Call me, lover. Chapter two

Call Me, Lover! Ch. 02

This is the second chapter of an ongoing fantasy. All people mentioned are 18 years of age or older. I recommend if you are just reading this that you read the previous chapter (Call me, lover.) to get the baseline.

It has been almost a year since that Friday afternoon when my whole life changed. The year has flown by with how busy I have been. I had been keeping a major secret from my wife, Trish, and it was eating me up inside. How do you tell your wife, “I am bisexual and am having an affair with a transsexual,” with out totally devastating her? The first thing she will feel is inadequate, then anger, and shortly after is probably divorce. I love my wife very dearly and the last thing I want is to loose her. So I devised a plan to keep her, and my transsexual lover, Jenna. This is how I did it…

I had been running around for about three months when I realized it was killing me inside. I had been meeting with Jenna about once a week. Sometimes at her apartment, and sometimes we would just meet at the adult bookstore. It’s kind of a comfortable spot for us because that’s where it all started. When we are there, she makes me suck all the cocks that come through the glory hole, and swallow all the cum. So far my record is twelve loads of cum in one sitting. She enjoys this more than I do, I am more of an intimate person, but I do it because she likes it.

I realized I needed to stop the running around, and I told Jenna that I wanted to incorporate her in my daily life at home, with my wife. She laughed and said it wasn’t possible, but she would go along with anything I did. She also told me she would stick with me even if my wife left me. I informed her, my wife leaving was not an option to me. Also not having her was out of the question.

So, I set forth to warm Trish up to the idea of having a transsexual in our bed. I started out easy, with pretending to wake up from a strange dream in the night.

“What’s the matter?” she would say.

“I just had a crazy dream, sorry to wake you up,” I would respond.

Now prior to this interaction I would have been thinking of Jenna and Trish together and I would have a rock hard cock. Trish, being a very attentive wife, would roll over and cuddle me, and realize my condition.

“Wow, I guess that was a very erotic dream!” she said. “Why don’t you tell me about it?”

She then threw the covers back and pulled down my boxers, exposing my throbbing member. She stroked it for a few moments until a drip of pre cum rolled down the head. “I think we aren’t having enough sex,” she said. “Your prostate must be swollen; I will empty it for you so you can sleep better!”

With that she lubed my ass with spit and plunged two fingers in finding my prostate with no problems. She began to suck my cock and rub my prostate at the same time. The feeling was so intense I knew I couldn’t last long. It felt as though my whole mid section was tingling.

“Oh, god, I think I am going to cum soon,” I said.

She stopped sucking me and just liked the head, while still massaging my prostate. I had never felt an orgasm like this I was going to cum without any one touching my dick.

“Here it comes!”

She placed her lips over my head and I lost it. I came with such force I thought she would choke; I sprayed five or six ropes of cum in her mouth before I was finally finished. She removed her mouth from my cock but said nothing. She continued to massage my prostate and within a few second I was having another orgasm. This she let spray all over my chest. She then got up, removing her fingers from my ass, and crawled over to my face.

“What’s the matter?” I said.

She just leaned in and kissed me, pushing her tongue in my mouth, and with it all my cum. All I could do was swallow my spunk, again and again, until it was all gone. We slowly broke apart.

“I told you your prostate was full. Do you feel better?”

“Yes, I feel great, that was so hot. Where did you learn about that?”

“You’re not the only one who likes to experiment, you know. I read about it on the internet, and watched some video clips to learn the technique.”

“Wow! That was intense.”

“So, what was that dream about?”

I had totally forgotten the whole reason this got started. How was I going to tell her, what was I going to tell her.

“It’s kind of embarrassing, don’t worry about it.”

“Tell me, I won’t laugh, I promise!”

“I don’t know.”

“Just tell me!”


So I started slowly spinning a story of how we were in bed making love. Then we were getting freaky with the strap on again. And it really felt good having the huge strap on in my ass filling me right up.

“Then what?” she said.

“Well, you were doing me doggie style one minute, then I was eating your pussy.

“And?” she said.

“And I was still being fucked in the ass.”

She looked at me with a strange look and said, “How?”

“It was a dream. But I looked back and there was a big blond transsexual with a huge cock fucking my ass.

“So, what’s so embarrassing about that?”

“It’s not the first time I have had the dream!”

“You have had this same dream before?”

“Yes, four or five times.” I lied.

It was at this point I noticed she had her panties down and had been fingering her sopping wet pussy through the whole story. I realized my plan was paying off.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it is just a fantasy!”

“Well, it makes me gay, right?”

“No, you are not gay, just bisexual. And that makes me hot!”

With that she rolled on top of me and began to rub her burning hot wet pussy all over my flaccid dick. In no time I was hard and she slid it in and rode me until she had at least six good orgasms. She then climbed off.

“I have to go to sleep; I have to go to work in a few hours.”

With that said she rolled over and said goodnight.

Things went on like that for a while. I was still seeing Jenna on the sly. Trish and I were having extraordinary sex in normal hours. She got a full latex dominatrix outfit and whips, cuffs, and riding crop. She even got a Gestapo hat and eight inch stiletto heels. I continue to wake up Trish to fake dreams, she would get hot and either I get a prostate massage or she fucks me with the new strap on she bought just for stimulating the prostate. And every time I swallow the cum.

“I am jealous, she says. Your complexion is so much better than mine with all the sperm you’re eating!”

Then I get her off and we sleep. We began to watch transsexual porn together and she got really hot on those nights.

One night Trish turned to me after she had just emptied my prostate and balls and said;

“Maybe we should find a transsexual to share in the bedroom sometime, what do you think?”

I played it all cool like I wasn’t sure, and what if I freaked out, maybe I was really gay, etc. I finally agreed but said we should both choose together.

“Ok. How should we do it?”

“Maybe we should use the internet, like one of those transsexual singles sites. We could sign up, and build a profile as a couple looking for a transsexual and see who responds.”


So we spent an hour signing up on and taking a couples picture. During the process Trish was scanning the different profiles and was getting way over stimulated. When we finished she strapped on a massive Jeff Stryker dildo and fucked me for two hours strait. She then rode my cock and actually let me cum in her pussy. I was shocked, but quickly I understood, as she squatted over my face and said;

“Eat your cum from my pussy, cum slut!”

I was taken aback, but did as I was told. She had at least two orgasms while I ate her pussy.

“What is it with you forcing me to eat my sperm all the time now?”

“I just like the feeling of power and dominance. It doesn’t hurt that seeing you submit makes me so hot!”

We laughed and giggled for a while afterward. It was like a brand new relationship.

The next day I went to Jenna’s apartment. I told her of the progress and had her get on the computer to respond to the search we had on To my surprise Trish replied within minutes saying we should all meet at a local bar later this evening.

“You really got her in to this, didn’t you?”

“It looks that way.”

“I can’t wait to fuck you both!” Jenna said.

“I guess, maybe I should go home and get ready.”

“Oh, no you don’t! Come with me!” she said.

We drove to the book store and along the way she taunted me;

“You are going to fill your belly with cum before you go, then I will top you off later!”

