A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy

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The telephone was ringing and the voice on the other end was my sister-in-law, Arlene. She asked me, in her usual cold manner, if she could speak to my wife. “Hi Rich, can I please talk to Debbie”. There was something about her that I could never really stand, but she was my wife’s sister, so I always kept a smile on my face when I was around her. “Arlene, can you please send Rich over because Lauren’s bed leg is broken or something and the washing machine just stopped running?” I heard Debbie say “ok, I’ll ask him.” What does she want now, I was thinking.

“Rich can you go over my sisters house because she is having problems with the washing machine and Lauren’s bed leg is broken or something”, Debbie said.

“Oh my god” I said. “Her husband dies and I have to take over his responsibilities. I don’t want to go. I have things to do around here.”

“Oh, come on please! I feel so bad for her, no one there to help when things happen.”

“Yeah, but John left her with a ton of money, let her call someone in to help” I said.

Debbie said, “please, come on, I’m going out shopping for a few hours with Carol anyway, unless you want to come and help us”

“Oh, ok … never mind. I’ll do it, but you owe me” I said.

When I walked in Arlene’s house, something didn’t quite feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it just felt funny. “Rich”, Arlene yelled. “Is that you? I’m in the kitchen.” I walked down the hallway into the kitchen and there she was, miserable as usual. She was dressed in her hospital scrubs. She looked at me, in what I thought was a funny way, but I just ignored it and asked her what she wanted me to look at first. She said, “Why don’t you go upstairs and Lauren will show you what is wrong with her bed.” I noticed Arlene walk out of the kitchen and follow me up the stairs with her eyes, saying nothing … just looking.

I walked up the stairs and Lauren was standing in the doorway of her bedroom. She said, “Hi Uncle Rich, come in my room and I’ll show you what’s wrong.” As I walked through the door, I saw she was folding panties and socks on her bed. I couldn’t help but notice her panties, because I have such a panty fetish. I can’t go anywhere without wondering what panties women are wearing. Since I wear my own panties most of the time, I always wonder if mine are sexier than the girls and women I see throughout the day. Lauren’s panties were almost all nylon. There were a few pairs of tiny cotton string bikini’s, but mostly thongs that were nylon or some other shiny silky material. I could feel my cock stir in my panties. I wore a pretty pair of white nylon bikini panties with a pink bow. I almost always wear panties during the day, but am always careful to change before the evening is spent with my wife. She would not understand and I didn’t want to find out what she would say or do, if she found out.

So, I kept my little secret, just that, a secret. I indulged myself even more when I traveled for business and would spend some nights in a hotel. I had a special suitcase for that purpose. I had a DVD player, tools to connect it to the hotel room television and of course, a lot of DVD’s and panties, dildos, lubricants, and a wide variety of other items I might use. I also kept a baggie of marijuana and papers in there too. I loved to get high and dress in my hotel room. Slowly torturing myself (holding off cumming and maybe tying my clittie up with straps or shoving the dildo’s up my ass) all evening until I would eventually pee and cum in the panties. It always felt so good and exciting. I always wondered what it would be like if the maid came in while I was my alter-ego … rickiee.

My momentary daydream was broken up with “Uncle Rich, hello! Are you there? Come see what’s wrong with my bed.”

“Sorry Lauren”, I explained. “I was just thinking about something I forgot to do.” I could feel my heart racing. I hadn’t noticed that Lauren was dressed in a very short denim skirt with a white and pink striped tube top. She had leather flip-flops on and her toenails were painted bright pink. I was in heaven. I always had lewd thoughts about Lauren. It always bothered me too, because up until a few years ago, she was underage. It really bothered me that I had thoughts like that about a young teenager. But now she was 22 years old and it no longer mattered. She had on perfume and she smelled wonderful. I thought I noticed tiny little nipple bumps pushing thru her tube top. She had tiny breasts and was a very thin young woman. She barely had any hips and long thin legs.

As I walked over around the bed and bent over, she inadvertently rubbed up against me as I knelt over to look at the leg of the bed. She was acting kind of strange and I felt something in that room also, as I had felt downstairs earlier when I walked in. “Lauren, I see what wrong now. The wheel must have slipped out of the leg. I’ll fix it in a second.” She walked closer and as I looked down, I saw her bare feet in the flip flops. Her legs were tan and her feet were long and thin. She had pretty toes and very nicely shaped feet. Feet are definitely bahis firmaları one of my fetish’s, of which I have many. As I went to get up, my face brushed against her leg, because she was so close to me. I wanted so badly to try to sneak a peek up her skirt, but didn’t know how without being obvious. I could smell her perfume. My cock was twitching in my panties. I could feel a little bit of precum ooze out of the tip of my cock, wetting my panties.

