A Conversation with Alan

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Hello Sarah,

I love reading your mom-son stories. They get me really hard. I have masturbated many times reading your stories. I like that you’ve been able to help moms and sons get together. I was hoping you’d be able to guide me.

My name is Alan and I’m 18. Look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks Alan.

Glad to be of help with your masturbating. At 18, you probably cum more than once! So, you fancy your mom do you?


Ok Sarah.

I’ve cum a few times lol. Yes I do fancy her. She has an amazing rack and nice lips. I would love to know how she tastes. Talk soon.

Well Alan.

Perhaps you should talk to her. Do you have a close relationship? Have you discussed sex? Has mom seen you masturbate?


Ok, I can talk with her Sarah.

We haven’t talked a whole lot about sex. We are pretty close, now that it’s just my mom, sis and I mostly in the house. Dad is away a lot on business. What would you recommend I say? Thanks again. I hope you can help.

(Before I could make some suggestions, I heard from Alan again.)

Hi Sarah

After I got home from college today, I worked up the courage to ask her some questions. I told her I’m attracted to a girl at school, but am a bit shy, and I don’t want to make a bad impression. She asked what I was curious about and I told her – all of it lol.

She replied “I’m not sure if I’m the one who should be showing you how to make a woman happy Alan.” I put my head down, and she said, “well, maybe I could at least tell you how to do things correctly. Okay babe?”

I told her ok.

“We’ll have to wait till we have some time alone, with your dad and sister being around lately.”

That was it so far.


A good start Alan.

Tell me more about the conversation – in particular how she said she might be able to help you. I believe she really wants to masturbate your cock, but is too embarrassed to do it straight off. She needs a little time to get used to the idea, but the thought makes her so very horny. What next? Let the next move come from your mom, but encourage her by close hugs and maybe letting her feel your erection pressing against her body.


Well Sarah.

I told her I’m still a virgin and am afraid to make the wrong move. She asked what I meant. I told her I’m not even sure how to properly kiss a girl. She said “Ok. I don’t have time right now babe but when we have some free time I’ll give ya pointers”.

Today, after dad and my sister had left, she came up to my room and knocked. I let her in and she sat on my bed next to me. She said “so you still want your mom to show you how to kiss?” I told her yea. “Ok” she said. “What you do first is pucker your lips like this, then place them against her lips. Pretty easy huh?” she said.

“Can I try it on you, just this once to see if you like it ma?”

“Are you sure you want to?” she told me.

“Yes,” with that I puckered up and kissed her.

“That’s good sweety” she replied. At this point I was starting to get a little fired up. After kissing her it made me feel good.

“Can I try with my tongue?”

“Alan, maybe we should just take it one step at a time. If I allow us to take this too far, we’ll be pushing some boundaries that I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with.”

At this point she went on to talk about incest, and how it could affect one’s psyche. I told her I’d be fine, and I think she would be too, if she were okay with showing me more. She said she’d have to think it over, and see how she feels about teaching me more.

I’ll be talking with her again soon I imagine. What should I say?


Hi Alan

Many moms are very curious about their son’s sexuality, and secretly want to share some sex with them. You will know this from my conversations online with some of them. Your mom is clearly worried about the incest angle, and mustn’t be pushed too quickly. She has said she’s not comfortable with it, so it needs some encouragement. Does she use the internet? You might hint that you’ve been looking at my stories, but only if you really think she won’t be embarrassed.

Now that you’ve kissed her, how did she feel about that? You need somehow to be able to hug her, and hold her bottom in your hands. Does she know when you have an erection? Have you talked about young men’s sex drive?


(A few days passed.)

How are things Alan? Any progress? Sarah

Yes Sarah!

They are going good. Yesterday mom called me into her room, and said she was willing to help as long as we set boundaries. I agreed. She told me I could kiss her, as long as I didn’t tell anyone, and my dad and sis didn’t find out. As we were standing, I pressed my lips against hers. When she opened her mouth I stuck my tongue in, and she allowed me to French kiss her. While kissing her, I rubbed my penis against her several times.

She told me I was a good kisser, and that if I wanted to get better, she would continue to help. We kissed for about five minutes, during which I grabbed halkal─▒ escort her ass, and was grinding against her. Afterwards she was flush-looking and said that was about all we had time for.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Excellent Alan!

