A Night in New York

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Linda looked around the exhibit hall for what she hoped was the last time. True, it was an all-expense paid trip to New York City to attend the National Teacher’s Conference. And, yes, it was quite an honor to be selected as one of only 5 teachers from Nevada to attend, but after three days of speeches and wandering the tables and booths in the ballroom looking at the latest teaching aids, she couldn’t help but wish she were down the hall at the fashion expo.

Enough is enough, she thought to herself. How are they going to know that I don’t belong? The tall brunette left wandered out into the main hallway and down to Ballroom 3. Then, as if she had every right to be there, Linda strode into another world. She was like a kid in a candy store – clothes and accessories everywhere. Linda felt a bit self-conscious in her red sweater, black pants, and black pumps. A 16″ strand of pearls hung around her neck.

“This bag would go nicely with your skirt.” Linda looked over at an attractive blonde woman who was holding up a black leather purse. Linda smiled at the woman and tried not to let her eyes linger on the deep ‘v’ that was being formed by a white blouse that may have been a size too small.

“Yes, it is very nice,” she replied. “But I am not a buyer.” The woman behind the table frowned momentarily then smiled back. Deb had been at the conference for the three days, she enjoyed this job, watching the attractive women each day. She had noticed the attractive brunette from the first day and wondered what it would be like to be with her. As this was the last full day of the conference, she made a determined effort to get the brunette to notice her, wearing a white silk blouse and bra that showed off her breasts. “You know, I hate to have to haul all this stuff back to Jersey. Why don’t you take this back to your company – I’ll put it down in our budget as an advertising expense.”

“Oh, I couldn’t” Linda replied.

“I insist” was the response. “Under one condition – We are closing down for the evening and I don’t feel like fighting that traffic just yet. The purse is yours for the price of a drink.”

Linda focused on the name badge. Below the Balligino logo was the name Deb. After a moments thought, she almost blurted it out – “it’s a deal.”

“Great. Give me about ½ hour to close things down. I’ll meet you in the lounge across from the lobby.” Linda again smiled, nodded her head and turned to leave.

“Forgetting something?” a voice from behind her chirped. Linda looked back to see Deb holding up the purse.

“Why yes, I did,” she responded as the bag exchanged hands. Linda felt a tingle as their fingers touched briefly during the exchange. “See you in 30 minutes.”

Linda sat in the far corner of the lounge sipping a dry martini. What am I doing? She thought to herself. I think I just got picked up. By a woman, no less! My God! I’m married. She twirled the thin straw between her fingers as she debated whether to leave.

“Hi Linda!”

She looked up to see the blonde walking towards her. Too late to leave – one drink, that will be it

“Hello Deb,” the brunette chimed nervously.

“I see you like the purse,” Deb said as she pointed to the black bag.

“It is beautiful. Thank you so much.”

The waiter came over to their table. “What can I get you ma’am?”

I’ll have a dry white wine please, and bring my friend another one.

Linda started to object, but before she could, the waiter turned and walked off.

“So, what brings you to New York Linda?”

“I’m here attending the teacher’s conference. I’m staying here until tomorrow. I have an early flight to Vegas in the morning.”

“I hope you have had a chance to see some of the sights. This is quite the city.”

The waiter returned with holding a tray with the drinks and placed the glasses in front of the two women.

“No not really. I haven’t gotten out of the hotel that much. Not even to walk around.”

Deb sipped her drink. “This part of town can be a bit scary if you don’t know where you are going. There’s even a sex shop around the corner.”

“A what?” she replied.

“You know. One of those stores that sell sex aids. I have seen it several times, but never had the nerve to go inside.”

Linda’s mind began to race as she took a long drink from the martini. “I’ve never been in one either”. She took a deep breath, and then muttered, “It might be fun to go take a look.”

Deb giggled. “You’re kidding, aren’t you?”

“I guess it was a dumb idea,” responded the brunette.

“Did I say that? I think it would be fun. But first, we better have one more of these.” Deb motioned for the waiter to bring two more drinks.

Both women’s eyes sparked as they sipped on their drinks. Linda let the heel of her right shoe dangle from her toes under the table. Without realized it (or so she thought to herself later), she let the black pump fall to the floor. Her pantyhose clad foot rested on the Deb’s left ankle. A smile crossed the blonde’s face. This may canlı bahis be the night I have fantasized about, Deb thought to herself. Deb cautiously moved her right hand over onto Linda’s. Linda deep a deep breath, the slowly turn her hand palm up. The two women’s pulse began to race as their fingers intertwined. Beneath the table, Linda slowly slid her foot up under the black material of Deb’s pant leg. They sat there, looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity – both wondering silently what was happening.