We arrived and went in, and like always she followed me in to our usual booth. Jenna sat back and watched me suck cock after cock and swallow so many loads I lost count. I was pretty sure I had serviced everyone in there at least twice.

I finally went home, my guts full of cum, and my wife was just jumping when I got there. She was already dressed in a sexy black dress with her stiletto heels. To my surprise and excitement she had on thigh high stockings and garters, with no underwear.

Now I should tell you a little about Trish. She normally is very proper when we go out. Always conservative, nothing to short, but this dress she had on was maybe two inches below her ass. Speaking of her ass it is ample in size, with thick dancers’ legs. She has a full set of tits, 40DD, and unlike most women of today, she has hair on her pussy. It’s not an Amazon bush, but a neatly trimmed one. She has natural jet black hair, both top and bottom, which she keeps in a graduated bob.

“We are going out tonight!”

“Oh. What’s the occasion?”

“I think I found us the perfect friend to play with in bed. She is a tall Amazonish blond with huge tits, lives in the area, and says she has a nine inch cock.”

Of course I played it off that I wasn’t sure, but she was persistent, and I finally gave in.

“Ok, but if it is not right we are just going to leave ok?”

“Sure, but I think you will like her.”

Little did she know, I already liked her. I got ready quickly and then we were off.

We were to meet Jenna at a quiet little tavern, with a bar and restaurant. As we drove Trish babbled about how excited she was and her hopes this would work. I glanced over and caught her fingering her pussy. I then reached over to get in on the action. She was molten inside, I thought my finger would melt from the hot wet heat. She was also quivering continuously, as if she was on the edge of orgasm.

“Honey, are you ok?” I asked deviously.

“Yeah, I just feel like I am going to explode with anticipation.”

“I can fix that!” I said.

I pulled the car off on a side street that dead ended by a stream I usually fished at. With the car stopped I turned my wife to face me and spread her legs. I dove face first in to her hair pie and it to less than a minute to make her cum. She was free flowing female ejaculate, hot wet and amazingly tasty. I continued unwaveringly through until the orgasms subsided.

“Oh my god!” she said. ” I have never cum like that before!”

I simply grinned and handed her some napkins to clean herself up with as I cleaned off my face.

We arrived at the tavern fifteen minutes later. I noticed Jenna’s car on the other side of the parking lot, and it looked as if she were still sitting in it.

“We have to send a text to this phone number to let this girl, Jenna, know that we have arrived.” Trish said.

“Ok, go ahead.” I replied.

Trish sent the message and we got out of the car and approached the door. It was a quiet place with few patrons, and the majority of them were at the bar. It had a nice dining room that was, fortunately, completely empty. The bar area was small, with a few crusty old drunks, who were staring at Trish like a piece of meat. I moved her to the opposite side, and shot a death glance at the drunks.

We ordered drinks and sat to wait. A few minutes later I saw Jenna walk in and scan the room for us. As she crossed the room I couldn’t help but notice how hot she looked. She wore a short black skirt, a bit longer than Trish’s , with nylons and six inch stiletto heals. She had her blond hair pulled back in a pony tail. She looked hot, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Trish took an uptake of breath, and the drunks were gawking, if they only new what was hiding under that dress….

Call me, lover. Chapter one

Call Me, Lover!

I have been married to my wife for eight years now and we have a decent marriage. We experiment, sexually, on occasion and have found certain things that really get each other off. The one we both agree stimulates both the most is when she puts on a strap on and fucks my ass. She becomes empowered by it with a sense of dominance, and I feel hot submitting to her. But sometimes you need extra outside stimulation.

I went to the adult book store one Friday afternoon. I had not been in there before. As I walked in I noticed the clerk running the store was a tall thick blond. She had beautiful strait hair, dyed for sure, and large breasts. She wore one of those tube top style shirts and a pair of cut off jeans that showed off her beautiful tan legs.

I begin to wander around the store looking at the movies and toys. I keep glancing over at the clerk, and she catches me every time and smiles. I continue to look around when I notice a sign that says video arcade. I assume its like preview booths so I ask the clerk if I need tokens to enter.

She replies, “You have to buy a minimum $5 card to go in.”

I purchase the card from the smiling women, and can’t help but wonder if maybe she likes me a little. I walk in the viewing area and look around. The booths are set up in rows completely enclosed and they have lights to tell the ones in use. I only have one choice so I proceed to the open booth. I close the door behind me and lock it. I then realize that there is a hole in the wall about 3 inches around. I had heard about these, and thought they were called “Glory holes.” I paid little attention to it but sat down with my back to it and inserted my card in the machine and began flipping through movies.

A knock at the door startles me. I stand and open the door. To my surprise, the clerk is on the other side. She gives me an evil grin and pushes me back in the both closing the door behind her and locking it. I begin to object, and try to tell her I am married but she plants an amazing kiss on my lips and then a tongue to follow. As we kiss she undoes my pants and lets them drop to the floor. I am nervous at this point and again go to object, but she just looks at me coyly and begins her descent to her knees and pulls my underwear down. She wastes no time in putting my dick in her mouth. She is a world class cocksucker, the best I have ever had. It takes only a short time before she has me teetering on the edge of coming. She stops, rises and has an evil look on her face.

“Its your turn now!” she said.

She reaches out to the hole in the wall and puts a finger in. Almost immediately a large white penis comes through, fully erect. She grabs me by the back of the head and pushes me over, feeding the cock in my mouth.

“Suck it good!” she says. “I am going to fuck you while you suck that cock.”

Confused, I continue to suck and realize I kind of enjoy it. The feel in my mouth is right, it tastes ok, and you get a power rush. I glance back at the girl and I am shocked to see her lower her cut offs and pull a large cock from between her legs. I pull the cock from my mouth to object but she reaches over and puts it back in my mouth.

“Hush baby, you are going to enjoy this, I won’t hurt you.” She says.

I go back to sucking and feel her finger some lube on and up my ass. Then I feel the large head off her dick on my hole. She uses light pressure and eases in. She was right, she didn’t hurt me. But before long I have a very full feeling and realize her thick nine inch cock is all the way in. She begins to thrust and I become very excited, it feels so good.

I am caught off guard as the cock in my mouth becomes very hard and then bursts forth with hot cum. I can’t pull it out because I am pinned by the chick behind me. I swallow three times and continue to suck, but he becomes flaccid, and pulls back in the hole. With nothing to do I turn my attention to what she is doing to me. It feels like nothing I have ever had. I want to just cum all over myself. I glance over my shoulder at her huge tits, implants, but amazing just the same. She grins at me again and thrusts deeper making me moan.

All of a sudden I have a large black cock in my face. Without hesitation I open up and suck it. It’s big and hurts my jaw a little but I suck like and old pro. Its not long before I am swallowing a massive load of cum. I have to swallow five times. Then just as he appeared he was gone.

