A BE Quarantine

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****** Contains Breast Expansion not for under 18*****

Editor note – I got bored during quarantine felt like writing some erotica. Let’s see how it goes.


This whole quarantine thing has me down. With nothing to do, I have watched every film on Netflix. Yes, even that film with Will Smith and the orcs . . . what was it called? Underrated film actually. Still bad, but like underratedly bad. I am so bored I have probably jerked off seven times today and it is not even midnight yet. Quarantine also sucks because things were getting good between me and some of the girls at university, but now I am stuck for who knows how long. The silver lining is that my smoking hot roommate, Jess, is only one bedroom down from me. Unfortunately, she has less than no interest in me. The walls are thin, so I can hear Jess when she is with a guy. Because no one can come over, the house is a much quieter place at least.

I was surfing the web trying to finish my eight time before I caused permanent friction damage, when I saw an interesting ad pop up. “Huh weird,” I thought. “I’ve got ad block on and everything.” Something about it caught my eye. “MAGIC PILLS – change her for the better!” It almost seemed like this was a dumb plot device used in erotic stories to move the narrative along and help readers buy into the fiction. I clicked away but the ad popped up again, and again. “Piece of shit, stop.” But with a mind of its own it brought me to the site, auto filling my info; Jake 420 Blazon street. In my frantic attempt to click away and get back to my search through the 16th page of pornhub’s big tits section, I accidentally clicked PURCHASE. “Whatever,” I thought. “No way it actually shows up.”

“Fuck me,” I said, carrying the package inside the next morning. It showed up impossibly fast considering how shit shipping is with the pandemic going on. I wonder what this crap is anyway. “OH FUCK!” I saw the price of the bottle of pills. This shit better work. Reading the instructions I learned you administer one pill a day for adults (who the fuck else would you give it to?) and then the patient will be changed to fit your desires. “As if that’s not vague enough,” I complained. As I sat down at the table for breakfast, Jess walked down the stairs.

She was still in pajamas (it is a quarantine who isn’t in pajamas 24/7). As she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes she did a little stretch, just enough so I could see her flat, toned stomach. Even in this less than ideal state I could still make out the frame of her body under the baggy clothes; her perky tits unencumbered by any bra, and that cute bubbly ass. “Shit, even without these she’s fine,” I muttered to myself. “What did ya say?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing.” I said. “Nice to see you up before the sun sets,” I quipped.

“Ha, bahis ┼čirketleri ha, very funny, we’ll see who’s laughing when I kick your smarmy ass.” She smiled and rubbed my hair as she went past.

She clearly treated me as more of a brother then the guy she would be smashing (soon, hopefully). Jess went and got out a bowl for cereal but I stopped her. “It’s quarantine, let me make you something special.”

“Caviar?” she joked.

“No, this.” I held out a pack of Dino-Porridge, “The only porridge with dinos that hatch!”

“OH MY GOD! I haven’t seen these in years!” She grabbed the porridge scanning the package like it was a lost ancient manuscript. A pill would blend right in with the eggs and she would be none the wiser.

After 15 minutes the porridge was ready. Jess’s had an extra egg, not that she noticed, and we chowed down. I watched her excitedly hoping to see her body change, but strangely nothing happened. Maybe she has not eaten the pill yet, I thought. But even after slurping down the last of the porridge (hopefully the pill would also give her better manners) nothing happened.

“Fuck, those where some good dinos Jake,” Jess exclaimed, patting her stomach which was hanging out in a comical manner.

When she sat up and started to leave I noticed something was off. It was almost unnoticeable, but she did not seem used to her body, like something had changed. My heart raced a little “Maybe it worked,” I thought. But she went up to her room before I could tell.

That night was hell, I was horny and could not sleep thinking about all the things I would change about Jess’s body. I kept hoping she would burst through my door in the middle of the night and blow me, but no such luck. I did, however, hear her, (after living so close to someone you know what they are doing), soloing. She almost never did, she always had guys do the work for her

(god knows they would be there in a flash if she needed it). But tonight, she was definitely alone and she was definitely having at it. I thought about going over but I was too nervous. “Let’s wait till tomorrow and see,” I thought. Plus, I did not want to bust in if the pill had not worked.

The next morning I got up early and prepared breakfast. I had no more Dino-Porridge so I made some smoothies and a fruit bowl

and blended a pill into her drink. As I was setting the table, I heard Jess’s footsteps as she came downstairs. I looked up with anticipation. Had the pills worked? She wore the same outfit as yesterday, but it seemed to fit differently. She seemed shy, too. Her robe was fully wrapped today and she looked a little uncomfortable.

“Oh, hi Jake,” she said sheepishly. “You made breakfast again?”

I nodded silently.

“Ooh this looks nice.” “I felt like I’ve put on bahis firmalar─▒ some extra weight.” She commented.

