A Mother’s Promise Ch. 03

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Alt Babe

This is the third chapter of this story. This chapter picks up immediately after the end of chapter two where Bobby masturbated in front of his mother.


I closed my eyes and was aware of my half hard cock bobbing over my balls, swaying slightly in time with my breathing. I felt a stirring at my feet and opened my eyes to see my mother kneeling down and untying my sneakers. She looked up to see me looking down at her as one shoe, and then the other, fell away. I saw her glance up at my slimy, cum covered cock and smile.

Standing, she leaned over to me and lightly kissed my cheek, placing one hand on my chest and one on my shoulder saying “Just close your eyes and let me get you cleaned up…… sit there and relax, take some deep breaths and keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.”

That was just fine with me, too. I was still trying to catch my breath, feeling exhausted after my masturbation exhibition in front of my mother. My chest was thumping and I was covered with light sweat and cum. I felt light headed, but good. I felt older, somehow. It didn’t matter that my pants and underwear were now completely resting around my ankles and I didn’t give one solitary thought to my nakedness. In fact, I shamelessly let my knees fall apart hoping she was would see it as an invitation.

Sitting there, I realized my mother and I had transcended a traditionally observed boundary. Things couldn’t be the same as they were before. She had seen me masturbate. Hell, she had even helped me – sort of. Unless I misunderstood, she gave me permission to use her panties when I masturbated and even do it in front of her again. She had already seen me make my cock hard and stroke it, not to mention spray my sperm all over when I came. But, I think most of all, I felt proud of what happened. In some way, it felt wonderful to be exposed in front of her and even more wonderful to know that she enjoyed it, too.

I was snapped back to reality when I felt her lift one of my feet and tug my jeans and underwear off. She did the same with the other foot and when she did, I positioned my feet in such a way that my knees naturally fell open allowing an avenue for her to approach, if she wanted to. The thought of her stripping me and sitting in such an exposing position in front of her soon caused my to cock to react and start to stiffen as she worked at my feet.

When I opened my eyes to see the state of my hardening cock, I saw that she was no longer there. After a few seconds, I heard the sound of water running at the sink and then shortly after, I heard the water stop. Hearing her footsteps approaching, I closed my eyes and waited for her return.

Almost immediately, she was beside me and I felt her hand on my head and her lips kiss me on the cheek again. “I’m proud of you,” she said, “that took a lot of courage, especially with me watching. And, just so you know, I was very turned-on watching you…. I haven’t been that excited and aroused for a long time, Mister. Thank you… and I really mean that.” This time I felt her kiss me very lightly on the lips.

Shortly, I felt the soothing warmth of a hot washcloth as it wiped my spent cum from my hands, and then my legs. Working her way up, she was wiping down my thighs and when I thought she was through, I felt her gently grasp the tip of my cock and wipe around the base, then work her way up my shaft. Her touch made it swell and throb uncontrollably in her hands, and in response, she squeezed me lightly. I couldn’t help but give it a flex or two as she held me.

“Oh, my…”. She said. Hearing her, I opened my eyes to see my mother again kneeling between my legs, staring at my hardened cock in her hand. “I used to wash you like this when you were little,” she said, “that was a long time ago and until today, I didn’t realize that you really were a full grown man now.”

She continued speaking as she held and starred at my cock, saying “Sweetheart, I don’t have any regrets about what we just did. I don’t have any doubts that you enjoyed it and I’ll be honest and say I did, too.” She went back to wiping my cock with the washcloth as she spoke, saying “But, this is something neither one of us can ever speak of to anyone else…. Can you understand why, Bobby?”

“Mom, I realize that and I would never say or do anything that would get us or the family in trouble. But, Mom….” I paused for a moment to pick just the right words…

She was finishing wiping the cum off my cock as she said “Yes, I’m listening…”

“Uh, well I don’t know exactly how to say this, but, uh, I think that was just about the best time I’ve ever had masturbating….. and, uh….. it was because of you, Mom. The things you said and did just really got to me. Do you think it would be alright if we did something like this again? That is, if you want to.”

“Come on,” she said, “close your eyes and relax while I finish so we can get you dressed before you father and sister get home.”

