A Caring Mother Ch. 04

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Joanne was in the shower washing off the combined sperm of the two men in her family from her hands and forearms when John came into the bathroom.

“Jo, are you OK?”

“Yes of course dear. Why wouldn’t I be OK?”

“Oh, I mean, after what just happened on the deck. I feel fine about it, but I was just making sure you were alright too.”

“Well, I don’t quite know where we go from here. I can’t go around masturbating Chris all the time. I hope it’s helping him, but I suppose we just have to wait and see.”

“Yes, I suppose so. He’s gone back to his room and closed the door. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

Jo turned off the shower and got out. She stood naked before her husband, drying herself off.

“But it’s not really progress is it?” she said. “I would have hoped for a bit more openness from him. A bit more conversation, some questions, anything.”

“Yes, well he is a teenager don’t forget. Trying to get them to say anything to adults is tough.”

“But after what has happened I would have thought he’d be overjoyed. After all it’s not every 18 year old boy who gets jerked off by his mother and sees his parents having pretty extreme sex.”

“True, but I think we can only keep on going. After all, it’s too late to turn back now.”

Joanne finished drying herself and pulled on a loose t-shirt. She thought about putting on shorts, but decided against it. It was a warm sunny day and the t-shirt covered her hips. Her breasts were swinging loose under the shirt. If Chris saw her in this he’d know she wasn’t wearing a bra, and Joanne liked that idea.

“Do you think I should pull on these for the rest of the day?” Joanne asked, holding up a small pair of cotton knickers.

“Oh I think if you’re not wearing shorts you should have on the smallest pair of knickers you’ve got,” said John. “What about that white pair, the frilly see-through ones?”

Joanne dug in her drawer and pulled out a tiny lacy thong pair. It was small even for a g-string. The back was thinner than a shoelace, and the front was as small as possible, barely enough to cover the pubic mound. On top of that it was almost transparent.

“Now, that will certainly get Chris out of his room,” said John. “He’ll be following you around all day hoping to get a peek.”

Joanne pulled them on and held up her t-shirt so John could see. The small strip of pubic hair she kept on her pubis could be seen easily and the lips of her pussy were barely covered by the material.

“I still think you should shave everything off – I’d love you to be completely bare down there Jo.”

“Well, we’ll see what Chris thinks – he hasn’t had anything to compare it to yet has he?”

“Now that’s a good idea – why don’t we all go to Sunshine Beach? Chris can really compare female bodies there.”

“That’s a nude beach isn’t it?”

“Clothing optional is the correct term. Yes, let’s do that. It’ll get Chris out of the house and he can see some naked girls. Why don’t you go tell him?”

Jo agreed, and knocked on Chris’s door. It took a while before he said to come in.

He was sitting at his computer again. Joanne walked over to him and hugged him from behind, pressing her breasts into his back. Despite their earlier intimacy, Chris kept his hands in his lap. Joanne wondered if he’d been playing with himself again. He’d removed whatever was on his computer screen when she knocked on his door. Obviously Chris still felt hung up about his masturbating.

“Chris, dad and I think it would be great if we all go to the beach. It’s going to be a hot day and it would be good for you to get some sun.”

Chris turned around, and by the nipples pointing through the t-shirt he realized with a thrill that his mother wasn’t wearing a bra. He hoped the t-shirt was all she was wearing.

“But I’m happy here mom, happy to be with you.” He wondered how he could get a look to see if she was wearing knickers.

“Oh I think you’ll like this beach Chris – it’s the sort of beach where even wearing this is too much,” she said and lifted the t-shirt to show Chris her next-to-nothing underwear.

“Wow mom, those are incredible.” Chris’s eyes feasted on the white thong. He could see just about everything – even the lips of his mom’s pussy sticking out from the sides of the tiny bit of transparent material.

“You like?” Joanne said as she twirled around for her son.

“Yes, I like very much.”

“Well we’re going to a nude beach, so you’ll see plenty of nude women, young ones too, not just your old mom.”

“But I really only want to see you, mom.”

“Chris, I’m your mother. Don’t you want to see girls your own age?”

“I haven’t met anyone who even comes close to you mom. You look so beautiful and I love what you do to me with your hands. I’ve never cum so strong. What you did with dad was amazing – with your fingers up his – you know. Would you do that to me too one day mom? Please.”

