5 Minute Fuck – Intern

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Author note: a fast read to jerk to while you read.


“William, please come in and close the door behind you.” Friday afternoon, just past three and the office was getting quiet with the three day weekend in front. William closes the door and walks up to my desk with the same impassioned look I’ve seen for the three weeks I’ve known him. He’s wearing all black – jacket, shirt and tie, slacks and dress shoes. He’s fashionable in the current form of dress though it contrasts greatly with my more traditional approach to the office. “I know some are leaving early for the weekend but I was hoping you and I could spend some time this afternoon to review your first three weeks.” William didn’t say a word or really make much of an expression, he just sat down in the desk chair, crossed his ankle over left knee and let his right hand drop in his lap.

William is a Summer intern. Not just any intern though – he is the son of our Division Vice President. Not my boss, but my boss’ boss. Each year for the past five, I have shepherded a third year college student through the Summer. William is the first male intern. I stand and walk to the windows, the blinds partially closed against the afternoon sun but the rays of light streak across the floor. Looking out the window, I casually ask William about his early impressions of the internship, likes and dislikes. It’s important that I know, but it feels like small talk this afternoon. At some point, I casually walk to the door and flip the lock mentioning that I don’t wish us to have any interruptions so he can speak freely. After fifteen minutes of my questions and William’s answers, I find myself sitting on the edge of my desk slightly looking down upon William. He hasn’t moved his hand from his lap. He sits casually but it also draws attention of my eyes.

I have thought about this moment nearly from the moment I first saw William. I have played out all the possibilities in my brain. I have weighed the consequences and decided to put myself in this place at this time. In my most confident voice, “William. Would you mind standing up?” I’m sure I see the faintest of grins on his lips as I ask. I hope I do and am not imagining it. William uncrosses his leg and stands. There is no urgency to his actions but there is no delay either. William’s 5’10” body stands just before me now. He doesn’t slouch, he doesn’t slump, he stands. I now have to adjust my gaze, to look up to him as I still sit on the edge of my large, solid wood desk. My eyes hold his as I speak, “I have been impressed by your isve├žbahis yeni giri┼č work ethic even as I have suspected this is not where you’d like to be spending your Summer vacation.” My hand reaches out and unfastens his belt and William makes no change of expression or any attempt to pull away from my advance. “I have a sense about you, William that you wish to learn from me even though you’d rather be on a beach spending your Father’s money.” Again, that hint of a grin as I mention his Father but no other sign of agreement. My hand unfastens the button at the top of his slacks and slowly pulls down his zipper. By now there is no turning back and there is no doubt about my intentions for this Friday afternoon meeting.

I slowly pull down his slacks to reveal a light grey pair of shorts. My hand brushes over his penis and I find him pleasantly long. My sense about his tendencies weren’t wrong. They seldom are wrong. I’ve been a closet homosexual for nearly thirty years. It’s why my marriage failed though she never knew the real reason. I’m discreet. I’m careful. Usually. This is not careful but as I said, I’ve thought about William from nearly the first moment I was introduced to him. His shirttails hang to mid crotch and my hands slip under the hem to find the waistband of his Calvin Klein cotton boxers. I pull downward on his boxers. They hang momentarily on his semi-erect penis but then with a tug, they slip free and I leave them mid-thigh just above his slacks. I gaze at his cut penis before touching him. I love that his ball sac is shaved smooth but that he has a thick tuft of dark pubic hair covering the mound above his penis. Too many young men shave themselves completely these days. My right hand reaches out and caresses the underside of his penis and I can feel him growing as I do. My left hand covers the top and I slowly stroke him with both hands. “Beautiful, William. You have a beautiful penis.” This time he does smile.

My hands begin to pleasure his penis and he rewards me by growing fully erect, nine beautiful inches of erect cock. My right hand slides lower to caress his smooth ball sac, rubbing my palm against each orb and then surrounding each with fingers and thumb. My left hand tenderly strokes his hard cock from the base of his shaft around the large mushroomed head. I look upwards once more to find William’s blue eyes watching me, a man nearly forty years older than he, stroke his cock in the office. I finally slide off the corner of the desk and effortlessly slip my suit coat from my shoulders. isve├žbahis giri┼č I am hard but William can only guess that of me. My right hand still handling his dangling ball sac, I lean in and kiss his head then open my mouth and slather his head with my saliva. My mouth pushes onto him and I feel how hard he truly he is now that he slides on my lips and tongue. I begin to slowly suck on his cock and William stands effortlessly still as I tongue bathe his beautiful, so very long cock with my mouth. I wonder what he thinks of this old, grey-haired man sucking his cock. Maybe it’s not the first time a man of my age has done so – William has the face and demeanor that just calls for this kind of attention. His cock is wet in my mouth as I suck, my face moving to his hairy mound of pubes then along his shaft until my lips barely hang on to him only to repeat.

