A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 11

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This is the last experience in this series, and I hope I saved one of the best for last. Mandi and I returned to Germany for another three years. I will continue bringing my nasty adventures to you that I enjoyed in Germany. Some were even crazier, wilder, and more intense than I ever experienced while I was “Lost in the Woods!”

Mandi and I met LaDonna and Gregory almost by accident. I barely knew Gregory by sight. He was a drill instructor in the unit next door to mine, and we occasionally were in training cycle together, but more often off cycle by a week. We were on cycle together when we finally got a late summer cycle break, and there was a bash for all three companies’ permanent people. This was only about 13 per company, but we reserved a remote training area where we could raise hell, make noise, and threw a knock-down killer party.

I was working 3 grills and a smoker, and was just about to move between them when something soft and huge bumped into my back. When I turned around it was a black girl, basically OK looking, but she had on a loose shirt and with another loose pullover under it. I though this was odd considering it was about 93 degrees that day. But another look revealed why. She had some absolutely monster tits that even strapped in a bra, shook about on their own. I smiled at her and got her something from the smoker. Later I was talking to some guys and found out she was Gregory’s wife.

Mandi and I eventually introduced ourselves and after some small talk, found that they lived across the corner from us. Later in the party, LaDonna and I got into some dirty dancing, with LaDonna grinding her butt into my crotch. Mandi wasn’t happy, but what the hell. LaDonna seemed nice enough.

Gregory was a rigid, spit and polish black guy who had made rank quickly and made it to drill instructor school very early in his career. He was about 5″10″ with a slender but muscular build. He was probably in his mid-20s. LaDonna was about 5’5″ and had a bit of jelly belly, and could afford to lose several pounds to look good. She was kinda plain looking, average features, except for those huge tits. They were so big they seemed to have a life of their own.

We got acquainted somewhat, more Mandi and LaDonna than Gregory and I. When LaDonna found out that Mandi had started doing two aerobics programs every morning, she asked to join her. This gave Mandi a morning workout partner.

Mandi taped the shows while she did them, and we would do them together in the evening after she got home from work so she had twice a day workouts. LaDonna had Mandi go to the exchange with her and they got LaDonna some athletic clothes to work out in, something that would try to support those gigantic tits. I asked Mandi after the first trip what size LaDonna was. Mandi said 38EE, but that was small. It was as large a size as they made.

One morning after their workout, Mandi and LaDonna were talking over some wine, when LaDonna told her the “life story.” Apparently LaDonna was the only child left of a family that had lost their father to prison and her mother and 3 siblings to a car wreck. She went to live with a 22 year old female cousin in the Detroit area around age 13.

By age 15, she had developed breasts that most grown women would die for, and the attention and cruel teasing was more than her young psyche could handle. She dropped out of school. Her cousin decided that she needed to learn a profession, and talked her into turning tricks. She didn’t have to walk the streets. Her cousin handled the arrangements.

Her cousin taught her how to fake getting excited, and she would just lay back and let the johns flog away at her pussy until they got off. She always insisted on a condom. She knew one position….on her back. She never even took off her shirt. She was offered extra money but she was always ashamed of the side show sized breasts. She had trouble finding bras large enough to support the load.

She ran into Gregory accidentally at a McDonald’s when he visited the area with one of his buddies who lived in Detroit. They hit it off immediately. They swapped letters and phone calls even as she continued to turn tricks for her cousin, the female pimp. Right after she turned 17, Gregory asked her to marry him and travel around the military with him.

While she wasn’t head over heels in love, she really liked Gregory, and decided he was a way out of the life she was living. They got married about two months before her 18th birthday, and after he got quarters on the post, they moved in together and set up house. I was stunned and had no idea she was that young.

Mandi really felt motherly toward her and took her under her wing. I didn’t see her very often, since she was usually back at her house by the time I came in. I did get to observe her working out with Mandi one day when I was off work on a freebie day. Those tits bouncing around almost scared me, and it was hard for the three of us to do aerobics together.

I got home from work early one afternoon, knowing that Mandi would be working at her part time job, pendik escort and found a note. She said that LaDonna needed my assistance putting together a birthday present for Gregory. I changed into some gym shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed a couple of beers and walked over to their house.