“Chris – you know I am trying to help you get more confident, betist giriş but you can’t just think of me as someone who will jerk your cock whenever you want. You have to have the confidence to approach girls your own age.”

Chris looked downhearted and disappointed.

“Look Chris, let’s say I give you a hand with masturbating you as a reward. If you pluck up the courage to ask a girl out, I’ll give you something special.”


“Sure honey.”

Joanne let down her t-shirt and gave Chris a big hug. She knew instantly from the bulge pressing into her stomach that her son had yet another erection.

“My goodness Chris, doesn’t it ever go down?”

“Not when you’re here mom.”

She reached down and squeezed his balls for a second.

“Not now tiger, you have to earn it from now on.”

“Oh please mom, they feel so full again.”

“Well, we’ll see. Why don’t you ring up one of the girls you know from school and ask her out to the movies or something. Just make a start.”

“But none of them ever talk to me.”

“Well, do you ever talk to them?”

“No,” Chris admitted.

“Look Chris, you have to do something about this. You have all the right equipment. I showed you that. Now it’s up to you.”

“You mean that’s it, you won’t touch me any more?”

“Of course I will Chris. I like it too baby. I love seeing you spurt – you go off like Old Faithful. But I want to see you do some work too. You have to work on getting over this shyness. That is up to you. Come on, let’s get ready for the beach.”

“Will you take everything off at the beach mom? Will you be completely naked? Please, please.”

“We’ll see Chris. It’s clothing optional, it’s not compulsory nudism.”

“OOrrr, please mom. I really want to see you naked. I’ve only seen you from the door doing it with dad, you know, in your ass, and I couldn’t see your whole body properly then.”

“But Chris, what you saw from the door is far, far more than any son ever sees of their mother. Look, we’ll see how it goes at the beach. I’m not going to promise anything. I haven’t been to a nude beach since I was a teenager and I’m not sure if I’m ready to show myself naked to everybody who might be there. What if we bump into someone we know?”

“Come on mom, you’re so hot anybody who knows you will be knocked off their feet if they see you naked on the beach. I’d be so proud of you.”

“Well then, get ready and I’ll pack some food and drinks.”

Joanne went and told John what Chris had said, about him begging for her to go naked at the beach and how proud he’d be of her.

“He’s not alone there honey. I’d be proud of you too. Come on, you look great in the nude. If it makes Chris excited then we should both be all for it.”

“Yes, but I don’t have an all over tan – people would know I’m not a regular.”

“Maybe they’ll all be curious because you’re a newcomer to the beach. Heck, Chris and I don’t have all over tans either. Our white asses are a darn sight whiter than yours. Your cheeks are tanned because of that micro bikini bottom you’ve got, and you’ve sunbaked topless in the garden many times.”

“Yes, that’s what started all this off with Chris. I can’t believe it was only yesterday and I’ve jerked him off twice since then – even once with you right there. Now he’s begging to see me naked and wants me to jerk him off again.”

“We can’t blame him for that Jo. He’s an 18 year old boy and they have cum on the brain. ‘Sides, I got a real kick out of seeing you bring him off after you gave me that tremendous handjob on the deck.”

“Yes, he’s even asking if I could stick fingers up his ass too next time. I don’t know John, are we already taking this too far? I tell you one thing for sure, I’m not going to go all the way with our son. I won’t take him into my mouth and I certainly won’t let him fuck me. That’s going too far.”

John was disappointed Joanne was setting this limit on how far she’d go with Chris. He admitted to himself he really wanted Joanne to go all the way with their son, maybe even join a threesome with him and Chris. He’d secretly left the bedroom door open so Chris could spy on them while he was pounding her ass. Joanne had never twigged to that, but he was pleased she hadn’t been too upset at their son spying on them. So there was some hope she might go further with him in the future. The nude beach could be a good next step.

They packed for the beach and were on the road within half an hour. It was a good hour’s drive to Sunshine Beach. Several times on the way Chris tried to get Joanne to promise to go naked when they got there. Eventually to shut him up Joanne said she’d at least go topless. That stopped Chris for a while.

By the time they got to Sunshine Beach the sun was quite intense. They parked and walked along a lane through the grassy dunes to get to the beach. John saw several couples together in the seclusion of the dunes. He thought he saw one couple groping each other, but didn’t stop to get betist yeni giriş a good look. He was concerned if Joanne saw that going on in public it might disturb her and she’d pull out of going on to the nude beach.

