A Perfect Gift

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Sandy and Drew had always been close. The whole time he was growing up Drew had always been a bit of a momma’s boy and Sandy knew it. Drew’s upbringing had really been pretty sheltered and Sandy knew her son was a little soft.

Drew’s dad had died unexpectedly when Drew was very young. His dad’s family had been very wealthy and Drew’s dad himself had a very high paying job. His death had been extremely hard on both Sandy and Drew and it took them a long time to get to a place where they could move on with their lives. Only with the support of their extended family did their lives eventually go back to some sort of normalcy.

By the time Sandy finished working with all the lawyers and sorting through the seemingly endless stream of paperwork left in the wake of her husband’s death she realized that she was, in a word, rich. Married life had always been good to her and they had never been left wanting for anything. However, by the time Sandy understood all the different ways that her husband had arranged to take care of his family after he was gone and discovered the huge life insurance policy he had she realized she was rich beyond anything she could ever have imagined.

To add to this her husband’s family took an active role in ensuring Drew’s well being and happiness. Since they were very well off their taking an active role often meant that they threw money at Sandy on behalf of Drew. Despite her telling them that they were fine her husband’s family continued to lavish them with money.

For a while Sandy resisted the trappings of her wealth and stayed in the house they had been in since her marriage. That all changed when Drew was old enough to enter school. She wanted him to have the best education possible and decided that the schools in her neighborhood weren’t good enough. After searching for the best possible options Sandy decided to move.

By now her parents had also passed away and the tensions had returned between her and her ex-husband’s parents. Even when her husband was alive she never had the best relationship with his parents. For a while after he died they put aside their differences and helped each other, but now that a few years had passed many of the old conflicts and personality differences resurfaced.

Because of this she decided to move far away from their original town and start fresh somewhere else. She had always wanted to live somewhere where it was warm and sunny all year around and so initially narrowed her search based on that. After a long search she found a great house in an area that had everything she wanted. Their new town offered safe neighborhoods, good schools, and warm weather all year long. Their new house was in a neighborhood that was very affluent. The house was a virtual mansion in comparison to their previous house and was far bigger than she needed, but she could easily afford it and it was a beautiful house in a great part of town.

After moving and getting Drew settled into his new school Sandy then wrestled with whether or not she should find a job. She had always worked at least part time even though they never really needed the money, and she generally liked working as it gave her a way to feel connected and like she was doing something worthwhile. After a few weeks of casually searching for a job and otherwise hanging out at home with Drew, Sandy reached the decision that she didn’t want to work.

She loved the time she had to spend on Drew’s upbringing and the free time she had to relax around their big pool and only think about her hobbies. She knew that she probably doted on Drew too much and knew that she definitely contributed to making him the “momma’s boy” he became. However, after losing her husband so suddenly she knew that life was precious and she tried to savor every minute and make every moment happy even if it meant spoiling her son.

It wasn’t that Drew didn’t have friends. He had some friends and did a few activities at school but not nearly as many of either as the other guys in school. He seemed perfectly content to hang out at home with Sandy. Sandy didn’t really question why as he had just about everything that any boy his age could ask for. She spoiled him and she knew it, but she loved him deeply and knew she could easily afford it.

Sometimes she worried about his social life and tried to prod him into going out more with his friends or, better yet, with some girls. Drew dated periodically throughout school and went steady with a couple different girls, but Sandy was virtually certain that he remained a virgin even now as he neared his 21st birthday.

She knew that there was nothing wrong with Drew’s sex drive even though he didn’t seem to date as much as she would have liked. She knew it was wrong but she couldn’t help but snoop through his room occasionally while he was away at school. She rationalized it by saying she was only keeping tabs on him as she sat down at the computer in his room and sifted through its files and the history of what he had done kad─▒k├Ây escort on the internet.

Between that and searching through some of his drawers it became immediately apparent that Drew had a healthy interest in pornography. It seemed his computer contained thousands of downloaded images and stories and he almost always had a stash of dirty magazines tucked away in one of his drawers. His tastes seemed to run the gamut from simple photos of pretty women to very tawdry and perverted photos of intense fetishes or other extreme sex.

As far as she could tell Drew was nothing more than a shy, somewhat reclusive momma’s boy. Even as he attended the local community college he still seemed happy to simply hang out at home with her. Upon his high school graduation she tried to get him to look at one of the bigger universities, but he showed no interest in leaving home. She didn’t push that issue as hard as she knew she should have, however, because she really didn’t want him to leave home.

She knew it was a little odd for a young man his age to be so attached to his mom, but she felt like he was the only real family she had now since her parents were both dead. Even though her husband’s parents tried to continue to treat her like family and did a great deal of good for her, Sandy and them could never find a way to get along. Even if it might be a little odd to have him so spoiled and attached to her it did her good to know he loved her so much.

Christmas had always been a big occasion in their household. Sandy never failed to pull out all the stops for her son on that one day above all others. Sandy always worked hard to find the perfect gift for Drew and delighted in the knowledge that every year she had amazed and delighted him.

