A Conversation with Ella

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Ella is desperate for her sons.

I received this email some time ago. It speaks for itself. But the exchange ended abruptly. Read on!

OMG …Thank you!

I just finished A Conversation Online with Rene and am absolutely exhausted. I’ve carried a passion for incest erotica for longer than I can remember hon. I’m married, with two sons, and live in what could be best described as Mayberry West, so it’s obvious a fantasy I’ve hidden from all. Finding Literotica was such a treat and finding so many female authors on the subject of incest has been wonderful. I certainly enjoyed many of your stories today, but the exchange between you and Rene was totally hot. Seriously hon, I am completely wet here and the three males of this house are in the living room watching some sport thing … but I couldn’t help it. I reached an amazing climax just sitting here … that’s why I title this OMG … Thank you!

I’ve never considered acting on the fantasy, of course, although there are moments (teen boys walking about nude and erect … some masturbation with doors ajar… typical stuff) that fuel the fantasy fires.

You presented Rene with a question regarding whether or not, if your son walked in while she was masturbating, would you invite him in to have sex or to just cum on her breasts … I know my answer. I doubt I could go through with fucking either son (18-19 y/o) but I have an intense fantasy about either or both of them ejaculating on my breasts. (I’m so afraid I’ll get caught writing this… LOL). I think I would encourage that … definitely.

Whew…I am now your biggest fan my dear. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful body of work. You’re the best!



Gosh Ella.

Such fulsome praise indeed. I LOVE to hear from ladies of our age having glorious orgasm celebrations – for that’s what they are – celebrations of who and what we are. Loving our bodies and giving that wonderful satisfaction that no man can really give. But to have your teenage sons ejaculating over your breasts – a great fantasy to get off to – all that lovely sperm splashing over our nipples and even over our lips! Mmmm! Will it ever materialize? Well, you wouldn’t be the first Ella, as you know!! There are others in my stories with similar aspirations – fulfilled as well.

Thank you for such an encouraging email. I was thinking that my conversations with other ladies would be a bit boring for others – but not so it seems! And for you to be masturbating whilst the men watch TV in the next room … well, that is very horny! Tell me more darling.

Sarah. xxxx Good morning Sarah,

You are certainly welcome hon. The compliments are very much deserved and I am the one who is appreciative. It’s refreshing to actually be able to chat with anyone regarding my fantasy, especially another female, and one who seems to be in touch with her sexuality as you are, is such a treat.

I’m typing this early in the morning, while the guys are still asleep, although at this point I really don’t care if anyone here knows anymore. My release at the computer, after reading the e-mail exchange in your story was so powerful and delightful. There is no question the smell of my sex had to be evident whenever they walked by later … I actually found the thought rather naughty and exciting … (your writing is indeed freeing).

As I stated, I’ve been fantasizing about incest since my youth, most likely as the result of growing up with two brothers and the usual exploring, fondling (no fucking) with them both (my sister and I still chat about those times fondly although she doesn’t seem to carry the fantasy although I’ve never discussed my desires too deeply with her).

My dear, but disinterested hubby, has been shut down sexually for some time. The occasional blow job seems to work to at least get him off, but I have not been satisfied by him for what seems forever. He can get it up, he can fuck me, but with no emotional interest. I’d rather forget the whole exercise completely.

Prior to my marriage, I did my share of wild and crazy things but was happy to settle down and raise a family. The only… the ONLY time I ever strayed during this marriage, was when an associate of mine and I traveled to San Diego for a seminar (Gail and I owned an art gallery at the time). Gail is about a straight as anyone I’ve ever known. I was comfortable traveling with her and continue to be close friends. A large group of us went to a country western bar and, during the evening, two young men joined our group and they were delightful! They took turns teaching us all how to do the “two-step” and we all had a great time.

Gail and I began to chat with one of the two, a young sailor stationed at the base, and it all seemed rather innocent. His dad, who was one of the bartenders, kept sending over Long Island Ice Teas … (yup… here we go… LOL). OK, long story short (primarily because I’m getting all warm here and I DO have to start breakfast … OMG). Gail and canlı bahis şirketleri I brought the young man and his dad back to our room (smack dab in the middle of the block of rooms where our original group was staying) and we spent an unbelievable night of sex with a beautiful black military man and his dad … OMGGGGGGGGGG.

