A Little Sister’s All I Need

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? Special thanks to destodes777 for the big edits and also many others (Krux, TheHoblit, somedude) who have supported me along the way O?O ?

Aspiring hobbyist author here ^-^ This story is inspired by anime. I know this isn’t necessarily popular on Literotica but thought I would share and maybe make someone’s day. With that being said, I do hope you find my story enjoyable! Bonus points if you can figure out which animes I was inspired from O.O


¦ ¦ ¦

“Your favorite person has arrived~ ?”

Amae slid open the door and strolled into our bedroom. The black-haired maiden greeted me with a wink before waving her right hand in a calm sweeping motion. As if having a life of its own, the tatami door behind her closed gently.

As usual, my little sister wore a black nightgown paired with lovely thigh-high stockings — her pajamas. The simple yet eye-alluring outfit contrasted her petite body and smooth skin close to the natural curves. But no clothing in existence could ever diminish her signature magical eyes, shining in a beautiful cascade of light pink, soft purple, and pastel blue on her adorable face.

“That took longer than I expected, my favorite person,” I smiled at Amae’s arrival while she stretched her arms wide open, leaking a casual yet adorable yawn.

“Time flies when you are having fun. Imagine a group of young ladies bathing together in the Dojo’s outdoor hot springs. Wild things can happen, big brother~”

“Naughty,” I commented and watched her examine the duffle bag we had packed for tomorrow.

“It actually was~” She paused, turned to me, and presented an earnest look in her colorful eyes. “Here’s one — some of the apprentices started complaining about their breast size because of the new Dojo uniform and we ended up having a debate about flat-chest and big boobs. That turned out to be a fun conversation.”

My eyes gradually wandered to those round and perky breasts behind the black pajama dress. Curiosity eventually led me to wonder what Amae’s struggles were. After all, my little sister did not belong to either team now that she was eighteen.

“That’s surprising. I can’t believe the new cohort would be this open.”

“Right? They even invited me to their sleepover tonight. I love it when people can be themselves and not worry about silly formalities.”

Honestly, it was hard to imagine the usual hardworking apprentices be so relaxed and personal. But I was never close to them like she was. Even as the Grandmaster’s aide, Amae had cried and bonded together with most of them over their gruesome training sessions. There was something special in her teaching style. Unlike me, my little sister had a way of connecting with people, no matter the age difference.

“It’s a shame we’ll be leaving them behind midway. I would have loved to see all of them grow into fine Martial Artists.”

“I know,” I nodded.

Humming a gentle tune, Amae loitered around the room with both hands on her back and examined the various furniture. She smiled at some of the items we collected together, as if reminiscing little moments about the past.

?Blossoming Cherry Petals?in a glass jar from this year’s spring when the Dojo’s zen garden bloomed in unblemished pink. The container itself was a magic item that prevented nature from decaying.?Grand Duo Duelist’s Trophy?earned from Grandmaster’s annual partner duel, reminding me of the countless training I had with Amae in order to win the championship.?Gawr Gura Plushie?from a random raffling prize at a school festival at the village below, which looked absolutely silly yet adorable in its shark form.

It’s a shame we have to leave these behind.

I already knew Amae wanted some time to reflect, absorbing the present moment because this time was not forever. After all, I did the same earlier as I thought about the upcoming journey. We were alike in our own sentimental ways.

So I made myself comfortable on the bed and laid back without saying a word.

Occasionally, Amae hopped and waddled in her footsteps as she moved from one place to the next. The soft lullaby she was humming — kitto kanojo wa — was one of her favorites. A childhood melody that brought nostalgia to when we first started our chapter at the Dojo. Now, everything around us was officially coming to a close.

This is nice.

I wish this moment would last forever.

Soon enough, I found myself relaxing with a smile across my face. Her singing was soft and soothing, removing all the thoughts on my mind. The bittersweet feeling inside had disappeared. It felt nice to not worry and be together with my sister.

“You are in a good mood,” I spoke softly as she finished, taking one last look at the wooden cabinet that was filled with many memoirs from our adventures together.

“The mineral effects in the hot springs must have performed its wonders~”

“Do you not feel mentally exhausted from all the goodbyes?”