However, finding the perfect gift to continue her tradition had been getting harder and harder as Drew got older. The past few years had seen her surprise him with a new car and a trip to Europe so she knew she’d have to go to some lengths to top herself. It was now only a few weeks before Christmas and she still hadn’t figured out what to get for him. She was feeling a particular pressure this year, as he was almost 21 years old. She knew this was a milestone time in his life and she wanted to do something beyond even Drew’s wildest imagination to mark this Christmas.

The idea first occurred to her very late one night as she was playing with her pussy. All night she had been trying to think of what to get him. Now, as she masturbated her mind wandered to the plethora of smutty images on Drew’s computer. She was fairly sure he was still a virgin and briefly wondered how any 21 year old boy with such an obviously strong interest in sex could get through the day. “Like mother, like son,” she thought to herself figuring that he must simply jerk off a lot.

Sandy herself hadn’t exactly been a regular on the dating circuit. It took her a long time after her husband died to feel like dating again and then with the move to a new state she found herself in the situation of not knowing anyone. That was the one drawback to not working as it made it difficult to get out sometimes and meet new people. Eventually, through the other women in her neighborhood and some of the social activities she had joined she started meeting some men.

She had fucked a few of them but nothing had ever gotten serious. She also never wanted to leave Drew alone with a babysitter so it confined her available times for romance to the middle of the day or the few times she let Drew visit his grandparents. The end result of all this was that it had been a long time since she had been fucked and far, far longer since she had any sort of meaningful sexual relationship. Therefore she spent a lot of time masturbating and utilizing the various sex toys she managed to collect through the years.

As she neared her orgasm a nasty little thought ran through her mind. She could give him the one thing for Christmas that he surely wants most in the world. Not long after having that thought she orgasmed very intensely. Initially she figured it was just a coincidence.

Much to her surprise the idea returned to her the next day. She kept pushing it aside as silly and unreasonable but yet it kept coming back. As if she would learn something she didn’t already know she went into Drew’s room on one of his last days at school before Christmas break and turned on his computer.

She surfed through the images and felt a new and intense excitement. For the first time she felt the desire to play with herself as she looked at Drew’s porno collection. She began to softly caress her tits before reaching down inside her pants to explore her pussy. After a brief while she removed her pants and sat on Drew’s desk chair with her legs spread widely apart as she fingered her pussy. She quickly grew excited and played with her wet clit and pussy. She found it very arousing that she and her son ├╝sk├╝dar escort had both masturbated to the same images. For a moment she closed her eyes and imagined Drew sitting in this same position stroking his hard cock.

Clearly he must do it, otherwise why would he have the pictures on the computer? In her mind his cock was long and hard and he slowly stroked it while staring at the same image she currently had on the screen. That vision alone was enough to catapult Sandy into a frantic orgasm. She cried out and felt her body rock as she came very hard.

Initially she felt very odd about what had happened, almost like she had crossed a taboo line with her thoughts. Surprisingly quickly, however, those feelings were replaced again by a certain curiosity and thrill of giving Drew the ultimate present.

Despite feeling a little weird about it Sandy began to regularly masturbate to the images she found on her son’s computer. Whenever she could for the next couple of days she went back into his room and turned on the computer. It wasn’t the images themselves that appealed to her. In fact, she had been looking at the pictures less and less and been thinking more and more about the idea of her son stroking his cock as he sat in the same chair where she currently was.

She began to make excuses for her wild gift idea in her mind. She reasoned that since Drew was pretty sheltered and a momma’s boy anyway that she would be the perfect person to learn with. It was clear that she was the one person he felt totally comfortable with and could be himself around and she realized that she felt the same way.

She began to look at it as doing him a favor, giving him the ultimate gift that any woman could give a man. Why should it matter that there were “rules” that said they shouldn’t? It was clear to her that Drew was a good kid. Seemingly the only thing he lacked was the confidence and desire to get out and meet new people and date women. Perhaps by doing this she could ignite a fire in him and let him see how wonderful it can be to be with a woman.

For a couple of days she repeated these ideas over and over in her mind until she started to believe them. Still, even as noon on Christmas Eve approached a tiny voice told her she was crazy. What boy wants to fuck his mom? Besides, she had to be a certifiable pervert to even be considering this idea.

Doing something she had never done before, Sandy got in the car and joined the throng of last minute gift shoppers at the local mall. She went thinking that she would just walk around until she found the perfect gift for Drew and she could stop having her silly thoughts.

After a couple of hours of searching through stores and fighting crowds Sandy was still empty handed. It literally seemed that Drew already had every material thing that a young man his age could have or want. She wandered around thinking about this when her mind hit on the idea of material gifts. Maybe she was looking in the wrong direction, she thought, maybe the key wasn’t material but something else. She let this thought linger and actually asked herself what thing or experience must Drew want more than anything else, but as soon as her mind formed the thought she immediately knew the answer.

The answer came first not from her mind but from deep inside her. She felt her stomach knot slightly and perhaps even a brief tingling in her pussy before her mind answered her own question with a single word, “Sex.”