As I got up, I looked over at her desk and her laptop was open. At that moment, I could have died. On the screen was one of my pictures that I had posted on Flickr. I didn’t know what to do. Should I just ignore it? Should I pretend I didn’t see it? She couldn’t know it was me. How could she? Nah, that was impossible. My mind is just playing with me.

But that all ended quickly, when she said “Uncle Rich, I saw all the sick pictures you posted on Flickr.” I looked at her. Was she bluffing? What the fuck should I do? My heart was pounding in my chest. My cock had shrunk to almost nothing. I could feel the wetness in my panties. “What are you talking about Lauren? What would make you think that is me.” She sat down and spread her legs, nonchalantly. I couldn’t resist and looked. My face, turned hot and beet red. “What are you looking at, Uncle Rich? Are you looking at my panties.” “You used to do it all the time, when you had the opportunity.” I can’t believe that you thought I hadn’t noticed.” At the time, I thought you were disgusting, looking up my skirts when you got the opportunity, but now I understand … you were interested in my panties … because you wanted to wear them!” “Isn’t that right, Uncle Rich?” I couldn’t look at her … all I could do was look down and from time to time, at her panties. “Uncle Rich, look at me!”

Slowly I looked up. I looked into her green eyes. “Lauren, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Shut up, Uncle Rich!” “I saw it on your computer at your house a few weeks ago.” she said slowly. “I needed to check my email and asked Aunt Debbie if I could use the computer downstairs. She told me to go ahead. You had your Flickr screen open, you stupid sissy.”

My heart stopped beating for a second, and then started pounding again. If I could reach down into my panties, I think I would have found nothing. My cock had shriveled so much, that it was practically gone. I could feel the wetness oozing out into my panties. “I looked under the keyboard and found the logon and password that you used for the account, uncle sissyboy, you really should be more careful” she said with a cocky tone in her voice, shaking her head and smirking. Then, from behind me, I could hear a cough. Oh my fucking god, what is this going to turn into, I thought. Arlene came in and brushed against me as she moved past me and looked at the computer screen.

“What would my sister say, you perverted pig, if I told her about your little website” she asked.

“Arlene, stop it. It doesn’t hurt anyone! So what, big deal, I wear panties. I still have sex regularly with …”

“Shut up” she cut me off. I don’t care about your sex life or my fucked up sister. All I know is you are a perv and if you don’t do what we say, I will tell Debbie and that will surely end your marriage or make you wish that it had.”

“So uncle sissyboy, this is what we will do” Lauren interrupted. “Right this very second, get yourself into my mother’s bedroom and await us, you understand?”

“But, wha…” I started to say.

“Shut up, sissyboy, just get your ass in there and wait for us, we will be right there” Arlene said abruptly, cutting me off. I slowly walked out of the room, feeling their gaze on my back and heard them giggle. My mind was racing. What will they do? What’s going to happen? If Debbie ever hears of this, I’m fucked. I walked into Arlene’s bedroom and saw the waterbed she had had for years. The sheets were off and it was just the waterbed bladder uncovered. I thought to myself, she was probably getting ready to make the bed. I helped her husband put it together. I slowly looked around the room. I saw the underwear drawer of Arlene’s slightly open. My memory had flashed to days gone by that I had taken a few pairs of panties and couple of slips out of those very drawers. Her room smelled from the perfume that she always had in her underwear drawer. I had noticed years ago, that she left open empty perfume bottle in her drawer of intimate clothing. Made them smell so nice. Sometimes, I also borrowed panties and other lingerie out of the dirty hamper. I have a thing for worn panties and considered it an extra bonus if a pubic hair was stuck in them, or they had pee stains or ovulation stains in the crotch. I still had all of them in that travel suitcase of my supplies.

The silence was broken when Lauren said, “ok uncle sissyboy … you do want us to call you that, don’t you? Let’s get those shorts off and your shoes and socks and the t-shirt. Just get them off, immediately.” I hesitated.

