A Night to Remember

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“I’m accepted!” declared Sabine, holding the college acceptance letter in her hand as she beamed at her father, the recently discarded envelope it had arrived in laying across the kitchen table.

Artur turned away from the bacon sizzling in front of him to look over his shoulder at her, dimples forming in the light chocolatey toned skin of his face at each corner of his mouth, “That’s great to hear! We should throw a little party to celebrate, invite some people over. Make it a real night to remember.”

Sabine’s cheeks reddened, mostly hidden by her dark skin but still visible regardless, “Dad, you don’t need to do that. Really.” She tried to sound firm but she sounded more than a little nervous.

He shook his head as he turned back to the bacon, making sure that it wasn’t burning before turning back, “Come on, I’ll even buy you some drinks so it can be a real party.” He gave a little lighthearted chuckle as he emphasized the last two words, flipping the bacon to brown the other side.

“You shouldn’t do that, I’m still not old enough…” She trailed off for a few seconds, her Dad about to answer when she suddenly added, “Besides, I don’t even know anyone well enough to invite them over. I don’t have any real good friends, I never fit in back in High School…” Her words trailed off again and her brown eyes became downcast as she let out a sigh.

Artur seemed taken aback by that claim, “No friends? That can’t be right.” He hoped she would correct him but when she only looked more ashamed he realized that maybe she wasn’t just exaggerating. He never had seen her hanging out with anyone much, now that he thought about it. “Hey, that’s fine. We can have a party with just the two of us. Have some drinks, watch some movies, play some board games. Make a night of it. How does that sound?”

She still felt like it was maybe a bit irresponsible to be drinking, but her father’s insistence made her mull it over in her head and she finally gave a slow nod, “Well… Okay… I guess we can just hang out and have a party with us. But I heard alcohol tastes really gross, I don’t want to be drinking gross stuff all night.”

He nodded slowly as he took the bacon off the heat and transferred it onto a plate laden with paper towels, the white paper quickly turning translucent in spots under the strips of crispy fried meat strips as it soaked up the excess grease. He folded the towels over the bacon and pressed it down lightly to soak some up off the top before going over and wrapping his arms around his daughter’s shoulders from behind. His broad shouldered and taller frame dwarfed hers and she melted into him and leaned back, lavishing in his fatherly love and feeling deeply comforted as the anxiety of the proposition faded away.

“I’ll get the drinks after breakfast and we can start partying after dinner tonight. Best not to drink on an empty stomach.” He nodded in a tongue-in-cheek sagely fashion before cracking a wide smile and getting back to breakfast, cracking eggs into the pan of bacon grease and filling the kitchen even more with the delicious smells of frying pork fat.

Artur finished the last bite of the celebratory steak dinner with a satisfied sigh as he leaned back in his chair and ran a hand back through his short brown hair. “Ah! That was delicious.” He gave his stomach a couple smacks with the flat of his hand before looking over at Sabine, asking with the quirk of an eyebrow, “Want a drink? I’ll mix us each up one. And don’t worry, I’ll mix yours a little on the lighter side so it doesn’t taste too gross for you.”

Sabine still had a part of her steak and baked potato left but she nodded back in response, answer a bit slowly after swallowing her bite, “Um, yeah, sure.” She sounded a little uncertain but was going with the prior established plan. She figured it was probably good for her to let loose every once in a while, even if she was finding herself a bit embarrassed about her first time drinking being with her father.

He got up from his seat and took his dishes into the kitchen sink as he went to make the drinks for each of them. Artur popped open the cupboards and retrieved a pair of glasses before withdrawing a bottle of vodka and tray of ice from the freeze and a jug of pineapple juice from the fridge. The cold cubes of ice made light clinking noises as they were dropped into each of the glasses, followed by the soft trickle of alcohol being poured into each cup. He put notably more into one drink, the one he intended for himself having enough to cover several ice cubes in the glass while the one he intended for Sabine had just enough to come slightly under the top of the bottom ice cube in the glass. However once the pineapple juice was added to each they looked identical, aside from a strong alcoholic scent and taste to the one for Artur.

