A Family Circus Ch. 02

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I heard my door open and close, a lump appeared under my bed and I felt the incredible sensation of having a tongue to swirl around, squeezing my dick, I was wondering how I never noticed Cassie’s long tongue before. She craned her head back to fit my entire cock or a majority of it down her throat. The heat and wetness forged an unforgettable memory in my head. I instinctively grabbed her head through the sheets pressing her head down farther as I began to cum for the first time in days. Again, due to the fact I hadn’t cum in days though, my cock wouldn’t go down. Her hands felt rougher than before but I didn’t care I was in the moment. Then after a while she went to suck me off again but I wanted to finish what we started hours ago and through the blanket off and pinned her down to the ground.

It was dark and I could barely see so I used my sense of touch and went to her breasts, they felt a lot larger than they were, I slid my hand into her panties and pulled them off as she moan in excitement. It sounded off, I quickly flipped on the light to see Anya laying on the floor.

“Wait, what the hell?” I asked as my erection bounced as she took off her black tank top, showing she didn’t wear a bra.

“I have never had sex with a man, in fact the most sexual thing I’ve done to a man is brush his cock accidentally. Think about it, tonight, you get to have sex with a woman who is practically a virgin yet willing to do just about anything to you. I mean sure I’ve used toys and fingered myself but this body is one hundred percent man free. Its a once-in-a-lifetime offer,” she said and although I was pretty sure it was the drugs talking I gave in and picked her up and tossed her on my bed.

Now I realize this sounds slightly wrong but did I mention I have a libido that’s bigger than oceans, hell probably the planet too?

I kissed her neck, which sent shivers down her spine, then down her chest, and from the look on her face she enjoyed it, I held her as she looked upwards into my eyes seductively as she saw my head go down. My face not an inch away from her clean-shaven pussy my tongue fining its way to her clitoris as I put all the force I could muster into my tongue, swirling her clit as I did she closed her eyes, enjoying herself but still looking dissatisfied a little. I spun my tongue around her clit sending her into a blissful smirk, this wasn’t good enough. I peaked my tongue into her pussy and then went flashing between attacking her clit with my tongue and massaging the inside of her pussy with my tongue. She seemed to enjoy it as I did this since her legs fell inwards a bit. I was used to dealing with an inexperienced girl and now had to please a more experienced woman. I held her still and decided to let a little bit of my sexual depravity, my insatiable hunger for the taboo out. I kissed her, my tongue caressing hers as I swung her onto my lap and pressed her against the wall, my nearly naked form pressing against hers as she began to get into it. I ripped her tank top off, as she smiled, she liked it when I took charge, despite her dominating personality outside the bedroom. I tore her panties off just like Cassie’s and began knit my fingers against hers as I embraced her, my muscled arms easily overpowering her. I slid my cock near her pussy, rubbing it against her pussy lips like Cassie had done to me. I saw her smirked in not a “he’s OK way” but a genuinely intrigued smirk. I held her up, her legs wrapped around my waist, wearing her like a belt. I rubbed against her a little more before just like Cassie she began grinding against me and pleasantly her juices covered my cock after only a minute of that. I ground it against her, pressing it against her clit once and sending her into a series of spasms as she reached climax, again not like Cassie five-minute long orgasm but I took it as a compliment. I locked lips with her again as our tongues met, and this time as we both ground against each other as her cleavage bounced into my back and rubbed against my bare chest. Our bodies were crashing at first but now it seemed more like they were melding as I got her all hot and ready for the main event. She kept swirling her tongue as I mirrored it and then slid her down onto me, and when she fell onto the base of my cock, I was almost amazed at the scale of the reaction. I mean sure I was big for my age but still, she practically stopped breathing as she came to realize just how different it was. At that moment I was about to pull out and ask if she was okay but my hormones or my innate instinct to pass on my seed or something triggered and I plunged into her. She grabbed my back as I pinned her against the wall and began my full release of everything I had been holding in for the past few months while masturbating with Cassie, waiting to do this. I kept thrusting harder and harder with her moaning into my ear some incomprehensible words.

“AH, god damn!!!” she shouted as I kept her quiet by going into overdrive, my body pounding, creating a large esenyurt escort echoing slapping sound as my pelvis smashed against hers.

