A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 07

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My apologies for the delay publishing this chapter. I have been under the weather for several weeks.

This story involves incestuous relationships.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.

This is a continuing story, you may want to read the earlier chapters for background.


A brief recap

In 1949, before birth control pills were developed, the overriding concern of women regarding sex was the fear of becoming pregnant.

Rick was a short, skinny boy who had turned eighteen without a girlfriend and still a virgin. His mother worried about his lack of popularity with girls. She taught him how to eat pussy. She had him practice on her until he became proficient. (Many men wouldn’t eat a woman in those days.) She thought women would be more interested if they could have oral sex, with no threat of pregnancy.

His mother led her friend Carol to him. Carol was thrilled to have her cunt licked and sucked. She wanted more, but she had agreed to tell at least one other woman about him. Carol passed his name on to Mrs. Gaffney (Cynthia). She owned a local grocery where Rick worked part time. Mrs. Gaffney became the third woman in his life.

Carol and her daughter Lucy became incestuous lovers. Carol suggested Lucy get to know Rick. She had a date with him that ended up with a memorable session of mutually enjoyable oral sex. Licking and sucking if you prefer.

While Rick was away at college. Carol and Lucy became lovers with Edna. Edna also began a love affair with Cynthia. All four women got together for a four way, all woman orgy.

Rick is home for Thanksgiving holiday. He had spent the previous night with his mother and hinted to her that he would like to try a threesome. The ladies all wanted the same thing, but Edna was coy in her responses to Rick. After he went to sleep she called the other women and told them he was ready. They put their plan in motion.

****** ****** ******

Rick slept late the next morning. He woke totally relaxed. He came downstairs, in his bathrobe, for his morning coffee. Lucy was seated at the table with his mother. She stood and ran to Rick to give him a hug and welcoming kiss. The kiss got a little hot before they broke apart. His mother stood too and came close. She waited until the kiss was complete before she pressed her body against his. He stood with a woman on either arm, both indicating horniness.

Edna was wrapped in a robe, but Lucy was dressed in a very nice dress with nylons and heels. Her makeup was carefully done. The dress, and heels made her legs and butt look lovely.

“What a nice surprise,” he said with a broad smile; thrills ran up his spine.

It was a surprise. Since waking the main thing on his mind was whether he could convince his mother to try a threesome. Despite her stern tone the night before he had detected a hint of interest.

The women were relaxed, happy that he had accepted their offering.

“Do you have a plan?” He asked with a smile.

“Only to make love,” his mother said saucily. Both women were pressing their bodies against him.

To Rick it was his fantasies come true.

“We want it all,” Lucy added.

The women led him to the table, served him coffee and, after he had finished a cup, breakfast. They fussed over him and tried to take care of his every need. He finished breakfast and they gave him another cup of coffee. His mother let her robe slide off her shoulders to display her body clad in panties, garter belt and nylons. Her nipples were firm and erect. Moderate heels on her feet emphasized her shapely legs and butt.

Lucy turned to let Edna to slide the zipper down on the back of her dress. She let it fall to the floor leaving her with a very sheer slip. It was obvious she wore no bra or panties under it. The shadow of her bush showed through the sheer fabric. The dark circles of her areolas were emphasized by her firm nipples poking through the fabric to make little tents. With her nylons and heels she was an attractive sight.

He finished his coffee, somewhat hurriedly. He stood and held out his arms to both women. They all hugged. He kissed them both.

They separated enough to all go upstairs. In the bedroom Lucy pushed the robe off his shoulders and he let it fall. His cock was throbbing standing straight in front of him.

The two women pushed him onto the bed and turned to each other. He watched with a sense of pleased wonderment as they exchanged a hot kiss. Lucy pushed Edna’s panties down her legs and Edna kicked them off her feet. This was the stuff of fantasies. The dreams of teenaged boys.

They separated, both with wet pussies. Edna straddled his face. Her nylon sheathed legs against his cheeks. Her open negligee framed her body as he gazed up at her. He raised himself to her pussy; his eager tongue licked at her dew flecked labia. His tongue slid into his mother’s hot cunt and he heard her gasp of pleasure. He licked at her clit, he sucked her juices. He felt sar─▒yer escort the shudders in her body as she came on his face.

Lucy was kneeling beside them. Even as he ate his mother’s pussy she and Lucy were exchanging kisses and fondling each other’s tits. Lucy waited until Edna had an orgasm before she broke the kiss and leaned down to let her lips slide over Rick’s pulsating cock.