Their silence was met by the waiter’s “Another one Ladies?”

“Oh, ah, no,” replied Deb as she moved her hand out from under Linda’s. “I would like the check though”.

Before she could object further, the waiter took the VISA and walked off.

“What?” asked Linda. “I was supposed to be buying!”

“Buy me something in the store Linda. ”

“Are you serious Deb? What do you want?”

“We won’t know until we get there, will we?” the blonde answered.

Chapter 2

The two women looked at the brightly lit façade.

“Well, it is now or never” offered Linda. Deb nodded and the two women walked into the shop.

Their eyes were immediately bombarded with every imaginable sex aid. They walked down one of the aisles, trying not to giggle at the displays.

“There. That is what I want,” Debbie whispered.

“Oh My God! Are you serious?” Linda replied as she stared at a large black dildo attached to a harness.

Deb’s voice cracked slightly as she raised her curved brown eyelashes a bit and grinned, “I dare you to buy it Linda.”

“What would you do with it?” the teacher questioned.

“Maybe it is not what I would do with it.” Deb took a deep breath before continuing. “But what you would do with it.”

Linda looked at the huge black dildo again. Her mind was spinning. Am I really going to buy one of these she thought, yes, and I hope I get to use it.

She approached the middle-aged man behind the counter. Deb was standing so close behind Linda, that she could feel Deb’s breath on her neck. Linda’s nipples became erect thinking about this new toy that she hoped to be using shortly.

She started to tell the clerk she wanted to buy the toy, but nothing came out. Oh my god, she thought, I can’t. Then she felt a warm hand touch her waist. Deb hugged her new friend. “We would like to buy one of those.” She pointed to the huge phallus.

The guy smiled knowingly. “Good choice, if I may say so. Could I also suggest this?” He pointed to a bottle of lubricating oil. “And maybe this,” holding a bottle of massaging oil.

“Good idea” said Deb with a slight crack in her voice.

Linda handed over her VISA card, then said “and we would like that too,” pointing to a long double ended dildo.

The clerk handed Linda a plain bag with her new toys and the women strolled out of the shop. Deb turned to Linda, taking her hand, and said, “I don’t know how we managed that, I was so nervous.”

“Me too” stuttered Linda, suddenly smiling at her new friend. She leaned forward and kissed Deb gently on her lips.

Yes, she thought, I did it

Deb moved closer to Linda and put an arm around her waist. She whispered in her ear, “Linda, you’re the first woman to kiss me like that, and I think I like it.” She looked into Linda’s eyes and smiled, bringing her lips to Linda’s, her tongue gently touching Linda’s lips.

Linda stood there, enjoying the moment, but suddenly pulled back “not in the street. Would you like to come up to my room?”

“Yes, I would” replied Deb, “I have dreamed of meeting a sexy woman, I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Me neither” replied Linda “I have fantasized about this, but I can’t believe this is happening.”

Chapter 3

The two excited women hurriedly walked back towards the hotel, “Slow down” whispered Linda “let’s not rush this.”

They arrived back in the lobby, Linda looking around to make sure none of the teachers at the conference were there who might recognize her. When she was sure no one would, they quickly moved towards to elevator.

Linda pushed the #8 for her floor and the doors closed. She moved towards Deb and dropped the bag on the floor, both her arms going around Deb waist. She moved towards Deb and pushed her heaving chest against Deb’s.

Linda’s hungry mouth found Deb’s. Their tongues were fighting as they both hungry tried to devour each other. Linda moved her hand onto Deb’s chest. She squeezed the blonde’s right breast, feeling the soft skin under her silk blouse. Deb’s hands dropped to Linda’s buttocks, and pull their bodies closer together,

The elevator stopped at Linda’s floor. Both women pulled apart and moved out of the elevator as if nothing had happened. As the door started to close Linda shouted “the bag!” Deb pushed her foot between the doors, forcing them to open again so that she could retrieve their secret treasure.

Linda put her key card into the door lock and pushed the door open. She moved aside so that Deb could bahis siteleri squeeze past her to get into the room.

Deb placed the bag of treasures on the queen-sized four-poster bed and moved to the large picture window overlooking Times Square. As she stood there, taking in the rush of the city below her, she felt Linda come up behind her.

Linda’s arms surrounded her friend. Her fingers were fumbling with the buttons of Deb’s blouse. “You don’t waste any time, do you lover?” whispered Deb.

