A Late Night Visit Ch. 02

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Katie sat in front of her computer nervously biting her lower lip. She re-read the short email message she had written once again. Her hand hovered over the mouse, the small arrow on the screen sitting over the send button. She took a deep breath, and squeezing her eyes shut, she clicked the mouse, sending the message.

She couldn’t believe she had done it. Carl was going out of town for a few days and she was inviting the stranger back. Back to fuck her ass again. She couldn’t help herself, she rationalized. Ever since he had taken her, it was all she could think about.

She had talked her boyfriend Carl into trying anal sex, but he thought it was kinky and weird and didn’t really like it. Hoping that it would help ease her desire, she had bought some toys, but they only made her crave a real cock even more. So, when Carl had announced that his company was sending him out of town for a few days, she knew, deep inside that she would invite the stranger back.

She sat staring at her computer, waiting for an answer. Shaking her head, knowing that he may not even respond today, she turned to the anniversary party she had just been hired to do and tried to immerse herself in work. However, each time the small bell would sound indicating that she had a message her heart would jump into her throat and her fingers would tremble as she opened the message.

She was finally managing to relax and concentrate on her work when a message arrived with the single word “instructions” in the subject line. She knew immediately that it was from him. With her heart hammering in her chest she opened it. It was, indeed, a list of instructions, from him. She sucked in a shaky breath as she read them. By the time she got to the end, her pussy was soaked.

It was late Wednesday afternoon and Carl was finishing up his packing. “What will you do while I’m gone?” he asked, snapping the lid shut.

“Oh, I’ve got a few parties to do and possibly a wedding coming up, so I’ll keep busy,” she replied, handing him his carry on bag. Her pulse quickened just thinking about what she would be doing while he was gone.

He gave her a quick kiss at the door. “I’ll call you when I get there,” he said, before heading down the hall to the elevator.

She slowly wandered back to her office. He was coming tonight and she was full of nervous energy. She paced about the apartment, trying to calm down, trying to think of something to pass the hours. Work, she forced herself to think, concentrate and do some work. She sat down at her computer and again opened his email, reading the list of instructions yet again, before turning to her work.

The time crawled by slowly, until his arrival was only a couple of hours away. She put her work aside and went into the bathroom to bathe. She carefully shaved her legs and as per his instructions, she also shaved her pussy. Carl was going to freak when he saw it, declaring it weird and kinky but she didn’t care. When she was done, she stared at herself in the mirror, entranced by her bald mound. She ran her fingers over the silky smooth lips and smiled. She glanced at the clock before turning into her bedroom.

She opened the drawer of her bedside table where she had her anal toys hidden. She had known that Carl wouldn’t approve, so she hadn’t told him about them. She pulled out the one she wanted and knelt on the bed, spreading her legs. She squirted some lube on her ass and positioned the butt plug at her anal entrance. He had instructed that she use a large one which had required another trip to the sex store. She hadn’t tried it yet and, nervous about the bahis firmaları size, took a deep breath and slowly pushed, feeling the tip press inside.

Her pussy surged with wetness and breathing deeply she continued pushing, wincing slightly at the pain, but also enjoying it. She gasped as it spread her wider and wider and then finally it was in. She wiggled it a little, loving the mingling sensations of pleasure and pain. He had instructed that she wear it for an hour prior to his arrival. She remained kneeling on the bed, her thighs quivering, her pussy juices dribbling down her thigh, aching to touch herself. Her orgasm was a hair’s breadth away, but he had specifically instructed that she not masturbate.

She sat up, feeling the plug push deeper into her ass and sighed deeply, resisting the temptation to grind her butt against the bed. Standing, she crossed to her dresser, pulling out the package of fine mesh fishnet stay up stockings she had bought for tonight. Slowly, she pulled them up her legs, settling the bands around her thighs. Next, she slid the four inch heel red stilettos onto her feet.

Her hair was loose, the rich brown locks rippling down her back. She checked her appearance in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. Her boobs were full, high and firm, her stomach flat and her ass was round and firm.