I feel her dick get harder and she moaned softly, then I feel the hot cum spurting in my ass. She’s so deep inside and feels good as it fills my insides. She eases out of my ass, turns me over and begins to suck my cock. It is so wonderful, and I am so aroused by this point, I cum in a matter of minutes. Lots and lots of cum, but she doesn’t swallow. She stands and grabs my head, pressing her lips to min and pushing her tongue in. I taste that cum as she pushes it all in my mouth French kissing the whole time. I swallow a couple of times until the mass is gone. We continue to kiss for a few moments.

When we break free, she rubs her hand on the side of my face. Then pulls a small piece of paper out and places it in my hand. As she begins to dress, I look at the paper, and it reads, ” Jenna, 555-7669.”

I look up in time as she opens the door and steps out. She looks back with that amazing grin.

“Call me, lover!” she says.

Then she is gone. I quickly close the door and pull up my underwear and pants. I open the door and step out to find four men standing there looking at me. They smile and give a little clap as I rush by embarrassed. I rush out of the store, looking just long enough to get a kiss blown at me from the girl, then I am out.

As I walk to the car I have the sensation of being full, and its no doubt why, with three loads of cum in my belly, and one deep in my ass. I feel it just before I get in the car, as the cum trickles out of my ass and down my leg.

I drive home fighting the feelings of embarrassment and of guilt. I just cheated on my wife, with two and a half men! Its almost surreal. But, I decide that I should tell her nothing.

As I walk in to my house my wife comes right over to me and kisses me deep and with lots of tongue. She runs her hand over my ass and pushes on the hole a little. I am in serious trouble. She wants sex now and she wants to fuck my ass.

She drags me down the hall to our bedroom. The bed is set up, candles burning, and a towel on the edge. She shoves me down on the towel and lubes up my ass. I don’t know how she didn’t see the cum, but I got lucky. She then turns and puts on the strap on harness, when she turns back she has on the largest of the dongs. It is Black, twelve inches long, two and a half inches thick and has the realistic veins and ridges. She begins lubing it up.

Grinning, she says; ” We are going to try new stuff today, my little cock slut!”

She pushes the strap on in my ass. Nowhere near as gentle as the tranny at the book store. But it goes in easy.

With a dirty grin on her face, she says, ” I must have to get a bigger cock for you, this one just slid right in.”

She fucked my ass for two hours from all the different angles. I thought I was going to die. Finally she took pity on me and pulled out. She then commenced to sucking my dick, until I came in her mouth. She rose quickly and forced my mouth open and spit cum in it.

“Swallow!” she ordered.

I swallowed it down. She grinned.

“Now you are a cum slut as well as a cock slut.”

I took a shower and thought back over the day as I washed off the sex. I had four loads of cum in my stomach, one in my ass and had been fucked in each hole by multiple people. My god! I want more now…

His first time, Pt 2, as per request

Well here it is 10 months later and I am finally getting around to continuing my story with Mike. In all of my years dressing and pleasing men, I have only had a man spend the entire night 3 times, this being one of them. In the first part, I met Mike, a man that was interesting in trannies like me, but had never had the pleasure of being with one, until me. I had sucked and drained his big 8 inch cock and then he watched me jerk off for him. I then offered him to stay the night.

I made dinner for Mike and I, (it was so much fun making dinner for a man, made me feel like a wife) and we hung out and watched a movie and drank some beer. I was hoping he would get hard again so I could taste his cock and cum again before bed, and even with me playing with and sucking his soft cock, it just wasn’t going to arise to the occasion. At around midnight I was getting very sleepy and suggested we head to bed. I changed into my aqua colored baby doll and matching thong (just realized I don’t have any lingerie pics on my profile, will have to upload some) black lace top thigh highs, no bra or breast forms and of course no heels for sleeping. I spritzed on a little more perfume and changed my wig to a shorter one, more suitable for sleeping. Mike chose to sleep naked, which was perfectly fine by me. I climbed into my queen size bed and under the covers (it was winter time) along with Mike. I laid facing him, hoping he would give me a good night kiss or something, but still nothing. He said goodnight and turned away from me, sleeping on his side. I turned away from him as I normally sleep facing that way anyways. We both fell asleep and I awoke about 6 am to feel Mikes arm wrapped around my waist and much to my delight, his cock pressing against my ass. I reached behind me to feel that it was just as hard as I hoped it felt. I moved my one leg over top of the other and pushed back against him. His cock pressed at my hole (oh what a feeling) and I pushed back even further. It was then that I realized he wasn’t even awake yet. He did wake up as his cock began to enter me though. He pulled back once he was awake, I guess not being sure if he really wanted to fuck a guy I suppose, but when I said, Awww. He laughed and said, “is that what you want”. I told him only if he was okay with it. He replied by putting his cock back where it was just a moment ago. He pushed and I pushed back and since I am especially tight it took a little bit before his big cock was buried deep into me. It started as a slow methodical fuck with long slow strokes in and out of my girly ass. Mike reached around me and pinched my erect nipples, that are very sensitive. That made my clitty spring to attention. Then he kissed the back of my neck as he started thrusting harder into me, which is really hot and makes me feel even sexier than I am. I reached down and had to take hold of my clit which was rock hard now and dripping precum. I wiped the precum and brought my fingers to my lips and tongue. Next, as Mike kissed my neck, his hand moved from my nipples to my hard clit and began to stroke me, a little roughly, but it still felt good to have a hand on it other than my own. His rhythm gradually increased, thrusting deep into me, I could feel his balls slapping my ass with every thrust. I could take no more with him jerking me off and fucking me from behind, and I lost it and began to cum in his hand and on the sheets. He brought his hand to my mouth and I licked my own cum from his fingers. By now he was fucking me furiously, and was about to stop him so that I could add some lube, but then I heard. “Oh God Lisa, Im gonna cum. where do you want it” My reply was, “Fuck me Mike, fuck me hard!!!” I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me and then I felt it spasm and his warm juices filling me up. He slowly pulled out and laid on his back and said, “Oh my God, you are so tight”. I turned around and as his cum leaked from my ass I leaned over and put his cock into my mouth, before it went soft, tasting both of our juices. I licked him clean before getting up and getting him a towel. He laid there quietly and I got up, put a robe on and went to make coffee. Mike met me in the kitchen fully dressed and came up to me, put his arms around me from behind, kissed my neck and said, “You are amazing”. I wanted to turn around and kiss him on the mouth, but I didn’t think he was ready for that yet.

We sat at the table and talked as we had our coffee. He said he never thought he could fuck a man in the ass, but it was amazing and oh so tight. I corrected him and explained that he didn’t, and that I was a girl, just a girl with something extra. He chuckled. He again reiterated that he wanted to play with 2 hot girls like me. He said it would be hot seeing 2 girls kissing and sucking each other. I said I would see what I could do to arrange that. As I walked Mike to the door, he put his arms around me and to my surprise planted a kiss on my lips before he was out the door and gone.