I couldn’t even breath. She sat down, and I noticed she sat a little taller in the chair. Maybe that was my imagination. But when she reached out to grab her smoothie her robe opened to reveal her chest. Her breasts were no longer small perky things, they had to be at least double D’s – or something. I am no good at the whole letter thing. They were bigger is what I am saying.

We sat down to eat. I was so relieved the pills worked well. I was so horny I couldn’t focus on what we talked about.

Well, that is until she mentioned “I fucking flicked the bean all night, I couldn’t stop.” I looked at her, stunned. She realized what she said and blushed, apologizing. “Woops, that sort of slipped out, I . . .I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s alright Jess,” I replied, “we all do it.”

“You have a clit?” She joked.

“No, you know what I meant smart ass” I shot back.

“Well, with that interesting conversation over I’m gonna go take a shower. Need help with the dishes?” She asked.

“No, I’m good.”

As she got up I got a good look at her behind, and it looked a bit bigger – hard to tell really. Funny, too, I never considered myself much of an ass guy. Not complaining though.

I finished the dishes and went upstairs. It had been quite a while and the shower was still going. “Weird,” I thought. I went closer – just to check on her, you know, – and listened. I could hear her, and she was not trying to hide the fact that she was pleasuring herself. I listened longer – for research purposes – and just when I was about to leave, I heard her moan, “Oh, Jake.” That or, “Oh, cake,” but still. Fuck, I was so hard. I knocked on the door “Hey did you ask for me?”

There was a startled yelp and she replied “Uhhh . . . no Jake, I’m fine, I don’t need you.”

Shit, I was so close there. Guess another night of draining the snake by hand.

I happened to see her one more time that day. She went down for a midday snack. She looked amazing, even more stacked than this morning. I smiled and nodded at her but she seemed distracted and did not react. I saw her come back with a cucumber, so it is safe to say she was gonna have a fun night.

As I was drifting off to sleep that night, I heard a bang next door. She had likely banged her head while banging herself with that cucumber. This was a good chance to slip my own cucumber in. I crept over to her door, *bang bang bang.* “You alright in there Jess?!”

“Uh, uhm, uh, yah, I’m, fuck, I’m . . . I’m great” she hastily replied.

“I’m coming in alright?” Without waiting for

an answer I went in.

She had not locked the door – maybe she hoped I would come in. There she ka├žak bahis siteleri was, naked except for a red shirt, with a foot long cucumber half-way inside her. Jess had the same shirt on from when I last saw her, but her breasts had ballooned

out since then, and it covered her maybe 2/3rds of her beach-ball sized tits. She looked at me, clearly embarrassed, but made no effort to cover herself up. “Jess . . . you . . .your . . .”

“Jake, I don’t know what’s happening.” Jess said. “My . . .my tits

just keep getting bigger.” “I’m scared but also I . . .”

“What?” I asked.

She looked at me, “Jake, I . . .I like it.”

With that I could not hold it anymore. “Jess, I need to fuck you,” I told her

“I thought you’d never ask. In fact, why didn’t you join

me in the shower this morning?” She asked.

“Fuck,” I cursed under my breath. I knew I should have taken that shot. I came over to her and grabbed the cucumber. I gave her a few shoves with it before tossing it to the side. She struggled to get up, tits sloshing everywhere,

but her now gigantic ass sort of counter balanced her up. Leaning over her tits she pulled my pants down. My rock hard cock sprang out so quickly it slapped her in the face.

“Haha, wow Jake if I knew there was a snake like this sleeping next door I’d have

called you sooner,” Jess joked.

“Why the fuck didn’t you?” I complained.

“Well, let’s make up for that,” she said as she slid my hard, eight inch cock between her ginormous tits. As she squished her tits together, her breasts popped in and out of her red shirt, which had clearly lost the battle against those titanic tits. I pulled the shirt over her head and laid her down on the ground so I could get a better angle to fuck the shit out of her mammoth mamarries. With each thrust her tits seemed to be getting bigger.

Watching her boobs jiggle and shake almost made me cum, but I could not blow that early. I flipped her over and got a view of Jess’s beautiful bubble butt. Her breasts were so big now she was laying on top of her tits and it gave me the perfect position to doggy style that bitch. I slapped her ass as hard as I could.

“OH JAKE, FUCK ME NOW!” she commanded.

I grabbed two handfuls of her ass and dived into her pussy with my dick like an Olympic swimmer.

“F-F-F-Fuuuuuck, J-J-J-Jacky” she moaned. “Y-Your dick is so fucking good!”

“Yeah, your tits ain’t half bad, Jess,” I laughed.

After what felt like hours of feeling how good that pussy was (it was my dream pussy, after all), I could feel it coming.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come!” Jess yelled before I could even form the words.

“Ha, I’m gonna come too, what timing,” I yelled as I launched an absolute load into her and she squirted all over the carpet.

We probably fucked two or three more times that night, We would have done it more, but what was the rush? We had lots of time. We were in quarantine after all.

by Boredstiffwriter

Edited by SexyLemon

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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