He came back to the table and set Sabine’s drink down next to her plate before sitting down at his empty seat. “There you are, your first drink. Enjoy.” He smiled and took a sip of his drink and his face visibly scrunched istanbul escort and his smile briefly vanished at the strong taste of vodka, briefly regretting just how much he had put in his own drink in the hopes of keeping the same level of buzz as his daughter. But it was too late to put it back now and he wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

Sabine was a bit anxious after the face her Dad made from his drink but after finishing the last of her steak she cautiously took a sip of her drink, finding herself pleasantly surprised as the taste of alcohol was nearly completely unrecognizable in the sweet acidity of the pineapple juice. She smiled and gave a bubbly, “Thank you! It’s delicious!”

She took a long gulp and her Dad was quick to raise a hand and cut in, “Woah now, take it slow. Drink too fast and you won’t be feeling very good.” He chuckled under his breath as she looked briefly alarmed and then took a much smaller sip. “So, what movie do you want to watch?”

Sabine put a finger to her lip as she briefly thought over the options…

It was nearly midnight by the time they’d finished with watching movies, both of them a few drinks deep and Sabine feeling a bit tipsy while Artur felt more than a bit flat out drunk. His speech was slightly but audibly slurred as he got up from his seat on the couch next to his daughter and looked around, “So, uh, what should we play then? We were gonna play some games, right?” He raised an eyebrow and looked down at Sabine, offering a hand to help her up off the couch.

She took the hand and used it to help herself up, but she found her Dad was a bit unsteady on his feet and he briefly stumbled a few steps after helping her get up, but he quickly regained his footing. “I’m not really feeling like any board games, honestly.” She said, thinking he looked a bit too drunk to play.

He just shrugged in response and replied, “Okay, how about a card game? Ever played poker?” His slurred speech made for a certain comical effect on Sabine and she had to resist the urge to smile from ear to ear in response to the question. She shook her head no without verbally responding while she tried and failed to suppress the smile.

Artur laughed and went over to the closet door, opening it to reach in and briefly ruffle through a box of various board games to find a box of cards, “Well then, I’ll teach ya. We can play with some pocket money, how much you got?” He asked of her while looking down at her pockets, his eyes briefly and unconsciously wandering over her wide hips.

“Ummm…” She replied softly while she reached into the pockets of her black cloth pants, withdrawing a small crunched up wad of bills and counting them out, “About seventeen dollars and change?” She said with a quizzical tone, though it wasn’t really a question.

Her Dad reached into the pockets of his jeans and withdrew a clipped wad of cash, pulling out some bills and pushing them toward Sabine, “Here, have some extra so we can both start with decent sized pots.”

She shook her head and pushed the money away, “No, Dad, I’m not going to take your money.”

He laughed under his breath and shook his head, “That’s half the fun of poker.” He tried to offer the money again but when she declined he shook his head and admitted defeat. “Fine, I’ll play with seventeen dollars as well. Come over here.” He motions her over to the kitchen table as he pulls the deck out of its packaging and begins to rather messily shuffle the deck. His head drooped slightly from intoxication as he dealt each of them a hand of five cards for the simplest kind of poker, five card stud.

“Now, pay close attention. I don’t wanna have to repeat myself ten times during the game…”He started as he explained the rules of the game to his daughter.

It was about an hour and a half later and Sabine seemed to have quite the degree of master over the game, at least compared to her drunken Dad seated opposite at the table. A small pile of bills sat in front of her, far more than had been in the initial combined pot of thirty-four dollars. Artur had kept adding more money to his pot as he kept finding himself beaten by the expert, or perhaps just relatively sober, maneuverings of Sabine. But now he was all out of money and they didn’t have a set of chips to bet with, nor did he have the cognitive power to think of a good replacement for them.

“Well, it looks like you’ve cleaned me out for the night, little lady.” He slurred, putting down his last hand containing a pitiful pair of twos to Sabine’s full house. She was quick to snatch up his last ten dollar bill with a devious smile, apparently quite enjoying the game.

She briefly pouted after though, “Wait, does that mean we’re done playing? I don’t want to stop, I was having so much fun!”

“You’ve got all my money, I got nothing left to play with.” Artur responded, gesturing with a hand to the empty space in front of him where he had been keeping his moneys.