My voluptuous stepdaughter

It was at the end of December, my mother in law had fallen sick with a respiratory infection, she required hospitalization, when all the family members arrived at the hospital they had a family caucus, my wife Gloria volunteered to stay the first night by her mom’s hospital bed. It was close to midnight when I was ready to drive home when my stepdaughter Yolanda offered to me to spend the night at her house, instead of driving all the way home, she is a widow mother of two k**s, she left them at their grandmas house, so she was to be alone that night. She left ahead of me, and said “I’ll have the couch ready by the time that you arrive. On the 20 minutes drive to her house, I was only thinking of her 38D generous breast size, her thick legs, and her nice 45 year old ass. I arrived at her house and she had pulled a blanket and a pillow and set them on top of her red couch in the living room. She handed me a tooth brush and a hand towel and said “good night” I said thank you, and she left for her bedroom, I waited for a few minutes, and then I walked to the rest room, I could heard the shower running on the other side of the wall, I put my ear to the wall, closing my eyes and imagining the nice body of hers, being wet with warm water. I brushed my teeth and washed my face when I heard the water shutting in her bathroom. I went to the living room and laid on the couch, I kept thinking of her nice assets contemplating the moonlight filtering trough the window. I closed my eyes and I felt like if I was sleeping already, when I heard a voice telling me “Roberto, do you need anything else?” I opened my eyes , and I see her silhouette standing by my side, my blood is boiling I feel my face warm with mixed emotions, she is only wearing a withe bath robe holding it closed with her arms, I get up and remained sitting on the couch, I’m afraid to make the first move and find out that the was not the right thing to do, I was about to say I’m fine, when she let the bath robe to open and I see that she is only wearing panties under that , at this time I tried to get up, but she’s already on top of me, pushing me in the corner of the red couch, I started to suck her nice nipples, she said “bite them softly” I put my hands in her panties, I can feel her nice round ass, she said kiss my kneck but don’t leave marks, for about ten minutes between her nipples and her neck, she backs up slowly,and stands up, I pulled her panties down and while on my knees I licked her wet hairy pussy, she is nice and wet, she pull me up to get on my feet, unbuttons my pants looking for my cock, I helped her hand to it, she strokes it nicely with a firm hold, she gets down on her knees and licks the bottom part all the way to my balls, she gets up, and pulls her bath robe of her back, throw it on the couch, laying on top of it, and bending her legs, with my left hand on top of her pussy I stroke her clit nice and easy while rubbing her wet vagina with my right hand, I get in between her legs and started to eat her hairy cunt, she tells me “metela” meaning put your dick in my vagina, I put my dick on top of her vagina and rub it up and down two times, when she feels my balls on her vagina lips, she exhales a short suspire and encroaches her body while saying “oh gosh”. I penetrate her vagina, and with two firm strokes, she comes again….
To Be Continued

The biker chick

I’ve been selling housewares for Macy’s for 20 years now. I love using my cheerful, personality to meet and help new people. It doesn’t hurt that I’m good looking for a 50 year-old guy, kind of a poor man’s Tom Cruise.

I get to meet a fair share of women and sometimes when they are my type we become close friends. They have to be my age, nice, real and fun. Most important of all they have to be big. I’ve made friends with tall women, short women, dominant women, submissive women, busty women, pear shapes, all kinds of women, just as long as they’re on the large side.

Last week I was absolutely mesmerized when a white-haired, motorcyle mama type came through looking for a coffeemaker. She was about 250 lbs., medium height, in just a tank top, shorts and flip-flops. Her C cup breasts weren’t all that big, but they were braless and deliciously saggy. She had that air of someone that didn’t really care what you thought of her and that made her doubly exciting. She also looked kind of rough with a short haircut, and a tattoo of a pig on her big upper arm. I wasn’t even sure if she was straight at first.

I’m the clean cut, dockers wearing type so I wasn’t sure she’d take to me. I made sure I was the one who helped her though. I gave her my best intros and explained about the different brands and features. She had a raspy voice from too many cigarettes and up close I could see she had quite a few wrinkles, freckles and cellulite. These are a few of my favorite things, as the saying goes, and I began to get that nervous sexual rush you get when you are close to a woman that turns you on.

I kept finding ways to keep the conversation going, cracking lame jokes, and kept staring at her a little longer and deeper than you would if you didn’t care. Finally she seemed to get my drift and began to size me up in return. One of the nice things about middle age is you are much less image conscious, so if there’s a physical appeal often times you go with it. I knew she felt it because she started extending the conversation too and for the first time broke into a wide smile.

She chose a Mr. Coffee and we walked over to the register to ring it up. No one was in the vicinity so I decided it was now or never. “Don’t you get cold shopping in those clothes?” I ventured, alluding to her sparse attire. “It’s the middle of summer”, she replied not quite sarcastically. “I know but the air conditioning is so strong in these malls. I thought I saw some goosebumps on your arm.” “Where?” she said invitingly.

I came around to her side of the register and got real close, ostensibly to inspect her arm. She allowed me to take her hand in mine as I ran my hand lightly up and down her arm. It was hot because we were both breathing heavily now feeling sexual tension between us. We both kind of forgot about the goosebumps as our eyes locked and I just kept stroking her around her tattoo. “That’s a nice tattoo”, I said. “I have even better ones you can’t see right here”, she came back.

“We have a very private stockroom where you could show me”, I offered. It was really getting intense between us so her guard was definitely down. It was like we were in our own little world. Then I added the coup de grace that was sincere and cut through any defense she might have had, “Hey forget the tattoos. Just come back there with me for a moment so I can kiss you once in private.”

That was something we both wanted. We did have a cavernous, extensive stockroom so I led her by the hand to a private aisle. Then I turned to her and gently embraced her, sinking my face into her neck and rubbing our bodies together.. We made out hungrily as my hands explored her soft, extensive curves. I lifted her shirt and smothered my face in her soft tit flesh, kneaded her nipples, and slid my hands inside her shorts over the ledge of her belly and tantalized her clit. There were mmms and aahs from both of us as we worked up a sweat for 20 minutes or so.

At this point we were at a fever pitch and I needed to release my hard-on to the air before it suffocated. She grabbed it and immediately bent over to kiss it, lick it and rub it all over her face. Once she got her mouth around me I felt like I was one big sucking candy for her. She expertly vacuumed me up, and then alternately moved me around her mouth and up and down her throat. I looked down at her big, beautiful frame and I was so dizzy I had to hold onto a post to keep my balance. Finally I had to let go with a muffled “argghh”, and she stayed with me riding every buck I made. With tidy precision she never missed a drop and as we recovered we were quickly ready to depart as if nothing had ever happened.

As we got to the door back out to the sales floor we exchanged what we both knew was the last kiss of the day. “By the way, we make house calls if you have trouble setting up your coffeemaker”, I volunteered. She replied “I’ll call you because I’m sure I’ll need some of that help.” And with that she winked and we went to the register.The biker chick


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Amanda was a pretty girl, with almond shaped eyes, and a smile to die for. She had a head full of reddish blond curls that she wore in a french braid down her back. Which complemented her peach colored skin. and reddish brown freckles. She was tall and had big breasts and a nice curvy figure, that she kept hidden with oversized sweatshirts or baggie jeans. She was also shy and a nerd. We went to the same high school and she was never the life of the crowd. Whereas I was always everywhere. I was Ms. Popularity at school as I knew everyone and they all knew me. During lunch she would get mad when I would walk around the cafeteria socializing. My other friends always said ” Why doesn’t she want to be around everyone else? Why is she always reading books” they would ask, and I would defend her because she really was my friend.

