Cross Dressing Magic…..

Wore some new panties and hold up stockings under my suit for work today, love the feeling of the nylon on my legs as I walk around and I find that panties hold my cock and balls in place, better than shorts and briefs etc.

Was in a hurry for piss this lunchtime and instead of using the cubicles I just lifted y cock over my red lace panties and pissed away, obviously a bit careless putting it away.

I left the toilets and went outside to go to a local cafe…. as I was walking down the road a guy tapped me on the arm and asked “Don’t you work in the Weatherport building on the 4th floor, I am sure I just saw you there”

“Yes” I answered “I have just left there a few minutes ago, why?”

He looked at me and smiled “I noticed you putting your cock away and it looked like you were wearing lace panties, I love guys in fem gear, and wondered if we could meet up after work”

I could not believe my luck, the guy was gorgeous, he seemed to be packing a hefty cock if his crotch bulge was anything to go by!!!

“Bit quick” I laughed back… “My name is Carl, and yes, would love to meet after work, I have my own home, so we can go there”

“Can’t wait “ he replied “Leave your gear on underneath though, or wear some other stuff for me please, and OH, my name is Franko”

I duly met him after work and had changed the panties and hold up for red sheer to waist tights (Pantyhose) and off we went to my home. On arriving I took him into the lounge, closed the blinds and went to make coffee. When I got back in the lounge, Franko was sat on the settee wearing just a black jockstrap that was pretty hefty and bulging, as I walked across he pulled out the biggest cut cock I have seen, it looked gorgeous and I knew I could not wait to feel that monster inside me. I removed my shirt and trousers and stood there in my tights, he got up and held me close
to him, and to my surprise kissed me VERY soundly, I could feel his cock pressing against me, my own cock was hard as hell and leaking pre cum, which was oozing through my tight, he turned me around and pushed me over the chair back, my tights are open crotch and before I could move I felt his cock entering my butt hole, Shit it was big.

He gently played with me and then pushed his cock slowly all the way in, and soon I felt it shake and a warm feeling filled my inside, he pulled away and stood there with his still hard cock dripping cum and me stood with cum running down my tights legs and from my hole. “Franko, come on, let hit the shower” I suggested and off we went.

He had brought spare jocks with him and put on a blue one, he looked superb. “Come and sit here” he said, and I put the coffee on a small table and went to get some snacks for us to eat.

Before I realised it, it was 2330 and I asked him if he would like to stay over as it was Saturday the next day and no work, and I had a spare bed.

Franko laughed “Deffo stay but not in the spare bed, rather sleep with you” he said.

I sleep in just a pair of nylon panties, he came to bed bare we fell asleep in each others arms,

I woke about 7am and heard Franko downstairs, hopefully making coffee I felt rather stiff as I got out of bed, and stood up and caught a glimpse of me in the floor length mirror wardrobe door, My panties were soaking wet and what looked like cum was stuck on my legs and thighs, moving slowly downwards. But it was my crotch, it was nearly flat, where the fuck was my cock and balls? I ripped off my panties and screamed, Franko came running upstairs and I was pointing at my crotch “My cock and balls have vanished and I am wet”

He looked at me and laughed “Ah… I see it worked then”

I yelled at him “What worked then???”

“The Mangina tab I slipped in your coffee last night, it has cunted you” I sat on the bed and cried

“Hey Carl, you look fantastic check yourself out mate”

I looked down at my completely smooth crotch, I still had my hairy chest, legs and arms, just a hairless crotch, but wait, what is this? There is a gash where my cock and balls were and it was warm and had raised edges, it was also sticky with a cum like substance, I could not resist pushing a finger inside , then two, horror or horrors I was getting turned on.

Franko had his massive cock in his hand and he stood close to me, kissing me soundly and then I felt something pressing my gash open, his cock was entering me, he was also squeezing my butt cheeks and pushing his finger inside my butt hole. I could feel his cock pushing into my pussy, it felt suerb, he fucked me well and truly and was still kissing me, as he shot his load inside my pussy, I loved it, he moved away and cum was oozing down my legs and from my hole, I felt sore but it soon wore off.

An hour later we were sat in the car going shopping for some new clothes for both of us, and then to the large sex toy shop in the next town.

Franko was fidgeting all around in the car nd his crotch seemed to be wet… “Shit” he “I am cumming in my pants. May be I should not have taken the extra tablet this morning after all”

I pulled into a lay by, it was very quiet and I asked him to look at his crotch, he pulled down his jeans and exposed a completely flat crotch, with a cum soaked jock strap on.

