A Family Affair

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**This is a long-promised story for a friend. Thanks for all the inspiration! Read and don’t forget to vote!**

I woke up to the feeling right before I heard the sounds of a wet, sloppy blow job. I looked down and my youngest daughter was slobbering on my knob, trying to get all 9 inches of my thick cock wedged in her throat. My hand reached out and softly stroked her head.

“Oh Daddy! You’re awake!” she said happily, her eyes sparkling as she plunged her mouth down around my member. I moaned loudly and rocked my hips up, trying to force more of my meat in my girl’s hungry mouth.

“Oh fuck! Victoria, you and your sister are both 19 now, hell, she’s almost twenteeeee,” I managed to get out before she started sucking my knob harder, working the head vigorously and using her saliva on my spit coated rod for lubrication as her hand became a blur on my dick.

“Oh, I know, Daddy, but it always makes your cock throb when you hear us call you ‘Daddy,’ doesn’t it, Daddy,” she said, giggling and went back to sucking my dick. She was right, I loved it when she talked dirty to me like that. Her other hand went to playing with my balls and between her hand stroking my dick, her mouth sucking it, and that new addition, I came in no time at all.

“Bran, Vicky! Supper time!” I heard my wife’s voice emanate from the kitchen.

“Coming, Mom!” Vicky’s voice came back.

“Already came, dearest!” I said standing. I looked around for my pants and saw them crumpled in a corner. Vicky must have taken them off for easier access to me while I slept. Goddamn I must have been tired to not remember or feel that.

We both marched into the kitchen, Vicky’s hips swinging, cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth and staining her red t-shirt. The iron was returning to my rod and it was swinging in front of me as I entered. Jean was already at the table, Katie, my wife, was still setting it.

“Mom! Vicky blew Daddy again!” Jean’s voice said and she looked at my stiffening prick with desire and jealousy.

“Damnit, kids, how many times do I have to tell you, no oral sex before supper! The way you girls cum, you’ll ruin someone’s appetite!” Katie said, shaking the wooden cooking spoon at our girls. I looked her up and down and saw that she was wearing nothing but a cooking apron that had “Fuck the Cook” written on it, the fabric stretching betist giri┼č with how tight it had been tied around her tits. It still didn’t stop her nipples from tenting the apron, however, and she turned to look at me as well.

“And you, Mr. Lucky, I keep telling you to not fuck our daughters until after their homework is done!” she mock scolded. Her hand went to my shaft and she stroked it slowly, pulling me closer. She pulled me in and lifted her apron up, pushing my stiff dick down so she could rub her clit against it. I pushed in between her thighs, feeling the wetness she had already leaked and I sighed.

“What was that about no oral sex before supper? You’re never this wet without a tongue buried in your snatch, you wild bitch. And fucking our daughter?” I asked, mocking disappointment. With her still rubbing her creaming snatch against the head of my dick and moaning lightly, I turned and faced our eldest daughter. “Jean, were you eating your mom’s pussy again?”

“No!” she exasperated. “I wasn’t eating her pussy and she sure wasn’t eating mine. I asked her too, but she wouldn’t before supper.”

“So whatÔÇŽ” I started, but was cut off by my own moaning.

“She fucked me with this,” my wife said, pulling the wooden spoon out of the soup she was making. “And then I came,” she said, putting the spoon back in the pot. She stood on her tip toes and slid my cock head into her waiting pussy, making us both sigh as it started swimming in her tight hot cunt. I looked on the tile floor of the kitchen quickly and looked back at my wife who was grinning devilishly.

“I don’t see any puddles of your cum anywhere,” I said, picking her up and using her to jack myself off. “Where could you have possibly cum, love?” I asked, knowing exactly what she was going to say and the simple thought made my dick twitch uncontrollably deep in her belly.

“Oooh, you know I can’t concentrate when you do that,” she whimpered.

“Love, did you make your mother cum in the soup?” I asked my daughter. She blushed heavily but nodded enthusiastically. My dick was throbbing at full bore in her pussy. Her cunt started juicing harder and milking my dick as I picked carried my wife to the table where our daughters were sitting.