She avc─▒lar escort thought for a moment before taking a fistful of the cash in front of her and offering it to her Dad, “Here, take back some of your money then so we can keep playing.”

He just shook his head at that, “Nah, poker’s only really fun if you’re playing for keeps.” His tone of voice was dismissive, the alcohol in his system causing him to hang his head from his shoulders in combined defeat and exhaustion.

“Well, isn’t there some other way we could play? Like without betting money or something?” Sabine said, taking a large gulp of her drink after asking the question.

Artur seemed to think for a moment before jokingly answering with a chuckle, “Sure, we could play strip poker.”

Perhaps it was the alcohol in her system or perhaps her brain just wasn’t quite following the situation entirely but without even thinking Sabine gave a lightning quick and rather energetic sounding, “Yes!”

He sat up in his chair as though struck by a lightning bolt and looked over at his daughter, the response slowly sinking in as he could feel his face heating up and a blush forming at his cheeks as well as an unexpected tingling in his loins at the thought. He stumbled over his words in response, “Well, uh… I, uh… I guess. Since it’s your party.” His voice was still quite slurred but he sounded definitely conflicted. Part of him wanted to put a stop to this right here and now and was deeply embarrassed by all this, but the alcohol had done a damn fine job of breaking down the inhibition part of his thoughts. The other part of him was strangely aroused by the prospect, and he really didn’t know what to think of that.

As her Dad answered the implications of what they were going to be doing began to sink in and Sabine could feel her own cheeks rapidly reddening and could even feel it starting to spread down onto her chest. Had she really just agreed to that? She could hardly believe it herself. But even in her lesser inebriated state her inhibitions had been deteriorated enough that she couldn’t muster the willpower to put a stop to what was already in motion. She still really wanted to play poker and she was willing to let the scene play out. At least for now, or so she told herself.

Both of them were blushing noticeably as the first hand was dealt, each card landing on the table had a new sort of suspense behind it that it had not before. Even though they had been dealing with money, there was more weight behind the cards and the maneuverings now that it was clothing they were betting with instead of just money. Something more personal and invested about it.

As Sabine got her hand she suppressed the urge to purse her lips, seeing that she’d gotten nothing more than a high card. Artur, on the other hand, was unable to suppress the beaming smile on his lips at the amazing hand he’d been dealt. He asked his daughter, “Discards?”

She nodded, picking out the high card to keep and discarding everything else. Unfortunately the hand she got in return for her discards wasn’t any better, offering her a simple pair of threes. She asked the same of her Dad, “Discards?” As she took another long gulp of her drink.

He shook his head no and then laid down the hand he was holding, spread open like a fan. A straight, far outclassing Sabine’s hand. Her heart briefly sank in her chest as she knew she’d lost and what it meant, but she wasn’t yet willing to give up. “Well, here we go then,” she said, her own voice now just slightly slurred as well from the drinks over the course of the night.

She could feel a certain coiling and uncoiling in her nethers that she didn’t yet identify with anything though it was just the vague beginnings of arousal as, with a heavy heart, she reached for the bottom of her purple top and pulled it up over her head and long black hair to dump it upon the ground next to her. Under the shirt her torso was soft and had a certain pleasant plumpness to it, the soft curves of her skin hiding the harshness of the bone structure beneath but not spilling out in any kind of excess. She was wearing a matching simple purple bra underneath that supported her fairly average sized breasts and still hid them from her father’s view.

Just the simple removal of her top had brought a new wave of arousal through the inebriated brain of her Dad, who found his eyes lingering on her chest for a few seconds and then drifting over the soft curves of her torso before he snapped out of it and nodded, “Alright then, next hand.” He said, gathering up the cards and practically just tossing the deck together and peeling it back apart a few times in various ways to sloppily shuffle it before doling out five more cards to each of them.

When Sabine pulled her hand up this time she wasn’t able to suppress the smile. Two pairs with aces high, not a bad hand at all. She could work with this. Artur was harder to read this time, his lips pursed and brow furrowed as he studied the hand in front of him. “Any ┼čirinevler escort discards?” She asked of her Dad.

