A Night to Forget

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Mike walked through the cool night taking in the street scenes. Art students dressed as vagabonds carrying folios and knapsacks, non-students looking for cheap hash and kids from the suburbs taking in the Bohemian style and hoping for some easy sex. This was the best place on earth for him. He is well educated, moderately good looking and smart enough to know what to avoid and when to take an advantage.

He walked up the short steps and entered the Mt. Royal Tavern. The local hangout and the only bar in the area. He nodded to the bouncer stationed at the door who nodded in response and let him pass unchallenged. Mike was the type of person the owners liked to encourage. He was an engaging character who could talk easily with other patrons, make everyone feel comfortable and was a generous tipper.

He scanned the bar looking for an available space. He never took a stool but preferred to stand and his preference was the end of the bar near the door. The bartender noticed him, and cleared a space between two customers and dropped a coaster to mark the spot. Mike nodded and the bartender poured a pint of beer. Mike moved toward the beer and started to unconsciously survey the crowd not having anything particular in mind. The crowd was the usual mix of locals and others. The eclectic nature of the clientele attracted people who normally would never be seen in this part of town. “Slumming”, as they refer to it.

The smoke, a mixture of tobacco and pot, hung in filmy clouds about the lights. The faces were a collage. Nobody looked familiar or particularly interesting. Just wait and see how the dynamics play out. The first beer went down very quickly and with a short nod, the bartender produced a second. As the crowd got denser, Mike started scanning the newcomers and the unattached females for signs of interest. His detached gaze was suddenly interrupted by the presence of girl walking through the crowd, directly towards him. His first reaction was to scan her torso. He felt that you can tell more about a girl by the way her clothes cling to her body than any other characteristic. She was a bit overweigh with white blouse and a short plaid skirt. Her breast were large and her bra was visible through the white fabric. His eyes moved up to her face which was surrounded by a mass of black curly hair. There was a vague look of recognition. Her face broke into a broad grin when she noticed his gaze. For an instance there was a bit of confusion. “Do I know her”, he thought. Then in a flash it came to him, Barbie! The college dorm-mate of an old, long in the past, girlfriend.

She extended her hand and with an enthusiastic “Hi”, she reached around his body and gave him a huge hug. “Never expected to run into me here did you?” she laughed.

“I am a little bit surprised. The last I heard of you, you were living in Pennsylvania somewhere”.

“I still am, just came to visit some friends for the weekend. They are living at the Colony and you may remember one of them”.

“Well, can I stand you to a drink for old times sakes then?”

“Sure, I’ll have a rum and coke”.

Mike signaled for the bartender and put in her order along with one for another beer.

A small crowd assembled behind Barbie. She suddenly became aware of them and turned. “Oh”, let me introduce you all”. Barbie ran through the names of the three girls, passing on the last name. “This is Carmel., Remember her, she was my dormie after Nora left”. The name of Nora evoked a small smile. For one school year she was the inseparable love of his life and then in less than 2 weeks of summer vacation they were nearly strangers. They were great when they were together but were uninterested when separated by hundreds of miles. Nora found a new and wealthier boyfriend. By summer’s end was engaged and did not return for the next school year. A wedding announcement, two years later, was the last he heard from or about her.

The guys in turn introduced themselves and shook hands with Mike. The were not long term relationships, but guys who got lucky tonight at the Mt. Royal Tavern. Carmel, turned to guys she had in tow and chimed in, “we are planning to continue the party back at the apartment”. The statement was obviously intended as a cue for Barbie to pack up and come along. Carmel looked at Mike and added, “you are welcome to join us if you want”.

“I wasn’t planning on making it a long night tonight, so I will pass this time, but thanks for the offer”.

Barbie, turned to Carmel and bit her lower lip. “Leaving right away? I just got another drink. Can you wait a few minutes?”

Carmel turned to the entourage. “We are anxious to get back can you take it with you?”

“You can’t walk out of here with an open container.” ordered the bartender. As Carmel looked up at him he nodded. “That is the law!”

“If you need to finish your drink, I can drop you off there in a little bit”. Mike’s voice was the perfect mix of being friendly and accommodating. “It is only out I83. kurtköy escort Will only take me a few minutes out of my way”.