Hon…it was amazing. Not only were they powerful and controlling (which I LOVED) but the sex was over the top! Everything … I mean everything was experienced. But I think the most exciting, erotic, hot and sensuous thing I’ve ever watched was my straight-laced friend Gail, who had only been with one man in her life, being fucked by a son and dad. Dual penetration! I swear I almost fainted. It was a once-in -a-lifetime evening. The idea of fucking a dad and his son was so unexpected, so bizarre that I think I orgasmed into unconsciousness.

We left the next day, and Gail couldn’t stop talking about it all the way home. She eventually became guilt-ridden but has dealt with it well lately. We continue to be close, but the night is no longer discussed.

So that’s about it as far as sexual experimentation for me over the last 20 or so years. I fantasize about the boys every time I have sex with my husband. I picture myself sucking their penises when I give James his occasional BJ. When I see the boys walking about in their shorts or even nude, I never reprimand them … I usually retreat to my room and masturbate like a wild woman.

Well … it seems I can’t even type this without have to find a release … LOL. This vinyl desk chair is all wet again. But I DO love the thought of masturbating while they are all close. I’d better get breakfast started. I don’t think I’ll even clean off the chair. We’ll see how that affects the hubby who probably doesn’t even recognize the smell of my sex any more. Thank you Sarah. Thank you for giving me the chance to discuss this all with another female. It’s been so nice to have this opportunity. You are the best!

I hope to hear from you soon hon.

Regards, Ella

Hi Ella.

Well, that was a fantastic story! Would you believe, I woke up at 5am dreaming about you – you were sitting at your computer, I was crouching between your thighs eagerly licking your dripping pussy, fingers deep inside your vagina, while you were giving your elder son a blow job, standing at the side of you. I was rather wet as you can imagine!! When he exploded in your mouth, you orgasmed with a loud series of grunts. Phew! I fingered myself back to sleep.

But I’m so pleased you feel a sense of freedom, or release, at last! You can now let your imagination have full rein and have wonderful orgasms without the least feeling of guilt. Actually, I’m rather addicted to the scent of pussy juice! It’s so erotic – and the taste is something again! Do you taste your own juices? My own girlfriend is Heather, the Vicar’s wife!! (Hence the stories!) She taste delicious! I was feeling rather like you – rather frustrated – until I found my interest in other women. But the story of your experience of two well-hung black guys really turned me on. It must have been awesome! To watch a double penetration …. wow! What a fantastic sight. I must say I’ve never had a black cock, so I’m jealous!! I expect you had both cocks as well, though not at the same time?

When I was a randy 20 + year old I LOVED sperm. I was addicted to sucking men off just for the thrill of watching them ejaculate and scooping the sperm into my mouth. I was married twice, but neither worked. Then George, a widower, came along – he’s 12 years older than me – and Wham!!! We fucked and fucked morning noon and night for days and days. Heigh ho!! His mother didn’t like us marrying though! But that’s another story!

You sound to me to be rather hungry for sex at the moment darling – but at 44 that’s only to be expected! I became a horny frustrated woman in my 40s – that slight ache in the loins – and though George was as attentive as ever, I eventually found I liked other women more, and they liked me!! Lol. I never looked back, as they say. I still get George’s cock, though I have to finish myself off these days.

I hope you finally get to watch your sons – and feel them fill your cheeks. I’d love to be there as well.

Love, Sarah xxxx

OMG Sarah …

What a way to get home … to that amazing dream of yours. I am so flattered … and so turned on (including the part of sucking Mark’s cock … I’m going straight to hell aren’t I?). Whew … so wet right now … again … thanks! As far as the black bartender and his son, no, I didn’t take them at the same time … except orally and vaginally / anally. I’d like to do the dual penetration some day. They were everything I wanted in black men … long and very girthy (is that a word…LOL?). Anally was difficult at first but things tended to adjust.

