3 M’s, My Many Mothers Ch. 12

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This is a story I can finally share. It is a tale that covers many years so if you are looking for a quick read you can stop here. Like I have mentioned many times I am not a true writer but so far my submissions have been well received.

This story is the one that truly started it all, even though it is not the first story I submitted. It is about a real person I was introduced to through a close friend. I met Daniel years ago having purchased a home from his grandfather and years later Dan himself.

I learned his story first hand and since then have documented much of his life for you to share. Daniel is his real name, the others have been changed for their protection. I offer you his story that has been updated just this year, 2016.

Enjoy and vote if care to.


Chapter 12

I was up early. After my shower I dressed in shorts and pull over. I took my laptop and sat on the couch checking e-mails. Saturday has always been a day for the kids and this would be no different. A door upstairs opened and soon I heard walking in the hall. I looked at the open staircase. Christi was standing with Kat.

“I told you he would be up. You go down I’ll take my shower.” Kat whispered turning to leave.

Christi descended the stairs tentatively. She crossed the room and was clearly wet from her shower.

“Good morning.” I said cheerfully as I looked up from the screen.

Christi held closed a white terrycloth robe, any undergarments would be hidden as she sat opposite me. I looked back at the computer screen.

“Good morning Danny.” Christi replied softly.

“Was it a nice trip?” I looked up happily.

“It was fine.” She said still sizing me up.

“Is there anything I can get you? Maybe some fresh orange juice?” I sat the computer to the side.

“I’m fine.” Christi tilted her head giving me a questioned look. She still hadn’t figured it out.

“I could start some coffee, I’m actually quite good in a kitchen.” I explained.

“Really I’m fine.” She insisted. There was a long pause. Christi was waiting on me. But as you know I don’t offer what I don’t know. “Danny why am I here?”

Just then a door opened upstairs. The patter of little feet filled the hall.

“Do you want to go?” I questioned her. More doors opened, more feet running.

“I didn’t say that.” She looked up the noise now growing louder. “You didn’t answer my question!”

“Hold that thought.” I held up my finger. “Cindy!”

“Daddy she’s home! Kitty is home!” Cindy yelled.

She and Mikayla came running down the stairs Casen following close behind. Lizzy stood at the railing looking at them scamper to greet me. I closed the computer and set it on the table knowing well and good what would happen if I didn’t. Cindy delivered her sister to me and returned to retrieve her brother. With Casen now in my lap Cindy turned her attention to our guest.

“Daddy who is she?” Cindy stood arms crossed defending her ground.

“This is Christi. Mommy and Kitty’s friend.” I explained. I looked up Kat was now with Lizzy at the top of the stairs looking on. “Why don’t you go say hello.”

“Ok!” Cindy smiled.

I’m not sure what Christi expected but we all knew what Cindy would do. She ran the three steps to Christi and flung her petite body into the startled arms of our guest. When Christi opened her arms her small breasts popped into view and she was clearly wearing no panties. Cindy kissed her on the cheek then reached in her open robe and grabbed a tit.

“Daddy they’re small like mommies!” Cindy announced. “Do you have milk?”

Christi was so taken aback she turned beet red instantly. She was at a loss for words. Kat and Lizzy started laughing upstairs.

“Danny?” Christi looked at me unable to react.

“Cindy! Stop that!” I reprimanded her. “Now close her robe and get down from there.”

Cindy closed her robe but again stood her ground.

“Daddy she’s pretty!” Cindy ran her hands through Christi’s bright blonde hair. “She smells good!”

“Cindy come with me, let’s get you kids dressed. Kenzi, Hunter, and……………Kyle are coming home for a few days.” Lizzy explained as she picked up Casen. Cindy hearing Kyle was coming quickly jumped from Christi and took Mikayla with her.

“Sorry Christi.” Kat giggled.

“It’s ok. I just wasn’t expecting that!” She looked at us both still embarrassed.

Kat sat down beside Christi kissing her cheek. “Would you like some coffee before the troops arrive?”

“Maybe I better.” Christi looked back at me. “You still haven’t answered.”

Kat led her back upstairs to get dressed before coming back down for breakfast. Before long Sharon and Nikki arrived dropping off the kids. Organized confusion is what I call it. I went with them for the morning then I took Kyle to his soccer match in the afternoon.

Cindy of course insisted on going to watch. I fired up the grill and cooked everything from hot dogs to shrimp. Nikki and Sharon joined us for dinner. We played games with the kids until bed time. Sharon and Nikki left the kids here and headed home about the same time.