Your mom is clearly feeling horny. She’s probably reached the age where a woman’s sexual needs have reawakened, after maybe years of neglect by her husband. So, take it easy – keep hugging and pressing your erection against her. Maybe, during a prolonged French kiss, you might place one hand on a breast whilst squeezing her bottom with the other. But don’t be too eager – let your mom get used to the idea of sex with her son. I’m sure mom will overcome her embarrassment, and give in to her curiosity about your cock by feeling it in her hand.

Let me know what happens. I’m sure, given time, you’ll be fucking her.

Sarah xx

Hi Alan.

When I was half-awake this morning, I was dray-dreaming of you and mom. You were telling her how much you admire and respect her, and how you hope you can find a girlfriend as attractive and kind as she is. Someone you can share your intimate thoughts with, and get to know each other, exploring them. Mom says ‘thank you’, and kisses you. As you press your hand against her breast, she kisses you harder and explores your tongue. Then, she can’t resist placing the palm of her hand against your erection, still French kissing you.

‘I hope you don’t lose your respect for me Alan,’ she says, ‘but I’m so curious about your penis. I just want to play with it.’

‘Gosh mom,’ you replied, ‘I respect you more than ever. I just want to explore a mature woman’s body, to learn what makes it work.’

And so it went on!! Hope all is going well at your end. Flatter your mom. Tell her what a wonderful mom she is. Etc..


We’ve made out a couple times this week! While kissing I cupped her breasts slightly, I told her how good of a kisser she was. She told me I’m getting pretty good, and that soon I probably won’t need her. I told her I’ll always need her, as I pressed my erection against her leg. She asked if there was anything else I was curious about since I was already real good at kissing.

I told her I was curious what a vagina tastes like. Her eyes widened. She said “I know I’ve been teaching you how to kiss young man but I don’t know how’d you’d feel about me if I let you taste it”. I told her I would still respect her and I would respect her more if I knew. She told me she really wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.

What should I do. Thanks a lot Sarah.


Wow Alan!

I think your mum’s very keen to let you taste her – but needs time to get used to the idea. She’s probably masturbating at the thought of you between her legs! Perhaps try caressing her breasts first while kissing – I think maybe she’d be happy for you to play with her breasts, before letting you feel and kiss her pussy. I’m surprised she hasn’t wanted to play with your cock yet though. Maybe she’s waiting for you to ask her. Tell her you’re curious to know how it feels to ejaculate in a woman’s hand – or even in her mouth!

Sarah x

Hi Sarah.

After school today, my ma called me up to her room. She asked me to sit down. She said since you’re so curious about a woman’s body we can give this a try. With that she undid her pants and slipped her hands down. While doing that, she asked “are you sure you really want to know what I taste like? You’ll never forget doing this, Alan.” I told her I was sure.

“Okay then as long as no one finds out, and for the love of god don’t tell anyone at church!”

“Okay okay,” I told her, “I won’t.” She stuck her finger in my mouth and asked how is it? I moaned and told her it tasted good. I asked if I could stick my tongue inside her. She said as long as I keep doing good in college and can keep this between the two of us, it’s possible.

She tasted incredible. She did it for me a couple of times. Afterwards, she told me I should hurry off to my room and handle my business, as my sister would be home soon.

I think this really could happen!


That’s incredible Alan!

So incredible! So mom really does get off with you! She must have been really horny to scoop her juices onto her fingers for you to taste. And did you tongue fuck her really? How did she react to that? When is she going to masturbate you – and masturbate FOR you? Has she seen your erect cock yet? Tell me more!!

Sarah xx

Yes Sarah.

I was able to tongue her vagina! She kept putting her fingers into her panties, she told me she was getting horny playing with herself. Each time she’d do it, she’d moan and look at the bulge in my pants then back at my face. She asked, “does my baby want more?” I nodded. She put her fingers in my face, as I would open my mouth and slowly start sucking on them.

I told her I wanted to taste her down there. She went on to say, if I promised not to tell anyone, and if I kept doing good in college, she’d allow it this time. ┼či┼čli escort She pulled her pants off and told me to get on the bed. Once on it completely, and her in just her panties and blouse, she told me to come here. She moved her panties to the side so I could see her pussy. She insisted on secrecy and told me once I do this there was no going back.

