A Day Off

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It was a deliciously warm day on Maui and I finally had a day off. I considered making a trip to Little Beach, a favorite beach for locals and tourists alike, who enjoy nude sunbathing. However, after some thought, I decided the prospect of the long beach walk and climb over lava rock, required, just didn’t fit my mood.

I opted instead for a nude tanning period on my own lanai. The house was secluded, well sort of anyway, with high hedges on the South, a small service road, rarely if ever traveled, on the eastside and the house structure closed off the view from other directions. I walked out and put down a folding mat and began stripping out of my clothes.

I stood enjoying the suns warmth and applied lotion to most every part of my body, not worrying over the areas that were inaccessible. Kneeling down, I positioned myself for comfort and relaxed, knowing I would get good sun today, it was a cloudless day and already getting quite hot. Time never matters during the sunning, but it always seems like it is so much longer than you figure.

Whatever the reason, I found myself thinking about sex. In particular, my exploits over the years and wondering just how anyone really gets sexually involved. I had turned a few times and started to feel mid-day heat when I heard a voice,

“Aaahem.” I heard it say. Opening my eyes, and shielding them from the sun, I saw my neighbor standing directly over me, without blocking the sun. It was Renee, and she smiled warmly and continued on saying,

“Looks like you’re enjoying the day!”

“Jeesus Renee, you scared the shit out me!” I shouted at her. Laughing, Renee told me she was doing some yard work and saw me sun bathing, forgetting to add in NUDE, and couldn’t help but surprise me.

“Well, you did that all right!” I said, and added, “I suppose you’re enjoying the view?”

“Can’t lie, Mike, I sure am, she responded and raised an eyebrow, winking at me.

Renee was a petit lady, not a raving beauty, but certainly far from unattractive and I had always wondered what she looked like naked. She had full, big breasts and today her nipples were standing out quite nicely, something to do with standing over my naked body, I surmised. Her hair was short and dark black, framing her tanned face, and hi-lighting her full red lips and dark eyes. She stood eying me, wearing one of those very, light, almost see through day dresses, that was obviously a little too short, for even her frame. She switched position slightly, enough to make he ass wiggle and crossed her arms just under her breasts, exaggerating her already ample cleavage.

“So, anyway… she continued, my husband is out of town aaaand… you looked like you might be able to help me.” She said, giving me another wink.

“Like this!” I said, gesturing with hand at my nakedness.

“To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind!” she laughed, and added, “But, if you must put on something, then throw your shorts on and give a hand, will you?” she laughed again, never taking her eyes off my body. I sat up and she extended her hand to help pulled me off the mat, watching as my cock bounced lightly and starting to grow some.

“Very nice, neighbor, very nice indeed!” she grinned at me and sat down on a deck chair to watch me slide into my shorts.

“Thanks, glad you’re enjoying yourself so much!” I replied a little miffed. Dressed, we headed off for Renee’s place, she walked slowly in front of me, and seemed to be exaggerating her hip movements, or maybe it was just my imagination caused by my earlier thinking. One thing for sure, her breasts were swaying mightily under that flimsy dress and her ass was beating to a rhythm I couldn’t hear!

We took the service road and entered her gate, proceeding up the lawn to her back door. “Hey, I thought you said you were doing yard work?” I asked.

“I am silly, but I need something to drink. How ’bout you?” she questioned me, as she went through the door, with a look that was a little too coy.

“Ya, I’m parched and was just going in for a beer anyway, when you show’d up.” I called back to her.

Renee returned shortly and handing me a cold beer, said, “This really is nice of you. Hope I didn’t shock you too badly?”

“Nah, and thanks for the brew.” I commented and took a seat at her patio table.

“So, we’ve been neighbors for what… 2, going on 3 years now, huh? Funny how we’ve never really gotten together in all that time isn’t it?” Renee asked, as she took a seat next to me, placing her feet on the edge of my chair.

“What do you do for a living, anyway, I mean besides nude sunbathing, getting your neighbors all hot and bothered?” and she laughed.

I looked at Renee, with one eye closed and the other open, as I tipped a first long cool drink down my throat and responded, “Construction mostly, but I dabble in photography and writing when I have the time.”and launched a belch that was abit too loud.

“Oh, really!” Renee looked surprised and added, “I suppose its naughty stuff!” and grinned at me, wiggling her toes against my leg. I hesitated bursa escort briefly and Renee took the opportunity to go on,

“Guess I’m right?” and she slid her left foot inside my shorts leg and began to rub my thigh with her toes. “You gotta tell me about it. Erotic pictures? I mean real sex stuff? Is that it?” she asked, licking her lips, excited at what I might say.