Arlene said, “I will call Debbie right now, if you don’t obey us.” So I pulled off my t-shirt kaçak iddaa and laid it on the bed. I untied my sneakers, trying to take as much time as I could. “Just kick them off, damn it. Stop trying to make this take forever” said Arlene. So I kicked the sneakers off and pulled off my socks and gently tossed them on the bed. I looked over at the two of them, and as I turned beet red, unbuckled my belt and unsnapped the shorts. I pulled them off and there I was, standing in front of my niece and my sister in law, wearing the little panties I had worn today. Lauren began to giggle and point at the huge wet spot that had formed on the panties.

“Uncle sissyboy, what is all that wetness? Is that pee from being scared or is that precum from being excited” she said in a taunting manner. I reached down to hide the spot, but was told to “stop trying to hide that spot, keep your hands down by your side” Lauren said. I obeyed and hung my arms at my side. “If wearing panties excites you, then why don’t you have a hard-on, Uncle Rich … I mean uncle sissyboy?” I started to explain that “I am so nervous, that I guess it just shriveled up.” “Let’s see your shriveled up little cock, I mean clittycock as you refer to it on your website” said my niece. I guess that does look like a little clit, uncle sissyboy. Guess that’s why you call them clittiecocks! “Pull those panties down and hand them to me” she said in a very stern voice.

I reached up to my hips and slowly pulled the panties down my legs and off. I held them out and handed them to whoever reached for them. Arlene took them from me and touched the wet spot. She rubbed her fingers together and said, “Its precum … it’s sticky on my fingers.” I just wanted to die. My cock was so small, that I could be in elementary school.

Lauren approached me and touched my cock. She rubbed her fingertip over the tip and felt the sticky wetness. “Uncle sissyboy, you are a pathetic little man. If I wasn’t more of a dominating personality, I would have just told Aunt Debbie about this and not even approached you about it. I’m sure you don’t know it, because nobody did, but my mother always dominated my father, the wimp that he was. What is it with you men that are such wimps, sissy’s … assholes?”

“Yeah, mom and I talked about your website and decided to confront you about it, and see if we could have some fun in the process. I think you would like to be used by us … at least that’s what you say on your Flickr site” Lauren said.

“Yep, you say you would like to be with another sissyboy, that you would love to be dominated by a dominatrix … so many things you say on that site” added Arlene. “So now, I want you to lie on the bed, on your back … with your legs wide apart. I want you to play with your nipples and make your little clittie hard for us.” “We will undress each other for your to watch, maybe that will make your little dick hard … we want to see you leak a lot of precum. If you cum, you will be so very sorry. So you had better watch what you do, sissy” continued Arlene.

I laid on the bed and did exactly what they demanded. I began to worry about the time, since I didn’t want to be missed by my wife. “I called Debbie and told her that you would be a while fixing the problems and that I had a few other things for you to do. She said that was fine and that she would spend more time shopping and go out to dinner with Carol. I told her I would feed you.” Little does she know what we intend to feed you” Arlene added with a perverted laugh.

Lauren and Arlene were playing with each other. Undressing and playfully pulling at each others nipples. I couldn’t believe it … here was my sister in law and niece playing sexually with each other and I was lying on the bed naked, and playing with myself. What had become of my life? This was unreal or surreal. Lauren walked into the master bathroom and brought out the hamper. She dumped the clothes on the bed next to me and started to look thru them. She found a pair of pale pink nylon bikini panties that I assumed belonged to my sister in law and held then out for me to look at. “Look at these, uncle sissyboy. Aren’t they pretty? I bet you would love to wear them. Stick your tongue out, I want you to lick the stained crotch of mommy’s panties.” As they approached my face, I could see a white dried creamy stain on the crotch. I assumed it was probably a discharge from ovulation. I had examined a lot of panties in a lot of hampers over the years. I learned about ovulation discharges, and other things.

Arlene added, “Now I know what happened to my panties over the years that went missing. I guess you stole my slips too! You did, didn’t you? No reason to lie now, what difference does it make. Actually, I’m kind of flattered. I bet you jerked off to them many times. Maybe even wore them under your street clothes.”

“Yes, Arlene … I took them. I still have them and wear them and masturbate in them” I said proudly.

Lauren looked at me, then her mother … and said, “Ewwwwww” this is unbelievable. She took the crotch of the panties and rubbed them on kaçak bahis my nose. “Here, take a good whiff, uncle sissyboy, you will be getting to know that odor very well. You will get to know mine too. Did you ever steal any of my panties, uncle sissyboy?