While I suck his cock on my knees, I fumble with my belt and zipper before being able to unzip my fly. I pull my mouth from his cock and see it standing erect with my drool running down the underside. I unbutton my shirt and remove it then pull off the tank-style undershirt. My chest is just a bit flabby and covered in a thick mat of grey hair. Flabby but in reasonably good shape of my years. William doesn’t say a word to me as he walks behind my desk and moves a few items from the center of the desk. He knows what I need and I understand what he wants. I slip out of my dress shoes and move around the desk in just my dark socks and off-white boxer shorts. I face the desk and pull my shorts down; my five-inch erect penis still hidden from William. I bend over my desk and open the second desk drawer with my right hand. I reach inside and find a tube of lube pushed to the back and put it on the desk. I see William reach for the lube and I wait. William soon prods between my cheeks with his cockhead. His hands move to my cheeks and spreads me open as he pushes inside me. My head raises quickly from the desk as I feel how thick he is as he spears my asshole. William pushes in deeper without any pause and I do all I can do to breathe, to relax for his cock.

The lube eases his penetration but still he is quite long and quite thick and my asshole is completely stretched around him as he begins to fuck me. His cock pushes deep and pulls back as I feel him behind me. I start to moan a low growl as his fucking continues. His pace changes as he drives hard and fast then he will slow and fill me agonizingly slow. The change in tempo is quite arousing and also frustrating, not knowing if or isve├žbahis g├╝venilirmi when he will orgasm inside me. My own five-inch chubby is raging hard and drizzling my pre-orgasm seep to the ground underneath me. William is so much better than I had imagined. He knows how to fuck. In and out his cock takes my bowels, filling me with every inch of his hard cock. He rests a moment then pulls out without cumming and I am crushed. I turn and see him now sitting in my leather desk chair with his cock jutting straight upwards and his shirt now unbuttoned to reveal his well-muscled abs.

William pats his thighs and gives me the smile that says he isn’t done with me yet. I force myself upright and move back a couple paces, my boxers still wrapped around my knees. I lower myself onto his waiting cock. I feel him go straight up inside me and I swear he doesn’t stop penetrating me. I begin to ride him. I move up and down on his cock, bending my knees to take him completely then nearly standing until I fear he will slip out of me. William is making me work for his orgasm and I am loving this. I rise and fall on his cock. My body heaves and bounces with each cycle. I don’t touch myself – I know I will cum if I do. Finally I bottom out with William inside me and he holds me down. I feel him. Oh fuck do I feel him orgasming inside me. His large cock shoots jets inside me as my ring tightly seals around his shaft. He shorts again. And again. And again! My gawd this young man is electric. Finally I reach down and grab myself. I pull twice and I orgasm onto my belly. I keep jerking and the cum spills over my hand until I cum no more.

I climb off William’s cock and quickly reach for the box of tissues. I press two against my asshole as I know he will run down my thighs and I am still in the office. William stands up and waits for me. I shake my head. Certainly he doesn’t expect me to clean his cock but he doesn’t move. I drop to my knees and I suck on him. I clean him, tasting his cum and my asshole as I clean his head and shaft with my lips and tongue. When I am sure, I stand up and William begins to put his clothes back on while I do the same. When we are both dressed, William walks to the door but stops before reaching for the doorknob. “Thank you for this meeting Mr. Ellingston. I’m glad we both feel very positive about my work for you and the rest of the Summer internship. I have friends waiting for me at the pub, I’m going to leave work a few minutes early if you don’t mind.”

I look at the clock at it’s just after 4:30 already. I try to reply but end up just waving my hand as if to say go on then, have a good weekend. William departs and leaves the door open. I can hear it’s nearly quiet outside my office walls. I suspect my job will be safe and that this is not the last meeting William and I will have with the door locked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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