Now the interesting news (other than the fact your e-mail has this vinyl desk chair quite wet… again… THANKS… 🙂 canlı kaçak iddaa Mark came upstairs and asked what the interesting sounds were that he heard from his mom (LOL, what a blush he must have seen). I minimized the screen and simply explained that his mom was a big fan of erotica and I felt the ability to express one’s self in the written word was as important as expressing one’s self on a canvas or in song.

To my surprise he thought it was very cool and asked more questions. I directed him to the Literotica site and specifically your writings and told him to tell me what he thought and to be sure to vote at the end of the stories and to maybe send you a note because the authors like feedback. I also told him that I would appreciate it if this was our little secret, not because I was ashamed but because some people (his dad) would find fault in it for sure. Sooo, if you hear from him, be gentle hon … lol … and if you want, maybe convince him to seduce his mom … OMG … straight to hell … do not pass go … LOL.

Now I am off to masturbate, shower and fix dinner. I will be thinking of you and your finger and mouth, lips and tongue hon … and wishing so much that you were in that shower with me …:)


Well well Ella.

That’s amazing. See how fate plays into our hands sometimes. I have indeed had a message from Mark. I haven’t responded yet – but he found the stories very hot and convincing – like I was actually talking to him personally. So I guess I shall just have to nudge him in your direction – ‘hell’ is such a lovely place to be, believe me!! Fulfilling and adventurous! I don’t know what I shall reply to him yet, but I’ll certainly suggest he discusses things with you – I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have him feel embarrassed or to lose respect for his mom. Then the rest is up to you two – though how I wish I could be there to watch – maybe to feel.

I do hope the subsequent orgasm you had was special! They’ll probably get better! Send you into orbit! I’d love to join you in the shower – explore between you thighs and deep into your vagina – and a little anal probing as well. Mmmm I’m getting my own chair wet – though these days I usually put a towel on it!! LOL.

I had intended to say to you that I have chatted to several ladies, who came to recognize their bi-sexuality late in life, and some who found it with an ‘old’ friend. Sometimes the friend has been too embarrassed to discuss their sexual urges – but I must say, sex with another lady is something else again. Those soft lips kissing – and they sure know how to get the most out of sexual encounters. I never knew orgasms could be so so wonderful until I started having sex with Heather. Perhaps we should have a chat sometime to tell me what you’re thinking – I’ll send you an invitation!!How exciting!!

Sarah xxxx

(This is the message from her son, Mark.)

Hey Sarah,

My name is Mark and your stories were recommended to me by my mom, who said she knows you. Her name is Ella. I read Brief Encounter at the Beach, the Coffee Morning Surprise and mom’s favorite the Conversations online with Rachael and Rene.

I am new to erotic writings but I gotta tell ya those stories were not only hot, but actually really interesting. And hot … ha ha … wow. I like your writing, it’s like you are someone I actually know and you are right here telling me these tales. Your really good! Mom said you are really cool and I agree.


Hi Mark.

Well, this is a surprise. I don’t think the son of any of my online friends has been in touch with me before. Certainly not at the suggestion of their mom. I’m flattered. And by the kind comments you made about my writing. I obviously get messages from men as well as women, having read my stories, but usually to say how they got them sooo hard and horny – with the inevitable consequences – messy fingers!

Your mom also sent me a message to say how she’d been ‘discovered’ by you, and explained to you about erotic writing and how much she enjoys reading it – and that you might get in touch with me – and you did! I’m so pleased. It’s quite a change for a son to surprise his mom in a ‘naughty’ self-pleasuring situation. It’s usually the other way round with moms finding their sons playing with erections. But you must realize – you probably do – that women still enjoy sex after they’ve had their children – and it gets better when they turn 40! It did with me – and your mom’s no different.

The problem often is that husbands are not quite as exciting as they once were, and a little self stimulation is necessary to satisfy ones sexual urges. With a few fantasies to help – and your mom uses situations like Rene’s to get her really horny.

If you remember, Rene and her son had a chat about their feelings and agreed that they neither would lose any respect for the other if they masturbated for each other. But the important thing is never to embarrass your sex partner. I think your mom would love canlı kaçak bahis you to do it for her – otherwise why read my incest stories? – but only if you’re cool about it. It depends how close you are emotionally with your mom, because I would hate to put a wedge of embassment and silence between mom and son. You can watch each other for additional stimulation if that turns you on. And take it from there if you both agree. Let me know what you think. It’s a very personal decision! And I don’t usually act as match-maker!!