“Kids, clear the tableÔÇŽdinner’s about to be served,” I said. With blinding speed, our daughters picked the plates betist yeni giri┼č and bowls up from the table and cleared the flowers from the center of the table. My short blonde wife was set down and I buried my cock to the hilt in her pussy and shot my second load off for the day. Her hips kept humping at mine, stretching her tight box as she kept squeezing the cum from my dick. I moaned and shivered as her pussy worked its magic on my wilting rod.

“Soup’s on, kids, dig in,” I said and pulled out. Their mother moaned in protest, but her complaint quickly faded to lust as Jean slid between her thighs.

“Hey, no fair, you’ve already tasted mom today!” Vicky said, whining. Her hands busied themselves as she spoke by striping down completely naked.

“Well, you’ve already tasted Dad, so piss off,” Jean said and teasingly licked the thick drops of cum from her mother’s snatch as they rolled out, her pussy still contracting in orgasm.

I motioned to Katie’s face and Vicky’s frown quickly turned into an impish grin and she licked her lips slowly.

“Feed your mother, she’ll be thirsty after your sister’s done with her,” I said. Vicky bounced over to her mother and dropped her pussy to her waiting tongue, propping one leg up on the table, keeping the other on the floor. I watched her mother’s pink tongue shoot out and her lips lock onto our daughter’s sex and my semi-hard cock started to stir.

Jean reached over and started stroking its length as I watched my daughters fuck and get fucked by my wife. It wasn’t much time of watching the tongues dance across pussy lips and listening to the moans that I was back up to full length and throbbing again. My hand started caressing Jean’s ass and playing with her puckered hole.

“Oh yes, Daddy!” she purred and started swinging her ass back and forth, trying to maintain contact on her rear entrance. I felt her ass open up for me and in no time, I slid behind my eldest daughter and slid all 9 inches up her ass, loving the hot, tight hole.

“I can’t decide what’s better, baby,” I said, slowly pulling back out. She moaned loudly and I felt a gush of her pussy juice coat my balls. “It’s hard to tell, whether your ass is better,” I said, slamming into her, making my wife moan as Jean’s mouth crushed against her clit. I pulled out quickly and impaled her pink, drooling betist g├╝venilirmi cunt, “or your pussy,” I said in the process. She screamed into Katie’s clit, making Katie cum like a fire hose and scream into Vicky’s pussy, tripping her off as the vibrations shook their honey pots like an earthquake.

Jean’s pussy started spasming around my dick and eventually clamped down so hard I couldn’t move it in her creaming pussy. Her tight muscles kept squeezing harder and trying to coax more cum from my spent balls. It never ceased to amaze me how much Jean’s pussy felt and behaved like her mother’s ever-tight, always juicy box.

The girls started coming back down and Jean calmed down enough that she let go of my dick. I immediately pulled out and rammed it home in her ass, making her scream some more and making her pussy let loose another volley of juice. She stood up, her whole body shaking and crushing against mine as I used her like I used her mother not 5 minutes ago, riding her up and down on my stiff pole, using her to fuck myself.

Vicky took the opportunity to dive down on her mother’s recovering pussy and noisily started slurping her cunt, licking up all the juices and moaning loudly. Katie started eating our daughter’s cunt again, and soon both their hips were bucking against each other’s faces again, cum shining on their cheeks.

“Oh God, yes! Fuck me, Daddy!” Jean screamed her head thrown back. I bit down on her neck and she started screaming in a continuous volley, her pussy spasming so hard on my dick I thought I was going to get bruises. My throbbing meat popped out of her cuming pussy by accident with a loud slurch and a rush of my daughter’s cum down my legs. I held her there for an instant, listening to her juice splash onto the floor, joining the puddle forming under us from both her and her mother. I eased her back down, my dick sliding juicily back into her ass.

Her cum was pushed out of her pussy, rolling down her slit to her ass, lubing and warming my shaft and balls as I started to fuck her ass mercilessly, her body flopping like a rag doll in my hands. It didn’t take me much more time of being in her tight ass before I came again, adding two little squirts of my white fuck juice to the flood of cum washing down my legs. I set my girl down gently in a chair and watched her body twitch in nearly continuous orgasmic heaven.

I sat in my chair with a heavy sigh, feeling the splashed cum under my ass on the hard wood seat. Eating dinner didn’t even cross my mind and I closed my tired eyes again, falling asleep to the sweet sounds of my daughter lapping slowly at my wife’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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