A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 12

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When Cassie came home later that afternoon, Annie was busy making dinner. Her daughter walked in the back door looking a bit disheveled, “Okay!” said Annie, “here she comes now! Wow, you look like you had a rough day! Did you finish your projects?”

Cassie smiled at her mother, “Oh yes, and I’ll get an ‘A’ for sure; our papers are awesome!”

“That’s terrific! So Robbi and Carla are good partners huh?”

Her eyes twinkled and she replied, “Yep, I think Melanie and I made some new friends this week!”

Annie studied her face, “Did you four complete your…” she paused for the effect, ‘deal?'”

Cassie colored slightly, “Uh, yes…uh huh, it was pretty interesting!”

Annie’s eyebrows raised, “Interesting, yes…after last weekend, I’m sure it was ‘interesting!’ Will I be getting the details soon?”

Her daughter twinkled some more, “I need a shower, be right back.”

Normally, Cass took her time with showers. She enjoyed the water and the sensations; her own hands made it all low-key erotic. Today she was drained but very satisfied! The water and shower gel removed all traces of the sex, and she sat for quite a while blow-drying and brushing out her hair. When she got back to the kitchen, Annie had set the table, and she was just about to call the men out in the yard. Smiling she said, “Details have to wait, food’s ready.” Cassie smiled back; she didn’t really want to talk about it yet, she was too busy savoring it.

Dinner was uneventful except Derek informed them that he had been given a small role in the school Christmas play.

“Hey,” said Cass, “you could be ‘Tiny Tim’ on crutches, right?”

Derek made a face at her, “Yeah, except I’d be blessing everyone but YOU!”

They all broke up and Annie said, “So what part did you get?”

“Jacob Marley, I get to rattle everyone’s chains!” and that broke them all up again.

Later on the guys went in to watch a ball game and Cassie helped her mother clear the table. “Okay, how about now, what happened? It was fun huh?” Cass didn’t go into graphic detail, but there was just enough to get Annie’s motor running in high gear. She knew how beautiful Robbi’s body was and the imagery was turning her on. “Sweetie, that sounds so hot! So you’re going to be friends with them now?”

“We definitely will, but I won’t say how often; it’s too soon for that. I have Steve and Melanie; that’s quite a lot for now.”

They finished the dishes and Annie sat down next to Chris. She nuzzled against him and he put his arm around her. She watched silently until the end of the inning and then whispered in his ear, “Is this game almost over?”

“Two more innings.” He turned toward her, “what are you thinking?”

Her eyes fluttered briefly, “My clit…it needs a tongue on it!”

Chris choked down a laugh, “It’s just a fuckin’ ball game; there’s another one tomorrow!”

“Follow me!”

Halfway up the stairs, Annie already had her top off, and once inside the bedroom, she shrugged off the straps of her bra and inverted the cups below her titties. They stood there and kissed for just a few seconds and then she guided his head down to her nipples. The first touch of his mouth sent an erotic shudder through her, and when his tongue began flicking at the hard point, she moaned and held on to the back of his head. Chris worked her pants down, pushed his hand down the front of her panties, past her mound, and covered her pussy. His middle finger invaded her slit. Just before he touched her clit, he switched to the other tit and Annie moaned again.

“God,” her voice was raspy, “you’re so fucking good at this! Mmm…” Chris began fingering her and sucked harder on her nipple. “Ohhh, fuck! Mmm…Fuck Yes!” Her moaning was accelerating toward a climax when he pushed her down on the bed and whisked her panties off.

“My fingers say your clit is ready for my tongue! Is it?”

She pulled her labial lips apart, “Oh yeah! Eat me…Eat my pussy, Babe…c’mon!” He wasted no time and dove right in; his tongue was a blur on her button and almost immediately Annie was humping into his face. She let go of her pussy and grabbed the back of his head smashing his mouth into her twat and urging him on, “That’s it, Oh my God…that’s good, that’s SO fucking good! Mmm, Unghh, Mmm, MMMM, Ohhh Yeahhh!” She cried out and came all over his face but never let go of his head. “Stick your tongue in me! C’mon…do it! I’m your whore, Baby! I’m your fucking slut whore, make your slut cum again, PLEEEASE!”

Chris was almost laughing into her cunt, but he did his best to keep the moment going. Several times he stabbed his tongue into her wet tunnel and making her groan some more; then he paused for a second, “My slut, huh?”

She pulled his face back in again, “Yeah, your slut; and your slut’s gonna need your big dick in her pretty soon!” Chris tongue-fucked her for maybe twenty more seconds and then went back to her clit. Annie clapped a hand over her mouth and came again with a muffled “Ohh FUCKK!”