Glancing at the clock, she agonized over how she was going to spend the next forty minutes. Placing a towel over her office chair, she logged onto a porn site she had recently discovered and watched videos, read stories and even chatted with other members about anal sex until it almost time for him to arrive.

With ten minutes to go she moved around the apartment turning off all the lights before she lay on the bed. Following another of his instructions, she tied a scarf over her eyes before assuming the position he had found her in last time, on her stomach, legs spread wide. Her heart was hammering in her chest and her breaths shaky as she waited. Her nerves were on edge and she tensed at every sound.

Finally, there it was, the lock turning. Her ears strained to hear the door opening and then closing. When she didn’t hear anything for a couple of minutes she was beginning to think she had imagined it until she heard quiet footsteps approaching the bedroom.

She began to tremble as she heard the steps cross the threshold and stop at the foot of the bed. Her pussy was soaked and she could actually smell her arousal in the air His touch on her ankle caused her to gasp as he secured it to the bedpost, first one and then the other. The sound of clothing rustling and hitting the floor came to her ears as her visitor undressed.

She held her breath when he knelt between her wide spread thighs and gripped her wrists, tying them together. The breath rushed through her lips as his hands began to caress and squeeze her ass. Her back arched and a cry escaped her lips as the orgasm she had been balancing on the edge of all night finally erupted, crashing through her, giving her a brief but sweet release.

She heard him chuckle behind her. “Good evening, Miss Katie,” he said in low, smooth voice, rounded out with a cultured British accent.

He’s British, she thought with a shock. She hadn’t expected that. She hadn’t even expected him to speak. I’m going to be fucked by James Bond, she thought crazily.

His hands caressed her legs, trailing his fingers over her stockings, caressing the soft skin of her thighs above the bands. She sighed at his touch as his fingers dipped between her legs, gently touching her shaved pussy lips. “Very nice,” kaçak iddaa he murmured, delving between the lips into the warm, wet depths of her, thrusting a finger into her.

She gasped loudly, her breath suddenly quickening. “You are so wet, my dear,” he said, his voice holding a smile. He thrust another finger into her, fucking her pussy quickly. She lifted her hips, bucking against his fingers. “I can enjoy this part of you tonight. We didn’t have much time before, but now we have all night,” he purred in her ear.

A shaky breath escaped her lips as she thought about him fucking her for hours. She was dying to ask him who he was, but the final instruction he had given her was that she was only to speak when it was dirty talk; telling him how good it was or begging him to fuck her.

His fingers continued to plunder her sweetness as he again spoke. “What do you want?’ he asked.

“Fuck me, please,” she begged.

“Where?” he teased, his fingers deep inside her.

“Fuck my pussy, please, fuck it,” she pleaded.

She cried out with surprise as his cock rammed deeply into her. She had expected him to tease her more, not give her his cock immediately. He began driving deeply into, groaning loudly. “God, your cunt feels good. So warm and tight.”

He leaned forward, his hips slapping her ass, pushing the plug into her with each thrust. It wasn’t long before another orgasm shook her, causing her head to spin, her world shrinking down to his cock in her pussy and the plug in her ass.

“Oh yes! Yes, baby! Give it to me, give it to me! Fuck my cunt!” she cried, surprised at her words.

He responded by fucking her even harder, ramming his cock deep inside her pussy until he ground against her, a loud groan erupting from his throat as his cock twitched inside her, filling her pussy with his cum.

He pulled out and she felt his fingers on the plug in her ass, wiggling it back and forth. “Is it the size I requested?” he asked.

“Yes,” she murmured.

Repeating what he had done before, he grabbed her hips and roughly pulled them up in the air. He tugged on the butt plug until the widest part was spreading her hole. She lay on the bed, gasping at the pain, surprised to feel a surge of wetness in her pussy. He twisted the plug and she whimpered, pressing her face into the pillow. “Very nice,” he said in a low voice.

He slowly pulled the toy from her ass, as a long sigh slipped through Katie’s lips.

His hands gently caressed her ass, spreading her cheeks and then releasing them. “Did you enjoy the ass fucking I gave you before?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered.

“Did you like the spanking?” he also asked.