LaDonna answered the door quickly, as though she was waiting for me. It turned out she was. Someone had helped her pick out some killer stereo equipment and a new TV, and she had bought a new shelf system for everything to sit on. I saw the boxes first, then noticed what she was wearing. The aerobics with Mandi had done wonders for her.

She had lost the jelly belly, tightened up the legs, and just looked better. She was wearing a stretch sleeveless shirt with a deep split and I saw immediately she wasn’t wearing a bra. Those giant tits were wiggling around like two hogs in a rooting contest. This was an interesting development since Mandi told me she never went braless. She was wearing some spandex shorts, and had gotten her hair cut and styled since the last time I saw her. She looked good, and from the neck down, looked delicious. She saw me give the once over and turned a circle a couple of times and asked me if I thought she was doing better now that she was getting regular exercise with Mandi.

“You have made some major improvements,” I complimented her.

“Thank you,” she purred, “Gregory hasn’t seen my new hair yet, so it’s a surprise.”

“He’s a lucky man,” I told her. “So where do you want to start?” I asked as I pointed to the boxes on the floor.

“Let’s get the shelf system first, and then I’ll help you hook all this stuff up. Do you think Gregory will like it?”

I chuckled and said, “I think he will shit his pants.”

With that we went to work. I completed the shelf system in about 20 minutes, and we carefully unpacked the equipment. The TV was huge but LaDonna turned out to be pretty strong and carried her end without a whimper. We took a break before running wiring, and she got me a beer. I noticed she had brought a glass of wine.

“When did you start drinking wine?” I asked.

“This is Mandi’s fault,” she laughed, and took a long drink.

“Careful,” I told her, “If you get fucked up I may have to take advantage of you!”

She laughed a deep laugh and asked, “Do I really have to get fucked up first?”

“Well, not really,” I quickly replied, “but I am trying to be a gentleman here.”

“Well,” she sighed, “you don’t have to be.”

I took that as a good sign and decided to get the stereo equipment in working order as soon as possible. We ran the wiring, hooking up the TV first, and then the amp and receiver. After getting the speakers and everything else set up, I did a test run, and asked her to grab her favorite CD.

I popped the CD in and cranked up the volume. She had picked some funky R&B with a kicking bass beat, and as I sipped my beer she started dancing. I joined in and we suddenly picked up where we left off at the picnic, bumpin’ and grindin’ into each other. She would thrust her ass back toward me with a slam, making immediate contact with my crotch and then pull away, only to bounce her ass up and down against me.

I swallowed the rest of my beer and while the next song was coming up, and went to the kitchen. She followed me and refilled her wine glass. She downed the glass in one long drink. After filling it again, she headed back to the living room and started dancing again. We bumped and banged a while until she backed up against me and I reached around and grabbed both those huge breasts.

They were heavy and full, and I could feel a tiny nipple on each side stiffen. She ground her crotch back into me for a moment and spun around to face me, breaking my grip on her tits.

“I have never done anything with a white guy,” she blurted out with a wide eyed look on her face.

“Why not?” I asked.

“There weren’t many white boys in my school and damn sure wasn’t any where I lived with my cousin,” she replied.

“So what makes me so special for a white boy?” I asked.

LaDonna went into a spiel, “Mandi and I have been talkin’, and she said you guys do all kinds of strange sex things. Some of it sounded really weird, but I figure y’all are white folks. And I figure if she is that damn happy doing some of that stuff, maybe you could teach me some things that I can do with Gregory.”

Mandi’s wine loosened lips may have just gotten me into something here.

I told her, “I would be glad to if I could be sure you would be so kind as to not mention this to Mandi, or especially Gregory.”

“Shit!” she exclaimed, “I’m no fool! My cousin taught me well that you don’t never say nothin’ about any shit you do to anyone else. That can get you killed.”

I chuckled, both at the thought and her atrocious grammar, and asked, “Then why did you tell Mandi about all those things you did that Gregory doesn’t know about?”

“Oh, that was so she could talk straight to me. I wanted to know what she thought because I think she maltepe escort is really smart and I could learn a lot from her. And when she talked to my cousin on the phone, my cousin told me that was a woman I could trust and I was lucky to meet someone so nice. I just wanted Mandi to really know who I was so we could be straight with each other.”