She tussled up my hair as I began to play with her tits as she bit down on my neck to stop from screaming as I threw her on the bed, I threw her legs up over my head, my arms wrapping around them as I pounded her, all while playing with her clitoris with my right thumb. It was like I had melded with her, and our shared raw sexual desire, now in such a perfect moment. I thrust deeper, twisting her like my pretzel, moving her into every position I wanted, she turned around, staring at me as I bent her over, facing a mirror, her slutty image reflected in the light. I pushed against the wall, back turned to me shut off the lights and threw her back on the bed. We were always moving fining positions she liked, and as I began to go as hard as physically possible the light of the moon bathed us in this our most amazing moment, the moment where we broke the taboo. I was slamming into her, but she showed no intention of stopping, and that was fine, I don’t think I could’ve stopped if she asked me to.

I thrust as deep as humanly possible into her and began to go fast as well, and since she was being bent over at this point I slapped her ass squeezing it as I pulled at her ass cheeks separating them as I increased my thrusts.

I held her and embraced her but it was crazy, her pussy squeezed down on me, and it felt hot, like physically hot to the touch yet in a good way, and it felt really sopping wet. The feeling of her pussy squeezing against me as I pounded into her, as it grabbed my cock seemingly on its own. It was like it wanted me to go deeper, harder, faster, so of course I obliged as best I could manage. I felt the melding of our flesh in the most amazing way, it was like no matter what I could always have this moment, so that’s why I had to make it last. I was being pulled deeper by both her pussy squeezing my cock incredibly tight and my own desire to hit her g-spot, and as I captured the sensations, the moans, the scent of sweat, cum and passion not to mention the visions of raw sexuality, the feeling of her hot, tight cunt pulling me deeper into her.

I threw my head back for a moment as I slammed into her repeatedly, each time getting a sweet little moan escape her lips. Sweat dripped down our backs as we reached the point where most men would finish and leave and then brag. I had to be better though, so I continued, the desire for this night with her to never end outweighing any exhaustion I might have felt otherwise. My driving force being my massive libido, I thrust into her each time the muscles in her pussy retracting as I pulled back in as if they never wanted me to leave. I felt the smooth, wet, hot tight pussy contract its muscles in bursts, and even when I changed rhythm it stayed at the same pace as me. Every now and then, Anya would explode in a series of spasms as I went faster, trying to prolong them, sometimes getting them up to a couple of minutes long. I kept on fucking her, her cunt constantly amazing me, so tight, so hot, so sopping wet, it made me think I was dreaming. If I were dreaming I could die in the real world, this was better than anything I had ever experienced. Nothing was better than this, I thought as I began to cum.

Anya being so unused to this let me cum inside as she finished to, cum leaking out of her cunt mixing together she looked exhausted. I wasn’t done yet though and began to go a second time, this time I went and held back with all my might as half my hormones told me to enjoy myself and go ahead and finish soon while the other told me to savor it. I listened to the latter. I swung my tongue around hers between gasps for air, as if she had been dunked under water. I would play with her tits, squeezing them, pinching them and just doing as I wanted to make her squirm. When I laid her down again, my mouth wrapped around part of her gorgeous and huge breasts. My tongue massaging her nipple as I let loose and forced her hips smashing against mine as we froze and again finished together. She seemed relieved for a moment but I had to keep going, I had to burn out the night. I kept playing with her, as my cum leaked onto my shaft just to be shot back in on it. I am almost certain if she wasn’t such a huge lesbian that the amount of cum would have been enough for me to slip out of her but with her tight cunt, that wasn’t happening. I held her hips as we went and did every position we could do before I ended up getting ridden by her. She seemed so passionate, this was so beautiful, raw sexuality, overpowering desire and endless bliss only found through carnality. She rode, me while swinging her tongue around my mouth, she began to climax and I powered through, going insanely fast, her pussy practically strangling me as I plunged deeper into her. I grabbed her ass cheeks and finally finished, this time a torrent of cum pouring into her. She avrupa yakas─▒ escort arched her back as I came because she was to and collapsed on top of me.