Kyle izmir escort bayan was allowed to stay up which meant Cindy would as well. The ladies were in the kitchen. Cindy was setting on Kyles lap playing with her doll.

“Dad is Christi staying?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know son. Do you want her to?” I asked.

“I think Kitty does.” Cindy said still playing.

“Do you princess?” I asked. She looked at Kyle and nodded.

“We do.” Kyle smiled. “Come on sis it’s time we get some sleep.”

“Kyle. Ten minutes.” I said. “Cindy you sleep in your own bed!”

“Aw dad!” She protested.

Lizzy joined me in the overstuffed chair. She curled up resting her head on my shoulder. Kat walked Christi to the couch and sat down beside her. The conversation was light. We didn’t discuss Christi’s visit or what went on before she arrived.

Christi did explained how much she enjoyed the day. Facing that way Lizzy and I saw her come down the stairs. Lizzy was going to get up but I held her letting her know not to move.

Like a little munchkin she ran across the room and jumped in Kat’s lap.

“Cindy?” I scolded her.

“I can’t sleep and you won’t let me stay with Kyle!” Cindy argued.

She nuzzled inside Kat and rested her head upon her chest. She reached for Christi’s hand and held it then like the princess she is, she drifted to sleep.

Cindy had us all wrapped around her little finger none more than myself. She knew my bark was louder than my bite, but she also knew my limits. She knew if Kyle wasn’t there to protect her Kat would. I let Cindy stay so Christi could see firsthand even the children’s voices would be heard.

We talked for another hour and then decided to turn in.

“Let me take the princess” I said as I helped Lizzy up.

I reached for her and started taking her from Kat. Cindy woke looking at me.

“No! You take Kitty.” She pulled on Christi’s hand. “I’m going with Christi”

“Cindy!” I warned her.

“Please let me do this.” Christi replied. You three go ahead. I want to do this.” Christi took Cindy from my arms. “Besides I could use a break. These women are very passionate.”

“I’ll tuck you two in.” Lizzy said to Cindy and Christi. “I’m a little sore myself!” She winked at me.

Cindy wrapped her arms around Christi’s neck as she prepared to carry her up to bed. Kat and I kissed the three of them goodnight before they turned to leave. Christi stood for just a second. “You still haven’t answered me!”

“Hold onto that thought.” I said. She was disappointed but knew now wasn’t the time.

Kat filled my arms and kissed me deeply. “I love you son!”

“You care to show me how much?” I teased.

“I thought you would never ask!” Mom kissed me again pulling my hands to her ass.

I followed her upstairs. Dispensing with our clothes we cuddled in bed.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” I asked stroking her hips and ass cheek.

“I’m not sure Danny. I think so. But this is too important and it might just be my emotions.” Kat whispered. “What do you think?”

“I think I love you and want you to be happy. I have Lizzy and the kids which is enough for me.” I replied.

“Lizzy and I both agreed we would never leave you again. Not for Christi, not for anyone!” Kat kissed me deeply. “Christi thinks she loves you Danny but. I am not sure……..”

“Mom, if she stays it will be for you. Not me.” I said firmly. “Trust your instincts.”

“I wish there was a way I could know for sure.” Kat said.

“There is. If you think she would go along?” I suggested.

“You would do that for me?” Kat asked.

“I would be doing it not only for you but this entire family!” I kissed her again. “Now do I get to fuck your ass or are we going to talk all night?”

Kat wanted to suck me off but I knew tomorrow would be a busy day. I suckled her tits which always gets her dripping then she got on her knees. I lubed us both up and pressed to the most sensitive spot on her body.

“Slowly Danny. I want to feel every inch slip in me.” She moaned.

We have done this so many times but I never get tired of the feeling the first time I enter her ass. The firm resistance, then like the wave of a magic wand the intense pressure as her anus defies nature. I stopped as the mushroom head is clamped from that shaft. Kat always tells me this is her favorite part.

I let her push back at her own pace, tonight she was taking it in silence. Concentrating on my cock it stretched her further the more she took. Only when she bottomed out would she let me start fucking her. Tonight was about connecting again. Reaffirming not only our love but our commitment to each other and Lizzy. I would give up a thousand Christi’s to keep the two of them. Only now did I realized I wouldn’t need to.