Amanda always bought me gifts. A new diary, all the Donald Goines Editions. a Sony Walkman, She always bought me things. I figured she was rich so I just enjoyed the accolades I received from her. My other friends called her ” My shadow” but I shrugged it off and changed the subject. Whenever a boy would try and talk to me, she would act so funny towards me,. Prompting me to ask if she likes the guy, and she would say how wrong he was for me. One day I got a card in the mail, and it was unmarked and the card said ” I’ve got a crush on you” I couldn’t wait to show Amanda so we could figure out which boy it could be. When I showed her the card we talked about it all day trying to figure out who could have sent it.

That weekend she slept over at my house. We went skating and had a great time. We came home late we showered and got into my bed to talk until we fell asleep, when she came out and said ” What if your secret admirer is a girl” she asked as we laid in my darkened room with only the light from the moon light shining in. I laughed and said ” You’re stupid. Why would it be a girl? ” You never know” she said and turned her back to me. I thought she was just being crazy and turned my back and fell off to sleep. I woke up to Amanda spooning me, with her hand on my tits. She was lightly squeezing my nipples and rubbing her body against me. ” Lisa. Lisa ” she said in a whisper. I feigned sleep and turned onto my back.

When I did that she began to kiss my neck and rub her hands across my body. It sent a shiver down my spine, but I didn’t move. I wore a halter top and panties and she pulled my top down and started to suck my nipple. I couldn’t believe she was doing this. It felt so good. As she sucked on my nipple she began to squeeze my pussy thru my panties. Not a hard squeeze but one that made my pussy throb. She got on top of me and put my two nipples together and started licking and sucking them at the same time. It was hard to pretend I was asleep as she had me squirming and breathing hard. She was passionately sucking my nipples and had her thigh up against my pussy. I found myself rubbing against her thighs. Her skin felt so soft and sweet.

She pulled my panties off, then stood up and got naked and got back in bed and laid on top of me. She began to rub her pussy against mine she had me so wet. She fucked me as if she had a dick. She kissed me, and licked my nipples as we rubbed pussies together, THEN she started kissing my stomach, and getting lower and lower until she was between my thighs, and she kissed my pussy and licked me from my ass back up to my pussy then she started licking my clit and making all these lapping sounds. Before I knew it I came everywhere, and she never stopped licking my pussy. I was shaking and breathing hard as she made me have my first orgasm and it was awesome. She came up and started kissing me. I could taste my pussy in her mouth and I liked the taste.

” I sent you the card” she blurted out. ” Really. You have a crush on me” I asked. ” No. I’m In love with you” she said.. ” Love. Are you for real” I asked? ” We cant be gay. Our parents would kill us. Besides I like boys” I said. She got quiet, then said. ” That’s why I didn’t say anything, because I knew you weren’t down with that” she says. ” Please don’t tell anyone I sent you the card” she says. ” I wouldn’t do that to you Amanda. Can we be secret girlfriends, and no one else knows but us ” I ask? She smiles and we start kissing and I flip her over and start licking and sucking on her breasts. They were beautiful too. Nice light brown tits with a reddish brown nipple. I sucked those nipples as if I were her baby trying to get milk. We made love all night, and slept all day,

My first time with a craigslist shemale escort

Before my current girlfriend I was in a relationship for about 3 years. Towards the end the sex got boring and not as frequent as I’d like. I started browsing for escorts in the area, something I never did before. After looking and looking I was reluctant to spend that money on something if given a little effort I could get for free. When curiosity struck I started looking at the shenale escorts. Prior I had watched some shenale porn in the past and remember getting very turned on by it. So for the next few days I kept going back to this one in particular shenale I found, I’d look at her ad then check out her tumblr, her Facebook etc. she was absolutely gorgeous but didn’t have any breasts, nice long natural hair, great small yet bubble ass, nice lips, nice legs. Finally I said fuck it and sent her a text, she responded and I set up to meet her at her apartment. I was working that day and decided I’d take my hour lunch to meet her. I arrived, sat outside in my car smoked a cigarette and couldn’t believe I was about to go through with this. Finally I got the courage up and texted her that I was out front. She came down and let me in and I followed her to her apartment. She had on a robe and some lace stockings. I get inside and she says off the bat money on the table, so I put the $100 on the table and kind of stood there. She asks if I’ve ever done this before and I respond no never, she then asks so you’ve never been with a girl like me? I said no I haven’t this is my first time. She told me not to be nervous that I should relax and take a seat on the couch. I sat down and she walked in front of me and dropped her robe exposing a sexy lingerie top and skimpy panties. She pushed her way between my legs and bent down towards my face and kissed me, naturally I start kissing her back. Our tongues intertwining I start running my hands up and down her legs and her ass and instantly get hard. We continue our long kiss and she unbuckles my belt and unzips my pants. She reaches in my boxers and gently begins to stroke me. Normally a jandjob does nothing for me but it felt amazing. We break away from our kiss and her hand still wrapped around my dick she drops the her knees. She slowly looked up at me and begins to softly kiss my hard dick, just kissing it, then begins to lick my shaft up to the tip where she then wrapped her lips around and begins giving me what may have been up to this point the best blowjob I ever got. Every now and then she’d look up while devouring my dick in her hot mouth. Maybe 10-15 minutes tops went by and she stops and says do you wanna fuck me? I said yes. She said follow me, she takes me through this beaded doorway where there’s a mattress on the floor, she turns around and drops her panties then got on her hands and knees. I get down and come behind her, I slowly start fingering her ass, soft at first then a little harder and faster. She really did have a great little bubble butt. I spit on it and decided fuck it, I put my hands on her ass to spread it and stared eating her ass. I know she’s an escort but I couldn’t resist. She started to moan like crazy as my tongue is circling and penetrating her hole. I thought I was gonna cum just from tonguing her ass. She starts to beg me to fuck her, I eat her ass for a few more minutes till I can’t take it anymore and grab her hips rubbing my dick behind her. Finally I guide myself inside slowly. My God did it feel incredible, I start off slow and next thing I know I’m all the way inside. I was surprised how tight her ass was considering she was an escort. We’re fucking for maybe 20 minutes about and I feel like I’m gonna explode, since I’m used to natural women I go I’m gonna cum, she said hey I wanna cum too can you get on top of me? I was a little weary but I went with it. So I pull out and she turns over, now I see her dick and thought I was gonna go limp. Shocking I stayed hard and got on top where she grabbed me and slid me back inside her. I started really pounding away this time, not so fast but long and hard thrusts. She started to jerk herself off even harder, I leaned down and started to kiss her again, feeling her moan as I’m fucking her and she’s stroking herself. I dunno what it was but I really liked kissing her. What happens next I can’t even explain, I reach my hand down over hers and unwrap it from her dick. I stop kissing her for a second and we just look at each other while I’m still inside her and realize I’m now jerking her off. I think we were both shocked because she tells me please don’t stop baby, you feel amazing inside me. So I’m trying my best not to cum but can’t help it, I said I’m gonna cum I can’t hold it anymore. So I lean it to kiss her and as soon as I do I feel myself erupt inside her. I think I may have came for what felt like a solid minute. She pulls away from my kiss and said can you please let me finish, keep jerking me and I did. I was stroking her the same way I’d stroke myself, before I knew it I felt a warm load run down my knuckles and hand. She let out the biggest moan I heard in quite some time. I go to get up and she asked if I wanna shower before I leave and I said I have to get back to work but can I wash off. So I went to clean myself off and when I came out she had put on this cute little yellow dress, loose yet rather short. She goes I can’t believe how amazing you were, or that you never did this before because you were great. I said I really never have but you turned me on in a way I haven’t felt in awhile. She smiled and came up to me and gave me another kiss, I got instantly hard but knew as bad as I wanted to stay I had to go. So I pull away and say thank you for an unforgettable time and walked out. I get in my car and pull away, about 5 minutes later I look at my phone and she texted me saying “I know you have work but if you have time later you can come back free of charge” for the rest of the work day that’s all I could think about, was how great it was being with her and leaving her there in that sexy short yellow dress.