Artur looked over his hand for several long seconds before slowly shaking his head, “No, I think I’ll keep my hand. You?” He asked, looking quizzically at her as she plucked a card from her hand and then slid it over. He replaced it with one from the top of the deck that she slid back into her hand. Unfortunately it didn’t grant her any new options. With some reluctance she set the cards down on the table in front of her face-up, waiting with bated breath to see her Dad’s hand.

He put down a three of a kind, outmatching her hand and immediately Sabine’s heart sunk again. This luck was just terrible! How could this happen? Drawing in her breath deeply and letting out a long sigh but still resolute in continuing to play, she stood up from the table and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her pants before tugging them down over her wide hips and bending at the waist to pull them down her legs. Underneath she wore a simple black pair of boyshorts.

As she bent over and her face was turned away from him, her father’s eyes lingered on the curves of her rear and thighs with a smile. He could feel himself hardening in his pants and he was incredibly thankful that the jeans he was wearing did such a good job of hiding it. He was so focused on looking at her, in fact, that he failed to notice her noticing him. She could feel her cheeks reddening intensely as she saw her own Dad staring at her with such hungry eyes and the arousal in her, too, was gradually starting to build.

She stood back up, causing Artur to break his gaze and act as though he hadn’t been doing a thing, and took a seat back in her chair. “Next hand?” She asked, sounding a bit uneasy but still pressing forward. She really wasn’t sure what to make of her own internal feelings at the moment but the alcohol dulled them enough that she really just wanted to get on with playing poker.

Artur swallowed and cleared his throat, “Yeah, next hand.” He gathered up the cards and gave them another shuffling before dealing out another five cards. This time neither one of them looked overly pleased at their hands, Sabine seeing nothing but a single pair of kings.

“Any discards?” He asked her as his eyes wandered from her face and cards down briefly across her chest before shooting back up to her eyes again as he realized she could plainly see he was staring at her.

She offered up three cards and didn’t seem especially pleased by what she got. Artur discarded the same number and seemed equally displeased with the situation and when it came time to show their hands both of them seemed a bit reluctant to show what they had but did it any way. Both had poor hands, and shockingly both of them had a pair of kings.

“Dad, how does that work when we both have the same cards?” She asked, hoping that she might get a second chance to worm out of dropping another piece of clothing and also genuinely curious of how this situation was handled.

He made a tsk sound with the corner of his mouth before responding, “It goes by suit, the symbols on the cards. Diamonds beat hearts, clubs beat diamonds, spades beat clubs.” He then pointed to one of his kings sitting on the table. It was the king of spades. “Looks like I won this round too. I’m on a roll.”

Sabine gave a huff and could feel herself turning as red as physically possible as she realized she’d need to drop either her bra or panties. She was both afraid and she could feel herself, confusingly, getting really aroused at the thought. She’d never actually been naked in front of another person before, at least not as anything more than a small child, so the entire experience was very new to her and the naughty aspect of it had her forming a damp spot between her legs in the fabric of her black boyshorts. But she still wasn’t quite ready to dive into the deep end, so she slowly reached back behind herself and unhooked her bra.

With some hesitation she let the article fall from her chest onto the floor, revealing her half-dollar sized dark brown areola and the slightly lighter flesh that surrounds them. Artur could feel the twitch in his groin from the sight as his eyes briefly locked on the newly released fleshy orbs. His eyes feasted on them, but they could not linger for long before he realized he was perhaps overstepping his bounds a bit and focused back on his daughter’s face. With a slightly nervous tone he said, “Well, I think you need a sharp reversal of fortune here, little lady.”

She wanted to respond but she was far too embarrassed and just covered her face and mouth and nodded slowly, covering her chest with her arms briefly before having to lower them to get her cards for the next round of the game. She took another gulp of her drink for courage, but she was still set on playing. This was more fun than she felt like she’d ever had before, and she didn’t want to let some embarrassment get in the way.

Artur looked a little nervous but excited as he looked at his hand, a small curl at the corner of his mouth as his eyes nervously glanced over Sabine’s body while she looked at her own cards. She looked confident. A full house, a pretty safe set. “Discards?” Asked Artur as he quirked an eyebrow her way. For the first time since they started playing she shook her head no.

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