This was interesting, but I persisted. “Then if I help you learn some things, how do I know you won’t be straight with Mandi about that too?”

“I don’t want Mandi mad at me for nothin’!” she replied, “And I know better than that. She might go and put one of those Indian hexes on me!” (Just for the uninitiated, Mandi was part Cherokee Indian, enough so to be registered. It made her looks especially exotic.)

Now I was really amused, but told her, “OK. Was there something special you had in mind, or do you just want me to do whatever?”

“I think I’ll let you just ease into things kinda slow,” she told me.

“I can do that,” I told her, and took her arm and turned her around so I could grab those breasts again.

“Tell me the kind of things you already do,” I said to her as I nuzzled her neck.

“Oh, I just lay back and let Gregory have at my pussy. He always wears a rubber since we don’t want kids yet. Sometimes I lay on my side and he lifts my leg and puts it in me from up on his knees. That feels good too,” she rambled. “And feeling my tits like you are now is nice.”

While I appreciated the compliment, I was also curious.

“Doesn’t Gregory feel your tits like this, or any other way?”

She looked over her shoulder at me and told me, “I don’t ever take my bra off. I feel so dumb with these big ole things flopping around on me all the time, and they have been giving me shit for a long time. Gregory knows how I feel and he just lets me wear my bra or whatever.”

Now I was really curious.

“So why are you braless today?”

She had a good answer, “Mandi told me how good it feels to go without one and I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body.”

“So let me guess, you really don’t let your tits hang out in front of anyone including your husband?” I asked.

“Well, no, except once when Gregory and I took a shower together.”

I was incredulous. “You don’t run naked with your husband, or flop those big beautiful tits in his face?”

She pulled away a bit and replied, “Nope, and you really think they’re beautiful?”

I was stunned but quickly replied, “Of course, and I would love to play with them, chew on them, get my face between them, just enjoy the sight of them!”

She smiled innocently, and said, “I have never let anyone do that.”

Without hesitation I told her, “Well it’s about time you did.”

LaDonna eased out of my grip and turned to face me.

“You better mean that,” she told me, bottom lip all pushed out like a little girl pouting.

Then, without hesitation, she began to lift her shirt. I watched with fascination as she eased the stretchy shirt over those monsters and saw them wobble and shake as she cleared the shirt over her head. Gigantic, pendulous, udderly huge, there was no description too great. No wonder she got a back ache during aerobics.

They had to have been the biggest tits I had ever seen in porn pics, books or otherwise. And she had these huge areola with tiny, rock hard nipples. I was impressed and awestruck.

I gently reached out and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to me, crushing those babies to my chest. I backed up enough to yank my shirt over my head and then quickly pulled back close to me. I reached a bit lower, grabbing her ass cheeks and drew her into to where I was facing her but didn’t try to kiss her. She had her eyes half closed, and leaned her head back a bit.

After a moment she looked back at me and said, “This does feel good with my tits up against you.”

“Glad you like it,” I replied.

About that time some slower music started to play, and we began to sway and move with the music, with LaDonna rubbing her tits around my chest. I danced with her for a few minutes and then eased my hands into the top of her spandex shorts.

“Time to get out of these,” I said as I slowly tugged them over her hips.

She stepped back and took over, quickly dropping the pants onto the floor.

I reached out and grabbed her hands, pushed her back and said, “Let me enjoy the view.”

I could have sworn she blushed for a moment, and told me, “Are you really sure you want to see this?”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” I replied.

She had thick, wiry pubic hair that came up high on her belly. I asked her to turn around, and she made a slow circle so I could get a good look at her ass. It was well rounded, not quite a black girl bubble butt, but showed the results of the past exercises. I had gotten about half hard but seeing that beautiful, shiny dark brown butt just sent a shock wave through my cock, and I stiffened to full capacity. LaDonna noticed this quite quickly.

“So are you going to take kartal escort your shorts off now?” she asked.

“Sure,” was my retort, and I quickly dropped my shorts.

She leaned over for a second or too, seemingly examining my cock, and after backing away said, “I thought white boys had little ones!”