Without even pausing to rest she sat up canl─▒ bahis on the edge of the bed and urged Chris to his feet. Jerking his pants off she grabbed his cock and sucked him all the way down. Chris gasped, “Holyyy FUCK! Mmmm…” He watched her for a bit, but the way this was going he knew he was going to fuck her ass tonight, and THAT thought was making him speed toward an orgasm. Pushing her away he said, “Doggie…let’s do doggie, you slut!”

Annie giggled and quickly positioned herself with her knees on the edge of the bed. “Am I your ‘bitch, too?” she hissed.

Chris spanked her left ass cheek with a stinging slap, “Yeah, you are…so fucking naughty! You need some more?”

“Yeah, some more!” He spanked her other cheek twice, and then shoved his prick deep into her cunt, “Ohh YESSS! God yes! Fuck your bitch! Mmm…Yeah, FUCK ME!”

If Chris hadn’t been fucking her he would have been laughing uncontrollably. As it was his hips were banging into the back of her thighs so hard you could hear it. “My bitch…Yeah, fuck my bitch!”

It didn’t take long; Annie held herself up just enough that her nipples were dragging against the sheet as they flopped back and forth. She came again with a guttural groan burying her face into the mattress. Chris paused then pulled out of her. Annie’s hair was stringing across her face now; she turned to him, “Don’t stop, Baby! Keep going!”

He had turned and opened the drawer of the night stand. “Ohh Man! I need your ass, Slut! I’m gonna fuck your ass!”

“Oh God!” She hauled herself up and positioned again on the edge. “Yesss! Fuck my ass too!” She felt him squirting lube all over her, and between her legs she saw it dripping down onto the carpet. “That’s enough, I’m ready!”

Chris snapped the cap closed and tossed the bottle onto the bed next to her, “You let me know if it gets to be too much, okay?”

“Do me! Fuck my ass!”

He held her by the hips and slid his cock in firmly. When there was virtually no resistance, he said, “Oh my God…my whore is something else tonight!”

Annie giggled, “Mmmm, yeah…your whore, God, you feel so good! Make me cum again, Please!”

He started slowly but was soon moving pretty fast; Annie was trying so hard not to shriek, but she was still pretty loud and with each thrust he could hear, “Ohh, Ungghhh…Mmmm, Gnugh…FUCK! Mmmm!”

She reached one hand, frigging her clit frantically, and exploded again! That was all Chris could handle. His own orgasm was on him and he clawed at the top of her ass as the spasms wracked him! They laid there together in a heap for a good five minutes before either of them stirred. Chris then rolled onto his back with one hand holding his forehead. Annie turned toward him and smiled. He said, “My little slut!” and they both laughed!

When she opened the door and went down into the kitchen, Cassie was getting a drink from the fridge, “Uhh Mom?”


“Just so you know, I was watching the game with Derek and he looked at me, ‘What are they DOING up there?’ I didn’t answer, it was pretty obvious!”

Annie blushed fifty shades of RED!

Life got busy then. Her hubby needed the SUV and went out of town for the week, and for some reason Cassie and Derek wanted to be hauled around every which way in Chris’ car. So it wasn’t until Friday (three days later) that Joyce called on her lunch hour. They spent the first five minutes talking about their daughters’ weekend “project;” but then, (as fate would have it) in the course of their conversation Annie happened to mention that she needed her hair done. “Hey!” said Joyce, “Just so happens I do too!” Annie began explaining that the hairdresser she had had for the past ten years moved out of state for her husband’s new job. The new person just wasn’t the same. She was okay, but something wasn’t exactly right. That’s when Joyce said, “Then you know what? Why don’t you come with me and try my stylist; she’s an older woman. Her name is Millie, and she’s great!”

Fate is funny; when Joyce called for an appointment, Millie had time for both women on Monday because of cancellations. Joyce picked up Annie and they made it to the salon right at 4:00pm. Actually, calling it a “salon” was not entirely accurate. Millie had built her shop on one side of her house. It’s door was in the rear so you drove down her driveway and parked in a four car parking area in her two acre back yard. Walking through the door, the shop was about the size of two bedrooms, but it was set up beautifully. You wouldn’t even have guessed it was in a house.

Millie was sitting on one of the three wingback chairs in the room. She smiled and said, “Hi Joyce, who’s your friend?”

Joyce gave her a hug and said, “This is Annie; she’s here to try you out, so you better put on a good show!”

Annie sized Millie up. There was nothing special about her looks, Her face was not in any way pretty, and she wore almost no make-up. Her gray hair was tied back for work. Her body was about average for a senior citizen, but it was also clear that her bahis siteleri boobs were above average in size. Her best feature was her eyes; they were very nice…a cool blue sparkling with humor. That alone doubled her attractiveness. Her smile was genuine, and when she said, “Hello Annie! I hope you won’t be too critical of this old, broken-down, sorry excuse for a beautician!” Annie decided right away that she liked her.