I sarıyer escort closed my eyes and felt her hands back on my cock, both of them now – holding it like a baseball bat, stroking it very softly up and down. I opened my eyes just a crack to see her holding it right in front of her face, looking at it. She glanced up at me, I assume to see if my eyes were closed, and satisfied that I wasn’t looking, she brushed my cock against her cheek. Then looking up at me again, she moved her mouth closer. When she was close enough, her tongue darted out and I saw her take a drop of cum from the head of my cock and then disappear back into her mouth. I couldn’t help it – my cock pulsed and I felt it harden and tug against her grasp.

“Well,” she said, “I think you’re cleaned up fairly well, so you just sit there and get your wind back while I get your clothes.”

I closed my eyes again, laid my head back and relaxed. “What you said before was sweet, Bobby. Every woman likes to know that she’s sexy and desirable and still has what it takes to turn a man on. And, even though we both know this shouldn’t have happened, I think right now, we both want it to happen again. But, let’s just sleep on it and see how we feel about it when we both have a clearer mind. Would you feel comfortable talking about it sometime later?”

“I’m not going to change my mind, Mom. There’s no way I’m ever going to forget this. It was just too special……”

She interrupted me by saying “Bobby, you feel like that now because you’re still excited and your wee-wee is making all the decisions for you….. lets just save that discussion for another time and I promise we’ll talk it through very soon.”

As she talked, she lifted first one foot and then the other to slip on my underwear. Telling me to stand, I opened my eyes and raised myself out of the chair. Looking down, I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was pulling a pair of yellow nylon panties up my legs. Seeing my concern, she simply said “Your own underwear was covered with sperm, Sweetheart….. these are your sister’s and will have to do for now…. I don’t have any of your underwear down here. You took them all upstairs, remember? Besides, no one will know except you and I, and they are clean, so just go along with it for now.”

She pulled the panties up my legs and settled them on my hips. She wasn’t bashful about reaching into the panties, grasping my hardness and pulling it straight up against my stomach. “If they bother you, you can change out of them later. How about that?”

They were snug, but they weren’t tight. As she adjusted the waistband and the elastic on the legs, she playfully cupped my balls and my cock with both her hands which caused my cock to lurch and pulse. A small wet spot appeared on the material where the tip of my cock touched. Noticing the wet spot, she smiled, looked up at me and said “Seems as though they fit pretty well, and, uh……. judging from your reaction, you may just like them. Why don’t you give them a chance and see how you feel about it in a few hours.”

She had a look on her face that reminded me of the way she looked that day when she caught me ogling my sister as she bent over in her panties. “Okay, Mom.”

“Good.” She said as she reached for my jeans. Holding them out for me to step into, she waited until my feet were in and then she pulled them up my legs. “Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve dressed you like this, Bobby…. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until now.” She added.

As she fumbled with the fly, I felt her hands brush my still erect member. Her finger reached out and touched the tip, straining against the fabric of the panties, and then traced down across the underside of my cock. Looking down at what she was doing, I got the feeling she was ‘feeling’ me, not dressing me….. and I was totally fine with it. I concentrated hard, trying to ‘will’ her to continue, but she withdrew her fingers and had my jeans buttoned up before I could even consider making a plea for her to keep touching my cock. “It might be a good idea,” she said, “to keep your t-shirt pulled down, though.”

Turning me around and facing me toward the table, she said “What do you say we get all these panties in the washer now and get upstairs? I know Linda and your father will be home any minute now.”

She reached over to the table and picked up a pink pair of panties that were balled up on the table. Holding them out to me she said “These are the panties you were enjoying a few minutes ago. I’ll let you keep them until we have our little talk.”

I was going to thank her, but, she put her finger to my lips and said “Shhhh, no more talk about it now. It’s a secret, remember?”

With that she pushed them down into the pocket of my jeans and smiled. She brushed the hair away from my eyes and pulled me into her for another hug. “I just can’t believe how big you’ve gotten and esenyurt escort how the time just seemed to slip away from me.” She said. “I’m still tingling from before, Bobby….. I haven’t been aroused like that for a long, long time.”

