A Case Of Necessity With Teresa

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(c) Alex Carr 2010

I barely had time to get in and Teresa was onto me.

Pulling down my jeans and kneeling ardently before me, I exclaimed that I should have a clean up before — but she whispered she liked it soiled, that with her I would want to clean up afterwards and not before! and she promptly sucked me in nice slow long motions which did me a treat. She was so enjoying herself wrapped up in her own little world and so I let my head swing back to enjoy the deep thrilling sensations of having your cock sucked so ardently, like she wanted to eat it!

For her I’d discovered it was as much part of her routine as having a dinner or going to the loo.

A necessary task for a woman in her prime, she insisted and who was I, a full red blooded guy in his prime, to disagree?. She could take my cock and all of me for what she wanted and she was perfection itself hearing her sucking sounds and her moans of satisfaction as she paused, bollocked me a little, (her word usage, she said she loved to talk dirty when making sex) then took me again deep into her mouth with all the zest one can imagine, and it felt so good too, so perfect and she had this wonderfully arousing way or running her finger nails up along the inside of my thigh until, reaching the fall of my balls, teased them in small circling movements which really made my cock stir and jerk – which made her moan again as she took another plunge of [pure unadulterated cock onto her mouth once more.

Of all the girls I have had, and the one who especially enjoyed oral as I do, Teresa was the absolute best in the art of cock sucking.

She did it so nicely and insisted she carried on, sucking and wanking me all the way, that is what she wanted and for her, part of the thrill and need..

The absolutely wonderful surge felt like a volcano within me, shooting out its spurt of cock juice as she called it. “Feed me, feed me more” she kept yelling as her wanks grew firmer, she finding the exact right jerking movement with hand and tongue as she opened wide, knowing when bahis firmaları I was about to shoot my load. And seeing her take it like that, her mouth drenched with my offering was beyond heaven.

“But” I said to her afterwards, she still on her knees panting and sucking up the drips of my cock juice from her chin. “Can I do something for you?”

Okay so I was fully spent and my cock was drooping but there were things I could do and would like to do with her so she too could get some satisfaction. She had very attractive boobs and was well proportioned, like she was pouting for a good hearted rigorous fucking.

She was the sort of woman to dream about, like when I had those hectic wet dreams as an adolescent.

“Don’t you worry, Pierre.” She insisted she was okay and that David would be fucking her later anyway.

There were no holds barred, she was that outgoing, like it was the normal thing to say,

David was her live- in guy.

Me? I was a only surplus to her requirements, I knew that, that was fully understood from the start, like a sort of non committal agreement, like supply and demand Teresa joked, or was she serious, I the supply and she demanded . – a lodger staying in her house until my contract with my firm was up.

So how was it she was cheating on David?

She felt she wasn’t and I have never ever met such a ‘matter of fact’ girl like Teresa..

In her eyes she fancied me for ‘in betweens’ as she put it. That I had a nice body and a cock she loved to eat and bollocks like big cherries good enough to eat.

No one was more surprised than me when, after the second day I had lodged at her place, she got to talking how I must be missing my girl friend in Burnley, that being in this contract in London meant I had to stay away for the week, that I must be missing what comes naturally and if I wanted she could fill in, that is would be just between us and when I felt her fingers sliding across my jeans immediately making me swell up, her agreeable moans were enough to set me on red alert and kaçak iddaa I was like putty in her hands, more like hard stiff cock in her mouth when in a moment, I was neatly unzipped, wanked to full glory, rubbed up, stretched and kneaded like she was on a desperate mission, then her hands still working me, as she planted my cock firmly into her mouth for the most wonderful thrilling and sexual oral job I had ever encountered.

She just loved it for what it was, no commitments, nothing expected in return, just a plain take it or leave it job which was lovely and sensual and everything a guy could desire of a girl.

And she knew how a guy fantasised, like she’d give me an occasional treat by opening her legs and letting me look up her skirt when she was wearing one .And, guys will know just how arousing that can be, just a glimpse of stocking tops and red panties beneath a girls skirt, specially a girl you really fancied, you can feel the juices building up in your groin, the wanting for her wet warm pussy

That surely is heaven on earth, and the erotic dreams I have had imagining that, and the girl crouching over me, thighs spread wide, to allow me to sniff and taste her over her panties, then for her to nestle down and smother me with her wetness. I have had so many strong erections thinking of that.

With Teresa It was always the same, every night I came home, she waiting there ready to sink onto her knees and take me in her own exclusive way and I felt each suck and pull beautifully, each bollock squeeze and when I came with a strong spurt, often her face was smothered and her eyes sparkled like diamonds, like she loved and appreciated it so much, always saying the same thing afterwards, that it was good for the soul and made her ready for David’s regular fuck in the evening.

“Lucky David,” I said eventually

She smiled provocatively and teasingly told me that if I was a good boy, David was away next week so I could take over – she said after all she was standing in for my girl while I was away so it was only right that I kaçak bahis should stand in for David – and besides, she would love my fuck because I had such a wonderful charisma about me and a beautiful throbbing cock which, having tasted it now several times, would dearly love to feel it inside her, and I had no problems with that. I longed to get into her and fuck her – it would be s sheer delight.

Now when she sucked me I was imagining her sweet wet pussy, I would make it wet for sure, she looked gorgeous in her black tight skirt and I imagined she would be wearing a thong beneath because I could never see a panty -line. Her ass was simply outstanding and cried out for attention, the sort of prolonged attention I could give it, and so my fantasies were right up there, between the contours under her skirt, tasting her delight in my mouth like she tasted me, just to be with her was so wonderful and thrilling and looking at the way she swayed when she walked, her whole demise said fuck , fuck, fuck me and I would be her man for a whole five days.

Those five days In tell you were absolutely divine. She was one hell of a woman, she was always so hungry for it. Like I was humping her forever and still she’d want more, sucking my cock before and after, treating me to a good smothering of her rich pussy nectar as we enjoyed oral with each other in a magnificent sixty nine posture. To suck and be sucked was the ultimate intimate esurience, and then the smooth firm elongated fuck afterwards, magnificent.

She confessed to me that I was more ardent than David, I had a lot more lasting oomph, that with David she had to tie him off, because if she didn’t he would come tom early and she would be left frustrated, but with me she didn’t need that, I could hold on for when she was ready, for when she shouted “Now, Now” Pierre and I pumped it deep into her.

She called me her French Fucker and agreed that it was true what they said about the4 French that they we4re a klo0t more romantic then the Brits.

And so it was that I became sweet Teresa’s live-in guy and David? Well like the warm up guys who get the audience ready for the live show, that’s how it was with David, like it had been for me.

Difference was I was the here and now and not the had been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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