“OK”. Then we should see you in about half an hour?”

Barbie nodded assent and the group filed out the front door. She then picked up her drink and drew a long sip. “I am not in a rush to get there. Is that a problem for you?”

“Not at all, I have no plans so take your time.”

The sat and talked. Mostly old times and old friends. Had a couple more drinks and when they were all talked out, Mike suggested that he drop her off at the apartment. Barbie nodded and they got up to leave. She gathered her cardigan and her purse, checking its contents briefly and followed Mike out the door. The night air was heavier than earlier and the smell of rain was in the air.

“Where is your car? You do have a car?

Mike laughed. “Sure. It is a couple blocks this way”.

As they walked the talk turned casual. The neighborhood is a very old townhouse section. Most have been restored and subdivided into apartments. It had the advantage of being fashionable and modestly priced urban housing. “I do live in the neighborhood. It is a bit bohemian but not extremely so. The students are naturally that way and the suburbanites are just here for he novelty”. They turned left at the corner past the old church then right at the next corner. Suddenly, the wind changes slightly and intermittent rain drops started to fall. Mike held out a hand, palm up and said “only water”. Barbie smiled. He always had a reputation for being imperturbable. Suddenly, the sky opened up and the rain fell like hard cold bullets. Instinctively Barbie started running down the street, holding her sweater over her head. not knowing where she had to go. Mike ran by her side as the rain became more intense. Suddenly, Mike grabbed her arm and pulled her towards a house with a black door. He turned the knob and led her into a small vestibule. To their back was the drenching rain, before them a door with a large glass pane looking into a flight of stairs beyond. It was warm and dry.

Mike stood and watched the rain bounce off the cars and the sidewalk. The street was turning into a small river as the water raged over a blocked storm drain. He turned to Barbie who was soaked. Her blouse was translucent and her large nipples erect and visible through the sheer material. “Decision time”, he said authoritatively. Barbie was looking around at the small confines wondering if someone would open the door and tell them to leave. “What decision”, she asked. “Well the car is a half block in that direction. We can make a run for it and go drop you off at your friends soaked to the skin. Or, we can go to my place and dry you off a bit”

“How far to your place?” she asked

He looked about their small refuge and pointed to the ceiling. Barbie looked up at the ceiling then back to Mike. “What?” she quizzed. “I live here. Second floor in the back in an efficiency” You can go there and wait out the storm and dry off a bit”.

Barbie started at the door to the stairs and then out at the rain. She turned back and looked at Mike. He was staring into her eyes. She looked away at the rain and then turned back. She had an urge to do something but not sure what. He had a notion to see how far he could go but restrained himself. For a long second they stared at each other trying to determine what each was thinking.

“I am quite wet, perhaps if I could dry my hair.” Mike reached out and ran his fingers through her thick hair. As he did she took her hand and lightly ran her fingers over his cheek and along his jaw line. When she did, he bent forward slightly. She responded by looking up at him. In an instant they were locked in an embrace and their mouths were locked in a deep wet kiss. After a few seconds they parted and smiled at each other. She then placed both her hands on the side of his face and pulled him towards her mouth. Her tongues thrust deep into his throat as she ground her mouth to his. He responded by sucking her tongue deep into his mouth and reaching around her body to grope her ass.

Again they separated. This time Mike reached in his pocket and took out the key. He opened the door and they entered the building. He coaxed Barbie up the stairs before him. As she did he slide his hand up her skirt and caressed her ass through her panties. She permitted him to continue as she walked in front of him. At the first landing he stopped her, inserted the key into the lock and opened the door to the small apartment. Barbie was standing one step above Mike and was looking directly into his eyes. She smiled and moved towards him again. He pulled her to him but this time his hands ran over her ample breasts and they kissed. First just pressing, then caressing, then working his hand up under her blouse to work them through her bra. Barbie sucked in air and let her breasts rise and fall under the massage of his hands. She concentrated kartal escort on kissing him long and hard she pressed her body against his trying to feel his cock against her.