As she pulled away, something inside me took over and I had the uncontrollable urge to kiss her. I leaned into her and before I knew it, my lips were against hers and we were kissing. This wasn’t the kind of kiss a son gives his mother, but instead, it was the kind of kiss that lovers share. She responded immediately. It was warm and soft and tender and passionate all at the same time. I felt her arms tighten around me and her breathing quickened, as did mine. We separated for a minute, looked at each other, then taking a breath, our lips found each other again and we spent the next few minutes cuddling together. Without thinking, my arm worked it’s way between us and I found myself cupping her breast.

“Oh, no you don’t, Mister!” She pushed me away and put her hands on her hips and smiled at me. “You have no idea what you’re starting with that, and I’m already on the edge, so please, don’t tempt me.”

She shook her head and then shook her finger, as if she was scolding me. Then, her smile faded into a far away look as she took a step closer. Reaching for my hand, she guided it slowly back to her breast. We stood about a foot apart, looking at each other as she held my hand to her left breast. “It’s been so long since someone has touched me like this.” She said. “I miss it so much….. can we just hug like this for a minute?”

She had done something unbelievably special for me earlier, and I could see that she now needed me to do something special for her. The look in her eyes was a look of desperate longing and missing passion. My heart went out to her and I felt it pounding inside my chest.

I pulled her close to me, my hand still cupping her breast under her own hand as she held it there. I squeezed very gently and a moan escaped her lips. I squeezed again and she let her own hand fall away as she pressed her breast into my palm. Feeling the fullness of my own mother’s breast, I heard her say “When I was nursing you, your little hands used to hold me. Now you’re doing it again.”

Shifting my hand slightly, I felt her nipple and gingerly tweaked it through her bra. Her reaction was immediate and caught me off guard as she almost melted in my arms. She moaned softly and made these slight ‘cooing’ sounds which told me I was doing something she liked. Her breathing was much quicker now and she started to slowly sway back and forth. “Mom, do you want me to stop?” I asked.

This time it was she that didn’t answer. I secretly felt proud that I found something that she apparently liked, something to perhaps return some of the pleasure she had given to me earlier. I played my hunch by moving my free hand to her other breast and felt for that nipple, too. As I did, she shifted – positioning herself so I could have complete access to both her breasts with my inexperienced hands. Finally throwing caution to the wind, I used more pressure on both and lightly pinched both nipples at the same time.

She turned her head away from me and laid it on my chest. The rate of her breathing quickened and I felt one of her hands move from where she had been lightly hugging me to between her legs. I didn’t want to break the closeness we were sharing, but it was obvious to me that she was touching herself over her clothes.

I pinched her nipples again, and when I did, she turned her face toward me. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She bit down on her lower lip and I could feel her hand moving more obviously now… pressing into her crotch. I pinched her nipples in unison, quickly pinching and then releasing, time and time again until I finally held the pinch. She started to pant and her eyes shot open. “Oh, oh, oh, oh.” She said. “Harder now…” She said. So I did. Our eyes were locked together when she told me to pinch even harder. And I did that, too. “Oh, Bobby, I’m almost there…… OH! OH!”

It wasn’t long before she opened her mouth as if she was going to scream, but nothing came out for a few seconds… then all of a sudden, she said “OOOOOHHHH!”

Her body shook and convulsed in my arms and I had to let go of her nipples to put my arms around her because I was afraid she going to fall. Beaming with pride, I held her as she shook, knowing she was cumming and that I was the one that brought it on.

After a few minutes, we were still standing there with me holding her body loosely in my arms. Feeling the time was right, I pulled back to look at her. This was no longer my Mom…. She was a tender and sexy woman who had given me the sexual adventure of my life and whom I had partially repaid by doing something that pleased her in the same way she had pleased me.

There were no words spoken between us as we looked at one another, only the avrupa yakası escort sound of her breathing as it broke the silence of the laundry room. She put her hands over her face like she was trying to hide from me. “Mom, did I hurt you?” I asked.

She dropped her hands and shook her head at me. I could see a tear in her eye and she reached out to hold my head in her hands saying “That was incredible….. I mean, it was beyond words….. it’s only happened one other time in my life like that…. a long, long time ago before I met your Father.”