“Nice to meet you, Millie! And don’t worry worry; if you can make Joyce look good, then you must be a miracle worker!”

Joyce punched her in the arm, and everyone laughed. Joyce said, “I’ll remember THAT remark, bitch!” And everyone laughed again! Millie had both women sit in the two styling chairs, and she got to work, first on Joyce. There was the usual “how are you doing?” chit-chat questions, and then Joyce asked, “So Millie, no one is here but us; seems really unusual.”

“Well, it IS unusual! I had appointments scheduled for a party of four bridesmaids and the maid-of-honor all afternoon, but their wedding was pushed back and they cancelled. Good thing too because Lydia called in sick.”

“Lydia’s your assistant?” Annie asked?

“More like a partner; she has her own clientele, but like with the bridesmaids…we were going to split them up and help each other.” Millie led Joyce over to the sink on one side and washed her hair, got her set up with a hair-dryer, and then motioned Annie over for a wash. The women were chattering away about kids and shopping and other such stuff. Annie found out about Millie’s family, her husband, three kids and two grandkids. That conversation carried all the way through their haircuts and halfway through Joyce’s highlights application.

When Millie was getting some more foil for Annie’s turn, Joyce changed the subject big-time. “So Annie, do you have anything more to report regarding Melanie and Cassie’s “Afternoon Delight” project?

Annie’s head swiveled toward her friend. “Of course, but let’s talk about that later, silly!” She nodded toward Millie.

Joyce giggled and said, “Why? Millie’s very cool. Surely you’ve heard of the customer/hair stylist confidentiality agreement?”

“The what?”

“Confidentiality,” Joyce replied, “Millie would never in a million years breathe a word of what we talk about to anyone else; right Millie?”

Millie walked over to Annie’s chair and said very tongue-in-cheek, “Oh no, not ever! What was it you were talking about just now anyway?”

Joyce smiled, “See? Total confidentiality!”

Annie peered at Millie through narrowed eyes, then back at Joyce, “So you’re saying Millie knows all about you and your “exploits?”

That was something her friend clearly didn’t expect, “I don’t do exploits!”

Millie was smiling at Joyce, “You do ‘exploits?’ What kind of exploits?”

“The ‘confidential’ kind, and I wouldn’t call them exploits, they’re more like ‘adventures’!”

Millie began applying Annie’s highlights, “I think I’m too old to do either ‘exploits’ OR ‘adventures.'”

Annie and Joyce giggled at each other and Joyce replied, “Who said you’re too old?”

“Me! I told myself. It must be true; I haven’t had any of that for over five years!”

The women stopped giggling and gawked at Millie for a full ten seconds before Annie said, “No, really…you’re kidding right?”

Joyce added, “Why am I hearing this for the first time?”

Millie stopped and laughed loudly; it took a while before she said, “Hairdresser/Customer confidentiality?” Joyce cocked her head at the older woman, “Okay, maybe because I simply don’t advertise it, okay?” Joyce gave her a slight stink-eye. “Why are you looking at me like that? You never told me about your ‘adventures’ you know!”

“No, but I did tell you that Aaron and I don’t have sex anymore.”

Millie paused and looked thoughtful, “Yes, I guess I’m just gonna die a burnt-out husk of nothingness!”

Annie and Joyce giggled again and Joyce continued, “Not me! My adventures are too much fun! What do you think they’ll put on my tombstone, Annie?”

“Here lies a slut?” That drew gales of laughter, even from Joyce!

“I’m going to stipulate in my will that won’t happen, try again!”

“Maybe they’ll write, ‘Adventurer’?”

Joyce giggled some more, “I can live with that! Okay, this can of worms is open; so tell Dr. Joyce, Millie, what’s the problem here? You and hubby Chuck don’t get along?”

“Diabetes and blood pressure, his meds killed Mr Happy dead.”

“That’s sad,” said Annie, “You two tried everything?”

“Chuck is too proud, he simply gave up the fight without much effort.”

“That’s even sadder!” said Joyce. She paused and waited until the moment she caught Millie’s eye. “What about you? Where did ‘Ms Horny’ go?”

“Umm, well…I try to find ways to keep my sanity!”

“That bad, huh?”

“Well yeah, menopause can go both ways, some turn off but a lot of women turn-on.”

Annie said, “How bad is it on a scale of 1-10?”

Now it was Millie’s turn to giggle, “I would bahis ┼čirketleri say 11, but that’s a cliche which sounds stupid… so 10!”

“Oh my God!” Joyce and Annie exclaimed together.