She continued walking around the mall for a while longer still trying to figure out what to do even though, deep down, she suspected that she had already made up her mind. When she did finally stop in front of a store where she knew she’d find the perfect thing she smiled to herself. It certainly wasn’t the store she’d been expecting. As she stepped inside the lady by the door said, “Hi, welcome to Victoria’s Secret.”

“Geez, mom, I thought you got lost,” Drew teased when she stepped inside the house. “I would have thought you’d have known better than to go out on Christmas Eve.”

She laughed and said she certainly had learned her lesson. As she walked past the couch where he was sitting she commented that she’d picked up some food for dinner and quickly went into the kitchen. Before he could follow her she dropped the food on the counter and quickly shoved the other, smaller bag into one of the cabinets where she would come back to get it later.

She started putting away some of the other groceries she had purchased while at the store. She still didn’t know how she was going to make her gift work, but she thought it might be nice to have the supplies for a nice meal to either set the mood or bask in the afterglow when they were done.

After putting away the groceries together Drew and Sandy sat down to eat dinner. All through dinner he tried to get her to reveal what she had bought him for Christmas. She would only say that it was something she knew he wanted but wouldn’t tuzla escort say anything else.

By the time Drew went to his room later that night he was very curious. Honestly, he couldn’t think of anything that he thought he really wanted that he didn’t already have. It still puzzled him as he flipped on the computer and sat down waiting for it to warm up so he could jerk off to the images he had stored there. He pushed his pants down and called up the food fetish pictures tonight. In what had become a nightly ritual, Drew sat before his computer stroking his cock as he stared wantonly at the pictures on the screen. In fact, he did this so frequently it was nearly his routine every day before breakfast, after dinner, or just about any other time he found himself alone in the house.

After Drew left Sandy retrieved her little bag from the kitchen cabinet and stashed it in her room. She tried to read but her mind was too busy racing with thoughts and uncertain emotions. Instead she picked up the remote and stayed in bed flipping TV channels randomly until she finally drifted off to sleep.

Even as Christmas Day dawned she still didn’t quite know how to play out the day. As she showered she suddenly got cold feet and started having second thoughts. She frantically tried to think of something, anything else she could do, but repeatedly a little voice told her she already knew what she was going, and wanted, to do.

Immediately after her shower she heard Drew rustling around and called down the hall that she needed more time to get ready. She told him to eat breakfast and that when she came down they would exchange their gifts. Usually, they got right up and opened their gifts in their pajamas even before eating just as they had done when Drew was little. Today, however, she knew she needed some time to get ready.

She went back into the bathroom and took her time as she carefully applied her makeup and fixed her hair. Usually she only took this much time when she had a special outing and wanted to impress people, but she had decided that she needed to look her best to make this gift perfect.

She applied fresh polish to her nails and as they dried she carefully considered how to compliment her outfit. She pulled a pair of black, strapless shoes with tall, spiked heels out of the closet and knew they would be perfect. She found her long strand of pearls and put them around her neck. She loved the length of this necklace as she could wrap it firmly around her neck with one loop and then leave the second loop hanging down her chest. While the first loop gave the sexy look of a choker style necklace the second one hung down perfectly so the bottom few pearls nestled nicely into her healthy cleavage.

Sandy’s tits had always been just a bit larger than average and, during school and while dating, was the one feature that drew nearly every man’s attention. With her free time and lack of working for nearly the past 20 years Sandy had taken to working out regularly to keep herself fit. She swam laps daily in their pool. That was one of the great things about where they lived since the weather was warm enough to swim virtually all year around.

The result of all her swimming and her ability to focus on fashion and her appearance was that Sandy looked and felt fitter than she ever had been before. Even when she had first married Drew’s dad and they had been fucking like bunnies she knew she wasn’t as fit as she was now. Knowing that made her feel sexier than she ever had before and she found it slightly ironic that she felt sexier and more desirable as she got older.

After putting on pearl earrings to compliment the necklace she pulled the items from her small bag and considered how she should dress. She had purchased a few different outfits hoping one would match her mood today. Looking them over she reached down and picked up the silk robe.

She already owned several silk robes similar to this one because she loved the way the smooth fabric felt on her skin, but for this occasion she knew she wanted something new, something she’d never had on before. The robe was black and felt very sexy and sleek as she slipped it on over her naked body. It was a full-length robe and only stopped down around her ankles. By itself it wasn’t very revealing but she knew that the thin material would cling to her temptingly as she moved around. For the final touch she tied the knot in the band around her waist just a little more loosely than usual allowing more of her chest and some cleavage to be exposed.

She took one long last look at herself in the mirror before she left. She reapplied some lipstick in a deep red color that perfectly matched the color of the polish on her nails. She analyzed her hair and decided it was fine. Her jet-black hair was pulled up into a teasing tangle of twirls and twists behind her head. It was the kind of hairdo that looked very thrown together and sassy, but she knew that it took a long time to achieve the right look.

Lastly she readjusted the longer loop of pearls to make sure they were resting just so between her tits. The contrast between the black robe and the bright white pearls on her chest was very striking and she smiled knowing it would be sure to draw his eye. She smiled wickedly to her reflection thinking she had achieved the look she wanted.

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