I had to laugh, “Who told you that?”

She grinned sheepishly and said, “My cousin. She told me white boys had little ones, so if I wanted to have fun, I should always do a black guy. But you’re bigger than Gregory!”

I found this bit of information interesting, flattering, but not so much that it really mattered.

I pulled her to me and rubbed my cock between her legs, finding a bit of dampness creeping though the hair. She rubbed against me for a few seconds, and pulled away. She looked at me with an odd look, and I wasn’t sure what it was, but she slowly dropped down to the floor, pulling me with her.

She laid back on the carpet, those big tits flopping on either side of her chest, and spread her legs. I had a good view of her pussy, and noticed the large, puffy lips. I went down on my knees and then slid my body down to crotch level and went for her pussy with my mouth.

She gasped and sat up. “What are you doing?” she cried.

“I was going to get a nice taste of you,” I answered quickly, “What is the problem?”

“Is this one of those things that you are supposed to teach me?” she asked.

“Of course, didn’t Mandi tell you about this?” I inquired.

“She said something about pussy eating but I didn’t know that would be the first thing you do!” she told me.

“Just remember what you’re here to do,” I said, “and that is learn. Now lay back on the floor, relax, and let me take care of things!”

She seemed skeptical at best, and dubious at worst, but slowly laid back on the floor while keeping a close eye on me.

I started on her pussy with slow licks with the end of my tongue, carefully probing into her pussy lips. She had no reaction at all, so I got a little more serious about getting the tongue in toward that pussy and slowly stroked up and down, almost touching her asshole and then running slowly and steadily until I brushed her clit at the top. Her thick hair tickled my nose and made the going tough, but I persisted.

After a couple of minutes of this, she seemed to loosen up a bit and relax, and this gave me the opportunity to concentrate on her clit. I slowly worked her clit with the tip of my tongue and noticed that it just kept growing. She moved almost imperceptibly, with a slight roll of her hips. I continued to coax her clit until I was able to get it out of its sheath. It was really big. Like the tip of my little finger. ‘Big tits, big clit,’ I thought to myself.

LaDonna was starting to get a move going, circling her hips slowly with the motion of my tongue. Once her clit was out and ready, I sucked it between my lips and pushed it back out with my tongue, slowly and carefully and firmly. This elicited a guttural moan. She was flat on her back with her legs slightly bent, arms flat at her sides.

I reached under her hips and lifted ever so slightly, grabbing a handful of butt cheek, and began to work her clit with the in and out motion, sucking it between my lips and immediately pushing it back out with my tongue. LaDonna barely moved, and her eyes appeared glued shut. It was a bit difficult to tell if I was working on a good thing since her tits partially obscured my view of her face. But I went to work in earnest and felt her clit grow even larger.

I had this sudden panic of sucking a cock for a second, and then laughed quietly to myself and kept working her clit. She moaned again, and without so much as a twitch, suddenly exploded off the floor, almost wrenching my neck. I stayed locked onto her clit and held her hips down as best as I could, and she bounced violently a couple of more times and finally, again without warning, let out a shriek that would have hurt my ears had I not had them partially covered by her thighs. She had a couple of more spasms, and then almost jumped away from me.

She laid there on her back, gasping for a second or two, and then propped up on her elbow.

“Goddamn, what the fuck was that?” she asked.

I was perplexed, “What are you talking about?”

She looked at me with a severe, almost pissed off look and said, “Just what the fuck was that?”

I wasn’t sure what she wanted to know. All I knew was that she had a killer orgasm and she was asking me dumb questions.

“Damn. What the hell happened to me?” she asked petulantly.

That’s when it dawned on me, the ORGASM.

“I’m gonna guess you have never had an orgasm,” I said quietly.

She was laid back on the floor, and opened her eyes for a second and said, “Damn, so that’s an orgasm! Oh shit……I just cum for the first time!”

I couldn’t help myself, and my cock, already about to burst, sprang up even harder with pride. She had her first orgasm. I was proud, considering that she had let about 200 men fuck her for money, and she had been married to Gregory for over a year. That’s when I noticed the time and realized that Mandi would be home soon and I didn’t have the time for any more fooling around, even though I really wanted to fuck her senseless.

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