I said “No Lauren, they were always too small and I felt funny about you being underage and stuff.”

“You mean you actually have morals and a conscience, uncle sissyboy” she mocked.

I knew she didn’t expect an answer. My clittiecock had now grown and was leaking profusely. The precum was dripping down the side of my clittiecock and I felt like I was going to cum. I immediately clamped down my kegel muscle and fought the urge to cum. Phew, this time I succeeded.

Lauren told me to lift up so she could pull the panties on me. By this point, I was so gone, it didn’t matter what they told me to do. I was going to do it and that’s that. No sense in trying to resist. I was actually beginning to enjoy it. But I didn’t want to make that obvious for them. She pulled the panties in place and said “your clittie cock actually looks nice straining against that soft nylon.” With that, Lauren climbed up onto the bed, squatted over me with only her panties on and started to pee thru her panties onto my hard clittiecock covered her mothers nylon panties. Her hot piss soaked my panties and clittiecock and I was in heaven. I felt the hot piss drip down between my ass cheeks and wet the back of the panties. My nipples were beginning to ache and I was a wanton mess that would have done anything at this point. The room smelled of sex and I was intoxicated by it.

As that was going on, Arlene straddled my face and pushed her panty covered pussy over my mouth. She said, “start licking me thru my panties, you little panty pervert.” She rubbed her panties over my face and I could smell the memorable odor of her panties, but this time, in person. I could smell the sweat and pee that I so regularly smelled on her panties as I stole them from her hamper. I could feel and see her lush pubic hair growth escaping around the crotch of her panties. All of a sudden, I felt the hot splash of her pee hitting my face. “Drink all my piss, you fucking pervert” she said. She pissed and pissed, as did Lauren. They soaked me in their piss as they rubbed against me. Lauren rubbing her hot piss panties over my hot piss panties and Arlene rubbing all over my mouth and face. They leaned over and Lauren licked Arlene’s nipples as Arlene pulled on Lauren’s. Oh my god, this was too good to be true. I don’t think they realized what a sick fucking pervert I truly was. If they did, they knew just which buttons to push.

Was this all really happening, or was it some kind of unbelievable dream? No, it was happening … right here, right now. As they finished peeing, they rolled off of me and stood at the foot of the bed. I was a wet mess of piss and my clittiecock was straining against the panties. I looked down and saw the precum oozing thru the sopping wet fabric. They saw the precum oozing and reached over and smeared it over the panties. My clittiecock jerked and I felt like I was going to cum. With that, Lauren smacked my clittiecock thru the panties and put an end to that possibility.

Arlene, who was a nurse, reached into her nightstand and pulled out some latex gloves. She pulled them on, spread some lubricant on the fingers of her right hand and told me to put my legs over my head. As I did it, Lauren pulled the panties aside and I felt Arlene’s finger enter my asshole. Then another one entered and she stabbed at my prostate. I could feel the precum oozing out of my clittiecock. It actually felt like it was flowing out, which I confirmed it was, as I looked up at my panty covered clittiecock. Thick gobs of precum were oozing out of the nylon material. I knew it was precum because I had seen and photographed it so many times.

Lauren then moved alongside of me and started playing with my nipples with one hand as she pulled her little panties off with the other. She rolled them into a ball and stuck them in my mouth. “Suck my piss out of those, Uncle sissyboy and I may give them to you as a present when you’re done or maybe I will shove them up your asshole as soon as my mommy has you spread nice and wide.”

My head was spinning, my cock was jerking and oozing … I could smell the piss and taste the piss from Arlene and now from Lauren’s panties. Arlene instructed me to lie on my side and pull my knees into my chest. Now Lauren straddled me, facing my feet and as Arlene was pumping her fingers in and out of my asshole, Lauren let loose a huge stream of piss as it splashed onto Arlene’s fingers and dripped onto my asshole. Arlene removed her fingers and while all this was going on. Arlene must have strapped on a strapon and started to push it into my asshole. Here I was, my niece straddling my chest and pissing on me as my sister in law was fucking me in the ass with a strap on. Every time I started to feel I was going to cum, as my clittiecock began to jerk, someone would pull it hard down to stop the cumming. I felt like I was going to burst with cum and desire. But they kept denying me my cum. My balls were aching and all I wanted to do was cum. I used to hold off cumming for hours in those private hotel rooms, but never anything like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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