A Last Night Together

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This story is entirely fantasy, based on a missed opportunity several years ago. As such, and given the positive responses an earlier, similar story received, I decided to switch up the perspective again this time. Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

After a fun night out on the town, we return to my hotel room. Our flirtatious banter and touching has emboldened me, and in the elevator I put my arms around your waist and pull you in for a kiss. You respond enthusiastically, wrapping your arms around my neck and pressing your breasts into my chest as our tongues wrestle. When the elevator doors open on my floor, you pull me into the hall. We break the kiss long enough for me to lead the way to my room. Once inside, we are in each others’ arms again, falling onto the bed, kissing passionately.

Our hands explore each others’ bodies as we make out, rolling around on the mattress. You arch your back as I kiss your neck. I squeeze your ass and you moan enthusiastically. You roll on top of me and grind your pelvis against mine. I groan at the sensation on my hard cock.

After what feels like forever, you pull away. Lying next to each other on the bed, we gaze into each others’ eyes, breathing heavily. You caress my face. I run one hand up from your hip to your shoulder, then down your front to squeeze one of your breasts. You close your eyes and exhale a low moan, arching your back to press your tit into my palm. I take that as an invitation and lean forward to kiss you again, but you back away.

“Wait,” you say breathlessly. “Tonight has been lots of fun, but we should slow down. We go back to the real world tomorrow.” As you speak, your hand moves down to my chest, stroking me through my shirt. Your eyes look into mine searchingly. “Should we slow down?” As you ask the question, your hand snakes down and tugs casually at my waist. The button on my jeans pops open. You lick your lips and your hand moves to squeeze my dick through my pants. I get the sense you don’t want us to slow down…

I swallow. “I’m gonna get some water,” I say. I pull away and stand, holding your gaze. I back into the bathroom, watching you lying on the bed. You’re lying on your side, eyes burning into mine. One hand props your head up, fingers buried in your long hair. Your other hand casually strokes your breast, where my hand had been moments before. I slowly close the door.

I turn and look at myself in the mirror, considering. I definitely don’t want to stop, and I don’t think you really want to, either. You’re right: tomorrow we’ll go our separate ways. Who knows when we’ll see each other again? After weighing the options for a moment, I make my decision. I’d rather make my intentions clear and risk getting shot down than go forward wondering what might have been.

I pour myself a glass of water and drink it down quickly. Then I nod at myself in the mirror and remove my shoes, socks, and jeans. Taking a deep breath, I turn and open the bathroom door. I look out and my eyes widen in surprise.

You’re lying on the bed in a similar state of undress. I take in the sight of your long, silky, toned legs, crossed at the ankles; your lacy green panties, your t-shirt, one hand tugging up the hem to expose your pierced belly button; your other hand, caressing your breasts through your shirt; your lips, parted slightly with your tongue peeking out between them; and your eyes, staring at me with undisguised lust. I swallow and step toward you, very glad indeed that I have made the right call.

I climb onto the bed next to you and slide a hand behind your back. I lean in to kiss you and you wrap your arms bahis firmaları around my neck, pulling me close. Our mouths meet and our tongues slide against each other. If our kissing before had been enthusiastic and passionate, this is downright pornographic. We’re fucking each others’ mouths with our tongues, and our bodies are pressed tightly together. You wrap your legs around my waist and grind against my pelvis. One of my hands is busy squeezing your ass through your panties; the other is under your shirt, caressing your tits through your bra, which I’m suddenly wishing wasn’t in the way.

After a few minutes, I decide I want to feel you on top of me. I roll us over, never breaking contact with your lips. Now I bring both hands around to play with your ass. You moan into my mouth when I do and grind your pussy against my hard cock, which is trying to escape through the fly in my shorts. You bring your hands around to cup either side of my face when you finally break our kiss. Breathing heavily, we stare into each others’ eyes for a moment. I’m lost in the passion I see in yours.

You let go of my face and whip your t-shirt over your head. Your bra matches your panties. You reach behind your back to unclip it and throw it after your shirt. My mouth waters as I see your tits for the first time. They are truly magnificent: the perfect size, quite firm, with quarter-sized areolas and stiff nipples. I want nothing more than to squeeze them in my hands and taste them with my tongue.