Her vagina is hairy, and her labia is small and tight. Dark hair down there. I stuck my tongue all around it, then, finding the hole began sticking it in and out. She started moaning more, and was closing her legs around my head. I told her I was getting horny after a few minutes of this, then she told me I should take care of it. So I went to my room as my sis was coming home soon.

Do you think she’ll let me make love to her? Should I buy condoms, or would she let me do her without one … or would that be too risky?

Can’t wait to hear from you, as its been a little while since I’ve done anything with her. Thanks so much … your great!


OMG Alan!

Fab-u-lous!! must have been a life-changing moment for you, to explore her hairy pussy and tongue the wet vagina. She must have been soaking wet . Mom probably had an orgasm, but stifled it, not wanting to alarm you.

Well, I guess your mom’s been thinking a lot about what you did – and masturbating at the thought! She needs to come to terms with your actions, but I would be very surprised if she didn’t want to repeat the experience. If she seems quiet, you could ask her if she’s ok with what happened. Lots of moms have sex with their sons, tell her. Quote me, if you like.

Yes, I feel sure you’ll end up fucking … but it will take time. Be patient. Next time, tell her you’d like to know how it feels to have your cock licked by a woman. Would she like to taste you a well as you tasting her. Say you’d love to know how it feels to have your cock in her mouth.

Tell me how you go on. The delay might be due to your mom having a period, which usually lasts around five days.

Sarah xx

Hey Sara,

It was pretty amazing. I couldn’t get the image of her pussy out of my mind for a while. After getting home, she and I were alone and I brought it up. I asked if I could do it again. She asked how I did on my English test and I told her I passed with a B-. She frowned and said that’s too bad, that I should have studied harder. I told her I was trying and will do better next time

She grabbed my hand and walked me into her bedroom. She said “we have to make this fast. Your dad will be home in a couple hours.” I agreed, and told her that I’d like to know what it feels like to have my penis licked by a woman. She smiled and told me, “if you improve your grades just a little more I’ll consider tasting you down there.”

“Ready for more tips on pleasing a woman?” she asked. I told her of course. She undid her pants, lay on the bed and pulled her panties off throwing them to the floor. She said, “now normally, you want to warm a woman up with foreplay, but since I’m your mom, you don’t have to this time.” And she started giggling. Again I was licking, and this time started fingering her as well. Within a few minutes she was moaning “oh baby!”

After twenty minutes of my eating her, she seemed to collapse on the bed. I asked if I had done good, she told me that was the best she’s had in a long time. I had her juices all over my face when we kissed. “Do better at college, and I’ll help you out, like you’ve been doing for me baby.”

I’m now hoping she’ll actually let me fuck her at some point. Look forward to hearing from you, you’ve helped so much!


Hi Alan.

That is pretty amazing! Your mom’s orgasm was a big one! Did she squirm and tremble, I wonder?

You mom is rather selfish though – not masturbating you or sucking you off. She’ll be wanting more soon – and often!

Sarah xx

Hi again Alan.

I’ve been reading your email again. Next time you have a licking session with your mom, take out your cock whilst licking and fingering her, and quietly masturbate with the other hand. When your mom starts to orgasm, try ejaculating over her pussy whilst still rubbing her clit. She’ll love that!!

And when you get two A+ marks. maybe you can penetrate her with you hard cock!!


Hi Sarah.

After getting out of church on Sunday, coming home and changing, I got a chance to talk with mom. I let her know I’ve been improving in college and wanted to know when we could spend time together again. She said she wasn’t sure, since dad and my sis have been home a lot more than normal. I asked if she could just give me a bj after dad and sis had gone to the shops. She said ok.

After she’d left, mom said “we have to be very quick.” For the first time, she was staring at my penis. She licked up and down with her tongue and said, “you’re all grown up.” And smiled at me. She started sucking me down, and as she did I played with her tits. It was sooo exciting Sarah! I didn’t last long! As I started to cum, sar─▒yer escort I grabbed the back of her head and pushed all of myself inside her mouth. Some of it dripped out onto her blouse.

She told me, if she allows me to do that to her again, I’ll have to let her know when I’m about to do that.

It was great. Happy to inform you and hope to hear from ya.