When they finally got to the beach Chris ran ahead and picked a vacant spot to spread the towels. When his parents caught up with him he was already lying on his back naked, his cock half grown.

Joanne dropped her bag and stood for a while taking in the scene. Sunbathers dotted the beach, some of them single, but also many couples and family groups. The nearest sunbathers were about 20 feet away, and Joanne was pleased to see it was a naked couple aged in their early 40s seemingly oblivious to their arrival as they talked. The only thing they had on were sunglasses and hats, and Joanne saw the man’s shaved dick was hanging between his outstretched legs while the woman was equally completely shaven, her pussy lips on open display. The woman smiled to Joanne as she stood there with her two men. As Joanne feared, the couple and others she could see nearby all had deep all-over tans proving they were regulars.

A young couple about 25 feet away on the other side were lying naked on their stomachs, seemingly asleep. A group of men and women of all ages played in the waves about 40 feet in front of them, jumping up and down as they threw a ball. It was a friendly relaxed atmosphere and Joanne started to feel comfortable.

“Come on mom, off with all those clothes,” said Chris impatiently.

“I don’t think erections are polite on a nude beach Chris. Cover yourself up or get it down,” she said.

“Aww mom, you said you like to look at it. Now I want to see you.”

“He’s got a point there dear,” John said as he dropped his own pants to reveal his own semi-erect cock. “Come on, fair’s fair.”

Joanne knew there was no way out of it now that they were at the beach. She didn’t mind showing herself naked to her son, in fact the thought quite turned her on. But she was worried Chris wouldn’t be able to control himself and would get a raging hard on. She looked down at the two men in her family lying on the beach and saw they both now had full erections as they gazed at her, waiting keenly for her to get naked.

“Oh you boys are hopeless,” she said.

She quickly grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head to reveal her tiny black bikini. She dropped her shorts and Chris uttered a small cheer as he saw it was the bikini bottom he’d first seen her in from his bedroom window, the one she’d masturbated underneath while he whacked off upstairs. It looked even smaller as she stood on the beach, barely covering her pubic mound. Chris was pleased to see she’d had a fresh shave and looked smooth as far as he could see.

“Come on mom, off with the rest,” he urged.

“Let me lie down and get used to this first,” she said. She lay down on her stomach. Chris saw with delight his mom’s ass cheeks were completely exposed as the bikini only had a thin thread covering her ass crack.

“Wow mom, I don’t know why you bother wearing that bikini on this beach – you can see just about everything in it anyway.”

“Those words ‘just about’ are pretty crucial, Chris. I’m not ready to be totally nude in public just yet. Tell you what Chris, would you mind rubbing some sunscreen on my back? I don’t want to get burned on those bits that aren’t tanned. You better put some on yourself too.”

“I’ll do you if you do me,” Chris laughed back. He got on his knees and despite his hard erection sticking straight up in the air for all to see, he got the sunscreen out of the bag.

John sat up and watched his nude son squirt large dollops of the white sunscreen oil on Joanne’s back and start rubbing it all over her.

“Honey, the sunscreen will stain that bikini top,” John said, winking at Chris. “Why don’t I undo it for you?”

Joanne felt herself relaxing in the sun and was enjoying Chris’s hands spreading the sunscreen over her shoulders. She felt decidedly naughty doing this in public even if it was a nude beach. She looked over at the couple who were closest to them and saw the man’s cock wasn’t so flaccid any more. It had definitely grown up his stomach as he lay watching Chris rubbing oil into his mother’s back. Joanne wondered if the man guessed Chris was her son – probably yes from the enthusiastic way Chris was behaving. She looked sideways over her shoulder and saw Chris’s erection could be clearly seen by anybody who passed by. She looked back at the man nearby and saw him nudge his girlfriend – or was she his wife? She looked over too and smiled when she saw Chris’s erection as he rubbed sunscreen on to her back. She said something to her partner and they both laughed. They’re talking about us, Joanne thought.

Just then she felt John undoing her bikini top. Oh why not, she thought, and lifted up to let John pull the bikini top right off her and she lay down again. Now Chris’s hands had unfettered access to her back and right betist güvenilirmi down to her barely covered ass cheeks.

“Do a good job son, massage it right in. Is that good honey?”