“Not now” Linda said, “be quiet and don’t speak. Just relax and just enjoy,” as she finished unbuttoning Deb’s blouse.

Linda pushed the blouse off Deb’s shoulders and slowly caressed her bare neck, moving her hands down Deb’s chest. Deb was breathing heavily as she felt Linda squeeze her tits, her nipples stretching out even further. Linda fumbled with the front clasp of Deb’s white laced covered bra and let it to fall to the floor. Deb looked down as Linda’s fingers found her medium-pink nipples. Deb blushed slightly as she felt her areolas begin to constrict, pushing the perfectly-centered staffs in the middle of each circle outwards towards Linda.

The 54 year-old brunette reached out and pushed the marketing manager’s shoulder length blonde hair back over her shoulders, fully exposing Deb’s two still-firm globes A shock wave shot from Deb’s breasts down her body as Linda reached out and gently began to fondle her size 36C tits. “Oh my god… Linda. That feels so amazing” she whispered.

Linda continued to carefully massage Deb’s soft breasts. “They feel so good Deb.”

Linda turned Deb around and looked longingly at the two mounds protruding out from Deb. Linda lowered her head, taking Deb’s right areola between her lips.. The pink circle tightened, pushing the nipple outward and into Linda’s mouth. The teacher from Nevada slowly nibbled the nipple, and then gently bit it. Deb let out a soft moan as the brunette’s teeth gently clamped over the pink circle topping Deb’s right breast.

Deb reached out and removed Linda’s black framed glasses. She placed them on the small table by the window. She then took hold of Linda by the elbows and gently lifted her up. “My turn” she whispered. She lifted Linda’s red sweater slowly up. Linda raised her arms to allow Deb to pull the lacy garment over her head.

Deb stood back taking in the sight. Linda’s 38D breasts looked magnificent in her black lacy bra. She slowly traced her fingers over Linda’s tits, watching the effect it had on her nipples. Linda closed her eyes as she felt Deb stroking her still-covered chest. She wanted desperately for the blonde to remove her bra and suck, no bite, her erect nipples. “Please” she whispered, but still Deb just traced a circle around her nipples. Then thankfully Deb reached around and unhooked the clasp of the bra. The strap sprung open. Linda shrugged her shoulders a bit, allowing the brunette’s bra to drop to her feet and her tits to fall free.

Deb’s hands immediately lifted Linda’s breasts, cupping the soft mounds in her hands. The large globes where heavy and reminded Deb of her own breasts. She had cupped her own tits many times, but this was a first – another woman’s! The teacher’s areolas were about the same size as Deb’s, only with a handful of small bumps surrounding each nipple. “Linda, these are magnificent” she whispered, and moved her head slightly downwards to suck one of the waiting nipples. Oh my god, I’m going to cum thought Linda as Deb’s lips surrounded her right areola.

Linda moved backwards towards the bed, falling onto the soft mattress and pulling Deb along with her.

Both women looked at each other for a few moments before their lips met and tongues began to circle. Their hands dropped to each others tits and begin to massage the soft globes, gently at first, and then a bit rougher. They both felt the wetness building between their legs as they started to reach the first of many orgasms that they would experience before the next morning.

Chapter 4

Linda rolled off the blonde and stood up. She unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Linda stood looking down at Deb, her pantyhose covering her white lacy panties. Linda bent down and slowly eased the pantyhose off her hips, her eyes never leaving at the blonde. Deb, in turn stared shamelessly at Linda’s breasts dangling down towards the floor. Linda reached over and unbuttoned Deb’s black pants. The 43 year old blonde raised her hips, allowing Linda to ease the pants off. The garment slid down Deb’s hips, revealing a black thong that barely covered the blonde’s small patch of dark-brown pubic hair.

Deb lay on the bed, watching the brunette. Linda dropped to her knees and moved towards the blonde who was laying and waiting on the bed. Linda lifted Deb’s legs towards her chest and started kissing, then sucking her toes while watching the blonde’s reaction. The brunette moved her mouth to Deb’s calves, then behind her knees. Gooseflesh began to form on the shapely legs as Linda allowed her tongue to escape bahis şirketleri and trace a line up Deb’s right thigh.

Opening the blonde’s legs wider Linda smiled as the thong disappeared between Deb’s pussy lips. I can’t believe I’m doing this thought Linda. I’m happily married and I’m not a lesbian. But I can’t stop; I want to make this woman come.

