A Bad Woman

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I’m a bad woman.

“Oh fuck! Brad!”

A terrible woman.

“Ahhh Sharron!”

The reason is quite simple, to be honest.

“Ah fuck! Go deeper baby!”

The man that I am currently engaging sexual intercourse with…

“Damn, your pussy feels so good!”

…is not my husband.

“Ahh…shhhhit…” He goes as he continuously thrusts into me. Each one sends my mind into the voids of ecstasy, not caring about anything else except for what I’m doing right now.

Although it’s obvious that we’re spewing classic lines like that not out of pure pleasure.

No…it’s more of a message.

“Oh fuck! Ah, fuck!” I hear myself scream. To be honest, it sounded laughably cheesy, like something a porn actress would say just to get the viewers horny.

But in my case, it was to send a message.

The message that I’m a horrible wife and a horrible woman in general.

“Your husband doesn’t fuck you like this anymore, does he?” Brad said as he lifted my legs over his shoulders to get into a better position.

Like some little g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri horny schoolgirl, I bit my lip and shook my head, letting him know that he was a much better fuck than my husband.

Which he, to be honest, was.

I could tell that his ego swelled up, as he then starting going at it with more speed and vigor, like a madman who wanted to savor this pussy like it was his last.

My moans filled the room as I let this man fuck me, raking his back with my nails.

As I lay there, letting this man pound into me, I think back to how I ended up in this situation.

It wasn’t anything special, to be honest.

All I did was walk into a bar, asked him to have sex with me, and here we are.

Sure, it wasn’t the most intriguing or romantic thing, but my goal was to send a message to my husband.

The message that I was a terrible woman.

And I guess the message was more than clear enough to get to him…


…because here he was, strapped to a chair, watching me have sex g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri with this man named Brad in tears.

The reason he was here was that I told him that I wanted to reveal a big secret to him, and didn’t make it a secret that it would tear him apart.

The funny thing is that the reason I married him was that he was always accepting of my faults and didn’t judge me for anything. I loved him for that, and hid nothing from him.

Well…almost nothing.

This was the one secret that I kept from him until today.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Brad hissed as he sped up his tempo. “I’m gonna cum…”

At this, I gave my husband a glance as he looked on, his face heartbroken beyond belief…

…and I grin.

Turning to Brad, I told him the words that no man would want their wife to tell a stranger.

“Please…cum inside me, baby.” I told him, grabbing his hips and pushing him deeper into me.

In response, Brad went harder and faster than before, only to finally stop as he let out a loud moan as he relieved g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri himself inside my pussy.

Fuck yes, I could feel his cum squirting inside me, and it felt extremely good.

My husband could only look on as Brad came inside me, not believing what he was seeing.

After a moment, Brad pulled himself out of me, his cock still hung like a damn horse. I could see some of his cum still dripping out of his cock before he grabbed a towel to clean himself off.

Incidentally, the towel was my husband’s washrag for his face.

“Shit…that was fucking amazing.” Brad said as he stood up, tossing the towel to my husband’s feet, not caring for the man as he walked around to gather his clothes.

As for me, I laid there as Brad’s cum started dripping out of my pussy, not taking my eyes off of my husband as he sat there, crying his eyes out.

But to me…I didn’t care.

He said he loved me, faults and all. I wonder if he would still do so even after today.

Because today…was the day that he was tested.

Tested by the fact that his wife was nothing more than a gigantic bitch who loved nothing more than to hurt the ones she loved.

So I hope he did get the message. The message that I was a bad woman, and I would forever be one.

Now…I wonder if I should also let him know that our son isn’t his

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