Ps I would love to be there when and if you do!!

Hey Sarah,

That is way awesome what you said. I’d love to jack off for mom. The idea sounds really hot. (And yes, I jacked off twice during my reading of your stories, just didn’t want to embarrass you by saying so). I’ve seen mom kinda naked from time to time and she has a pretty good body. She has big boobs too. I wonder if she would let me watch her too?

If you think she wouldn’t freak out I might talk to her about it. My brothers got a basketball game tonight and dad might go. So maybe I can talk to mom tonight. I’m hard right now just thinking about it. So, I’d better go jack off before anyone else gets home – haha.

I wish you could be here too to watch or to take part. Maybe a 3-some with mom dang! thank you for responding with such a great e-mail.


Wow Mark.

Well … what can I say … your mom would LOVE you to jack off for her – all over her breasts!! She’d probably cum with you – at least twice! Have you discovered what a girl hides between her thighs yet – explored the secret – that wonderful slippery vagina and soft hairy groin? Well, I’m sure your mom would be more than willing to let you explore hers. More later, but just a quick response! It’s only 2am where you are right now.


(So, I emailed Ella straight away to warn her what to expect.)

Well Ella,

Marky tells me that he has ‘kinda seen you naked’ – he thinks you have a great body and big wonderful boobs. He wonders if you would let him watch you masturbate. I’ve suggested that he talks to you – he says his brother and dad are going to the game tonight – so!! He ‘jacked off’ he says, just thinking about it! He also would love a threesome with you and me. Gosh. I told him I could suck his cock to get him to the poiint of no return, before he splashed all over your nipples, whilst I watched. This looks pretty good Ella. I’m getting over-excited about it here! DO, DO tell me what happens. Sarah xxxx

Well Sarah ………………………..

LOLOL … your photos did the trick hon. I got home and Mark wanted to talk but James was with me, so I just went to bed. I got home today about 2 hrs ago … opened your e-mail and when I saw the photo of your body I got horny and started masturbating. Mark came home but I didn’t stop when he walked in (I had already read your other e-mail).

He said I should keep doing it and he wanted to watch … omg I didn’t know when his brother would walk in. (I’m so shaking right now hon.) I stripped off my clothes and laid on the floor and began to rub myself while Mark stood above me and watched. He asked if he could do the same and I said I’d like that. OMG Sarah… OMG.

His cock is magnificent Sarah. He came so fast, all over me, the carpet my face … it was wonderful. I brought him down to me, and stroked his cock while he sucked my tits hon. He fingered me at the same time. I climaxed so intensely, Sarah I almost cried. Finally I just took his cock in my mouth and sucked him till he came again.

We laid there while he squeezed my breasts and asked if I was OK. Im not sure. Im not sure. He’s now in the shower and I just cleaned up the carpet.

I am enjoying the taste of his cum while looking at your glorious breasts baby. I want you to be here. OMG. I’m a bit confused. What a huge amazing cock he has. And balls … and that ass. OMG. I’m not sure what I feel hon. It happened so fast. Wow! He wants to fuck me too. OMGGGGG. I’m in a whirl. Or is it heaven?



What can I say? Awesome! That is probably THE most WONderful email I have ever had! I’m so very very happy for you. I just want to put my arms round you and hold you tight and whisper you name in your ear. Kiss your sperm stained lips and share the taste. Both of us naked, your big boobs and my small ones squashing together. And I’m so very glad that I was partly instrumental in bringing you both together – giving you the confidence to go ahead with your ambition. It must have been the most fantastic experience of your life – and one you’ll remember all your life. And will again, I’m sure – but the first time is always the one to remember! His fingers in your vagina – your hand wrapped round his cock. Gigantic orgasm! Covered in your son’s sperm – tasting it – wow!

Your mind is obviously in turmoil – and it all happened so fast that you weren’t able to stop to savor every second! But I hope you’re ok with it now – no regrets darling. No point! And I can tell from your email that you’re impressed with his cock – and his ejaculation. How I wish I could have been there with you – to share the exhilaration -the ecstatic moment when you saw his cock over you.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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