“Oh, Bobby, I don’t know what to say,” she said, “I don’t know what to feel now….. I haven’t had an orgasm that strong in probably ten years. Sweetheart, how did you know to do that?”

“How did I know what, Mom? I asked.

“You mean to tell me you had no idea what you were doing to me just then?” She asked.

“Mom,” I answered, “I just did what I thought you wanted me to do…. That’s all.”

“Bobby, I don’t know if you’re going to believe this or not, but, I just had a really strong orgasm, one that was much stronger than any I’ve had in a long time…. It was incredible what you were doing to me….. I just love being touched like that.”

“Well, were even then,” I said, “I already told you how I felt about what happened to me.” I stopped for a minute, gathering the courage to ask her a question a son should never ask his mother. Still, if there was ever a time to ask it, and get away with it, it would be now.

“Mom, can I ask you something and will you promise to understand why I’m asking it?”

“Considering what we’ve just done,” she said, “I think it’s okay to ask me anything. But, I’m still your Mother, so I reserve the right to not answer. Agreed?”

“That’s fair,” I said. “I’m not sure exactly how to ask this, so I’m just going to ask straight out, Okay?”

“Go ahead,” she said, “Just ask. There’s no way I can get mad at you after all that. You better hurry though, I’m surprised your sister and your Dad aren’t back already.”

I knew she was right. Not only that, but, if I had any hope of her saying “Yes”, I better ask now. So, I took a deep breath. I tried to look her in the eyes, but when she looked back, I couldn’t face her like I thought I could. I had to look down to avoid my mother’s eyes as I said “Mom, can I have the panties you have on now?”

“No, Bobby,” she said, “You shouldn’t ever ask a girl something that intimate without looking at her.” She reached up and straightened my face to look right at her and told me to ask again.

“Mom,” I asked, “The panties you have on right now….can I have them….please?”

I was surprised when she didn’t answer with a “Yes” or a “No”. Instead, she asked “You want me to give you my panties? The panties I just had an orgasm in and that are probably sopping wet? That’s what you want?”

When I nodded my head, she shook hers and said “No, Bobby, if you’re going to ask a girl to give you her panties, you stand a much better chance if you tell her why you want them. Trust me, most girls are not going to part with her panties unless they have a pretty compelling reason to do so. Think about it and ask me again.”

It struck me as ironic that she was trying to instruct me on the right way to ask someone to give away their underwear, but, on the flip side, if she was going to say “No”, she would have already done it. So, all I had to do is figure out what she wanted me to say and then say it. So after thinking for a brief time, I tried again.

“Mom, would you please be so kind as to let me have the panties you have on right now so I can use them to masturbate later? I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me to get them right now while they are fresh.”

“Very nice,” she said, “How could a girl say ‘No’ to that?” She smiled at me as she answered “Why, I would be happy to let you have them. Come on – we better hurry.”

She took my hand and led me towards the stairs up to the kitchen, glancing at me the whole time and smiling. Half way up the stairs, she laughed a small laugh and said, “You know Bobby, even before you asked, I had already decided I was going to give them to you. I was just messing with you making you say all that, but, I’ll promise you this, I can’t ever see myself saying “No” to that question if you ask it like that.”

Arriving in the kitchen, she let go of my hand and walked to the pantry. Opening the door, she reached inside to get something. The pantry door blocked my view, but my curiosity was quickly satisfied as she pulled out a zip lock baggie and held it up for me to see.

“I would think a prize like you’re about to get deserves something to help keep them fresh, don’t you?” She asked. “Fresh. That’s the word you used isn’t it? You want them to keep for a while so you can enjoy them over and over again, right?”

“Oh, that would be great, Mom,” I answered. “Maybe you’ll let me trade them in for some other ones when it’s time?” I asked.

Taking my hand and leading me back to the stairs, she just smiled and shook her head saying “Jeez, boys will be boys, won’t they? Bobby, you’re going to have to learn that a smart girl always keeps a boy guessing, so….. we’ll see…..and that’s all I’m going to say about that. It’s nice of you to be interested, though.”

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