A New Fantasy Ch. 01

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This is a true story, some of the events are marginally different. But only from my bad memory!

I am a slim white male, early twenties, 5’11” with an 8″ cock. I’ve always had a very high sex drive; this has led to me having lots of fantasies over the years. Initially I would just fantasise about girls I knew, but as I watched more porn and read more erotica I began to broaden my horizons. I started watching a lot of MILF porn and this led, inevitably, to thoughts about my own mother. She is 5 foot, slim, good looking, with larger than average breasts. She often wears tops that give me a view of her cleavage and every now and again when she would lean forward or bend over I could see her nipples. Any resistance to arousal would disappear at these moments and I began to seriously imagine what fucking my Mum would be like. I began to read more and more incest erotica, and I would cum heavily when thinking about her. I had no idea that it would turn out the way it did though…..

I was home alone on a Saturday afternoon, which as it didn’t happen very often, meant I was sitting at my computer naked reading mum and son porn online. One of my favourites at the time involved a guy who also had a fantasy about his mother, and he would jack off with his mum’s panties around his cock. The thought of jacking off with something that had been on my mum’s pussy was too much for me so I went to the laundry basket.

After a quick look I managed to find a white lace pair, I quickly brought them back to my room. I brought them up to my face and klasbahis g├╝venilirmi took a long sniff of my mother’s pussy, then unable to help myself I started licking them. I had become absolutely rock hard, I couldn’t believe how turned on I had become by my mum’s panties. Instead of rubbing them on my cock I had an urge to try them on. As I pulled them up I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting, I had to adjust to fit my 8″ cock in them, and pulled up the back so it slipped between my cheeks.

I went over to my full length mirror and was amazed at how hot I looked with my cock straining against the lace panties. I stroked it through the panties and almost exploded, quickly realising this might be a bad idea in my mum’s panties! I turned around to see my ass, and it looked so appealing. My cute tight ass in a pair of panties is a sight I will never forget, I have never been so turned on by someone’s ass.

I sat back down in the panties and pulled my cock out and started stroking it. Knowing that my usual incest porn wasn’t going to be enough for me, I wondered what I needed. I went back to the category screen and the transsexual section jumped out at me. It’s not something I’d ever considered before but after seeing my cock in a pair of panties I had to have a go. I searched for something still involving incest and I was not disappointed.

The story I found involved a boy, who after finishing school early went back home and found who he thought was his single mum sitting on the sofa with her cock out. klasbahis yeni giri┼č This eventually led to them having some incredibly intimate sex and after that the son trying out cross dressing as well. By this point I was almost at the point of no return, but before I came I felt the need to see a ts in action. So I browsed various porn sites until I found a stunning ts milf jacking herself off and cumming. That was too much for me and I exploded everywhere, a drop of cum even reaching my chin. I couldn’t quite believe how I’d reached this point but with the rest of the day ahead of me I knew there was more to come.

After a little break and still in my mum’s panties I started getting myself hard again. Starting off watching videos of hot transsexuals playing with themselves, I quickly moved onto them having sex with men. I had never really thought about a blowjob from the giving side before, but seeing these beautiful women sucking a guy’s dick with their own hard on was turning me on like I couldn’t believe.

Seeing the guy then move on and eventually fuck the ts was even more arousing, especially when she would ride him with her cock bouncing up and down. Before I realised I had been watching them for hours and had begun to develop an obsession. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to have sex with a ts more than I had ever wanted sex before.

I decided to sign up to a free website that organised sexual hook-ups. I made my profile stating my desires and uploaded a few pics of myself including my hard klasbahis giri┼č cock and a few of me in panties. I began to get messages from guys almost immediately, saying how good my ass looked in a pair of panties and that they wanted to fuck me all night long, but I wasn’t looking for that, as flattering as it was.

I browsed the site and found a gorgeous oriental ts who had met with a few guys my age before and could accommodate. I messaged her saying what I thought of her and how I really wanted to meet her. She replied not long after saying that she was very interested and would love a meet sometime soon and asked for my number. I text her to ask her when she was free and we eventually agreed on a meet next Friday evening at her place. I was buzzing, the thought that I would be having sex with my new found ultimate sexual desire was amazing.

Still quite a way away from cumming again I carried on watching porn. As I was watching the videos of the ts’ getting fucked I began to rub the fingers of my free hand around my anus. I began to get fully hard straight away, and I then started to push my index finger in a little. The further it went in the better it felt, and after I while my I began to feel like I needed something more in there.

Not wanting to hurt myself I went to the bathroom and picked up the baby oil and lubed up my fingers and ass. My first finger slid in easily and I followed it with a second, nothing had ever felt this good! As I began to start getting a fucking rhythm with my ass I had come to the verge of cumming, so while shoving in a third finger I let myself go, once again covering myself with cum. I began to rub my cum into my chest and stomach while thinking of how far I had come during the day, feeling that the only next step was to be fucked for real. I had a feeling Friday night would be interesting……

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