Mike broke the kiss and stepped back keeping his hands firmly on her tits. As he did he pushed door open, let her into the apartment and let the door slam softly behind them. Taking her by the hand he led her to the only chair in the room. Mike sat in the chair and Barbie sat across his lap. They embraced and continued kissing with tongues. Mike unbuttoned her blouse and eased it off her shoulders. Barbie took it by the collar, turned and guided it gently to a clear spot next to the chair. As she did Mike unhooked her bra and let it fall forward. She shrugged her shoulders and let it fall free to the floor. She was now naked from the waist up.

It was now her turn. She started unbuttoning his shirt. Mike moved to help her but she pushed his hands away and did each button herself. He dropped his hands and let her do what she wanted. She worked his shirt off and then pulled his T-shirt over his head. She stared as his chest and ran her hand over his stomach. She bent over and kissed his nipples gently She could see his cock stirring under the confines of his slacks. This helped to turn her on. She them started biting and sucking his nipples hard.

Mike pushed her off his lap and to her feet. She stood before him a bit shocked. He slid to the edge of his chair and reached for her skirt, deftly undoing the button and releasing the zipper. The skirt dropped to her ankles and she lightly stepped out of them giving them a quick flip with her toe out of the way. She raised her arms behind her head, slightly parted her feet and stared down at Mike. He stared directly at her crotch noticing the dark hairs behind the wet cotton panties.

She stared at his crotch and noticed his cock straining. She bent over grabbed the end of his belt and started to undo his pants. He brought his hands over to help her but she pushed his hands away and continued on her own. Mike stood up for her and she undid did his pants and worked them down to his ankles. She removed his shoes helped him step out of his pants. He was only in his boxer shorts and his cock was extending out the fly opening.

The stood facing each other. He squatted down and removed her panties. AS he did he kissed her bush gently. She helped him to his feet and then removed his shorts the same way only as she did so she took his hard cock in her mouth and bobbed on it a few times.

Mike grabbed her by the shoulders and raised her to her feet. Crouching slightly he lifted her off her feet. Barbie pulled herself up and wrapped her legs tightly about his supple body. He then turned slightly and lowered their bodies on to the unmade bed. Mike started licked her tummy, stopping at the navel to probe the depth with his tongue. When he did, she turned on her side and raised her leg. Mike moved his hand to her crotch and fingered her deeply with two fingers. Barbie arched her head back and levered her torso towards him. He continued kissing her tummy and fingering her already wet cunt. Barbie grasped the back of his head and forced his face into her body. She felt the excitement building but needed something more physical to make it all the way. Mike pulled himself away and kneeled over her naked body. His cock was rock hard and rigid. Barbie grabbed hold and gently stroked it. As she jerked him easily, he reached across to a wooden cigar box and removed a foil wrapped condom. Barbie grinned, took it from his hand and pushed him over on his back. She straddled his legs and holding his stiff cock with one hand and ripped the foil pack with her other hand and her teeth. Holding the pliant disc in her fingers she then expertly places it on the head of his cock and unfurled it down the length of his shaft. Sensing his pleasure, she gently caressed his balls rolling them between her fingers like soft precious marbles.

Mike’s desire was almost uncontrollable. He felt a need to forcibly enter Barbie and ram her violently. With all his power he suppressed his desires and surrendered to her tender urging.

The sight of the shrouded cock brought on a wave of excitement over Barbie. She leaned forward and pressed her palms against his chest and rose up on her knees spreading them wider as she did. She had him pinned to the bed with her arms and positioned her cunt directly over his hard dick.

Mike bent forward to watch the inevitable meeting of their genitals. Barbie noticed his stared, so she rose up on her knees poised to take him in her. Instead of lowering her cunt on to his rod, she took her hand and places it directly over her cunt. As he watched with desired, she put her middle finger in her and started to masturbate, biting her lower lip as she did so. As her finger moved in and out, her hand was brushing against his organs causing a paralyzing rage within his loins.

