A Night Full Of Dicks

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I was on a trip to Frankfurt for some work . It was a week long trip with some colleagues. After finishing the official work, I had to go out from Frankfurt for a day & my colleagues were to get back to India. I finished my work in the other citi & came back to Frankfurt to stay the night.

Since I was alone, I decided to go to a bar. I want to a bar owned by a Portugese man. I had almost 5 drinks sitting with the barmen. I was feeling a bit tipsy & decided to head back to my hotel.

On the way to the hotel, I saw a movie theater which were showing blue movies. Since I was a bit tipsy , I decided to go & see the film. I entered the theater & realized that their were 3 screenings going on. I went into the first theater & saw a few couples sitting & seeing a massive group sex happening on the screen. I sat all alone their & saw the movie & decided to move on to the next one. The next screening hall had more people & I saw extreme gay scene going on. Although I am straight but sometimes, I thought of sucking a cock but then it always ended only as a thought. At times I use to get very excited about this & use to masturbate & taste my own cum……but it was always a taboo to me to talk about this to anyone. The movie ws really hotting up with two guys halkal─▒ escort screwing each other & another male joining them in action. It was pretty exciting & was very much glued to the screen & all of a sudden I realized that the person sitting next to me had his cock in his hand & was pumping it very hard…I got very excited with this & felt like holding him. All of a sudden that man came & he put his dick back in his pants & started watching the movies again.

This made me very excited & I got an instant hardon. I did not have the guts to take out my cock & do the same & I decided to explore the third theater….

The third theater had a man holding & kissing a women & the movie had just started. The girl started stripping the man & was sucking him all over & finally reached the mans dick which was an easy 9 inches long & quite a thick one. The man was trying to take the cloths out of the girls body.He had managed to take her breast out in open & was rubbing them tight. The girl was getting very excited. Man pulled the girl to him & started kissing her & started to remove the rest of her garments……& to his surprise, he sees a dick coming out of her panties……this female was a she male….

The man got down on ┼či┼čli escort his knees & started sucking this she male & to my surprise the cock was as long as the man’s cock.

The crowd in the theater was of mostly men & we were around 6 of us. I saw an old man sitting next to me. He had his dick in his hand & ws stroking it. I do not know what happened to me BUT I asked that guy if I could hold his dick. He was not very encouraging but I still kept trying….Ultimately tired of his no, I moved on the back row & started watching the movie. The scene was at its best with the shemale’s dick buried in the mans ass & they were enjoying the rythem… A man came & sat next to me & started watching the movie…. After a while, I saw his cock out in his hands & he was stroking it too….I asked him if I could touch him & to my surprise, he said yes. I immediately took his cock & started rubbing it hard…it was getting quite exciting & my cock was giving me a huge problem tucked inside my undies…I was really so happy to hold his cock in my hand that I did not bother about my cock. I asked him, if I could suck his cock & he readily agreed & I was down on his cock in a few seconds…..It was one of the best things sar─▒yer escort happening to me… I kept sucking his cock till he came in mouth & I took every drop of it & was very happy to taste my first come of another man……BUT I was not through..I wanted more.. & I guess seeing the action between me & this man, I saw another man coming & sitting next to me. By this time, I was beyond anything & only wanted a cock in my mouth. I asked him & he was very happy to offer it to me. I took his cock in my mouth & with my eyes closed, I was in seventh heaven…this action happened for almost 10 minutes but for whatever reason this guy could not come, In the meanwhile, the guy sitting next to me was ready for action again, I left the previous guy & went down on the dick which had already left a great taste in my mouth. This cock obliged me again & came loads of white & thick stuff in my mouth…..I licked every possible drop of it.

The moment I got straight to see what was happening on the screen, the 2nd gentleman just came in front of me & pushed his dick in my mouth & started coming ………This was the third come of the night….

I was a bit guilty after this & decided to leave the theater BUT till date I cannot forget sucking & tasting two unknown guys come… This happened around 4 years back & after thatI have never had any such incident, Though secretly I am hoping that it happens soon.

This is my first attempt in writing. I have a lot of interesting experiences & would share with readers soon. Please connect with me if you like the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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