“You guessed it.” I said, taking another drink, to Renee’s obvious disappointment.

“Oh come on Mike! You ain’t given this girl a thing! I mean do you have sex with these women while you’re taking pictures, or what?” she egged me on, and slid her other foot over my leg and rested it in my crotch.

I leaned back, took another long drink and thought to myself, “Man she’s bold!” as I felt my cock start to stiffen slightly. I placed my hand on Renee’s foot and started to massage between her toes and went on…

“Sometimes I do, but not all that often. Mostly, if I see they are uncomfortable I offer to strip down with them. You know, ease the tension? It works almost every time and I get some really great shots, especially when they see me getting a hard on!” I said to Renee, and started to chuckle at Renee’s opened mouth expression.

“Sweet Jesus! I’ve got a porn star living next door to me! Who knew?” Renee spoke up, slowly, with eyes wide. She shook her head to clear her thoughts, withdrew her feet from my chair and jumped up, saying, “Don’t you move a muscle! I’ve gotta get us another drink!” and ran for the house.

“What about the yard work and help you wanted?” I called out to her.

“Fuck the yard work!” I heard her say, as she disappeared into the house.

Renee reappearing in the doorway, had drinks in hand, beaming a large smile. This time she came with two hi-ball glasses filled with vodka and soda… “Hope this OK? It’s all I have right now.” she said, placing the glass in front me.

She sat down, drew her legs up and splayed out her feet at opposite sides of the lawn chair and wrapped her arms around her knees. It gave me a perfect view of her shaved pussy, under the day dress. A pussy that appeared wet and I don’t mean from sweat either, and she started in again, oblivious to what she had presented me for eye candy…

“Erotic pictures huh? God, my daughter would be thrilled, as much as I am, if she knew. She’s 19 and the other day I caught her deep into a porno film! I was shocked but sat down and we finished watching it together. It was the first time she really opened up to me and what an eye opener, let me tell you!” she commented, giving me a knowing wink.

“What? She wants to be porn star?” I asked, straight out and took a sip of the vodka/soda, while letting my gaze drop to Renee’s pussy again.

“No, not that. She told me her boyfriend had been taking a few pictures of her, they weren’t very good and thought it would fun if she got some professionally taken. Just for kicks, as she put it.” Renee said smiling at me, and I think just beginning to realize what she had been showing me.

“Wow, and your looking at me like I might…” and Renee cut me off.

“Hey, I’d even pay you! But what I had in mind… actually it just came to mind in the house, is doing a set with my daughter! I think she’d get a real kick out it, I know I would. I mean I don’t know for sure, but she’s due home any minute and I can introduce you!” Renee beamed and added,

“Wadda say? Stick around for a little while longer?” and with a short pause, “Sorry I gotta spoil your view… care for a fresher?” Renee giggled and got up to play hostess.

“I think I need one dear. My cock is feeling like it needs a break too!” I said, laughing and winked at Renee.

“Hey, run next door and get a few samples of your work OK? I’ll be just a little longer than before.” Renee said, looking over her shoulder, grinning at me. I did as requested, glad for the break. I changed into my see through, purple, banana holder thong and wrapped a towel around my waist. Grabbed a thick photo album and my digital camera and headed back to Renee’s. “Hey, if the opportunity is knocking…be ready!” I thought to myself.

I caught Renee unaware. She had changed too and I saw her bare, luscious, round ass as I passed through the gate. She had put on a thong bathing suit showing off her full attributes, browned by the Maui sun. I took a few quick pictures as I advanced towards her lanai, capturing Renee as she busied herself with drinks and seating arrangements.

“Oh my God, you startled me Mike!” she said jerking around, showing me her breasts, now covered by two very small triangular patches, just covering her areolas. The patch covering her smooth, shaved pussy, was just as small and disappeared into her labia mounds well before rounding her crotch. As her breasts stopped wiggling, I said,

“Soorrry! Niiiice bathing suit Renee! You look hot in that thing!” I grinned, showing her the album and camera.

“God, thanks… I think I’ve still got it? Wha’d ya think?” and with that she did 360, arms out, stopping only to wiggle her bare ass at me and laugh.

“Hey, bursa escort bayan you’re makin’ me hard!” I responded and we laughed together, and I added, “Where’s your daughter?”

