A Lost Love Found Again

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As I approached our pre-arranged meeting place, my tummy was turning somersaults and my heart was thudding in my chest. Were we really going to do this, after more than 30 years apart?

Angela and I well, we were each others first love both emotionally and physically, back in 1976. We were both young and fell in love, simple as that. After lots of false starts we finally made love and it was great, or so we thought. Having nothing to compare it to and moments grabbed when we could we stumbled through our relationship until we drifted apart. I moved away and moved on really.

It was at a wedding that we first saw each other again after 28 years and my heart leaped when I saw her across the room. She hadn’t really changed, the same Angela. We managed to talk but not for long and once again we parted company.

A well known on-line community allowed us to meet again and this time we had time. We chatted on line about where our lives had taken us, the highs and lows and then the chats developed ……

We started to get suggestive with each other and basically have cyber sex. I didn’t realise how turned on you could get typing what you wanted to do with the other person and then reading what they wanted. It was great! One thing led to another and we then moved on to ringing each other and turning each other on with spoken words, we could hear each other coming over the phone — it was very erotic. We kept promising each other what we were going to do when we finally met.

The inevitable then happened, we arranged to meet and that is where we find ourselves today and really where my story starts …………………..

She was standing on the corner waiting for me. I pulled up next to her and she opened the car door and slid in next to me. We were both so nervous, funny after being so open with each other on line and on the phone. We both said Hi and I drove off towards the hotel. Little was said on the way, small chit chat really about nothing. We arrived at the hotel, I had already booked in so had the key. I led the way to the room and held the door open for her, as she walked past g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri me into the room I slid my hand over her bottom, our first contact for over 30 years. Angela stopped, turned around and almost threw herself at me, our mouths mashing against each other, tongues fighting for entry into each others mouths. I pushed her further into the room and kicked the door shut. I pulled her coat off her, lifted her blouse over her head and firmly took one of her nipples into my mouth while tugging on the other one. Angela rubbed my head and pulled me into her. I swapped nipples, walking backwards towards the bed. As we reached the bed she fell backwards on to it with me falling between her legs. I knelt up and undid her jeans, pulled them down along with her knickers and threw them on the floor. I pulled her legs apart and gazed upon her pussy. I could see the wetness leaking out of her already, I leant in closer and gently blew on it, I could see her clit almost throbbing. She begged me to eat her, I dived in with passion, licking up and down her crack, flicking her clit with my tongue, sucking it into my mouth like it was a tiny cock and then letting it go and then licking the entire length of her crack, all the way down to her little puckered hole. When I got there I wiggled my tongue and wormed it right into her arse, this made her jump and she started moaning. I kept this up for a while and started fingering her, I had three fingers in all the way up to the knuckles, stroking her G spot, she started bucking and suddenly squirted her juice, it dribbled down onto my face and I lapped as much up as I could.

I sat back on my heels and she sat up on the bed, looking hot and bothered. She motioned for me to stand and she opened my jeans and pulled out my rock hard cock. ‘Bigger than I remember’ she said and with that she opened her mouth and swallowed me down, and I mean down. Her lips were on my pubes and my 7″ cock was buried in her throat. She started sliding up and down taking me in and out of her throat, I’d never experienced anything like it before. She grabbed my arse to pull g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri m in closer to her and she wormed her finger into my arse and started fucking me with it, never missing a stroke with her mouth on my cock. She looked up at me, our eyes locked onto each other and I came — jets of my spunk down her throat, she pulled back so just my tip was in her mouth and she kept sucking, draining me and savouring the taste. ‘Hello’ she said as she released my cock form her mouth, ‘Fancy meeting you here’ and smiled at me.

We continued undressing ourselves and slipped into the bed, naked and just held each other. It was like we had never been apart. I started stroking her long hair and her back, she pushed me onto my back and slid down my body and once again took my cock into her mouth sucking it back to life. As it started to grow she turned and swung her legs over me pushing her pussy into my face. I grabbed her arse pulling her cheeks apart and licked from her clit all the way down to her bum. As Angela’s head was bobbing up and down on my cock, her tongue lapping at my knob end she started rolling my balls in her hand. As her spit started to seep down she massaged it into my arse and pushed her middle finger all the way in. She started sucking harder and forced her finger further up my arse and started pumping it in and out. I started licking and sucking her harder, trying to keep in time, my fingers started to pump in and out of her cunt while I licked and sucked at her clit. My index finger slid along her crack and penetrated her arse, she clenched every muscle in her body as she came, juices gushing out of her, pouring onto my face and into my mouth. She slowed her sucking down as she came down from her orgasm and than crawled forward, raised herself up and plunged herself down on to my cock, forcing it inside of her pussy. She rocked backwards and forwards, wanking me with her pussy. As I started to come close she started to bounce up and down on me forcing herself down hard on me. Faster and faster, harder and harder, I thought my cock was going to be pulled off — she g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri knew I was close and she jumped off me turned around and wanked me, looking straight at me, begging me to come for her. Suddenly my cock exploded over her face, she quickly covered my cock with her mouth to catch what was left of my come, she sucked it out of me and cleaned my cock before sliding back up into my arms. She kissed me, I could taste my spunk on her lips.

Being on the wrong side of 45 I needed time to recover. We lay cuddled up with each other chatting about our lives, how things might have turned out differently and where this relationship was going.

I still felt so turned on I eased Angela onto her back and started kissing her tits, I moved down her body to her pussy, gently easing her lips apart with my tongue. She was so wet down there, I asked her ‘Do you trust me?’, she nodded, ‘Totally’ she said. I eased 3 fingers into her, twisting them as they entered her, she moved her legs further apart. 3 became 4, they were sliding in easily with all of hr juices flowing, she started moaning and bucking her hips, I curled my thumb around into my palm and pushed hard, after some resistance my whole hand popped inside of her, I couldn’t believe it, I was fisting her. I carefully started pushing and pumping my hand inside of her. She grabbed my forearm and started using my arm like a dildo, pushing hard, wanking herself with my hand. It looked so fucking hot, suddenly her muscles gripped my arm, her arse came up off the bed and she came, screaming and gushing juice everywhere. I slipped my hand out, flipped her over and pulled her hips towards me. By now I was hard again, I rubbed my cock along her crack, coating it in her juices and then pushed against her bum — it slipped in easily, I kept pushing until my whole cock was up her arse. I clenched my muscles which makes my cock swell thicker, she could feel that and pushed back against me. I slowly started to fuck her while she was rubbing her clit. I was going very gently but she started to push back harder, she started begging me to fuck her harder. I pulled all the way out, looked at her gaping hole and rammed my cock back in — no mercy. She moaned, screamed and swore, she was out of control. We came together, both of our mouths open but no noise coming out. We were exhausted; we collapsed onto the bed and just fell asleep in each others arms. What a re-union!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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