A Midnight Love

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As he walked down the familiar hallway, a faint light beckoned. Michael moved towards it, propelled by a desire he couldn’t control. He paused in the doorway, accustoming his eyes to the dim light. Tonight he knew she was alone, waiting for him to come to her under the cloak of darkness.

The room lay bathed in shadows, the only sound her quiet breathing. Oblivious to his presence she remained sprawled across the bed, her face buried deep in the comforting softness of her pillow. The blankets were twisted haphazardly across her back, leaving her long legs and shoulders exposed to the soft breeze from the window. He moved softly to her side, staring down at her as she peacefully slumbered amidst the blankets. With tender fingers he smoothed her blonde hair, brushing it away from her face, allowing him a better view of her silky cheek and soft lips.

Bending his head, he gently nuzzled against her cheek, breathing in her scent, enriched with the sweetness of her bath oil. She smiled in her sleep, lost in pleasant dreams that he prayed contained him. Unable to resist, he reached for the blanket that lay draped across her, slowly he pulled it aside, baring the entire length of her back to his hungry eyes. His hands skimmed her exposed body, the smooth lines of her spine encouraged his hands further until he came to rest on the rounded firmness of her buttocks. His fingers lingered there, gliding in smooth arcs across her flesh as he began to trace the path he had made with his mouth, leaving a damp trail of kisses in his wake.

She remained undisturbed by his ministrations and as the seconds ticked by he came to the small of her back. Squeezing her cheeks gently, he tenderly nipped her skin, sampling the warmth that lay unguarded before him. Briefly she stirred in response, dragging one of her knees upwards closer to her chest, before settling again into rest. As he paused, frozen sar─▒yer escort against her, he became aware of the scent that now surrounded them. He could clearly discern the musk from her now exposed womanhood. Parting reluctantly from her rounded buttocks, his fingers trailed along their crease seeking the warmth he knew so well. He sighed in satisfaction when his fingertips grazed the pool of moisture that lay between her legs. Tenderly he touched her bare skin, delighted by the aroused flesh he discovered.

Gently pushing her leg higher on the bed, he opened her fully to his view. Bracing his weight on the foot of the bed, he knelt between her thighs, staring with rapt fascination as his fingers parted her pink lips. Her scent became stronger as he continued to graze her flesh with his fingers, glistening liquid seeping from her core. Shifting his face closer he inhaled her muskiness and placing his hands on the backs of her thighs he began to lick her, sampling her sweetness. He never tired of the taste of her, always so fresh and pure. Blood became to pound through his body and his cock hardened inside his shorts as he pleasured her. She moaned in her sleep, shifting restlessly against his mouth.. Not yet willing to fully awaken her, he moved his hands soothingly on her thighs, urging her to surrender back into sleep.

She stilled under his hands, the tenderness of his touch easing her return to her dreams. Slowly and tenderly he roused her flesh, tirelessly bathing her with his tongue. He was aware of the small shifts of her hips as she became aroused, lost in passionate dreams, unaware of the reality of her visitor. Shifting backwards off her bed, he removed his clothes, dropping them soundlessly onto her carpet. He stood silent in the moonlight, his eyes watchful , the only sign of his passion the erection that rested esenyurt escort against his stomach. His cock had begun to ache with need, desperate to feel the silken walls of her again closing around it.

Slowly he eased back onto the bed, once more kneeling between her sprawled legs. Tenderly he grasped her hips, tilting her slightly in preparation. Holding his throbbing cock with one hand he gently pressed against her exposed opening. Feeling the liquid heat surrounding his head, his breathing became ragged, his thoughts focused on that one sensation. She shifted again, unwittingly aiding his cock as it slid unresisted into her body. He groaned in pleasure as he filled her, the tight muscles gripping him firmly. Slowly she began to stir, her body aware now of the invasion. He bent forwards over her, breathing against her neck.

“Hello my sweet.”he whispered, drawing his hips back, he slowly began to withdraw. Startled, her eyes flew open at his words, only to close again as he filled her.

“Michael” she sighed, pushing languidly back against him. Gripping her bent knee, he lifted it, rolling her onto her back without moving from her body. As her hips parted, his cock sank deeper, drawing a groan from both of them. She smiled sleepily at him as he reached for her now exposed breasts. His fingers wrapped around them, squeezing the flesh as he began to pump against her. She moaned at the delicious sensations, banishing the final traces of sleep from her mind. Lifting her hips in concert with each of his thrusts, she relished the stretching of her flesh as he filled her.

Abandoning her breasts, he grasped her knees, draping them over his shoulders. She stared at him with startled eyes, as leaning forward he lifted her hips from the bed. Powerless against him, she gasped as he began to move. The driving rhythm of his thrusts, slammed into her, avrupa yakas─▒ escort forcing the breath from her lungs with each move. Suspended as she was, open and vulnerable she had no control as her climax approached. Each time he thrust, her body welcomed him with a gasp, drawing him deeper into her core.

His cock burned, threatening soon to spill his seed, yet he continued, tirelessly filling her depths. Her moans became frantic as she climbed higher, searching for release from the tension he had created. He reached between her legs, tenderly rubbing her clit as he thrust into her. With a scream, her body tightened, trapping his cock within her as she climaxed. With a deep satisfaction he surrendered, giving into his own release. Lost in sensation he drove into her, the contractions from her own orgasm drew the cum from his body. His cock exploded deep within her, sheathed in her silky warmth.

As the breath returned to his lungs he met her gaze, delighted by the serene smile playing across her face. Extending her arm, she beckoned him down to join her amongst the pillows. Gently he released her legs, turning her onto her side as he withdrew. Snuggling up behind her back, he draped his arm around her, grasping her breast with his hand. They lay silent as the sweat dried upon their naked bodies and their heartbeats slowed.

He would stay as always until she was asleep, curved protectively around her. Patiently he waited, enjoying the texture of her skin as she curled against him. Finally she lay peaceful and he knew it was time to leave. Reluctantly he left her bed, dressing quietly in the clothes he salvaged from the floor. Pausing in the doorway, he glanced back, hungry for one last glance at her while she was still his. She stirred under his gaze, restless in the now empty bed.

“I love you Michael.” She whispered against her pillow. In the stillness of the room, her words echoed in his ears. Agony and elation warred in his heart, finally he knew, her feelings mirrored his own. But it was to no avail, for all they could share were these stolen moments of passion. With a lingering glance, he left the room, knowing he would return to his wife but forever be thinking about his forbidden love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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