The fellow we chose was younger than us, not all that good looking with fit body in his tee shirt and light slacks showing off his long legs. At the resort we were staying at he began a conversation with us mainly as he heard my American accent and was planning to go to America to travel and hopefully find a job. We soon got friendly as he seemed very open and honest despite his language not always so gentlemanly. Sarah was far more tolerant of his calling someone he disliked a “cunt” or a “total arse hole!” On our third night there we decided to put our proposal to Damian and he smiled and agreed immediately. “I,ve never had a threesome before so look forward to it!” He smiled and I couldn,t help. but notice a significant bulge in the front of his slacks as he said it. Of course Sarah was having second thoughts when Damian excused himself to buy a round of drinks. “I,m not all that sure I want to do this. Yes I know we did it with Debs, but that felt different.” “ Because she was a Woman?” I queried. “Hmmm suppose you,re right and I did agree to this One Time!” “Just as long as Damian accepts it!” I sighed. “He s young, he,ll survive!” Sarah laughed and I joined her laughter. We were still smiling and chuckling when Damian returned with a tray of drinks and wanted to know what we were laughing at. “We we’re discussing the bikini on that bug redhead with the skinny guy and how it shows off her big titties too much!” I lied. “Yes I think everyone has noticed!” He smiled and glanced lovingly at the mentioned female. The woman was either unaware or just Didn,t care that the halter of her bikini Didn,t even conceal her large aureolas and that her nipples were so hard the top threatened to come undone any moment. Probably some people were hoping it would as she moved about every now and then as if her ample bottom itched and every time she moved her titties bounced and wobbled. I,m pretty sure most males present sported erections like mine and the woman must have been purposely doing it probably trying to encourage her weedy looking partner. After more drinks we headed back to our chalet where Sarah poured more drinks from the whiskey and vodka we,d brought with us. Sarah began things now emboldened by the vodkas she,d consumed and began to dance provocatively like an erotic dancer or stripper letting her hips sway as her big titties wobbled under her loose blouse(she,d taken her bra off earlier in the ladies and Damian’s eyes were instantly glued to them). She,d taken her sandals off when we entered the chalet and now peeled off her Bermuda length shorts, her white lace panties nearly transparent from her pussy juices soaking them. She teasingly ran long fingers over her knickers making them even wetter before reaching up and starting to unbutton her blouse which she now cast onto a chair, her lovely titties now just starting to sag slightly, but the coral tips nestling in chocolate aureolas were like hard pebbles. Now she began to moan softly and fondle and squeeze her mammaries rubbing the nipples as she did so, occasionally using her other hand to rub over her pubic mound as she continued to dance. Finally the teasing was finished as she turned her back on us and peeled off her last garment then slowly turned round to show us her hairy treasure cave, lips puffy and love drops dripping so turned on was she without touching either of us. “Go on Damian. Sarah wants you first” I urged him on. Sarah sat back on the edge of the bed gently fingering her cunt as Damian rose and began to disrobe. Sarah almost swooned as his uncircumcised prick was revealed in all its glory not much longer than mine, but thicker. He moved to Sarah, took her in his arms and they began to kiss passionately as I took off my clothes and began to gently jerk my soldier to keep him interested. “Come on Old Man!” Sarah called.”This IS Your threesome after all!” I moved to the bed to join them as Damian was now kissing down my wife,s body taking time over those magnificent boobies, her tummy then her toes and almost too small feet then working back up to her inner thighs her sensitive clitty bud then the ultimate target her juice oozing pussy! Meanwhile it was yours truly passionately sucking Sarah’s tongue as she groaned with Damian’s tongue licks against her fleshy inner lips and she ran her right hand up and down the length of my throbbing dick. “Are you enjoying this?” I asked as I turned my attention to her titty flesh. “Of Course I am!” She replied with a contented sigh. Damian continued to eat her out till she pushed him away, “Thank you sweetie! I must have cum ten times! Now I want your cock!” He moved up and fed the head of his member against her quim lips and moved it up and down before slipping it in to the hilt and starting to really fuck her fast and hard! There are times Sarah likes it gentle at first, but it always ends with pure lightning fucking in the end leading to a shattering climax as she cries out with the effort. She couldn,t cry out this time as she had a mouth full of my cock as I fucked her mouth, Sarah sucking hard at the same time and grunting from Damian’s hard thrusts in her cunt! I spurted in her mouth not long before Damian did the same in her cunt, then pulled out so she could get her breath back along with her reeling senses. For the next few hours Sara, Damian and I sucked and fucked in every position imaginable and she even got a cock in her pussy and arse at the same time though she told me later she Didn,t like it much as it made her sore! Sore? She still fucked Damian after that so not bad for a Sore Pussy! We all slept soundly after that. We rose in the morning. Sarah decided to give Damian something to remember her by, a complete blow job and swallow, then we thanked him for a great night! So That was my fantasy become reality! We saw Damian a few times after that and even had drinks with him, but no hanky-Panky as Sarah had also told him it was just the One Time! We,ve never seen him again since then but I,m eternally grateful for that!

Spending Summers With The Cuzinns: Part 1


I spent most of my time growing up in a remote place where it snowed a lot and it felt like winter
year round. For the most part it was just Momm and I living in a small two bedroom house with a chimney.
Dadd had his very own international type of business and he ran it almost entirely by himself. He was
always super busy traveling the world, he’d come home once a month to stay for a weekend and then he
would catch another flight the day after.

Every year when schoul let us out on summer breake, all I ever really wanted to do with my
long vacation was stay at home, play with my games and do fun stuff… but Momm had other plans for me.

Instead, whenever my precious summer breake came along, I always had to pack my bags to go stay with my
aunnt Jessie. Her house was hundreds of miles away from home and I was made to stay there for the whole
summer until it was time for schoul again. Throughout my time there I would actually be expected to
socialize and play with my three bossy older cuzinns, Billy, Carl and Sam.