“I do,” Amae glanced towards the closed tatami door. Her expression was unusually calm as her lips spoke these words softly. “Grandmaster said we sarıyer escort often don’t notice moments until they are memories. That’s why I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone here. So that when I look back at this moment, this will be a happy time.”

Before I could reply, my little sister turned back towards me and put a hand on her chin, rubbing it slightly. The seriousness on her face had already disappeared.

“Do you know what’s the perfect drink after relaxing in the hot springs?” Her rosy lips curved into a smug smile. “A cold and refreshing boba milk tea. If only we had a night market on this lonely mountain, that would be a life-changer.”

“Once we are at Temple Academy, your foodie life will be changed.”


I could already imagine my little sister buying boba every night to satisfy her cravings.

With a cute laugh, Amae threw herself on the bed. I felt the soft mattress sank a little as she made herself comfortable sitting next to me. That was when she tilted her head forward into my personal space and asked with a pair of sparkling puppy eyes:

“So what’s wrong, big brother?”

“What do you mean?”

“Obviously, I can tell by the tone of your voice and how you are acting — did you miss me that much?”

I was surprised. Besides being a talented elemental magician, surely, she must have a special ability that transcended mind-reading magic.

“You remind me of a little kitten who has been neglected love and attention,” Amae leaned in closer with a knowing smile. “Am I wrong?”

“Well, I need to know about this uninformed role change — since when did I become your kitten?”

“About three seconds ago.”

“Why am I a kitten out of all the animals?”

“Why?” She paused before proclaiming with the utmost confidence. “Because I like kittens.”

The cheeky smirk remained on Amae’s face as I felt my face grew warm. Surely, my heart must have skipped a beat there.

“Fair enough,” I pawed my right hand at her. “Then how about you take a guess, meow~”

Amae burst into a boisterous laugh at my impromptu act of her favorite animal. By this point, my cheeks were a pair of ripe tomatoes as I would have never done something this silly with anyone else. My sister was the only exception.

“There’s no need for me to guess. I already know you from the inside out, big brother,” Amae placed her warm hand on my chest, directly above my beating heart. “Sorry, I took awhile with the girls earlier. Let’s spend some quality time together, okay?”

It felt nice to hear those words. So I nodded and smiled widely, letting my appreciation known.

The big brother in me knew Amae should spend her time with the apprentices after all the packing and preparation. She deserved to share those last moments and make the good memories she mentioned earlier. But the selfish part of me wanted every hour to the minute. That was because of how things will change between us after today.

After all, Amae’s childhood dream was finally becoming a reality. And it came at a steep cost.

“Did you want to sleep together tonight or go to the sleepover?”

“How forward of you, big brother. Already planning to release carnal desires on your precious sister when she sits down in bed?”

“You really are going to cause misunderstandings with the things you say,” I shooked my head.

“B-But I am only stating the facts~” her colorful eyes glanced at me with a sparkling innocence. “I-It doesn’t change what you did to me the last time… and the time before that.”

“No comment.”


I averted my gaze as the edges of her lips twitched upward.

“What an adorable expression as always~ Well, I suppose I could change my mind and keep you company for the night,” Amae’s rosy lips eventually curled into a sly smile while her eyes twinkled in excitement. “But it’ll come at a cost!”

“What is it?” I gulped.

Last time, I had to pay a hefty price of a piggyback ride around the Dojo courtyard. It was absolutely embarrassing since the apprentices practicing that morning saw a laughing girl riding on my back. Their reaction was a mixture of giggles and cheering. For Amae, she obviously did not care in the slightest and even presented herself as a valiant rider.

“I require some praises from you.”

It was a simple request — straight from the heart.

“You’re the best little sister in the world,” I instantly replied.

“Eh, that’s too forced,” she furrowed her brows and folded her arms. “I know you can do better than that. Try again.”

“You’re the cutest and it makes me want to pamper you every single day.”

“Much better, but this exact compliment has lost its original power. Try again.”

“Let me think this more thoroughly.”

I cupped my chin, realizing I may have showered my little sister too much with shallow praises. Searching deep into my heart, I mustered my thoughts and went for a different approach.

