A Little Dab Will Do Ya

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He sat in the room, her nervousness evinced in the shaking of his legs and the twiddling of his thumbs. He checked the time on his watch and then glanced at the phone. It had been thirty-six minutes since he’d made the call. The agency had promised to send someone over in thirty minutes. That had been thirty-seven minutes ago. Seven minutes late. Maybe they’d changed their mind about sending someone. Maybe they decided that he was a crackpot or something, due to his request.

The knock on the door sent a spurt of adrenalin into his chest and he gasped. Maybe…

There were two girls on the doorstep. One had blonde hair with dark roots and was wearing a pink sheath dress. She offered him a hand and a ready smile. “Hi, I’m Tamela. This is my friend, Pixie. Can we come in?”

He didn’t trust his voice so he just stepped aside. The shorter one with dark hair stared at him for a moment, then followed her friend inside. He shut the door and stood in the entryway of the hotel room, his mouth watering.

“I hope you don’t mind, but since your request was so… ” Tamela searched for the right word. “Uh, different, the agency thought I should bring a friend.”

He cleared his throat. “That’s not a problem.” He swallowed. “May I do her also?”

Tamela turned to Pixie who shrugged her shoulders. “Sure. Same price, though.”

“Not a problem. Wait here while I get the money.”

His hands were trembling as he counted out the money and handed each woman a thousand dollars. He watched as both tucked the bills into their purses and gave him a smile.

“What’s your name?”


Tamela smiled. “Where do you want us, Sherman?”

“On the bed, please.”

Tamela had decided to go first, so she stripped, revealing a lush body with large-nippled breasts and the hairiest bush he’d ever seen. He grabbed the tray from the dresser and checked the items carefully. Razor-sharp scissors, shaving cream, baby oil and a straight razor. All was ready. “I’ve never been shaved before. Will it hurt?”

“Not a bit.”

“Promise?” The girlish tone in her voice soothed his jangled nerves. He had been waiting so long menderes escort for this. He felt his prick begin to harden as he hefted the scissors.

“I promise.”

Her bright smile made his feel even better. He crawled between her legs and very carefully began to clip the long dark brown hairs. Pixie sat on the edge of the bed, her hand stroking Tamela’s leg, keenly watching the action. It took quite a while to get a close trim but when he’d finished, he was satisfied with his work. He could nearly see her white skin through the brown stubble. His cock hardened even more.

“Okay. Shaving cream now.”

He squeezed a dollop of foam out onto his hand and lovingly worked it into the remaining fur, then quickly washed his hands in the bathroom. When he returned, Tamela has propped herself up on a pillow and was shaking from Pixie’s oral attentions to her nipples. She looked embarrassed when he came back. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. You have lovely breasts.”

“Would you like a taste?”

He smiled into her blue eyes. “Maybe later. But first… ” He held the razor up and saw the merriment in her eyes die. “Time to shave. Don’t move, okay?”

Her voice was small. “You promised that you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Yes, I did, and I shall keep my promise.” He knelt between her legs, wielding the razor. “This razor is sharp enough to slice through your leg so please don’t move.” Tamela nodded, looking to her friend, who was holding her hand and her breath, afraid that he was some kind of murdering crackpot.

Sherman was very gentle. He first scraped her pubic mound clean, pausing every few minutes to rinse the blade in a bowl of warm water and blot it dry. Then, he ran his fingers over the area to check for any stray stubble and found none. She giggled. “That feels nice.”

“Really?” He stroked her silky shaved mound again, letting his fingers play along the sides where her legs connected and was amazed at her reaction. A shiver ran through her. “Okay. Spread wide for me, Tamela.”

She spread her thick, freckled legs and again, he knelt between, taking her left labia and scraping the escort menderes thick hairs from it on the outside. He stopped, rinsed, blotted and attacked the inside of the tender flesh, taking extra time to be extra careful around her clit, which was swiftly filling with blood. He was amazed at her reactions. While he had kept himself hair-free, he had never actually performed his chosen vocation on a woman. It seemed that she was becoming wet, just from his handling of her flesh. His cock gave an uncharacteristic twitch. He wondered the meaning of all this.

He checked the folds for any leftover hair, found a bit and scoured it clean. Next, he attacked the other side, doing the same thing. When he’d finished, he noticed that a thick fluid was coming from her opening. He dipped his finger into the pearly river and tasted it.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.” She shivered again. “Your fingers feel so good.”

Sherman lowered his face to Tamela’s bare pussy and rubbed his face across the satiny folds, pressing his nose against her clit and drawing a gasp from her. He mashed it again, then let his tongue glide into her slit, drinking from her weeping well. Tamela moaned, grabbing Pixie’s hand and sucking on her fingers. He explored the shaven folds, especially around the clit and followed the line of the fat lips back into her honey pot, shoving his tongue deep inside.

“Oh, yeah.” She whispered, pulling Pixie’s mouth towards her. “Make me cum.”

He was surprised to hear that from a woman. He’d never done that before. He kept licking and moving his tongue in and out, marveling at her reactions. It didn’t take long before she was really writhing on the bed, rubbing her clit and moaning his name. When it happened, he nearly shouted himself. Tamela’s hips jerked up off the bed with a long gasp and her pussy walls rippled around his tongue.

“Oh, wow, Sherman, that was great!” Tamela sat up, still trembling. “It feels so much better totally shaved.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Now, how about you?”


“Yes.” She unzipped his pants and reached in, grabbing his thick menderes escort bayan pole and stroking it gently. “Since you shaved me, I want to feel what it feels like to be fucked.”

The breath caught in his throat. It had been a long time since he’d had a woman and certainly not one as beautiful as Tamela. He stood stunned as she unbuttoned his pants, pushed them down to his ankles and pulled him between her legs by the shaft of his prick. Pixie pulled off her shirt and guided his mouth to one of her dark-topped nipples. He suckled her greedily, loving the domination that they were exercising over him. Tamela rubbed the head of his fat prick against her wet slit until it was well lubed and positioned it at her opening, using her other hand to pull his hips forward.

“Oh, God.” Her whisper matched his feelings. Her shiver moved through her body and into his, starting a deep tremble that made her moan. He knew he wouldn’t last long. Her pussy was so creamy and oiled with his spittle that he felt like he was fucking a warm velvet glove. He shoved his pole into her until his shaved balls slapped against her ass, then pulled out and slammed home again. She grunted with each stroke, the pitch rising higher as she moved closer to her own orgasm. “Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, take me. Take me with you!”

He did. He picked up speed, getting harder from the sight of his hairless prick pounding her hairless pussy and gasped as her slick walls tightened around him. “I’m… ” The words never made it out of his mouth. A bolt of pleasure struck him as his balls emptied and his hot cum spurted into her quivering cunt. Tamela screamed as her orgasm hit, milking the last bit of jizz out of him and hugged him to her as they both shivered through aftershocks.

“God, that was good!”

“I agree.” He murmured against her hair, enjoying the warmth of her embrace. “Thank you for the experience.” He lifted up off of her, smiling down into her face.

“Hey!” Pixie exclaimed. “What about me?”

Sherman withdrew his limp cock from Tamela and gave the woman a smile. “If you don’t mind waiting a little bit.”

Pixie grinned. “No problem.” She bent between her friend’s legs and began to eat his cum from Tamela’s pussy. “I think I can occupy myself until you’re ready.”

Sherman pulled his pants the rest of the way off and went to empty the pan of water, overjoyed that he’d made the call and even happier that he’d discovered a new profession.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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