Franko simply said “Carl I wanted to be like you so I cunted myself, I can now wear fem gear which I love and we can have real fun”

We got back home later that afternoon and took a load of bags into the house. Franko asked me to go upstairs into the bedroom. I lay on the bed and he came over and lay against me, our two pussies leaking pre cum juices and he produce a massive rubber dildo, one end he pushed inside my pussy and the other inside his new one., We ground away at each other and eventually took my 15” inside me and he tookk about18”

to be continued……

Wife Cheating Husband For First Time

Wife Cheating Husband For First Time

My husband and I are loving couple; people often said that we are made for each other. Some also said that our marriage is indeed one that was made in heaven. Ours is also a love marriage; we were in relationship since we were in college and we remain in relationship for ten years till we finally enter into wedlock.

No doubt during those ten unstable time; our relationship experiences its own ups and down and we breakup many times especially when I move to another city to pursue my studies. But overall we have a stable relationship since we first fell in love with each other.

After our marriage too, we have a happy marriage live with occasional misunderstanding that every family is experiencing. My husband weakness is that he is a short tempered man and he gets angry even at a slightest provocation, this is the only problem that I had with him.

I have nothing to complaint about our sex life too; we have a good sex life since we start having sex when we were both teenagers. I think we first have sex when I was just sixteen and my husband was s*******n then and since we first had sex; we made love at every available opportunity.

I have a very satisfactorily sex life because my husband had introduced me to all kind of sex since when we were young. He sucked my breast when we first made love and when my nipples were just tinny flesh on my two breasts which he obviously loved to suck and tease.

We made love everywhere, in his bed room, my bed room when there was nobody at home, we had sex in the car and we even had several outdoor sex too when we were young. Whenever we have the house just the two of us, my husband would introduce me to new sex technique.

He was more adventurous than me, he first licked my clitoris and eats my pussy and later encouraged me to suck his cock and we later start sucking each other. Occasionally we even had 69 which my husband seems to enjoy it very much.

When we get married too we have a blissful sex life, I can’t remember how many times we made love on our wedding night but the only thing I remember is that the bed sheet was stained from our love juice the next morning. I think we hardly slept on our wedding night.

On one occasion when we were married, my husband was so madly in love when we had sex that he bit my neck and I had to cover the bite marks on my neck till it cure. I have nothing to complaint about my husband, he is not only a loving husband but he is also a loving and a responsible father. He took care of our k**s and was very responsible for their education.

In fact I don’t have to do anything for their education, he did everything for them and my duty was just to prepare food for them. Even after more than 20 years of marriage our sex life was good though not as often, I remember the last two three times that we made love, whenever my cunt get extremely wet, he would enjoy it every much.

Because I use to come several times when we made love, my wet cunt would be so loose for his penis that he use to whisper in my ears that he wish he can give me a bigger cock. I think the sex talk was just to make me feel hornier and want to have more sex. But the truth is whenever I come, his cock really feel tiny inside my wet pussy.

I also remember he use to say that he don’t mine me having sex with another man but I don’t really know whether he really meant it or if it was just sex talk but I remember he mentioned it several times. He even said that he wish he can make that a birthday gift or a wedding anniversary gift for me.

I took that as a joke and more importantly I am not interested in having sex with anybody. I use to tell him that I don’t want to have sex with anybody but him; I use to tell him that I want to keep myself just for him. But I don’t know if I was telling him the truth, would I like to have sex with another guy? I don’t know. Lately, I have these strange experiences in my life that I can’t explain.

After 21 years of a happy married life with my husband there is this young man who keeps following me like a shadow. He was always there in the tea stall where I use to take tea with my colleague. I do not notice this man till one day when he approached me as if he wants to ask some help from me.

One day I was alone and he approached me with a book in his hand so that the people in the stall will not suspect. He start talking to me in a low voice and asked me for my mobile number, when I said no I cannot give him my number he write his number on a sheet of paper and gave it to me.

I was surprise by the incident but anyway I went along with my job and was not sure whether the young man will really call me or not. Anyway I just keep the number because I don’t want to just throw it less other people in the shop will suspect me.

At home in the evening I was busy with my cooking and after we had our dinner my husband as usual when up to the bedroom to sleep while I was still busy with household job and also evaluating the answer scripts of the students. I stayed late that night to complete evaluating one class paper. Then in the middle of the night my mobile rang and I realize it was an unknown number.

Then I remember the young man in the tea shop and took the sheet of paper from my bag and compare the number, it was indeed the young man. Initially I did not take the call, but the young man keep calling till at last I took the phone and answer in a very low voice hello.

The young man from the other end also said hello and immediately remind me that he was the man I met in tea shop, I told him yes I realize that and asked him why did he call me? What did he want from me? He first started by saying that he had been following me for many months now, he said that I did not realized it but he was there whenever I went to have tea in the stall.

I think for some time and realized that this young man seems to following me every day when I visited the shop. He said that he know what time I normally go to the tea shop and he will always be there, and the moment I enter the shop he will also enter the shop just to get a quick glance of me. I asked him who give you my number he replied by saying that he got it from a friend.