“Well, I am glad you came tonight. It’s going to be difficult adjusting esenyurt escort to the new living situation at Temple Academy. After everything we’ve been through over the past decade, it won’t feel the same not having you by my side. So it’s nice that we are able to spend some quality time together. Thank you for being aware of my feelings even when there is a sleepover you can go to.”

Amae nodded to herself, satisfied, before giving me a sheepish look. Her cheeks were now a blushed shade of tomato red.

“That was… unexpected.”

This time, I was on the offense.

“What an adorable expression~” I mimicked her tone and playfulness with a grin. “I suppose I could shower you with more praises if you beg.”

“Oh shush.” Amae glared at me before leaning forward into my chest for a tight hug. She was warm. Comfortable and soothing in a heartwarming way. A sweet vanilla fragrance drifted into my nose, reminding me of her favorite shampoo, but most of all; home. “I appreciated that, thank you.”

“Of course,” I patted her head and felt the softness of her black hair. “After all, it’s a big brother’s responsibility to shower his little sister’s with loving praises and occasional heartfelt thoughts.”

“Then I suppose it’s my turn.”

“For what?”

Leaving my embrace, Amae wielded a particular innocent expression. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and took several deep breaths. I could see her petite chest rising and falling while she fiddled with her fingers. Finally feeling ready, she opened them and what I saw was determination within her colorful pupils.

“How can I say this properly?” She took one last deep breath. “I know this is something I should tell you tomorrow once we are on our way to Temple Academy. But it would be weird to say it at school and it might not even be the right time anymore. And as much as I feel utterly, completely embarrassed about it, now is the only time I can say this, so…”

It was almost as if the little girl was trying to muster all of her inner courage.

“Even though I am able to do many things now, I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. Big brother, thank you for always prioritizing my happiness.”


A moment of silence as my eyes slowly widened, focusing on my beloved sister sitting before me. I felt my heart pounded against my chest as if the dam of emotions inside had suddenly burst open. But I did not want to shed any tears and ruin this precious moment.

“Silly girl… I already know that…” I muttered under my breath as my cheeks grew warm and heart warmer. “Stop trying to make me melt…”

“I didn’t know my big brother was secretly ice cream,” Amae’s lips curled back into an all-too-familiar smug smile. “Well, I am sure that must have earned me quite a few affection points.”

“You saying that might have lost you some of those points.”

“Well, I’ve already unlocked everything in the big brother route so no significant loss there.”

A short pause before our laughter filled the bedroom. Like always, it felt comfortable being with my little sister.

Tonight was special. It was different than the usual conversations involving a constant amount of playful teases. Perhaps, it was the heartfelt confessions earlier that performed its magic, touching our heart and soul in some sentimental way. Or more so, it was because we both knew the inevitable future that awaited us both at Temple Academy.

Still… I am really happy when you said that to me.

Amae stretched her arms wide open in the air and leaked a cute groan. I chuckled and bumped her shoulder. She leaked another groan in response. This time, it was more intentional and loud. I shook my head and grunted while she giggled like a playful child.

Compared to when we were kids, she has gotten more comfortable now. Too comfortable at times and not being mindful of how suggestive those noises could be when one closed their eyes and used the power of imagination. If someone were to eavesdrop or even pass by the hallway at the wrong moment, surely they would misunderstand.

“Big brother.”


Amae grabbed a nearby pillow and glanced at me. That beautiful pair of colorful and magical eyes twinkled under the warm lighting. Her facial expression was now more serious than playful, shown by the determination of her expression.

Her facial expression was now more serious than playful, shown by the determination of her expression

That was when I understood.

“Did you want to talk about something?”

I patted my little sister’s head while she nodded. Stroking carefully, her long and flowing hair felt smooth between my fingers as I ran them down to her slender waist.

“I still don’t think it’s fair.”

“I know,” I feigned a happy smile at this hopeless situation. This was a statement I’ve heard one too many times since receiving the admittance letter. But I needed to be strong. “I know that it’s frustrating, little sister.”

Amae let out a deep sigh and bit her lips. It was obvious avrupa yakası escort she was still irritated about it.

“I know what we are supposed to do. I know that we are meant to be apart in the Potential and Regulars system. But my heart can’t accept this outcome.”