Her pussy again gushed at the memory of his hand repeatedly slapping her butt. “Yes,” she whispered again. “I liked that your cock was pushing into my ass while you were spanking me,” she dared to say.

“Could you feel it?” he asked, surprise tingeing his voice.

“No, but when you stopped spanking me, I could feel that it was in deep,” she ventured.

Cold lube dripped onto her asshole, running into her slightly gaping hole. His fingertips rubbed the gel around her hole, before dipping his finger in, sliding it in to the hilt. She groaned at his light penetration. “This time you’re really going to feel it,” he said, his voice taking on a dangerous edge.

His finger withdrew from her ass and she felt the head of his cock pressing at her entrance. She held her breath as he pushed in and then gasped as his first slap hit her ass. He spanked her hard four or five times and then paused as he pushed kaçak bahis his cock a little deeper into her. Her moan of pleasure was cut short by another flurry of spanks followed by his cock pushing in another inch. The pattern continued, speeding up until her orgasm burst within her, flooding her senses with intense pleasure as the pain he was causing seared through her body.

He laughed as he felt her muscles contracting around his cock and continued his punishment of her ass. At last his cock pushed in the final inch and he was deeply imbedded in her. A final burst of slaps against her reddened cheeks finished the process as another orgasm roared through her. He ground deeply into her ass before he began to stroke his cock inside her tight hole. Once again he fucked her with long, deep strokes. “God, your ass feels so good,” he muttered. “So hot and tight.”

She lay on the bed, almost delirious with pleasure, when without warning, he buried his cock deep and grasping her upper arms, he pulled her upright, his cock jamming in even deeper. She cried out as he held her tight. His hands reached around and cupped her full breasts. “I didn’t get to enjoy these last time,” he breathed in her ear, his hands squeezing her tits.

Her breathing became ragged as he roughly pinched her nipples. His cock deep in her ass in addition to his hands roughly teasing her breasts was more than she could bear and yet another orgasm overtook her.

He chuckled and gently slapped her breasts causing her to catch her breath. He pinched the nipples hard, tugging on her breasts, shaking them, before suddenly releasing the nipples from his fingers. She wanted to rub her aching breasts but was unable to and wallowed in the slight pain emanating from the sore mounds.

Again holding her arms, he held her tightly as he pumped his cock into her ass. She flung her head back, resting against his shoulder as he rammed deeply into her. “Oh yes, fuck me baby, fuck my ass good and hard,” she moaned.

“You want it hard?” he asked. He eased her back down onto the bed and gripped her hips. “I’ll give it to you hard, you dirty slut,” he muttered.

She cried out as his cock started thrusting deeply into her. He pounded her hard and fast, pushing in deeply, ignoring her cries of pain. “Please not so hard, you’re hurting me,” she protested.

“Take it bitch, take it,” he grunted as his cock punished her ass. “You asked for it hard, you’re getting it hard,” he ground out, slapping her ass in rhythm with his thrusts.

She grew accustomed to his rough treatment and began to enjoy it. “Oh yes, I like it. It feels so damn good. Your cock ramming deep into my ass is so hot. I love it, yes, yes, yes!” she cried.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and leaning back, riding her even harder. She again cried out, “That’s it baby. Ride me like the slut that I am. Ride my horny ass!”

“Yeah, you’re my ass slut, aren’t you?” he groaned. “My own private ass slut. Does Carl ride you like this?” he asked, pushing in deeply.

“No,” she replied, her voice trembling with the intense pleasure coursing through her body. “He doesn’t like it.”

“He’s out of his mind to not love fucking your delectable ass,” he replied, again slapping her sore butt. “God, so good…I’m gonna cum,” he muttered.

He rammed in deeply and Katie felt his cum pumping into her ass, filling it with his seed. He stayed buried deeply into her for a minute, going soft inside her, before he finally pulled out.

“Good night Katie,” he whispered to her as he rose from the bed and began to dress.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Ah, that’s my little secret,” he said as he loosened the bonds on her wrists.

As before, by the time she freed herself he was gone and all she could think about was having him come visit her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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