She knew he wouldn’t last long. That is why she had waited. She held him in her mouth, motionless for a few moments. She wanted to feel him, to feel the blood throbbing into his hard shaft.

She felt Edna cum again and began to slide her lips along his rigid length. Her tongue caressed his glans and he exploded into her mouth. She felt her mouth fill with his hot thick cum as he thrust his cock into her. She savored the taste. His flavor was strong, manly.

With her mouth full of the creamy cum she rose up on her knees and embraced Edna for a deep kiss. Rick continued to eat his mother’s cunt, but he was aware of the women kissing and letting his cum flow between them. Tasting, sharing; a sense of love between the women expanding to include Rick. Turning in on itself the emotion became a love for Rick that included both of them.

Rick patted Edna’s hip. She lifted herself from his face. He pulled Lucy down to himself for a kiss. Hot, wet, to share the cum still in her mouth. Edna followed with her own kiss; Open mouthed, sloppy.

He pulled Lucy close. “You need to cum,” he told her. “I need you to cum.”

Edna was on his other side. Snuggled close.

“Would you like to watch us, Rick? Would you like to see how we make love together?”

“We can show you, Sweetheart,” Lucy spoke softly on his other side. “Your mother can make me cum for you. We can do it for you. You can get nice and hard again for us while you watch.”

The women meant exactly what they said. They wanted to make love together so he could watch. Yes, they would enjoy it. Yes, they wanted to for themselves. But, for him was the overriding reason.

Rick was excited by their words. “Yes,” he told them. “Do it for me, Show me.”

Lucy climbed over Rick into Edna’s open arms. Their lips met in a fervent kiss. Their hands fondled each other’s tits. Rick heard gasps of lust as the women’s bodies twisted together in their passion. Lucy still wore her slip. She pulled the bodice down and freed her tits for Edna’s eager mouth. They still wore their nylons and heels.

Edna kissed Lucy’s breasts, she pushed the hem of the slip up and tongued her navel. She lingered at the young woman’s mons rubbing her face against the soft bulge. Lucy’s legs opened for her. Her hands on Edna’s head urged her toward her wet pussy. Edna pushed a pillow under Lucy’s hips to raise her pussy. Her tongue licked the lovely labia of the girl and slid between the lips to find the succulent inner flesh of her cunt. Lucy gasped with delight and pressed Edna’s head more firmly against her wet pussy. Her legs were over Edna’s shoulders and her heels resting on her back.

Rick was entranced. He had only seen women making love in his fantasies, and a few pictures bootlegged among high school boys. His cock started to harden as an orgasm tore through Lucy’s body.

As her orgasm subsided he wanted to kiss her and suck her tits while his mother ate her, but before he could move Edna turned and straddled Lucy to present her pussy for a sixty-nine. Lucy threw her arms over Edna’s hips and lifted her face to Edna’s pussy.

The room was soon redolent with the fragrance of hot sex. Rick’s cum, pussy juices, lady cum. They combined into an intoxicating bouquet. The women broke apart. They kissed each other. Both kissed Rick.

“That was beautiful,” he told them. “Wonderful to watch.”

He pulled Lucy to him for a hot wet kiss. “I want to eat you,” he murmured in her ear.

She smiled and turned to kiss Edna again. She gave all her attention to Rick after that. They kissed with wet, open mouths. He could taste the traces of his cum, and his mother’s, on her lips and tongue.

Edna slid down to fondle his cock as he and Lucy kissed. He put his hands on Lucy’s hips and guided her to straddle his chest. She lifted her slip to expose her pussy for him. Offering her lush bush and wet pussy lips to him. He pulled her over his face and raised his lips to her hot cunt. Lucy let the hem of her slip fall so that it draped over his face. For some reason he seemed to enjoy the sensation. With a muffled moan he sucked at her clit even harder.

As Lucy had done with her, Edna knelt beside them and exchanged a kiss with Lucy. Both women fondled the others beasts as their mouths twisted and tongues danced.

Lucy was cumming as Rick licked and sucked at her succulent pussy. Her gasps and moans were muffled by Edna’s kisses. Kisses that Lucy returned with wet, open mouth. She rubbed her wet pussy over Rick’s face spreading her nectar over him. He esenyurt escort would moan with delight when she would return it to his probing tongue.