She slowly circled her tongue around the edge of Deb’s pussy. Linda reached up and moved the thong to one side, exposing the sales manager’s slot. Linda’s tongue gently probed into the opening and found the blonde’s erect clitoris. Her tongue danced over the hardened inch-long shaft, flicking it gently backwards and forwards.

Linda took the blonde’s clit between her lips and started to gently suck on it, feeling it throb in her mouth. She could her gasps coming from Deb, which excited her and made her suck harder. As Linda nibbled on her, Deb called out “Oh God…More!”

Linda moved her right hand towards the blonde’s pussy and pushed the index finger gently into the vertical opening between Deb’s legs. Linda felt wetness, as she eased the finger in deeper. She could feel the vaginal muscles tighten around her finger. Linda looked at Deb and smiled, then pushed a second finger into the slot. The topless brunette began to slowly move the two fingers in and out of the quivering pussy. Simultaneously, Linda’s tongue slashed against the pink shaft sticking out from between the folds of Deb’s slot.

Deb lay on the bed, feeling the ecstasy as she watched the brunette finger fuck her. She put her hands on the brunette’s head and ran her fingers through Linda’s hair as she stated to climax. Deb lifted her ass from the bed, urging Linda to push fingers deeper inside her.

Linda stated to suck the woman’s clitoris harder as her fingers buried deep into Deb’s vagina. Linda bit down gently onto the shaft, causing Deb to scream out “Oh My God. Oh My God!” Deb’s hips rose even high, paused, the collapsed back onto the bed as warmth filled her.

Linda moved back and slowly withdrew the two fingers. The two fingers gleamed in the light. Linda whispered “Deb. Look at me.”

As the blonde raised her head to Linda’s command, Linda’s tongue escaped and began licking her fingers. A sweet taste filled the teacher’s mouth as she slowly, deliberately sucked her fingers dry while Deb looked on.

Chapter 5

Linda rose from the bed and walked over to the mini-bar across the room. She turned towards Deb. “Another wine?” she asked. Linda smiled slyly as her eyes focused on the blonde’s pussy. Deb lay, nearly spread-eagled across the bed and made no effort to cover herself.

“Sure thing,” she replied as she sat up. As Linda poured her new friend another glass of wine, Deb stood up and strolled over to the window.

“Someone might see you,” cautioned Linda.

“So?” responded the blonde.

Linda finished pouring their drinks. “Yes, I suppose your right.”

The brunette walked over to Deb and handed her the drink. Both women stood silent for a moment – each wondering, am I been watched? Deb took a sip of her drink, and then looked at Linda. “You seem a bit overdressed”, she said motioning to Linda’s panties with her free hand.

“Oh, really. And just what should we do about that?” the teacher responded.

Deb grinned then moved towards the window. She stared momentarily at the street 8 floors below them. My God! That guy is looking up her! Oh, what the hell. Deb turned towards Linda. “Time to lose those undies Linda.”

Linda took a sip of her own drink. “You do it,” she replied.

The blonde nodded slightly, then dropped to her knees in front of Linda. Her hands shook as she reached out and slid her hands under the elastic band of Linda’s black panties. Linda took a deep breath as she felt Deb’s fingers slide down her hips and pull her underwear down towards her knees.

Deb blinked as Linda’s triangular patch of brown/black pubic hair appeared. The small forest of hair was dense near the woman’s vagina and became somewhat sparse is it moved up towards her navel. Linda moved her knees together, allowing the panties to fall to her ankles. As she stepped out of the undergarment she asked “happy now?”

“Not yet,” responded Deb as her hands push Linda’s knees apart. Deb’s heart pounded as she gazed between Linda’s legs. The brunette’s slot was clearly visible below her pubic hair.

Linda, sensing what was about to occur, put her hands on the blonde’s head. Her fingers ran though the shoulder length hair as she pulled Deb towards her. Your turn, Deb thought as her long, pointed tongue escaped her lips and struck Linda’s pussy. Linda moaned as she felt Deb’s tongue push into her. She stared out towards the city below as Deb began to work her tongue. Knowing they may be being watched cause a shiver to run through Linda’s body. Her areolas constricted, causing her nipples to protrude out almost a quarter of an inch. As if she had done this all of her life, Deb moved her tongue around inside Linda’s pussy. Her own heart jumped as her tongue landed against the nearly-hidden knob at the top end of the now wet opening. Deb’s hands went up to her friend’s buttocks. Her nails dug into the soft flesh of Linda’s ass, causing Linda to cry out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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