We were both so exhausted we passed out, however she and I awoke together and realized we had gotten almost no sleep due to our little “Night Time Meeting”. I kissed her as she stared at me and then at herself and shivered, this time not in excitement but in shame.

“What is it? Did our act of making love make you feel uneasy?” I asked her.

She stood there and began to do that half-laugh you do when you think low of yourself. She held her hand in her face.

“Hey, it is not wrong, we aren’t technically related, and even if we are, who cares, did it feel good?” I asked Anya.

“Yeah,” she said as if that made it worse.

“Then why should you feel ashamed because we made love, I was consenting, you were consenting, we both experienced pleasure, why should that be bad? If something feels good do it! Why not just surrender to Hedonism, which promises a blissful life?” I asked as she stared cold-eyed at me.

“It isn’t about the fact I slept with you, I did it to get back at Abigail for cheating on me!” she said as shock flew through my mind.

“What?” I asked as she started to cry.

“Abigail is bi, she met a couple in Roma, on a business trip and joined them, she told me, she was “sorry” but she wanted me to do “anything” I needed to in order to heal. So I took some caps but, it hit me when I sobered up, have sex with someone else, you were nearby and I had never slept with a man before…so it all made sense,” she said as I held her.

“I love you,” I said holding her as my dark hair and hers meshed together as I nuzzled her.

“I love you to, but Abigail will freak when she finds out,” she said as I kissed her on the forehead.

“No she won’t because right now, I am not only devoting myself to making you feel better, I will talk to her when she comes back,” I said as Anya kissed me.

“You know what?”she asked me as I went to make brunch, seeing as it was two in the afternoon.

“What?” I asked her as she smiled.

“I think I may be bi, hell of a time to discover this new world, but I like it,” she purred as I nodded and let her fall asleep to take the pain away.

I walked down to make something for her to find Cassie pull me into her room and again my libido bigger than oceans, just made me have to do this. I was pulled by my boxers into her her room, she was unbuttoning her pajama shirt and within a split second my cock stood like a massive tower.

She seductively crawled over on her hands and knees like an animal in heat.

She started to lick the tip of my cock as she pumped my shaft with her hand, I stood there breathing in this moment, last night and now this? My world was becoming paradise. Her tongue swung around, massaging the head of my cock as she covered my cock in her saliva. The feel of her tongue was different, it was better, a lot better, she swung her tongue around, squeezing it as she puled my fully erect cock into her throat. Her tongue swam around, but it felt so much better, like she knew every place to hit, and just allowed it to happen naturally. She was far better than I expected, even getting me to cum and again like last night I still remained stiff.

She lay back on her be as I slid my head between her thighs and went to work. My body mirroring last night as I began to break this taboo yet again. My tongue was on overdrive, and when it massaged her clit, she had no chance, I already had some practice from Anya. Her pussy was increasingly wet, and even some of this “wetness” started to flow onto her netted stockings. She had about five pairs of netted stockings, and was obviously trying to get me worked up. My tongue shot across her clit as fast as possible, her reactions about ten times more violent than Anya’s. I was about to try something else when she squirted over my face.

I rose my head from her thighs, her cum over my face, last night Anya had squirted on my dick, but since Cassie had little experience she was easier to make cum. I moved up, sliding her onto my lap as she took off the almost see-through blouse, her pleated skirt still on as I undid her bra with a snap of two fingers. My bare cock against her pussy, she smiled as I began to kiss her, her cum on my lips. I began swirling my tongue as furiously as her, as she began to rub against me, violently, as if saying she wanted my dick. I sat back and watched as she made herself cum a few times, her fluids fall onto my cock as she did. She ground against me as I cupped her breasts, pinching and twisting it with my fingers while massaging it using the rest of my hand. I began to use my mouth on her opposite breasts, her grinding getting harder, as she swept her clit up and down the length of my shaft a few times.

“You really are kind of anadolu yakas─▒ escort a slut,” I said as she grabbed the underside of my naked thighs, as she began to orgasm yet again, this time I drove against her.

“YES! I’m a SLUT! Please FUCK ME!!!” she yelled a little loudly as I began to slap her ass with my free remaining hand, squeezing and then swinging it lower as I slipped my fingers into her cunt.