“Don’t worry girls, I have reached a compromise with myself; I use an occasional toy and I watch a lot of Oprah and Dr Phil!”

“I assume you talked this over with Chuck?” said Annie thoughtfully.

“Yes, tried to…several times. But the last time, it got heated so I don’t do it anymore.”

Joyce looked at Annie, turned to Millie and said, “It sounds to me like you might want to consider your own adventures!”

Millie had finished with the brush on Annie and started removing Joyce’s highlighting cap. “I thought about that, but it scares me; it just feels like there are too many creeps out there. I have a friend named Patricia, she started seeing a guy from an online meet-up site, and a couple months later she was $20,000 poorer!”

“Oh my God!” Joyce and Annie exclaimed together, and this time Annie smacked Joyce on the upper arm.

“So I’m not going that route, and nobody I know would want me.”

“Why do you think that?” said Joyce.

“I’m not exactly Marilyn Monroe.”

“Sweetie, you underestimate yourself, and you must really underestimate the men in this town. A horny, passionate woman is all most men want! That and a full set of teeth!” All three women laughed uproariously.

Millie finally looked at Annie, she grinned at her showing her teeth, “Do these qualify?” And that set them off again. She spent the next five minutes thinking while finishing their hair.

Joyce was looking at Annie with a VERY sly look on her face. At one point she was tapping her temple with an index finger as if to say, “I have an idea; follow my lead.” Turning to the older woman, Joyce said, “So Millie, since I’m the ‘adventurer,’ want some advice?”

“Uh, I don’t know; do I?”

“Well, since you’re

0 horny and the toys are about worn out, perhaps you do!”

“Talk don’t hurt; go ahead.”

“I could find a trustworthy man for you within a week!”

Now it was Millie’s turn to gawk, “You could?” She turned to Annie, “She could?”

“She could! She’s devious… and she’s a slut!” They all laughed again.

But all of a sudden, a light seemed to come on in Millie’s head; she said to Annie, “Hey wait a minute! How do YOU know she’s a slut?”

Annie blushed, “Umm, well…I…I…hmmm.”

“Yeah Annie,” Joyce interjected, “How do you know I’m a slut?” Annie was clearly fumbling for a thought and not succeeding, so Joyce added, “She’s being shy, Millie; the truth is we’ve been having some of the adventures together!”

“JOYCE!” Annie was now blushing seriously.

“Hey, lighten up, Sweetie! My hairdresser’s mental health is on the line here. I hate the thought of her dying a burnt-out husk!”

Millie was trying really hard to process all of this. “So you two are having sex with other men on the side?”

Joyce smiled, “I am; Annie’s not.”

The stylist’s eyes narrowed and her mouth squinched up as if to say, “What the hell does that mean?” And then… the full weight of what Joyce just implied hit her; her eyes opened up double-wide and she nearly shouted, “OH MY GODDD!” It was such a funny reaction both women watching it just cracked up again. “You two have been with each other, Oh My GOD!”

“Hey,” said Joyce with a grin, “It’s the 21st century and a different generation; you ever read ‘Cosmopolitan’?” Millie’s mouth was hanging open; this was more than a “gawk.” So Joyce continued, “In this day and age, Sweetie, a girl can find pretty much anything she wants…and still I am VERY careful who I’m having fun with!”

Millie found her voice, “I…I don’t know what to say!”

“Just let it process,” Annie said, “you don’t have to do anything just because we do. It’s gotta be fun, or what’s the point?”

The older woman shifted her attention to Annie, “How long has this been going on?”

“It’s a long story, but only a couple months,” she nodded over at Joyce and giggled, “Ms Slut over here seduced me!”

Joyce laughed, “Yes, but she was easy; it didn’t take much!”

Millie’s eyes shifted back and forth, “Wow, God…I don’t know, I…well, w-what’s it like being with women?”

“I L-O-V-E it!” Joyce enthused, “It’s certainly different than men, but it’s really awesome fun!”

When Millie looked at Annie, her eyes seemed to say, “And you?”

“I agree, I had thought about it for some time, but marriage…kids, you know…there was never an opportunity!” She paused and stared at Joyce, “Now? There are dozens of opportunities! Oh my God!”

Millie smiled and said to Joyce, “I do read Cosmo, and Bi-sex is discussed a lot. In that way, I guess I have thought about it, but never really seriously.”

That’s when Annie knew fate was presenting another opportunity; she looked at Joyce and just knew. Her friend’s eyes were shining with excitement, and Annie could see she was going to press this issue until Millie either gave in to them or decided against it. Either way, the decision was coming; any second she expected Joyce to invite the older woman to have sex with them. The idea was very arousing; and she herself hadn’t had an orgasm for four days!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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