A Night Alone

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Mike slid his arms around Barbara’s waist as she stood at the sink, washing the dishes, brushing her hair aside with his face and kissing her lightly on the neck. Tonight they were playing out one of their scenarios, one of the little things they did to keep their marriage fresh after 10 years together. They would come up with situations, or unusual places, and make love within those “boundaries”. This evening, it was the kitchen, with her in nothing but a full apron, and him in jogging shorts and a tank top.

“I’m glad you got Alice to watch Matt tonight,” he whispered against her neck, as he sucked on the skin there and she moaned her agreement, leaning back against him, feeling how hard he was already. She felt her nipples grazing the inside of the cotton apron, and it felt good, but she kept washing dishes, knowing how important it was for her to “play along” for as long as she could. Mike continued to kiss and nibble at her neck, her earlobe, his tongue tracing the edge of her ear, making her sigh.

Mike’s hands found her nipples first, then slid down to cup her ass, and finally one hand slipped between her slightly-spread legs and he dipped two fingers lightly inside her, the dishes now forgotten as her eyes closed. She spread her legs further apart, and leaned over the sink a bit, bracing her arms on the counter as his bahis firmaları fingers worked in and out, first two, then three. Soon, he drew them out and brought the wetness up to caress her asshole. He heard her sharp intake of breath, and new he was treading on dangerous ground. This was the one thing Barbara had never let him do. But in the last few weeks, he’d been teasing her more and more, touching her there but never making a move to do anything but slide a finger around the outside, or barely move it inside that puckered opening. And each time, he found her more wanting of the touch, a little more disappointed when he stopped and went back to using his mouth on her, or slid his cock into her and left her ass alone. Tonight, though, he intended to try to push her a little further.

His hands totally slick with her wetness, he very gently began to probe just inside her ass, and for a change, instead of pulling away, she pushed back against him, and before he knew it, his finger was inside her. She whispered, “Yes, Mike. It feels good, I like that. Don’t stop tonight, please?” and he smiled, moving his finger slowly out, then back in. When he noticed that she was moving more and more against him, he withdrew his finger, and she looked back over her shoulder with a disappointed grimace.

“Don’t move,” he said, and she looked kaçak iddaa puzzled, but stayed where she was. He went to the other room to get the bottle of lube he’d bought, as well as the very thin butt plug he’d gotten in the mail today, ordered a couple of days before from an online adult sex toy site. He went back to the kitchen, totally aroused by the sight of his wife nearly naked, spread wide, over the sink. He dribbled some of the lube onto the butt plug, then his finger, and resumed caressing her ass with his finger first, then when he thought she was ready, he slid the butt plug into place. Barbara flinched at the touch of the rubber, then relaxed as the rippled surface caressed her anal ring in ways his fingers couldn’t. She reached down to begin rubbing her clit as Mike pulled his shorts down, freeing his cock, and slowly slid it into her now-soaked pussy. He could feel the nubs on the butt plug through the wall of her vagina, and it added to the sensations of his being in the heat of her. He began to thrust in and out, holding the butt plug in place with one hand while he reached up to lightly pinch and twist her nipple with the other. She cried out in pleasure as he did this, and soon was working her ass back against him harder and faster as she became closer to her own orgasm.

He knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold back kaçak bahis for long, and as he thrust into her, feeling his balls pull up tight and the beginning of his orgasm, Barbara froze momentarily, then began to shudder all over as her orgasm hit. Her pussy clenched down, milking his cock, and he thrust hard into her, his cock erupting inside, their juices mingling and dripping from her pussy. Barbara continued to rub her clit furiously, something else Mike had never seen – usually one orgasm and she tended to take a break and recover. As his cock began to soften, she leaned over further, and she turned her head to look at him.

“Don’t stop yet, Mike… fuck my ass with that thing, please? Make me cum again?” Mike smiled, glad to see her wanting this, and he obliged, taking the base of the butt plug in hand and sliding it out slowly, then back in. Before long, she was thrusting herself back and forth on it while he held it tight, one of her hands still on her pussy, the fingers massaging her clit, the other coming up to brace her against the counter so she could ride the toy harder and faster. Soon, she began to cry out in ecstacy, another orgasm overwhelming her, and Mike could feel the butt plug vibrating as her body went into spasms inside.

When she finally slowed down, he gently slid the butt plug out, and she turned with a smile, kissing him passionately.

“Thank you,” she said, and he nodded. “I love what you did to me… I didn’t think I would. But tell me, Mike… think you can get it up again and do it with your cock this time?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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