She really enjoyed that, because with me not letting any of her get away from me, was was massaging her tits, while both rubbing and fingering her, using literally every ounce of control not to just throw her down and fuck her, but get her to beg for it first. This was the best way, her cunt was tight, squeezing my fingers as I rubbed the roof of her pussy violently, my engorged member grinding against her pussy lips and clit as her tits were being massaged, all this together sent her into a fury of grinding, biting, moaning, and holding on for dear life, squeezing the hell out of my shoulder. She looked like before she couldn’t stop, like it was simply that addictive.

Her clit was throbbing, radiating heat as we continued to do everything we were doing, never stopping, never hesitating, just instinctively knowing the speed and roughness of grind both of us needed. It was like before, melding of two bodies into one, what was more pleasurable than that? I detached my mouth from her breast and her caramel-colored skin covered in her cum, my saliva and the beginning of our sweat looked amazing, I locked lips with her our tongue wrapping around each others, as my engorged cock ground against her harder than needed to send her climaxing. She looked pretty damn amazing as she straddling my cock, one breast in my hand the other flailing wildly as we locked lips, such a deliciously sinful beauty to this moment, I thought as I slipped a third finger inside her. She broke the kiss for just a moment to look into my eyes and speak.

“God, Sasha I love, let’s do this forever,” she said as I remembered how long I lasted before, with Anya.

“I love you to CASSIE!” I yelled as she began squirting on my fingers and cock simultaneously sending waves of amazing vibrations through my cock.

I looked up fondly at her as she realized what just happened from the look on her face. She wanted me to fuck her, to passionately embrace her, to take charge.

“Beg me to fuck you, and I’ll consider,” I said as I rubbed the head of my cock against her clit, sending her into a state where it seemed she couldn’t think.

I began slowing my movements, to make her want relaxed. When her pussy muscles relaxed I went back to my violent motion and she went crazier yet(if possible) locking lips with me, swirling her tongue, too out of breath to do anything at all really.

“Sasha please, please don’t toy with me! Please just fuck me already!” she shouted as I slammed it into her cunt, her cunt pressing down violently as I rocked her back and forth on my cock.

I had so much cum on my dick that I could use it as lube, not that I needed it seeing as her cunt was sopping wet in anticipation. I thrust into her and had her sit around, her back facing me as I carried her onto the couch, using our large flat-screen that was off to show her, her sexual form. Her sandy brown hair thrown back, caramel-colored skin rippling with light as the lights shone off our sweat and cum. Sitting down on the couch I pounded into her, massaging her tits with my hands as I fondled her.

“Slut,” I said as I began pounding into her.

With each thrust I drove deeper inside her and she liked it, her body completely in my control as I pounded into her. So amazing her cunt wrapped around me and squeezed, tighter than Anya’s as I plunged deep inside her, eventually bending her over, her hands pressed against the wall.

I drove it so much deeper than when she sat on my cock. I thrust into her each time her cunt squeezing onto me, such an amazing feeling. I loved the taboos, and this was the best one I had ever practiced. I think I was getting addicted. I pounded her cunt, sending her climaxing, cum gently leaking out onto my cock. I drove my cock in as I saw her clit throbbing and began to play with it.

“Oh God,” she got out before the combination sent her into a sea of pleasure as she came on my dick yet again.

I swung her around, facing her and pressed her back against the wall, her legs wrapped around me and her arms draped around my neck, grabbing at my back as I leaned forward, locking lips while doing all of this. I felt like my world was nothing was a fire of passion bringing the “Taboo Breakers” together. I swirled my tongue against hers, her clit getting hotter as her cunt blanketed me in a great warmth, sending me a message, she was going to have a big orgasm like Anya did. I thrust into her faster and harder, not allowing her to just orgasm, I went faster to hopefully prolong her state of orgasm.

I began to play with her tit in my mouth, latching onto it and not letting go, and she had a particularly big spasm on my dick. I wouldn’t let her simply orgasm once or twice, no I was shooting for the gold. I began thrusting furiously, my hips crashing into hers, creating a slapping sound as I began to pull my hand away from her clit briefly to lay her on the counter of our kitchen, which was huge and empty right now.

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