was wrong. The sudden increase in pleasure caught me completely off guard, my mouth flew wide open, turning subdued, whimpering moans into full-fledged cries of thrill.

Yet, even so, he was not satisfied, and began moving the wand around in little circular motions, hitting all my most sensitive parts. I couldn’t help but shudder in ecstasy.

At the same time, he scooted down, and with his gentle mouth, gave me a light kiss on the inside of my thigh. The tickling and warm feeling made me euphoric, and I moaned even louder with pleasure.

I yearned for more, and he complied without me having to speak a word, a connection seeming to have formed between us telling each other exactly what to do. He continued with the kisses, each one getting closer and closer…

Soon, his mouth ended up near my labia, and he tilted up the magic wand to make room, allowing his tongue to take the place occupied by his finger before. Meanwhile, his hand reached up and fondled with my breasts.

He probed deeper, and the soft, warm feeling of his tongue combined with the trembling joy from the vibrator finally pushed me over the edge.

With a cry of pure happiness, warmth seemingly exploded from my sensitive regions, spreading throughout my body, sending shivers to all of my extremities. Trembling and shaking with pleasure, I’m almost certain that some fluid gushed out of me, but he didn’t mind at all.

I wasn’t done, and neither was he.

He turned off the vibrator and set it aside. I sat up and helped casino firmalar─▒ him as he struggled to take his shorts off while staying on the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear.

I reached out, just as I knew he wanted me to, and grabbed hold of his penis. He was rock hard already.

Holding on to the shaft with one hand and fondling his testes with the other, I brought myself closer and wrapped my lips around the tip. He let out a moan.

Keeping light suction with my mouth, I began moving my hand and mouth up and down along the impressive length of his penis.

He was sitting on the floor now, leaning back, with me kneeling between his legs like he had been with me before. I was barely able to look up while doing this, but I could tell his eyes were rolling back a bit in pleasure.

I kept this up for a while, varying the motions, coaxing moan after moan out of his mouth. It was one kind of enjoyment to be pleasured, but another and wholly equal one to be giving pleasure to the one you love most.

Soon, though, we both wanted more.

I let go with my mouth and leaned back once more, while he got back on his knees as well.

Keeping one hand holding onto his manhood, I guided him towards my vagina. However, he wasn’t as hasty. He took hold of his penis too, using it to rub up and down the opening, a sly grin on his face as he forces me to wait in almost painful anticipation.

With each movement, the suspense built up until eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore. I took matters into my own hands, sliding the shaft inside of me.

I could feel his girth literally stretching me, though not uncomfortably so. We are well-matched in size.

With a groan, he began thrusting, slow and steady at first, but each push more forceful than the last. It felt like I was being filled up inside. I was a puzzle piece, connected to my perfect match.

Keeping the movement in a steady rhythm, he leaned down, and we exchanged a kiss, then another, longer one, then another, finally melding into place together g├╝venilir casino in a moment of bliss.

He didn’t finish so quickly, though. Wanting to draw out the moment without lowering the intensity, he swung my legs up over his shoulders and pounded down on me with a renewed vigor. Deeper, harder, faster.

I clenched my muscles to wrap tighter around him.

He was just the right size to touch my cervix at the deepest part of a stroke. While some women hate it when men hit their cervix during sex, the extra stimulation only increases my arousal. It was like a forbidden pleasure, and kept me yearning, even if it might hurt afterwards.

His hands worked up and down my body, massaging my breasts and clitoris, caressing my skin. I was beginning to feet tingles at the slightest touch, and he was overloading me with sensations. I could hardly control my moans of pleasure to a reasonable volume, and neither could he.

He kept at it, alternating now and then between deep, long thrusts with shallow, quick ones. This variation brought a new element of excitement into the act.

Before I knew it, I was on the edge of orgasm again, but I held back as much as I could, waiting for him.

With a grunt, he pulled almost completely out of me, and then back in again forcefully, his deepest thrust yet. He twitched inside me, having finally reached his climax, pushing me over the edge with him.

Moaning each other’s names at the top of our lungs, an all-consuming explosion of thrill erupted in both our bodies. I could feel the heat of his cum pooling up deep inside me as I pulsated and spasmed. My muscles clenched and unclenched around his throbbing penis in waves of excitement, helping my legs hold him tightly in place.

We kept our bodies fused together while the orgasms worked their course, then held still for a while longer, letting the sensation linger. It’s in times like these that I wish I could freeze time, so that we could enjoy this blissful moment forever.

I’ve never been sure if there is a God, but this is certainly my kind of heaven.

Eventually, though, it was time to get up, and we pulled each other up with smiles of absolute elation on our faces.

I was a bit sore, and the cleanup won’t be fun, but it’s always worth it. Every time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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