A Good Day at School Ch. 02

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Adele and I were lying on the bed, relaxing after our first experience together. I started to get up when she touched my arm and told me to lie back down. She got up and went into the bathroom again. This time when she walked out, she was wearing white stockings with a white garter belt, and nothing else. My mouth began watering just looking at her.

“Do you like them?”

“Mmmmm. Yes I do.” I answered.

“Good. Now that you’ve seen them, close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes, and waited to find out what she had in store. She proceeded to tie my hands above my head, and then blindfolded me. I felt her get off the bed, and I swore that I heard a phone beeping. A few minutes passed and then she climbed back onto the bed.

She leaned down and whispered into my ear, “I don’t think that legs are your only fetish. I think that you might like something like this…”

She then lay what felt like a piece of cloth across my face. It took me a second to pick up on the scent. She had put her panties on my face! I could smell her sweet pussy on them. I could almost taste her. It was driving me crazy! My cock was throbbing, and the pre-cum was dripping down my shaft onto me.

I heard Adele giggle a little before there was a light tap on the hotel room door. She was letting someone into the room!

The door shut, and Adele said, “See? I told you.”

“Yeah, and it looks like he is really enjoying this!” A woman’s voice said.

With that, they both climbed onto the bed with me. The panties were taken off of my face, and I heard the other voice tell Adele how good they smelled. I almost came right bahis firmalar─▒ there!

Although I couldn’t see, in my mind I could picture the two of them on the bed with me. I could feel them rubbing their stocking clad legs and feet against me, driving me wild! I was breathing hard, dying to taste them, to touch them….to see them!

I was getting a foot job while another set of feet and legs was rubbing on my chest and stomach. I could hear moaning, and the distinct sound of a wet pussy being played with. Then one of the feet on my chest lifted and slid up to my face where it pushed the blindfold up and out of the way. I looked down at the scene that was playing out on the bed with me. Adele was stroking my cock with her feet, while this other woman was attending to her pussy.

“I’d like to introduce you to one of my co-workers. This pretty little thing is Heather.” Adele said while rubbing my cock with her foot.

Heather turned and smiled at me while she continued to finger Adele’s dripping pussy.

“Heather told me that she has never met a true leg man after I told her about my plans for tonight, so I invited her to join in.” Adele explained.

Heather said, “I hear that you are very good with your tongue. Care to show me?”

“Absolutely.” Was my answer.

Heather then straddled my head with her beautiful legs, and lowered her glistening pussy to my mouth. I began licking and sucking on her very wet pussy. She looked down at me and moaned.

“Does my pussy taste good?” She asked me.

I just moaned.

“Do you like how these stockings feel rubbing against you?”

I ka├žak iddaa moaned some more. I sucked her clit between my lips and triggered her orgasm. Her pussy nearly drowned me in her juice. She collapsed onto the bed next to me, and watched Adele get up and settle her pussy onto my dripping cock. She looked into my eyes and began gently grinding her tightness into my cock.

“Do you like Heather?”

“Mmm…yes I do.”

As Adele rode my cock, Heather turned her body so that I could rub and kiss her beautiful legs and feet. I reached a hand out while I was kissing her ankle, and began fingering her pussy. Adele and Heather came at nearly the exact same moment. Hearing their moans of ecstasy pushed me over the edge, and before I could do anything, I flooded Adele’s pussy with my cum.

“Fuck! I’m so sorry, Adele!” I shouted.

“It’s ok, Sweetie. I’m on the pill. Besides, this gives us a chance to explore something else.” She said with an evil grin.

Adele got off of my cock, and moved over to straddle Heather’s face. She began lowering her pussy to Heather’s mouth when Heather realized what she was doing.

“Wait! Arrgllp!”

Adele giggled while looking at me. “Heather also confessed to me that she secretly wanted to lick a pussy, and that she wanted to know a creampie was like. Two birds with one stone!”

Heather stopped struggling, and began licking my cum out of Adele’s pussy in earnest. Adele was moaning and grinding her pussy into Heather’s mouth. I took this as my cue to begin kissing my way up to Heather’s pussy. I kissed and nibbled my way up her stocking covered legs until I arrived ka├žak bahis at her pussy and dove in. Both women came numerous times before Adele finally rolled off of Heather. My cock was hard for the third time that night and I began to position myself between her legs.

As I slid my length into her, she moaned and pulled at her nipples. Her legs already spread wide, came up to rest on my chest. Het stocking covered feet were rubbing on my chest, neck, and face. I looked into her eyes as I began fucking her with nice even slow strokes. I felt Adele get up behind me and put her arms around me, her creamy tits capped with hard nipples rubbing my back. Her hands went to Heather’s legs and began to caress them.

“I like legs too.” She whispered in my ear.

I began fucking Heather harder now. She was moaning louder, and really pulling on her nipples.

“I can feel your balls slapping my ass! I love that!”

Adele moved around and straddled Heather’s face again. I watched Heather eat Adele to another orgasm as I fucked her tight little pussy. As Adele screamed, I felt Heather’s pussy clamp down on my cock. I felt my balls tighten up, and I pulled my cock out and sprayed what was left in my balls on Heather’s stomach. Adele quickly jumped off and proceeded to lick it off her. Then she surprised me yet again. She had held my cum in her mouth and kissed Heather with it, sharing a snowball with her.

I sat back and watched them kiss for a few minutes before they broke their kiss. Adele came over to me and smiled. She leaned in close and whispered into my ear.

“You still smell wonderful.”

I smiled at her and put my arms around her and lay down with her. Heather crawled over to us, and curled up with us. Adele reached up and shut off the light. The three of us fell asleep in a warm embrace that lasted until the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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