A New Slave Ch. 02

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Day 2

As I awoke today, I couldn’t keep the previous days events out of my head. With one more day off before starting my work week, I needed to see Mistress Mandy again. I needed to feel her harsh yet gentle touch on my skin again. Little did I know, Mistress would be become more acrimonious and brutal yet benevolent at the same time then I could ever imagine.

My hands trembled as I pulled the knocker on the door. The door opened tentatively to a beautiful women dressed in a very revealing tight black dress that went from her strong, slender wrists, down her statuesque form to her black patent high heels.

“Miss Mandy has been expecting you slave, now strip.”

“May I come in first?”


The gorgeous domme brought her hand across my left cheek, “Have you forgotten who is in charge here?! Strip now and I may think about not telling your Goddess about this insolence!!”

Rubbing my cheek softly, I complied. I began to loosen my tie and unbutton my shirt before quickly unbuckling my belt – dropping my pants as I bent over to slip off my shoes. As I bend over, I catch of whiff of the domme’s sweet smelling perfume. I stand up with a pile of clothing in my hands, a black lace thong the only thing covering my growing bulge.

“Very cute, slave” looking down at the lingerie. “Now get to your room and ready yourself for your Mistress.”

I quickly follow the domme through the door and up to the room at the top of the stairs, closing the door behind me as I kneel in the middle of the room, head down, waiting for her presence.

Ten minutes later, she walks through the door in all her dominate beauty. A black leather corset meeting a black leather skirt at her waist leading down to purple garters attached to dark purple stockings. Her black patent leather boots clicked across the floor as she moved towards me. Without saying a word she closed a collar around my throat. Attaching a chain to the collar she brought me to my feet.

“If you ever hesitate or question a demand from Me or one of My ladies again, so help me I will whip you until you are completely broken. No safe-word will save you from the pain I will put your ass through.”

Bitch, she ratted on me. “Y-yes ma’am. I understand”


“WHO TOLD YOU TO SPEAK?!! I was making a statement not asking for your approval, slut!”

Standing silent, head down, I finally remembered my place, bahis siteleri slowly nodding my head ‘yes’.

“Fucking whore, get over here,” with a firm pull she pulled my chain over to the wall and bent over what seemed like a cushioned saw-horse. She then put the chain through a silver, metal loop and locked it in place.

“You will pay for your arrogance, bitch, open your mouth!”

Shoving a ball-gag into my mouth, she takes the opportunity to slap me again as she buckles it firmly behind my head.

“There will be no pleasure to be had today, slut. Your sissy ass will not be filled today as I know you enjoy it so, I will beat you until you beg me to stop and then the fun will begin.”

Moving behind me, she drags her nails down my back. I hear rustling behind me, unable to look to see what she is getting. Then all of the sudden, WHACK!!! A cat’o’nine tails comes down hard on my back. “I will say one thing, slut. These are some cute little panties you chose to wear today, I wonder if you will fill them with sweet, sticky cum if I beat you enough….let’s find out shall we?”

Closing my eyes, sucking on the gag, I feel Her whip come down on my back and panty-clad ass over and over again. I counted five times before I started to grind my now rock hard cock, leaking precum, against my panties and the saw horse. “My little slut likes to be whipped doesn’t she? HAHAHA!!!!! Well we’ll just have to move onto something a bit less pleasurable, won’t we…” she says as she pulls my panties down to my ankles.

Dropping the tails, I hear Her move back to the wall again.



“There we go, thats the response I was looking for.” She had the wooden plank. The one tool I feared for her to use on me.


“Let’s see what we can do to get that little cock of yours down, shall we?”


“Hmmm, thats three, how many do you think you can take, slut?


“Five, maybe six? HAHAHAHA!!!!!! I think TEN will take care of your punishment for your insolence earlier. Then I will possibly think about some type of reward, but that will not happen till later this evening…”

By number smack number nine I was wishing I had stripped more quickly in front of Mistress Mandy’s little domme. I clenched my eyes tightly and bit down hard on the gag.

“One more slut, then the pain is over….”