“She’s in the house! I told her about you… you know, what you do and suggested that we do a photo shoot together!” Renee beamed.

“And?” I asked, eye brow raised.

“It’s your lucky day neighbor! She’s getting ready right now and even suggested I put this on!” Renee giggled and squeezed my arm. “You are ready, aren’t you? I mean I see you brought the camera, but…. In case we get…” and I cut her off, undoing my towel to show her my see through thong and enlarged cock.

“Jesus, that is nice… no wonder you get the women to relax!” Renee said, wide eyed and added, “Rebecca is going to love you!”

Hearing footsteps we both turned to see Rebecca exit the doorway, in long graceful strides she approached, smiling wide, showing off a beautiful set of perfect teeth, she said, “Hi, I’m Rebecca!” and held out her hand.

I stuttered a little, trying to catch my breath, and grasping her hand said, “Hi Rebecca, I’m Michael, your photographer for today.”

“Nice to meet you Michael. May I call you Mike?” and she grinned at me, adding, “Mom’s told me all about you and her idea. I think I’d love to do it. Do you like what I picked out for her?”

I was speechless, for one of the few times in my life. I stood staring at Rebecca, a lithe bodied, Maui, girl. She stood scant inches from me, her long brown hair tied off to one side and hanging down just covering her breast. Her breasts were large, but firm with youth and her nipples poked through the sheer white bikini top she wore, a tiny string holding the two cups together. Her bottom was French cut, with high, hip riding, strings that swooped down into a small sheer crotch triangle that lay tight against her obviously clean shaved pussy, before disappearing between her legs.

“Aaaaa, aaa… ya, I love what you picked for her, Becky. May I call you Becky?” I stammered.

“Sure, most of my friends do. I guess you liked what I picked out too?” and she smiled warmly at me.

“Your mom’s a hot lady, Becky, and you…. and you are a real sex goddess, Jesus!” and I turned to smile at Renee saying, “I think you’re trying to give me a heart attach!” We all laughed and felt the tensions ease, after breaking the ice, when Rebecca piped up,

“So, what did you have in mind, Mike? I see you’re ready.” as she reached out and lightly touched the head of my cock, through my thong, giggling and winking at her mother.

“I told you she’d love you Mike. But, that not fair…” and not to be out done, reached over squeezed my cock, lightly. “OK, now we both see you’re ready. Grab your camera and let’s get started!” Renee giggled and hugged her daughter.

“OK ladies, here’s the deal. I don’t do too many “posed” shots. So, we’ll get those out of the way first.” I said, readying my camera.

I felt my cock start to shrink some, as my mind began focusing on the photo shoot, but I could feel the wet spot the girls had helped create and I smiled to myself, thinking, “God bless Maui.”

I started with mom, first. Getting Renee positioned to take advantage of the lowering sun and the soft light created, I had her raise her arms and place her hands behind her head.

“Look up a bit more darlin’… like you’re watching something off in the distance. Great, now hold that for a moment.” I said, and began snapping shots of Renee’s lovely face and ample breasts. I walked around her, squatted in front her, leaned in close and took a series of pictures to capture her femininity in all its glory. I heard Becky giggling in the back round, saying, “Mommm, your nipples are coming out!”

“Hey, smart ass, your turn is coming up. This ain’t as easy as it might look!” Renee replied back, and purposely grabbed one triangle of her top to expose her nipple fully. As it turned out later, it was one of the her best shots, completely natural as I caught her fingers exposing the hard nipple and the look of sexuality on her face as she did so.

“That was great Renee. Now bend forward, put your hands on your knees and look up at me.” I said quickly, to savor the moment between mother and daughter. It worked. A Marlyn Monroe shot, if there ever was one. Renee’s beautifully large tits were squeezed by her arms, both nipples were now in view and Renee’s smile was absolutely stunningly sexual. Becky giggled again and asked, “Hey, when do I get a turn?”

“Right now girl… are you ready?” I asked smiling at her.

I placed Becky at the lanai table, elbows resting on the table, framing her tits. I asked her to make sure her nipples were above the table line and to put her hands under her chin. “She’s a natural…” I thought and watched as she lifted slightly, placing both firm breasts on the table, which created more cleavage and made her nipples even more pronounced.