Edna broke the kiss and went back to Rick’s throbbing cock. She let her lips engulf it. She was excited with the beat of his blood pounding into it. She took him as deep as she could and sucked him with love. She kept her body in contact with Lucy’s so she could feel the young woman’s orgasms as they chased through her body. Her fingers caressed her own clit so that she could enjoy orgasms for herself along with the others’.

She felt Rick’s cum surging from his balls sooner than she thought he would cum. He moaned into Lucy’s pussy as his cum gushed into his mother’s mouth. Hot, creamy, thick, she relished it, cherished it.

He was softening. Edna kissed Lucy again letting her taste his seed. Lucy lifted herself from Rick’s face and leaned down to kiss him with a whispered, “Thank you.”

Lucy pushed her tongue into his mouth to taste her juices on his lips and tongue; to let him taste his own cum. Edna would give him more. She would suck Lucy’s juices from his face, his mouth, his tongue.

Edna tasted them all; her juices, Lucy’s, Rick’s they were good. They tasted right.

The three rested. Rick dozed off. The women got up after an hour, or so. Edna got a sheer negligee from the closet. Leaving Rick asleep they went to the kitchen to make coffee and set the table for lunch. They took their coffee to the living room and sat together on the couch.

“It was what he wanted, wasn’t it?” Lucy blurted out.

“I’m sure it was,” Edna answered. “I wonder if he received messages when he tasted other women’s juices on me.”

They sat together silently. There was a closeness between them. A sentiment both welcomed.

“I’ll go wake him,” Lucy said. After a long pause.

Edna nodded in agreement. She went heat up lunch.

Lucy woke Rick by covering his face with kisses. He responded when he realized what was happening. His hand behind her head held her still for a deeper, loving kiss.

“Lunch is ready, Sweetheart,” Lucy told him.

“You look very sexy in that slip,” he told her as they went downstairs. “I liked making love with you while you were wearing it.”

“I’m glad,” she responded. “I like the way it feels on me.”

They ate at the kitchen table. The meal was a stew that Edna had made with the idea of reheating it for quick meals.

Rick had some questions.

“I’m curious,” he said. “How long have you two been making love, and what about Carol and Cynthia?”

“I think you’ll have to wait for an answer until we’re all together, Rick,” his mother told him. “We’ll tell you everything then and answer any questions. That will be tomorrow by the way. We’re all going to have Thanksgiving dinner at Carol’s.”

Edna seemed quite definite. He decided that he could wait until the next day.

Rick was getting aroused all over again by the time they had finished lunch. The women looked alluring in their nylons and heels, covered only by sheer negligee or slip. Every time they moved about the shadows showed through; their pubes and areolas, a sight that was sure to make his dick hard. He licked his lip, he wanted to taste the two pussies. He wanted to lick and suck at them, drink their juices and make them cum.

He had visions of nylon clad thighs clasping his head; of heels kicking his back as she came with wild shudders.

Back in the bedroom Rick exchanged hot kisses with both women and they with each other. He fondled breasts and sucked at nipples. They kissed his body, his nipples too, and fondled his cock.

Rick rolled onto his back and with his hands on her hips guided Lucy to straddle him. As she brought her wet pussy over his face he lifted his head to lick at the swollen, dew flecked labia. Lucy pushed a pillow under his head and then lost herself in hedonistic pleasure.

Edna took his cock between her lips, but only for a moment. She grabbed a rubber from the bedside table and rolled it onto his rock hard dick. She straddled him behind Lucy and slowly, sensuously impaled her cunt on her son’s cock.

She sighed as she felt him fill her. It was a little bit of a risk that day. It was a couple of days past what she considered safe. She took the chance, though. She needed him inside her stretching the walls of her pussy.

She reached her arms around Lucy to pinch her nipples and caress her tits. Lucy responded with a sigh and leaned back into Edna’s body.

A thrill passed through Edna when she felt Lucy’s body quivering with an oncoming orgasm. Rick felt it too. He sucked at her clit and pushed two fingers into her to her g-spot. Lucy trembled with the thrills overwhelming her. She cried out her joy and her nectar poured over his face. Her hands held Rick’s face at her pussy, her nylon sheathed thighs caressed his cheeks.

Edna, too, was cumming. Her wet pussy sliding over Rick’s cock bringing avrupa yakas─▒ escort him ever closer to an orgasm. She kissed the back of Lucy’s neck; her arms were around Lucy cuddling her tits.