Momm said she preferred it that way, even if it meant I had to be away from her for a while, because she
mainly wanted me to enjoy the good outdoors. She wanted me to wake up to bright sunny days, to spend my
summer having fun out in the sun like any other boy my age would at that time of year. Besides, to her,
anything seemed better than having me couped up in a small two bedroom house all day, just being lazy…

… Part 1: Welcome Back to Paradise …

It was the first day of my summer break, and now that schoul was out that meant I had to go on my usual
trip. I had packed my bags about a week before so when I got home on the last day of schoul Momm
was already waiting outside the house with my things and she was ready to drive me to the airport.

I was in the back seat looking out the window at cars passing by as my Momm drove cautiously and in the
meantime I mentally prepared myself for another long summer ahead, feeling nervous throughout most of
the car ride as usual.

When we arrived at the airport Momm walked me down all the way to the terminal as I started feeling
those nervous butterflies in my stomach. She’d always get teary eyed watching me walk down the terminal
onto the airplane and I’d usually waive goodbye as I blew her a kiss in mid air, or something of that

I heard voices of strangers all around me as I entered the plane and the attendant escorted me to my
seat and I sort of dragged my feet as we walked down the narrow aisle. Finally, I sat down in my seat
as the attendant strapped me in and she said, “There you are young man… Now, if you need anything
simply ask one of us and we’ll be more than happy to help accomodate you in every way possible. Okay?…
Enjoy your flight!” I nodded my head as she left me for the moment and I rested my head back against the
seat as the plane started to take off.

Once we were up in the air I dozed off for what seemed like half an hour, but in fact I had actually
sleppt through the whole flight! Before I knew it the plane was already landing, as my heart raced
in my chest from all the anxiety. I still had that nervous feeling of butterflies fluttering around in
my belly, but it wasn’t all about the plane attempting to land safely on the strip…

Everyone got up except for me and eventually the attendant came to check on me as she helped me out. I
took my time as I walked heavily down the narrow hallway of the terminal, partly from jet lag I suppose.
Once I reached the guest welcoming section I saw my aunt waiting for me while holding up a large sign
and when she saw me her face lit up from the joy of seeing her nepphew again after being apart for so

Aunnt Jessie shouted my name when I walked over and she gave me a huge hug saying, “Danny! Over here!…
Oh, my precious neffhew! Look at you! My-my, look how you’ve grown! All handsome now and stuff… You’re
lookin more and more like your dadd each year. Betcha’ even got a couple girlfriends back at home missin’
ya huh?… Don’t be breakin anyone’s heart now!… Your cussins have grown too… Geez, you boys sure are
gettin to be more like young men everyday… Anyways, enough of that, let’s get you home Danny boy.”

The drive to her house wasn’t a long one, but yet it felt like forever since I literally found myself
staring at the digital clock displayed on the car’s dashboard the entire ride. Suddenly, we had arrived
at her house as I looked out the window to get a good view of the place where I was going to once again
spend almost a full three months worth of a long eventful summer and it all started coming back to me.

I took a deep breath as I hopped out of the car following my aunnt to the door of the rather large two
story house. I did forget to mention that Aunt Jessie’s house was actually really nice. It had like a
ton of bedrooms, at least four bathrooms and a huge backyard with a pool!… I almost would’ve wanted to
live there permanently, maybe if it wasn’t for my annoying older cussins I might’ve actually made the

Aunnt Jessie opened the front door which was mostly made out of a hazzy glass and she let me inside first,
following me into her spacious house as she shut the door behind her. I looked around as I took my time
surveying the living room, staring at all the fancy furniture and other expensive stuff as if it were
the first time I had ever gone inside her house. I looked like a true outsider as I continued to stare a
while longer.

My Aunnt interupted my sightseeing to remind me that my cussins were probably expecting me upistairs and
she suggested that I go up there to greet them. She then added that I may want to put away my belongings
in the guest bedroom first before playing games and such, to better accomodate myself or whatever silly
“proper” reasoning was behind it. Eventually, I did as I was told and I headed upstairs to say hello to
my three older cussins before dropping off my stuff in my designated bedroom.

Sam was the oldest of my three cussins, he was almost four years older than me, Carl was the next oldest being
about two years older than me, and Billy was just one year older than me. You’d think Billy would get
along just fine with me since we were almost the same agge, but it was just the opposite. In fact,
despite the larger agge gap, I got along the best with Sam who was already fortein at the time.

The door to Sam’s bedroom was just slightly propped open and I heard the familiar voices of my cussins
coming from inside that room. Their voices grew louder as I approached and I noticed that they seemed to
be arguing over something small as usual. I knocked on the door lightly and all of a sudden they all
became extra quiet as they stopped arguing for a moment to properly greet me.

Sam was the first to say hello to me as Billy and Carl chimed in shortly after, all of them saying,
“Hi Danny!… Sup Danny! Hey cuz!” I waived hello to them from the door as I said in a shy voice,
“Hey guys… W-Whatcha doin?” Billy acted like a bully as usual as he replied with a poor mimic of what
I had just asked saying, “OOHHHH! WHATCHA DOOOIN GUYYS???…” They all took a moment to laugh it off as
I stood there with my bags in my hand and I started to think of what Aunnt Jessie suggested me to do, which
made alot more sense to me now.

I threw my hands in the air out of confusion and I headed down the hall, walking over to my room without
saying another word as I tried to laugh it off. I headed to my designated bedroom to drop off my stuff as
I walked down the hall, passing Billy’s room and then Carl’s room which was right next to mine. I opened
the door as I entered the familiar room, and when I looked around, I noticed that the room was exactly
how I left it when I went back home last year in late August.

I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv as I starting settling in. I opened up my first luggage
container to put away most of my day time clothing in the empty closet and I put my other clothes in
drawers. I didn’t need to open the other large suit case luggage just yet since it contained my tooth
brush, towels, my pajamas and other things of that sort. Once I was finished I hid my two large suitcase
luggages inside the closet so they weren’t in plain sight and I was too tired to play games with my
cuzinns, so I just jumped on the bed to watch some tv.

Time went by pretty fast now that I was relaxing in bed watching tv and after a while I heard Aunnt Jessie
shout from down stairs saying, “Come down boys, it’s time for supper!… You too Danny!” My three cuzinns
rushed over to the dinning table and I followed shortly after. We all sat down as my Aunnt said grace,
mentioning how grateful she was that I was present at her table that evening, and so on. I got strange
stares from Billy and Carl the whole time. But Sam kept his head bowed out of respect for the table,
being the older and more mature one out of all us boys.

After supper it was already 9pm at night which meant it was time for all of us to shower. We all showered
in different bathrooms at the same time, which I always thought was way cool. I wished it was like that
back at home at momm’s house because Momm would stay stuck in the only bathroom we had for hours at a
time and sometimes I had to pee in a cup so I wouldn’t interrupt her during her private bathroom time.