I fucked mom’s ass. Her every twitch, her every murmur telling me what she wanted tonight. She came well before me. It was a good orgasm, not some out of body experience, but clearly satisfying. When I filled her ass I knew she was still mine. I kissed her right after confirming I was all hers as well. izmir escort

We decided to take two cars, Lizzy was with me, Casen, Hunter, Kenzi, and Mikayla in back. Kat had Christi and of course Kyle and Cindy. Sharon greeted us in a suit I thought was a bit too small around the kids but then Nikki’s wasn’t much better. Sometimes I think Kyle is the luckiest eleven year old on the planet! It was a perfect beach day, warm, sunny and not too humid. I helped carry the toys and boogie boards down to the water.

There must have been a conspiracy. Lizzy, Kat, and Christi each had on a very revealing suit under their clothes as well. I set up two large umbrellas and in short order the kids and I were in the surf having fun. At times so much sunscreen gets slathered on I think we should buy it by the gallon. I think sometimes they use so much just for the fun of putting it on each other.

Coming from the tropics Christi was deeply tanned as well, but they all paled in comparison to my ebony wife. Lunched was served on the patio. Christi holding Mikayla since Kyle had Cindy. Casen just ran to every woman there garnering the most attention. Hunter and I were playing Frisbee in the water with Kenzi. Mikayla was now napping in Lizzy’s arms, Casen in Christi’s under one umbrella. Kat, Sharon, and Nikki under the other. Cindy had Kyle half buried in sand for the third time.

Mid-afternoon I noticed Sharon and Nikki took Lizzy, Kat, and Christi in the condo. It was almost half an hour when they emerged with refreshments.

After dinner Nikki and Sharon asked to speak to me alone. Having spent several months on the beach away from everyone Nikki decided it wasn’t working as she hoped. The kids missed me and their siblings when they were with her.

“Nikki the kids can come live with us, you know that.” I assured her.

With Sharon’s help we discussed several options for fifteen minutes or so. In the end I explained that the final decision would be hers. Nikki then asked about possibility of moving back to the small house next door.

“Of course you can, it’s your house.” I replied. But I knew that isn’t what she was asking.

“Danny, if we do there needs to be some rules.” Nikki looked at Sharon and then at me.

“What rules are you suggesting?” I asked. Sharon took her hand offering support.

“There can be no visitors.” Nikki said. “I’m sorry but I need Sharon for myself.”

“So what did Kat and Lizzy say?” I asked.

“I told you.” Sharon laughed at Nikki. “Danny they will abide by your wishes.” Sharon explained.

“And the kids? Are they visitors?” I wanted to clarify.

“Danny they will be living in the big house with you.” Nikki seemed to be nervous.

“But they aren’t welcome to come see you?” I tried to understand.

“Danny, what Nikki is trying to say is for now she would like there to be limited access.” Sharon spoke up. “Of course the kids can visit but maybe not every day all day?”

“I see.” I replied. I figured as much. “What about Christi. If she moves in with Kat is that a problem for the two of you?”

Nikki looked at Sharon, then smiled. “We think she’s perfect!” Nikki squealed.

“Even for the kids?” I asked.

“Daniel we trust you to decide that.” Sharon added.

“Give me a few days to think about your proposal. I agree in principal. It’s the details I want to consider.” I explained. “You do know if Kat, and maybe Christi aren’t allowed to visit the two of you the opposite will be true as well.”

“We have one exception you didn’t mention.” Nikki said. She looked at Sharon and back to me. “Danny, Sharon still needs you.”

I looked at them both. It had been months since Sharon and I were intimate. I could see the desire was still there. Sharon had a dilemma. She was committed to Nikki but still wanted to spend time with me.

“I’ll let you know soon. I promise.” I kissed them both and we joined the others.

I went to the spare room to use the computer. I had made my mind up on one matter and needed to get it set in motion. Logging on the internet I went to work.

I asked Kyle to stay with Kenzi and Hunter at the condo for the night. Kat rode home with me alone. Christi and the kids with Lizzy.

“You’re ok with this Nikki proposal?” I asked.

“Danny, we both know she will be happier.” Mom replied.

“I told them if you couldn’t visit neither could they.” I explained.

“Honey we’re ok with that. We have you and each other.” Kat said happily.

“Nikki wants Sharon and me to spend time together.” I brought up.

“As well you should. Danny she needs you.” Mom reached over and took my hand. “Maybe if you took her on business trips?”

I looked over, Kat gave me that knowing smile.

“Your flights leave tomorrow. I’m sending Cindy.” I said.

“She will like that. Thank you son.” We rode in silence mom and I holding hands.

Cindy was not happy Kyle didn’t come home. She is still having a difficult time with Sally gone. With the kids now in bed. Lizzy and I were just cuddling. There was a knock on the door. I looked at the clock it was almost midnight. I went to the escort izmir door it was Kat and Christi in robes. I ushered them in.