Well Alan,

That’s IT! I think your mom will welcome sex with you whenever the opportunity presents itself. But ejaculating into her throat on the first time is really cool!! I think maybe she choked a bit! Not all women like swallowing sperm though. I think a fuck can’t be far away.

So now you’ve sampled her great breasts and her hairy pussy. And mom has sampled your penis and sperm. Gosh! You’ve done very well. There was a time not long ago when you thought you’d never get there! See what a little patience does. Your mom’s at the age when the sex drive is in overdrive! And maybe your dad doesn’t give her as much as she wants. Try asking her how often they have sex and let me know Alan.


Hey Sarah,

I asked her, and she told me she’s lucky to have sex once or twice a month. I asked her about us having sex, and she said she wasn’t sure.”What would you sister say,” she said, “if she found out I let you have sex with me. Or your dad … or the church?” She didn’t seem to be in a good mood. I told her plenty of sons do and everything is fine with them.

I guess I’m not sure how to proceed Sarah.


Hi Alan.

As I suspected! Your mom is a bit ashamed of wanting sex with you, and feeling unwanted by your dad. So I guess she is feeling a bit despondent, because she’s rather desperate for sex, but unsure. Does she masturbate I wonder – well, I’m sure she does, thinking about sucking your cock. You need to reassure her that no-one will find out if you’re careful, and she should start thinking about herself for a change – having a little happiness and joy. Not to feel guilty about having a little sexual enjoyment with you.

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah,

Earlier in the week, mom and I had a long talk about what we’ve been up to. She told me she had been giving it a lot of thought, and she concluded that she was willing to give it a go one time, as long as I wore a condom, and that I wouldn’t bring it up. I agreed, and asked her when, she said she wasn’t sure but some time soon.

Well, last night I heard her come home – she had gone out with the girls. Dad was away on business. I heard her come home as she woke me by being a little loud, and sounded rather drunk. I didn’t think about it much, and tried to go back to sleep. Within about an hour, I heard her at my door, which was ajar. She whispered, “Alan, are you awake?” I told her yeah. She came in my room, closed the door and walked up to my bed. She asked me again if I was sure about this and I told her yes. She said ok, climbed on my bed and started undressing. From what I could see in the dark, she removed her pants and panties, but kept her blouse on. I was getting turned on of course!

She whispered that she’d bought one of my dad’s condom. “I hope he doesn’t notice one missing!” she giggled, whilst she opened the pack, and rolled it on my erect cock. With condom on, she asked, “are you ready?”

“Yeah!” I said, full of excitement at the thought of penetrating my mom’s pussy. She told me to keep it down, as my sister was home, just down the hall. She straddled her hips over me, hovered her pussy over my cock, then, with a long low sigh, very slowly sank down on it to the hilt, and started to ride me, sliding up and down. Oh God! Sarah. It was utterly mind-blowing! I couldn’t believe I was back inside the place I came out of. It felt electric being inside her. Fucking unbelievable! I was trembling!

While she was fucking me. she moaned quietly. “Fuck me baby, give momma what she needs.” And “you feel so good in me!” She leaned down to kiss me, and tell me she loved me. Then, she whispered in my ear, panting, ‘Oh my God babe. This is so fantastic! Mmmmmm!’

Slowly we started moving faster. I started to moan well. She leaned down and stuck her tongue in my mouth, while pounding. She told me though her gasps that I was a bad boy for wanting sex from her. But she allowed it anyhow! Gaining confidence, I started to meet her thrusts with my own, slapping into her wet pussy, until I felt unable to prevent myself from coming! I felt it coming up from deep down. I whispered that I was gonna come. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on me as hard as I could. To the very hilt.

It was amazing. I’ve never cum some hard in my life! When we finished, she told me that was lovely. And that she hoped I learned a lot.

This morning we didn’t talk a whole lot. I’m wondering now if she’ll let me again, and how I can go about going bareback with her. Thank you hope to hear from you soon.


Gosh Alan!

There you are, you see! It took a little Dutch courage for your mom to overcome her nervousness! She must have been so delighted to feel your cock inside her at last, having been thinking about it for days! When mom got into her own bed, she probably masturbated to another orgasm, re-living the sensation of fucking you. And maybe even a third, until she went to sleep tired and happy! Believe me, Alan, she’ll want it again – and soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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