“Tilt your head slightly for me and think about the last big cock that you sucked!” I said to her, as I readied the camera. It worked escort bursa again, Becky’s eyes gleamed, her lips parted slightly and she started to lick her lips. Click, click , click…

“Now lean back hun and put one arm on your head, great! Now, lift one leg and put your foot in the chair, tilt your head back, juuuust a little….That’s IT!” I shouted and began another series. Around I went, taking pictures of Becky’s face and breasts, zooming in and backing out, exploring every angle I could think of.

Renee sat quietly in a chair, watching, her smile growing larger with each picture I took. When I came around to her side of the table, focused on Becky, Renee slipped her hand between my legs and began to my massage balls…

“I love how you work…” she said softly. “My daughter is enjoying the hell out this!”

“I love it too and you ladies are a perfect dream…I won’t screw this set up, believe me!” I said and allowed Renee to have her fun.

Turning back towards Becky I said, “OK Becky, you relax a while. I think your mom is getting herself ready for another picture session.” I smiled at her and pointed down.

“MOM! Oh My GOD!” Becky shouted out and then began to lick her lips.

“Renee, I want you on the table…lie on your back and prop yourself up with your elbows, OK?” I said, and Renee obediently climbed on the lanai table top. “OK, raise your knees and spread your legs… I want you to think about feeling my balls and what you want me to do with my cock later!” Damn if it didn’t work again! Becky started to giggle and I dropped down to capture Renee’s sultry look between her spread legs. Her labia wet and slightly enlarged, filled the foreground as the photo followed her up her belly, past her breasts, now completely bare, as she had removed their restraints, and up to her face. A few positions later and many photos, Renee was totally wet and was using her fingers to massage her clit on the last series.

“Jesus mom, I didn’t realize how hot you could be!” Becky said, after watching her mother’s performance. “You did all that by just squeezing his balls?” her look changing to amazement.

“Not exactly, baby. It was the suggestion he planted that started most of it, you know?” Renee smiled back at her daughter, and added, “Try it!” I stood off to the side, waiting to see what Becky’s response would be, camera ready, of course!

Turning, Becky stepped up to me and placed her hand on my chest and began to gently squeeze my nipple. She looked at me, with a real moon cow’d look, that instantly made my cock rise. “I think I’m ready for the real good shots now.” she said slow and softly as she reached down and began to massage my hardening cock. Seeing she accomplished what she wanted, Becky stepped back and removed her suit top and through it over her shoulder. She asked me to untie the bottom of her suit and as I did she pulled my thong down, exposing my hard cock and trapped my thong top under my ball sack.

“That’ll do nicely.” she purred and turned to get on the table.

Becky slowly, with enormous sexuality, climbed on the table top, her tight young ass pointed directly at me, and said, as she looked back over her shoulder, “Now what did you want my mom to do with that hard cock of yours? …Cause… I think I have my own ideas!”

The look was incredible and my camera went nuts. I captured her tight labia, picture framed by her inner thighs, the swirl of brown toned muscles that formed her rectum, and as she moved, every position that spoke of this young girls offer of sex… I was dripping when I finished.

“Jesus you two! I gotta take a break, OK?” I pleaded, and put the camera down.

Renee walked up to me, reached out grabbing my cock, and began gently massaging it telling me, “No problem. You two are working pretty hard” she grinned, and gave my cock a final squeeze. “I’ll get us another drink and you and Becky can decide on more pictures, OK?” Renee said, and walked off, shooting me a glance as she massaged her tits.

Becky slid over to the edge of the table letting her legs hang down, slightly spread. With one finger she motioned for me to stand in front of her and when I did she bent over, licking the pre-cum from the head of my cock. Finished, she looked up with a, I want your cock in my pussy look, and smiled…

“Yes, you sexy thing? What have you got in mind?” I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“Well…” she said as she traced the head of my cock with her finger, “I’d love to sit on your lap and watch mom’s expression when she comes out!” without batting an eyelash.

“But…bu…”I tried to object when Becky cut me off.

“Sit down Michael. It’ll be fun, watch!” she said and pushed me into a chair.

Becky quickly jumped off the table and turned around, before I could object and backed up to me.

“Guide that big cock in… I know you have a perfect view!” she said, excitedly.

I grabbed my cock and aimed it directly for Becky’s sex hole, as she slowly sat on me. Like her mother she was wet too and my cock slid in almost too quickly causing Becky to raise up, shocked at my size and then slowly settle back down to bury my cock in her young pussy. Once in, Becky closed her legs and sat there like she was the only one on the chair, but squirmed enough to let me know how good my cock felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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