My hand continued to pat her head, also pondering about the murky future ahead.

Temple Academy, a prestigious institution regarded by countless archmages across the nations as the pinnacle for mastering academic magic. Attending students were conferred ranks based on the results of a rigorous entrance exam. A to C ranking were classified as Potentials while D to F were considered Regulars, with the latter being the lowest. Standing at the apex of the hierarchy, S-rank was the highest-ranking a student can attain.

It is known that many of the famous magicians, such as XIV of Numerals Society, capable of using fourteen impressive variations of fire-elemental magic, and Ade from Adventurer’s Guild, an erudite archmage that single-handedly slain a Dragon were alumni of S-ranks.

Bad news for my sister, Temple Academy permitted incoming students only to be at the maximum of A-rank. That much was to be expected from a traditional university. In this hierarchical world we live in, even geniuses have to slowly work their way up the system. We were all too familiar with how society worked outside of the Dojo.

Knowing Amae’s skill-level for elemental magic, she would have no trouble thriving in the A-ranks. In fact, I have complete faith in her attaining the acclaimed S-rank the year after. If I was a gambler, I would have no hesitation in betting all my life savings for that to happen.

“Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to,” I spoke in a gentle tone, as though trying to placate a moody child. “Let’s make time to see each other on the weekends.”

“That’s not what I mean.”


I tilted my head out of confusion.

“I was wrong?”

“Mhm. Completely-off-the-chart-wrong.”

Amae puffed her left cheek into a balloon. Not a good sign for someone who vowed to be the perfect older brother.

“It’s the fact that you’re starting at the lowest rank. The result is a huge insult to your skills and all the effort you put in for the past decade,” Amae sighed in annoyance and folded her arms. “If only they knew.”

So that was what she was talking about.

“It can’t be helped,” I chuckled and remembered how I failed to perform the most basic spell — ?Mana Indicator?. The evaluator shooked his head and wore a condescending gaze for the remainder of the exam. “What did they expect from a swordsman? I’ve already resigned my fate as soon as I stepped foot into the testing arena.”

“For one, they should have taken physical fighting skills and magical knowledge into consideration.”

“Agreed,” I nodded and understood her frustration on a personal level. “An entrance exam determined by magic abilities alone is like testing people’s IQ using mathematics without considering other subjects like literature and science. I do wonder if this was done on purpose.”

In stark contrast to my legendary sister, I possessed no affinity for elemental magic. But I was not entirely manaless. Like the majority of the world’s population, having mana does not mean one could use elemental magic. One needed to have the potential called?Mana Indicator?.

While my swordsmanship may reign at a Hero-tier level, I will most likely stay a Regular for the next five years. A cruel taste of the bitter reality that I already have come to terms with after countless sleepless nights.

Everything was for Amae’s happiness.

“It’s like starting over at Bronze-tier again. Just like our times at the Adventurer’s Guild, I wish I can be with you and advance the rankings together. That would have been fun.”

I held her right hand while our fingers interlocked out of habit.

“It’s not the most ideal situation but at least you are finally attending an official university now. Not only that, it’s Temple Academy — one of the best universities in the world. I know how much this opportunity means to you.”

“But what about bullying?”

Amae leaned closer, our faces a few inches away from each other. I felt her warm breath wafting in slight tension.

“I heard horror stories of Regulars being mistreated, maybe not as bad compared to the Adventurer’s Guild. But you’ll have to go through all of that stress alone.”

“I’ve already prepared my mental.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that it’s horrible,” she protested. “A little sister should be there for her big brother, through the sunshine and the rainfalls that come from the storms.”

Unintentionally, those words brought some bittersweet memories back to me.

After the annual duel hosted by Grandmaster, two inexperienced apprentices were alone in the same bedroom. The curtains gently slid open from magic as slanted sunlight flowing into the etching darkness, revealing a young boy who was crying in the corner over his foolish mistakes. The little girl walked forward, held his hand, and whispered in a sweet voice.

No matter how painful it is, even when you lose and feel like no one in the world believes in you, even when you’ve stopped believing in yourself… your little sister will always believe in you! I’ll be here by your side, through the sunshine and the rainfalls that come from the storms.

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