“MMmmmmm,” Joanne replied, her mind drifting as she enjoyed Chris’s hands running all over her back and right down to the top of her ass.

“Don’t forget her ass cheeks Chris, they can get burnt too.”

Chris poured more oil on his hands and then softly placed a hand on each ass cheek. He rubbed them around, feeling the soft flesh move under his hands. He got excited and started squeezing the cheeks with his hands, digging his fingers into the muscles and squishing the cheeks together.

“Holy shit mom, your ass feels great,” Chris said, his cock now hard as a rock. He felt like jerking off right there, but there were so many people around.

Joanne didn’t move. She glanced over to the nearby couple and saw the man had an almost full erection as both he and his girlfriend watched them.

“Hold on a second Chris, that’s too rough,” said his father. “You need to be a bit more gentle, massage them like you are kneading dough. Here let me show you.”

John poured more oil on to his wife’s ass cheeks, and started massaging them in a circular motion. As he pulled his wife’s ass cheeks apart both John and his son got a close up view of the darkened skin around her sphincter, the string bikini covering only her actual asshole. Joanne knew they both had to gazing at her most hidden and private spot, but she was feeling totally relaxed in the sun and the kneading of her body was making her float away.

“Now you see the advantage of doing it this way Chris?”

“I sure do dad, can I try.”

“Well why don’t we both work on it and I’ll show you.”

John had two hands on Joanne’s left cheek and Chris put two hands on her right cheek. Together they massaged her ass in a rhythm, kneading the cheeks and then pulling them apart as far as they could to spread her ass crack as wide as possible. They both had hard erections. But still the string bikini covered her asshole. Chris looked over at his father and raised his eyebrows. He was questioning whether he could go further and pull the string bikini aside to reveal his mother’s sphincter.

John looked up at his wife’s face. She seemed to have fallen asleep as they massaged her. He pushed his fingers under the black string bikini and slowly lifted it up, exposing Joanne’s asshole so his son could get a good look at it.

“Jeeez, that’s fantastic!” cried Chris. ‘It looks amazing. Dad, how did you fit your cock into that tiny hole?” he whispered.

“Well son, your mom has learned to stretch her sphincter to accommodate me. It isn’t easy at first, but the more you work at it the better and easier it gets. You’ll find there are lots of women who like anal sex. You just have to be slow and gentle about it, never force it, and always have plenty of lubrication.”

Joanne only half heard her men talking as they continued to massage her buttocks. But she did hear the line about it getting easier the more you do it. Is John explaining to our son how we do anal sex? Oh no, he couldn’t be doing that could he? Oh that’s right, Chris’s seen John fucking me in the ass. Oh dear, have we gone far in being open with our boy about sexual matters? Ah well, it’s too late now. Let’s hope it’s all for the best.

She felt fingers wrap around the side of her bikini bottom and start tugging them down.

“Lift up a bit dear,” John said softly.

Joanne looked down at her husband. Was he really stripping her naked in front of their son? He smiled at her and blew her a kiss. He sure was. Ah well, so long as he’s there to make sure Chris doesn’t go too far. She lifted her hips and felt her two men pull down her bikini bottom down her legs and over her feet. John waved the bikini bottom in the air in mock triumph, and put it into their bag. She wasn’t going to get them back easily.

“Now Chris, let’s do her legs. Here you need more oil.”

“Sure dad.”

Joanne felt both her men start to massage the oil into her legs. It was quite a wonderful feeling and her mind drifted away in the sun. Her legs were pressed together. Chris might have close up view of her asshole, but she didn’t want her son’s fingers wandering close to her vagina. That would be going too far. John would stop that, wouldn’t he?

They were working on her calves. She noticed that as they worked their fingers into her muscles they gently pulled her legs apart. Just a little bit. Not too far. They couldn’t see anything higher up, between her legs could they? She sighed and relaxed, the massage feeling wonderful as the stress left her. They worked in unison, moving up over the backs of her knees to work on her thighs. Again she felt both of them lift her legs slightly and pull them further apart. Their fingers returned to her thighs, rubbing the back of them thoroughly, then along the outside and finally moving around to rub along the inside of her thighs. The fingers were stopping about six inches from the top of the inside of her thighs. Joanne thought that must be where her flesh was still touching. Good. That meant Chris couldn’t get a view of her cleanly shaved vagina. That’s not too bad, is it? John will stop it going too far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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