Mike placed his hands kurtköy bayan escort on her thighs and moaned softly. When he did, Barbie spread her pussy lips and lowered her body on his cock. Her first reaction was to take it in her deeply and grinding her clit against his pubic bone. Mike pressed up to meet her body. Again she pressed his body back on the bed. Kneeling straight up, she arched her back and rhythmically began riding him. Her thighs pushed her body up and down and on each pumping, her cunt stroked the full length of his cock. She felt her passions cresting as she rode the stallion. In a flash an orgasm was upon her. Her breast and hair were flailing about wildly and her teeth were biting hard on her lower lip. She let out a guttural moan from deep in her throat and she felt the intense physical release that accompanies her orgasms. The wave of pleasure passed and she eased her hips down taking his still stiff cock deep in her cunt.

Her breathing was measured and relaxed. Sweat covered her body as her breasts heaved above Mike’s naked torso. She closed her eyes to gain her composure realizing that Mike did not cum. She lowered her body to his and pumped her hips over his cock feeling that it was still rock hard. In an instant he rolled her on her back keeping his cock deep in her cunt as he did. The suddenness of his action shocked her. She pulled her knees up and locked her ankles behind his back. Now it was Mike’s turn to ride. His ass pounded his cock deep into her wet pussy. The fury of his actions aroused her as he continually drove deeper and deeper into her cunt. She placed her hands above her head and pressed against the wall forcing her body tighter to his. She felt another orgasm coming on and violently rocked her hips to coax and orgasm out of Mike. He sensed her urgency and increased his intensity. As Barbie started to cum again, she felt Mike’s ass muscles tighten signaling the onset of an orgasm. Together they came. Barbie kept rocking her ass even after they came hoping to soak ever drop of pleasure from his body.

Mike collapsed on top of Barbie. Their sweat mingled. Mike slowly extracted his limp dick from Barbie. He rolled on his back as she lay on her side and nuzzled against his body. Mike closed his eyes and felt sleep creeping over him. Barbie watched his eyes close and ran her hand down the front of his body. Her gaze turned towards his limp cock still clad in the spent rubber. She moved both her hands to the still organ. With one hand pinching the nipple tip to hold in his cum, she deftly removed the used condom with its sacred load. Rolling on her back, Barbie lifted the condom above her ample breasts and milked the cum from its spent sheath onto her tits. Her left hand sensuously massaged the warm cum onto her nipples, carefully starting at the outer ring and working its way to the sensitive tip. First one nipple, then repeating the ritual on the other. when she finished, she placed her still sticky finger against her lips and rubbed them softly spreading the goo as she would a lipstick. She finished by licking her lips and savoring the smarmy texture. She could still smell the faint aroma of cum as she drifted off to sleep.

Neither knew who awoke first. Mike shifted his weight slightly, freed his arm from under Barbie’s neck and closed his eyes not noticing Barbie’s simultaneous restlessness. Barbie was jostled into consciousness, turned onto her tummy and brought her free arm up as a pillow beneath her head. When se did so, Mike extended his arm and slid his hand under her prone torso. As he did this, Barbie lifted her hip slightly to permit the roving hand better access to her. Mike took the motion as a invitation and slid his hand, palm up, farther under Barbie until it was resting beneath the soft curls of her pubic mound. Barbie felt the intrusion and considered it an attempt at further mingling.

The slow lustful tango continued until Mike’s hand was feeling Barbie’s cunt and his middle finger had separated her lips and entered her. Barbie pulled one knee up causing her thighs to spread slightly and let Mike’s finger probe her wet hole. Mike countered my moving his hand down and sliding two fingers deep into her cunt. Mike rotated his fingers inside Barbie and felt her warm juice flow from her pussy onto his hand. Barbie reached down for his hand and held it for a second firmly against her pussy. She then covered two of his fingers with hers and pressed them directly on her clit. Mike rose to the invitation and began to massage Barbie’s clit with two fingers, at times directly on top of the hot pink trigger and other times separating his fingers to grasp it and rhythmically jerk it like a small cock.

Barbie started to surrender. She held her head down and pushed her hips against his hand in time with his gyrations. She could feel the heat swelling in her and she placed her hand out and lay it flat on Mike’s flat stomach. Mike was unaffected by her touch and continued grinding her clit with his fingers. Barbie felt the wave of an orgasm beginning to form and increased her tempo. At the same time she slid her hand down Mike’s tummy in this she felt the tight curls of his pubic hair. As she used her fingers to play with the fine mesh, she felt his cock rock hard and rising straight from his prone body.

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