When I was done showering, I first brushed my teeth and then I headed back to my room with nothing but a
towel wrapped around by waist. Once I was inside I carelessly pushed the door until it closed behind me.
I quickly reached into my closet to pull out the second luggage so I could properly get ready for bed. I
laid the large luggage on the floor and I opened it up as I pulled out my favorite pajamas, laying them
down on my bed.

Next, I bent over to reach into the large luggage case which was completely filled with
several unopened bags of Goodnites for boys, pull up style training diapers to help prevent bed wetting.
I brought out one of the bags, placed it on the bed and I tore a slit on the top right corner to pull one
out. The diapers were always tightly packaged in there so I had to use both hands.

I finally managed to pull one out from the noisy plastic bag and I set it on the bed next to my PJ’s for
me to put it on before slipping into my pajamas for the night. I quickly hid the newly opened bag of
diapers back inside the large luggage case and I just shoved it under the bed. Without wasting another
second I removed the towel from my waist, tossing it aside as I stood fully naked in front of my bed.
Then I unfolded the noisy diaper as I put it on, slipping in one foot at a time and I pulled it all the
way up to my waist until it felt nice n snug.

I took a brief moment to look at myself in the mirror out of habbit as I stared at the cool colorful
cartoonish designs on the outer cover of my diaper. But then, just as I was about to reach for my PJ
pants, suddenly I heard the door knob twist and that’s when I remembered there wasn’t even a stupid
lock on that door! I started to panic as I looked around for something to cover myself with, but it was
too late. Whoever it was would catch me wearing nothing but a diaper, and for that brief moment I stood
absolutely still, trembling visibly with a surprised look on my face.

Finally, when I saw who it was I sighed from relief, and I was so thankful that the person who let
themselves into the room was Aunnt Jessie as she pushed the door just slightly open. She had always
known about my little secret, which she kept confidentially between my momm and herself, never telling
her boys about it. Aunnt Jessie looked at me for a brief moment as she took a glance down at my diaper
and she said, “Oh. Right… Ummm… I was just about to remind ya to wear one of them Goodnites
undergarments your momm said she sent with ya… But I see you already got em’ on… Well, alright
sweetie… Goodnight and sweet dreams!… See ya in the mornin’…”

I sighed once again from relief as Aunnt Jessie shut the door quietly and she walked away, heading down
the hall to her bedroom for the night. I quickly slipped on my blue pajama pants over my Goodnites diaper
and I put on my matching blue pajama shirt, both had cool car designs on them. I then headed straight for
bed, since I had already brushed my teeth after my shower, and I hid myself under the covers as I soon
dozed off…

In the middle of the night as I lay in bed, I heard someone open my bedroom door and they shut it again
once they were inside. From the light shining in through the small window in the corner of the room I
could see it was Carl and I sat up in my bed letting him know I was already awake saying, “C—Carl?…
Is that you?…” Carl whispered to me as he got closer, walking carefully in the dark room and he said,
“Hey, yeah it’s me… Are you up?…” I nodded my head and then I realized he probably couldn’t see me
very well so I replied in my best form of a whisper, “Yeah. Now I’m awake… But, why are you—?”

Carl interrupted my sentence as he came to my bed and he laid down next to me giving me a warm hug,
pressing his body against mine. I noticed he was only wearing his boxers and I knew what he wanted from
me. But it surprised me because he had never come to my room this late at night before and I became very
nervous when I suddenly remembered I had on my diaper. Carl kept hugging me while running his hands up
and down my body as he whispered saying, “Do you remember?… How we always played pretend together
whenever you came over?…” I nodded my head trying to keep him entertained for as long as I could.

Then Carl leaned in closer to my ear as he whispered really softly, “Remember last year,
how we played mommyy and daaddy you were the girl and I was the boy?… I miss that a lot and I didn’t
want to wait for tomorrow… Can we do that again tonight?…” I shook my head as I backed myself away
from him for a second knowing that he usually liked us to get naked and make our wieners touch as we dry
humped each other. I mean I had done it with him before and I truly grew to like it over time so it was actually fine
with me. But if we did it there on my bed, as soon as I take off my pajamas, he would learn the truth, and I
especially didn’t want Carl to know because he had a big mouth.

Carl protested after seeing that I was refusing him, seeing as last year I was always fairly eager to
play that way with him and I was typically the shy, quiet, people pleasing type, meaning I generally did
as I was told without much protest. I felt like I had somehow let him down with my response and I
watched with sympathetic eyes as he practically begged me to do it with him, saying, “PLEASE???…
I’ll let you play with my toys tomorrow for as long as you want and I won’t let Billy bother you either.
I promise Danny. Please???!”

I paused for a moment as I thought it over, but deep down I knew I had little choice or else he would
make sure that I was left out of whatever games they’d play tomorrow. So I hesitantly nodded my head as
I agreed saying, “Ummm… O-Okay Carl… But can we just do it with our clothes on? I don’t feel like
taking off my PJ’s now…” Carl was surprised since I usually didn’t mind getting naked with him, but
never the less he agreed, and he smiled at me as he leaned his head closer to mine.

Carl started kissing me softly with a few light pecks on the cheek, then he moved his head back so he was
facing me and he leaned his head in kissing me on my lips as I kissed him back. Between our sloppy kisses
he whispered to me saying, “Ohh honey… I love you sweetie… Mmmm…” I always remember feeling weird
whenever he called me honey, referring to me as his lover of course, and I kept my eyes open for a moment.
But eventually I just sucked it up and I played along like I was expected to as I closed my eyes to enjoy
it better.

All of a sudden Carl sneaked one hand down as he reached down for my pajama pants and I reached down to
stop him saying, “WAIT!… NO!…” But it was far too late once he actually managed to sneak his hand
inside and when he felt the padding of my diaper he gasped out loud saying, “Wait a second!… What’s
that???… No way! You STILL have to wear diapers to bed???… WOW DANNY. OH MY GOSH! You’re such a
little baby I swear!… OH THIS OUGHTA BE GOOD… I can’t wait to tell Billy!” I must’ve turned as pale
as my white bed sheets when I watched helplessly as Carl hopped out of my bed.

Carl was heading for the door to leave when I came back to my senses and I said a little too loudly,
He stopped himself as he was about halfway to the door, knowing that he could’nt pass up an opportunity
like this and he stood in the middle of my room quietly as he paused to think for a while. Carl came back
to my bed as he sat down next to me and finally he spoke as he whispered to me saying, “Fine Danny… I
PROMISE I won’t tell Billy or Sam that you still have to wear silly diapers to bed like a baby… BUT…”

I waited with my heart in my hand as he paused a bit too long and I finally grew too impatient when
suddenly I asked him, “Umm… Okay. B—BUT WHAT???…” Carl looked at me with a half smile on his face,
the kind of smile he put on to let me know I had to do something for him and I might not like it. He
then said with a more serious look on his face, “BUT… You have to umm… You’ll have to suck my dick…
I mean, you have to suck it whenever I say so for the rest of this summer… Yeah, AND swallow my whole
wad too… NO EXCEPTIONS!… Sooo, do we have a deal or what?”

My eyes widened as I realized that was a choice I actually had to consider…

To Be Continued…