“We came to get Lizzy!” Kat giggled.

They opened their robes, Christi had on a harness with long slender dildo’s hanging from it. Kat was holding nipple clamps.

“Can she come out and play?” Christi cooed.

I looked down the hall to see if any of the kids were up. I saw Cindy duck back in her room.

“Can I daddy?” Lizzy gave her best little girl impression.

“Better still, why don’t the three of you stay here? I have someone that needs me.” I grabbed my top and put it on. “Ladies I’ll see you in the morning.”

The ruckus in the room quieted as soon as I locked the door and pulled it closed behind me. I walked down the hall and gently pushed the door open. Cindy was in bed faking she was asleep.

“Baby are you awake?” I whispered. She refused to respond.

“Too bad I was hoping you could keep me company tonight.” I whispered. “I get lonely when I sleep alone.”

I went to the guest room and slipped in bed. I didn’t need to wait long before the patter of feet told me she was looking for me.

“Daddy?” She whispered beside the bed.

“Yes baby?”

“If you’re lonely I can stay with you.”

“I would like that.” I replied. She jumped in the bed. I pulled her close kissing her cheek. “I love you princess.”

The sun was just starting to rise over the horizon as I looked at the plane schedule and emails. I heard a door close upstairs, her eyes met mine as I looked up. Slowly she made her way down the steps.

“Danny why am I here?” Christi removed her robe standing naked before me. “You haven’t answered me.”

She stood nervously waiting for me to respond. I picked the robe up from the floor and draped it over her shoulders. I pulled it closed and tied it. I kissed her cheek gently. She sighed in frustration. Her arms trapped inside wouldn’t allow her to reach out.

“Well you aren’t here for that!” I scolded her. “I suggest you get you’re skinny ass back upstairs and get dressed you have a plane to catch.”

“What if I don’t want to go?” Christi challenged me. I pulled her into and long and passionate kiss.

“Please it’s important.” I replied.

“To you?” She snipped

“To Kat!” I explained. “And to Lizzy.”

Mrs. Martinez didn’t say anything that morning when Kat introduced our new guest. She did seem pleased to see Kat and Lizzy were back however.

“Maggie will pick you up at the airport. Please have her call me when she returns to the house.” I explained to Kat. “See you tonight Princess.”

I kissed Cindy as Christi held her.

Maggie called when she returned to the house giving me the bad news with the good. I thanked her and hung up. Sally called me later that day after Kat, Christ and Cindy were headed back to the airport.

Sally gave me her assessment of Christi, as I expected it was very positive. After that we had a long and tearful conversation.

Three weary and tired travelers were met by throngs of excited family. Sharon and Nikki came with me and of course all of the kids. Cindy clung to Christi even when Kyle tried to take her. It was only when I pried her away she would let me pass her to Kyle.

“Let’s go get pizza!” I suggested. Sharon had Hunter. Nikki had Kenzi. Lizzy had Casen. Kat took Mikayla.

I took Christi’s hand as we walked to the vans.


“Danny why am I here?” Christi asked as she and I sat with Kat that night in the living room. I turned to Kat and nodded my final approval.

“Christi. I would like you to come live with us.” Kat finally asked her.

Christi looked at her then back at me. She seemed truly shocked by the statement. She cocked her head, her hands shook.

“You mean this whole last week wasn’t just a onetime fling?” Christi Asked. Kat took her hand and held it firmly.

“You were………. you were scrutinizing me? Judging me. Did you grade me as well?” Christi snapped back seemingly offended.

“Oh Christi! It wasn’t anything like that. Sure we wanted to get to know you but Danny knew before he sent me to get you.” Kat explained passionately.

“Then why ‘am’ I here?” Christi asked, now truly desperate to know.

“So you could scrutinize us!” I replied.

If you would have touched her with a feather she might have fallen over. Christi was so emotional she looked like she might just pass out.

“Christi would you like to be part of our family?” I repeated taking her hand.

“But you don’t know anything about me!” She protested. Kat and I both smiled.

“I know everything about you we need to know.” I smiled.

“Like what?” Christi was still not convinced.

“I know you’re head of security for a worldwide organization. I know they do in depth background checks. To hold your position, there can be no criminal issues, and no drug issues.” I started. “Your lover smokes but you do not, so she doesn’t respect you. You took a week’s vacation to come which tells us you weren’t happy in other ways. You helped Sally with her list and let Lizzy misbehave. That tells me you have a naughty streak. But there was one deciding factor.” I explained.

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