The canl─▒ bahis siteleri final blow coming down across bare, red, beaten ass. Sweat and tears pouring down my face, I see her beautiful face come into view. “Well done, slut. You can stay bent over until I come back, then we will see what happens next…”

A soft kiss on my cheek and a gentle stroke of the blade of her finger on my face made me close my eyes as I let my body go limp over the saw-horse.


Waking up to the smell of smoke, I was still bent over from the events earlier that day. From the aching pain in my back, I was willing to bet I had been out for about 4 hours. As I looked around the room, I noticed a lit cigarette and a dark silhouette sitting in the chair in the corner.

“Good afternoon, slave. I came in about two hours ago to finish you off for today but you were sleeping so soundly, even I couldn’t wake such a sleeping beauty as yourself. Hehehe.”

Taking another drag of Her smoke, She arose from Her seat and brought the gag down around my neck, “So slut boi, are you ready to finish your training for the day?”

“You may speak, slave,” a pat on my sore ass gave her approval. “Well done waiting for my permission, bitch.”

“Yes Mistress. I do not wish to leave Your presence, I am ready for the rest of my training.”

“Good slut,” putting her cig out on Her boot and flicking it in the trash can, She walks over in front of me and unlocks the chain that is keeping me bent over, wrapping it around her hand once She gives it a pull – bringing me off of the sawhorse. The sudden movement sends shooting pain down my back. She must have seen me wince because She put Her black, latex, elbow-high gloved hand on my back, giving it a soft rub. “Does slut’s back hurt?” I nodded my head ‘yes’ and began to speak. She shoved the gag back into my mouth and said, “Well let’s get you over to the bed, shall we?”

Another quick yank of my collar made me collapse onto the bed. Turning over face up, Mistress Mandy was already towering over me. Grabbing my right hand, She brought my hand up to the top of the cast iron bed frame, handcuffing it in place. Doing the same with the left, She brought her face down to my level.

“I am going to give you one of the best gifts of all, but you will not receive release today, slut. I do not want your nasty seed in My perfect, sweet pussy.”

Nodding my head canl─▒ bahis up and down, my cock became instantly hard imagining that I would be allowed inside Her. Bringing Her hand down to my throbbing cock, She whispered in my ear, “Thats the response I was looking for. Good little slut. But remember, if you come, I will make your life a living hell.” She extenuated her last words with a lick to my ear and biting down hard on my lobe. A moan muffled by the gag reminded me of the pain in my jaw. “I would plug your ass, but I’m afraid it would make you come to soon. Hehehehe….”

Lifting her skirt, she slid her purple lacy panties to the side, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. With my cock in her left hand, she rubbed the head on her already wet slit.

“Mmmmmm…..like that slave? Hmmmm…”

Feeling Her juices slide up and down my head, I felt Her entrance to Her pussy.

“Are you ready?” Laughing softly, I knew She wasn’t waiting for a response, sitting down on my thickness She engulfed my cock in one thrust.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!! I must say slave, for such a little sissy slut, you do have a nice thick cock. I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this. Mmmmmm…. “

Slowly lifting Herself off my cock and sliding back down, she began to fuck my cock nice and softly. But I knew the torture had only begun.

Up and down, in and out, she began fucking my cock harder and harder. Faster and faster She rose and fell, Her nails digging and dragging down my chest.

“Oh fuck, yes, thats it slut. Does my little sissy slut like Mistress’ sweet pussy? Hmmmm? Does she? I know she does. HAHAHAHA!!!! Oh I love riding your hard cock, bitch. Fuck. Yes! Oh fuck YES!”

She rode my cock hard and fast for what seemed like an hour being unable to cum but what I’m sure was only fifteen minutes. I had to close my eyes and concentrate on holding back. I felt her thrusts grow faster than ever and pussy begin to clamp down on my cock like a vice.


Screaming, she brought her nails down my chest one more time as she came. Collapsing on my chest, she said with exhaustion, “Well done slave, I will have one of my servants come ready you for your ride home. Tonight you may jerk that nice cock of yours with your plug in your ass. I want pictures of what you wore and how big the plug. Understand?”

Nodding yes, Mistress rose off my still hard, wet cock and walked out the door.

Before she closed the door she said, “See you tomorrow, slut.”

Looks like I wouldn’t be going in to work tomorrow after all…

…to be continued…

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