Rick thrust hard into Edna’s wet pussy, and again. His cum surged from him and with a wild cry he pushed his cock balls deep into his mother and his face into Lucy’s fragrant pussy.

His cum surged again, Edna could feel its heat in her pussy. She wanted it. She wanted to feel it fill her pussy, but the rubber held it, prevented the pleasurable sensation that she desired. She could only imagine the warm, creamy, slickness of his seed.

He was spent. His hard cock softening, he let his face drop from Lucy’s hot, but very satisfied, pussy. His mother lifted herself from his flaccid dick. She rolled off him to lie beside him. Lucy too lifted her leg over him to lie on his other side.

Lucy pulled the rubber from his softening cock and sucked him into her mouth to lick his cum from it. Edna kissed his face, and mouth, and sucked his tongue; enjoying the taste of Lucy’s lady cum.

Lucy and Edna kissed over Rick’s body. They exchanged the essences in their mouths. Each kissed Rick, with love. With Rick between their naked bodies they fell asleep until evening.

They woke when it was getting dark outside. The late November days brought early nightfall. Edna got up first, and Lucy soon after her. Edna found her negligee to wear, Lucy was still in her slip. After Rick had told her he thought it was sexy she was reluctant to remove it. Both were still wearing garter belts and nylons. They had kicked their heels off before sleeping and found slippers to wear.

In the kitchen they started coffee, when it was ready they poured for themselves and sat, close together, at the table to sip it and complete their waking up. Their closeness felt comfortable to the two women. There was a contented feeling between them. Both had been well satisfied by the day’s activities, but Lucy’s pussy had an empty feeling that could be relieved by Rick’s hard cock.

The women made sandwiches for supper. Lucy went to wake Rick. She did it as before, by covering his face with kisses. He smiled when he realized it was her.

He came down to the kitchen dressed in his robe. They poured him coffee. When he was fully awake they ate the sandwiches.

“You need to rest for a while, Rick,” his mother told him. “Relax until bedtime. Maybe we can dance a little.”

Edna got out a bottle of wine and glasses. She turned on the radio and turned to a music station she liked.

They all had a few sips of wine and listened for a few minutes. Perry Como came on singing ‘Some Enchanted Evening’, a song that had been number one in the late summer. It was easy to dance to and Rick stood and held out a hand to Edna. She shook her head no, grabbed Lucy’s hand and put it in Rick’s.

Rick’s dancing had improved, a little, from the time he had danced with Edna. Cynthia had taught him a little so he could dance with her occasionally. Lucy was not great, but could dance reasonably well. They held each other close and swayed around the living room floor. For the next two hours Rick danced with one, or the other of the women whenever a slow number came on. He did not feel able to do any of the faster numbers.

They had another glass of wine when the program was over and went upstairs to the bedroom.

Lucy had made it quite plain, while dancing, that she wanted to be fucked. She had rubbed her belly against his sensuously; a time or two she had reached down and caressed his cock. He was only wearing a robe and his cock was uncontained and erect. The dancers found that they could push it up and it lay nicely between their bellies. Or, if pushed down, the cock would nestle in the lady’s bush, the tip would rub against the top of her slit coming tantalizingly close to her clit. Either way was nice.

Edna had been quite satisfied, although the dancing had started to get her horny again. She wondered what it would be like to snuggle with a couple while they were fucking. Or, maybe watch. Edna had never watched a man and woman making love. She had always been a participant. She thought she’d like to observe, at least once.

Edna was perfectly happy to let Lucy have her turn. She caught Lucy’s eye and winked at her. She nodded, too, to make sure the other woman got her meaning. Lucy smiled broadly and mouthed a silent thank you.

They all lay on the bed together. Lucy and Rick were exchanging hot kisses. Lucy fondling Rick’s already hard cock. Edna gave them room. She knew she could make a threesome out of it, but she really did want to be an observer. Carol had told her how hot it had made her when she had watched her daughter eating Edna’s cunt. Edna felt she might be inclined the same way. She wanted to try, at least.

Lucy rolled a rubber onto Rick’s rock-hard cock. She could feel the pulsations in her hand. She laid beside him and pulled him on top. Her nylon sheathed legs were splayed for him. Her slip bunched at her waist, the bodice pushed down to free her tits. They were kissing wildly even as she guided his hard cock into her wet and willing pussy. She sighed as he filled her, as she felt him stretch the walls of her pussy. She was snug on his cock. She had always felt that he was a perfect fit.

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