A First Meeting Ch. 02

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Read part one to know how it all began…

Once we both over came our laughter you pull your cock out from inside me. I felt empty inside like you had pulled out some vital part of me with you.

We lay in each others arms for a while making small talk, neither of us really willing to make the first move to get up but both of us knowing that soon I would have to head back towards home. Back to what is my life and letting you get ready for work the next day.

It was really hard to talk about the little things after having felt so much a part of the other. We talked about our respective homes and all the things that we do while there. The same mindless chatter of two people who talk on the internet when the opportunity arises. We both also that nothing would ever be the same between us after what we had just experienced.

Eventually, the time came, as it always does, for us to begin to prepare to go back to our lives. So with a quiet sigh I tell you that I would like to borrow your shower and I get up and head towards the bathroom grabbing my discarded clothes as I go.

I am standing in the shower, thinking of all that had happened. I feel the warm water battering my back like a million fingers giving me a massage all at one time. I wish that I could stay with you for a while longer at least. Have you touch me, kiss me, hold me and slide deep inside of me again. Noticing how the thoughts and heat from the shower is making my nipples pucker up as if waiting for your caress on them again.

I sigh and am about to turn the water off when I hear you enter the bathroom. I hold my breath in anticipation of what you are going to do, both needing you to join me and fearing that if you do I would never want to leave your room.

I see your shadow on the other side of the shower curtain and see you moving around. Your voice takes a minute to register over the sound of the shower as you ask if you may join me. “Oh…ahh…yes” I say in reply hearing it as if it comes from some other place besides canlı bahis my own mouth and seeing my hand reach out and pull the curtain back to allow you to enter.

You step inside the shower and we just stand there and look at each other. You watching the water as it hit upon on my shoulders and runs in tiny rivers down over my chest. You raise your hand up to me as one of the tiny rivers runs down the center of one breast and falls off the nipple as if making a waterfall, catching the water with your hand. Making my breast tingle with awareness at your hand being so near yet not quite touching me.

I guess I made a small shift of my position because the waterfall ceased. You looked up into my eyes as if surprised that it ended. Leaning towards me slightly you cup my breast in your hand flicking over the nipple with your thumb.

You lean in closer to me or I move in closer to you, not sure really who moved but we ended up standing as close together as two people possibly can be with out touching more than your hand on my breast. I look up into your eyes, silently begging you to touch me more to kiss me. To make me yours once again.

Suddenly your arms are around me, holding me with your arms around my waist pulling me into you as if you are unable to get me close enough. Lowering your mouth onto mine not as in a kiss but more like an overtaking, claiming it as yours.

When the initial suddenness of your invasion slows a little to just a slow steady stroking of your tongue on mine. I decide that it is time to try and bring you half as much pleasure as you have given me.

I hear your growl deep in your chest and catch it with my mouth as I begin to suck your tongue further into my mouth, keeping you trapped there. Then I let go of your tongue allowing you to pull out some before I begin again. I use your tongue as if it were your cock that I was worshiping instead.

As I am doing that your hands slide down onto my ass and pull me closer into you. Pressing your cock against my stomach bahis siteleri and grinding your hips into me. Letting me feel your appreciation of what I am doing.

It is mine turn to moan now as your cock presses into my stomach making me want and wish it were lower. Deep inside my belly.

I break the kiss, leaning in to kiss your neck. Caressing your neck with my lips, and then giving you a little love bite making sure you feel my teeth so I can sooth it with my tongue.

I work my way down to your chest to give the same treatment to one of your nipples and then the other. Back and forth I go between them, licking with my tongue as I travel between the two.

Now further down. I tease your belly button with the tip of my tongue. I feel your stomach jerk at the contact.

Down on my knees before you I run my fingers up the inside of your legs. Coming all the way up to your cock where I gently cup your nuts in one hand and use the other to grasp your cock.

Bending my head further down I flick my tongue over the tip of your cock. Sliding my around the tip in tiny little circles and then down to the base of your cock. Back up to tease the head again. I tease your little hole with my tongue before slipping my mouth down over the head. Taking as much of you into my mouth as possible before bringing my mouth back to the head to tease the head with my tongue again.

You grab hold of my head though I am still not sure if it was to pull me closer or to make me stop, but I felt your hips push you further into my mouth as I started to suck you inside my mouth again.

I gradually pick up the pace as I begin to massage your nuts with my other hand.

I hear you moan as if in pain and then tell me that if I do not stop soon it will be too late. You grab hold of my shoulders to pull me back up.

You ask if I am ready to get out of the shower and I nod my head yes. You step out and pull me behind you. Neither of us taking the time to dry off before you’re leading me to the bed and bahis şirketleri urging me to lay down on it.

I expect you to follow me onto the bed instead as I lay back you drop to your knees. Quickly followed by your mouth on my pussy. You slide your tongue into my wetness. Making my body jerk up to meet you as you get your first taste of me. Sliding your tongue into me as far as it will go and then bringing it out and flicking it over my clit. You work back and forth between the two places. Teasing my clit with your mouth and tongue then sucking my clit into your mouth only to stop again to touch deep inside me with your tongue. Back and forth you go until you feel that I am close to reaching my peak, and then you focus solely on my clit flicking with your tongue and then sucking it into your mouth. You use your lips to hold my clit in your mouth as your tongue flicks over it around it.

With one final thrust towards your face I fall over the edge leaving me shaken completely. You come up and kiss me on my lips as you drive your cock into me in one hard, fast thrust catching the feel of the last few tremors of my orgasm.

Unlike the first time this is sure and steady strokes from the start. Both of us impatient to reach our peak with the other one. I wrap my legs around your hips to force you deeper inside me arching my hips up to meet your thrusts. You push your self into me as deep as you can and pulling out all most completely before entering me again. Each one feeling the need to please the other as much as possible. Our thrusts meeting and matched completely. Each thrust taking us closer to our own contentment.

I hear you as you grunt and feel your cock press into me even harder and deeper than before; feel you making short jerky thrusts as your warm cum shoots deeply inside my womb sending me over the edge with you once again.

You stayed on top of me until unfortunately nature took its course and you could stay inside me no longer. Signaling an end to our day together. Each of us sorry that we couldn’t make it last a little longer but knowing that I had to leave.

Both of us hoping that we would be together again at some point and still neither of us willing to say “goodbye” as I dress and leave your room.

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