You reach down and grab the bed sheet on either side of my head, then whisper into my ear, “Do you like my titties?” I groan a response and you huff a laugh. “Go on. They’re dying to be sucked.” You lean forward so your tits are hovering inches above my face. I lift my head up and kiss first one, then the other, feeling you legs squeeze me as I do so. I alternate between sucking and licking your hard nipples, moving my mouth back and forth between them as my hands move up and down, squeezing your ass and stroking your back.

As I worship your magnificent tits, I flex my pelvis up and down, rubbing my cock against your panty-clad pussy. Your hands are in fists on either side of my head, and your quick breathing and soft moans tell me you’re enjoying what I’m doing. I start sliding my tongue around your right tit, starting at the nipple and moving outward in a spiral, until I can lick down the valley between your breasts. Then I bring my tongue around to your left tit and lick slowly straight up from the base to your nipple, which I suck hard into my mouth again. You suck in a sharp breath when I do so and grind your pussy against my cock.

I lick and kiss my way up from your tits to your neck, then kiss my way back to your lips. You grab my face when we start kissing again, forcing your tongue into my mouth and pressing your tits into my chest. After a passionate few seconds, you pull away and sit up, looking down at me lustfully. “Why are you still wearing your shirt?” you ask in a low voice.

I push myself to a seated position and quickly pull my shirt over my head, throwing it to join yours on the floor. You look at my firm chest and lick your lips appreciatively. Reaching up to squeeze my pecs, you growl low in your throat. “That’s better,” you say, before leaning forward to kiss me again.

I fall back on the bed, pulling you down with me. We roll over and end up with me lying not completely on top of you, with one arm around your shoulders and my other hand playing with your tits as we make out. Then I slowly slide my hand down, caressing your belly on my way to your panties. I’m pleased to discover they’re kaçak iddaa damp. I start caressing your pussy through your panties, making you moan into my mouth.

After a few minutes of me touching you through your underwear, you take hold of my wrist and pull my hand up, then push my fingers back down inside your panties so I can stimulate you directly. I stroke your pussy lips with my fingers, coating them in your juices and making your breath catch in your throat. I run my fingers along your lips, probing inside you gently and stroking up and down, occasionally massaging your clit with my thumb. You flex your hips against me; I take that as an invitation to go further and insert two fingers deep into your pussy. You moan into my mouth as I start fucking you with my digits. I push my fingers in and out of your wet folds faster and faster. You pull away from our kiss but keep your face close to mine as you whisper, “There. Right there. Oh god please don’t stop…”

Breasts heaving as you breathe deeply, you grab hold of my wrist to keep my hand in place and start squeezing your pussy around my fingers. Suddenly your body stiffens and you throw your head back and draw in a sharp breath. As your orgasm finishes you go limp, releasing my wrist. I gently rub my thumb in circles around your clit, making your hips twitch. You look up at me with lust-filled eyes and say, “Fuck. That was incredible.”

I bring my hand up to lick your cum off my fingers. Your eyes widen as you watch me do this, then you bring me in for another kiss, licking my tongue with yours to taste your juices. Then you pull away and lean in to whisper into my ear again. “Want me to suck your dick?” You push me onto my back again and straddle me. My hard cock has slipped out through my boxers. You rub your soaked panties against it, and we both groan. You press your body against mine and push yourself down. You kiss and lick my nipples as you grab my hips. You plant a trail of kisses down my chest until you get to my boxers.

You take my cock in your hand and slowly stroke up and down my length. Your face is close to it; I can feel your breath on the head. I look down and see you staring at the precum leaking from the tip of my cock. You tilt it towards your mouth and extend your tongue, lapping at the liquid. My cock twitches in your hand and you give a low laugh. Looking up at me, you wink as your mouth slowly descends to envelop the head. You suck gently as your hand strokes up and down my length. I groan again and my head falls back, eyes closed. I feel your mouth release my dick. “You have an amazing cock,” you say in a low, sexy voice. “I wonder if I can take it all.”

You slowly lower your head to take my cock into your mouth again, sucking harder this time as you take more of me into your mouth. Without breaking eye contact, you start bobbing your head up and down on my dick, sucking hard as you pull away and sliding your tongue along my shaft as you take me in again. With each motion, you bring more and more of my cock into your mouth and throat, until finally you’ve swallowed it all and your nose is pressed up against my pubic bone. I’m sure glad I shaved my balls recently.

With a last powerful suck, you pull your head back, releasing my cock. It falls against my groin with a wet slap. Gasping for air, you look up at me with a triumphant smile on your face. “Ahh!” you sigh. “I knew I could do it. God, I love the taste of your dick.” Then, holding my shaft up, you lick along the length of my cock, swirling your tongue around the head before taking me back into your mouth and giving me an amazing blow job. The whole time kaçak bahis you keep your eyes locked onto mine. I couldn’t look away if I tried, mesmerized as I am by how erotic this moment is.

You have one hand wrapped around my shaft, and twist it along my length as you stroke me. Your mouth is warm and wet and, thanks to your suction, super tight. Your spit coats my cock, spread liberally by your hand. If it’s even possible, I swear my cock gets even harder as you fuck me with your mouth. My breathing gets faster as you bring me closer to cumming. I bury one of my hands in your long hair and groan, “I’m gonna cum soon.”

You start jacking me faster. I’m sure you can taste my precum again, and can tell how close I am. You start moaning around my cock, and the vibrations do the trick. I feel my balls tighten and I tighten my fingers in your hair as I release my load into your mouth with a loud cry. You cry out as well in a muffled voice as I hold your head in place around my dick while I cum.

When I’m finished cumming, I let go of your head. You pull back off my cock with a loud slurping sound, and I look down to see you smiling up at me. Some of my cum is leaking out of the corner of your mouth, and you open your lips to show me a mouthful of my spunk before swallowing it with an erotic moan. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. “Thank you,” I say in a shaky voice. “That was amazing.”

Mmm,” you say. “Delicious.” You scoop cum from the corner of your mouth and lick it off your finger, then grab my still-hard cock and squeeze gently. “I hope you’re ready to fuck me now,” you say. “I need to feel this inside me.”

I sit up and reach for you, pulling you in for another kiss. We fall back on the bed and I push my boxers down to my knees. You reach for my cock and line it up at your pussy, then slide the head up and down your slit, coating it with your juices. You position it at your entrance and nod; I push forward slowly.

We both groan as my cock enters your tight, wet pussy. You wrap your arms and legs around me when I’m all the way inside you, and hold me tightly against you. I flex my hips slightly, making you cry out. With my hands on either side of your head, I push myself up and look down at you. You bite your lower lip and caress your tits as I start sliding my hard cock in and out of your amazing pussy.

After fucking you slowly for a few minutes, you tell me to fuck you harder. I sit back on my heels and grab your waist so I can slam my cock into you more forcefully. You grunt and moan with every thrust, licking your lips at squeezing your tits. You reach down to caress your clit as I pound my cock into your hot, velvety folds.

Your moans get louder and longer until you’re practically screaming as I fuck you. You tell me you’re about to cum. Still fucking you fast and deep, I lean in to kiss you hard. With one hand on your clit, you wrap your other arm around my neck and return my kiss, moaning into my mouth as you bring yourself to another powerful orgasm. Your body stiffens as it tears through you, then you relax with a giggle.

Seeing and feeling you get off again is enough to make me do the same. I shove my cock as deep into you as I can, then release my load deep inside you with a grunt. You moan again as you feel my cock flex inside you as I cum. You squeeze your pussy around my cock, making me grunt again. I look deep into your eyes, seeing the passion and desire I’m sure is reflected in my own. I lean in to kiss you again, tenderly this time. You return the kiss eagerly, wrapping your arms around my shoulders.

After a few minutes we come up for air. We hold each others’ gaze again, considering. I know you have to leave soon, and that we’ll be going our separate ways tomorrow. As much as I don’t look forward to that, I’m glad we won’t have to wonder about what might have been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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