He then said that he want us to meet and I out rightly rejected and told him that I hardly know him and hung up the phone. The next day when I went to take tea again with my colleague in the shop, the young man was there again and now he is more courageous and nodded his head knowing that I noticed him.

He seems to be in his late twenties so he must be older than my son a little bit taller than my husband but he has a well build body. In the evening he called me again and asked if we can meet, but I rejected his suggestion again and again every time he called me.

Meanwhile, I told my husband that I have stay late in the night to complete the evaluation of the answer script so he always sleep much before I did; without suspecting anything. The young man keep calling me every night and ask if we can meet and this continues for week together till one day I said ok and asked him how he planned the meeting.

He said I have a car and I can wait for you anywhere, I think for sometime then come up with the idea. I thought to myself that I will tell my friends that I will go visit my aunt who lives nearby and have tea with her and told the young man to wait for me down my aunt’s house so nobody will suspect.

I got in his car and I suggested that we go to a secluded place in the outskirt of the town but not far. On reaching the place he asked me if I would like to take a walk, I said no I don’t want to take the risk of people to seeing us together; and said that I would like to stay inside the car. We remain silent for sometime then he started by asking me about the college.

He then said that he is madly in love with me since the first time he saw me, he dreams about me every night and every day. When I told him that I am a married woman, he immediately said you must have heart the saying that love is blind to which I have no answer. He continues to say that I love you so much and I don’t see anything beyond that, I don’t mind whoever you are?

You may be married and have many k**s, I don’t care I only know that I am madly in love with you. He then move his hand from the steering of the car and place it on my forehead, he softly and gently move his fingers from the forehead to my cheek and then rub my lips with his thumb.

I then asked him why he chose me a married woman when there are hundreds of young girl who would like to date him. I told him that I am 44 years old and asked him how old is he, and he replied 28. I then continue why did he fell in love with me a married woman with grown up k**s?

He said ‘I live with just my mother and my grandmother throughout my life and may be that is why I like older women and you are the most beautiful of them all’ he said. Then I look at my watch I said I have to go back to college I have a class in few minutes time. He then starts his car and took me again to the place and I rushed back to college.

I have this strange feeling about this young man, I know it is not love but why did I have this strange feeling? May be it is pity, I feel pity for him and his face and personality tells me that he is someone who does not receive the care and affection he need when he was a k**. I know it is not love, maybe it is more of infatuation than love.

At home that night when my husband move towards me in bed and started stroking my breast to signal for making love. I said no darling, not now I am not feeling well. From the night the young man first call me I always stayed late at night on the pretext of correcting the students answer script and refuse making love to my husband in the excuse of my not feeling well.

One day I will say that I had a headache, the next day it will be pain in the abdomen and so on and so forth. From the phone calls I came to know the young man’s name is Peter.Every day he would visit the tea stall at exactly the same time and he now know that on Thursday I have few off class after lunch time.

So on the Wednesday evening when he called he said that he want us to meet again the next day that is the Thursday. I have not even said yes, when he said we will meet as usual I will wait for you in my car in the same place. The next day when I get into the car, I asked him where we are going now.

He said I will take you to my home, I said but… he then said there is nobody in the house, my mother is working. Then I said maybe your neighbours will see us, to which he replied no, don’t worry. He then drove me to their home which is only about five minutes drive from the college.

It was a beautiful house with a big garden and surrounded by a high fence the neighbor cannot really see the house. He parked the car in the garage and then took my hand and let me into the house. He asked me to sit in the couch while he went to make tea. While he was waiting for the tea to boil; he came and sit next to me on the couch.

He started stroking my hair and moves his lips close to my cheek and while saying I love you, he kissed me on my cheek. He then put his lips on my lips and tried to kiss me but I shut my lips not allowing his tongue to enter my mouth. He kiss my lips softly anyway and move down to my neck and then move back to my cheek and lips.

He did this to me while I remain static like a statue and strangely, I did not stop him but instead allow him to do whatever he like with me, maybe the sense that I am a married woman make me behave strangely. While he kisses my lips and my cheek, his right hands started to move from under my top over my bra to my breast and he started fondling one of my breasts.

I allow him to caress my boobs and while he kiss me he move one of his hand to stroke my ass and then his another hand left my boobs and caress my entire back. He was fast getting excited and started to remove my dress when I stopped him and gently took his hand and move it away reminding him that I have to go back to college. I told him I don’t want to look awful in front of my student.

He said sorry and went to the kitchen to prepare the tea. We had tea and I put lipstick again on my lips and then he dropped me as usual at the same place. Although he does not have a jolly look or a smiling face yet he seems to be very understanding and polite.

I imagine if I did the same thing to my husband, he will be in rage and may be not talk to me for weeks, but Peter didn’t complaint and if he was angry he did not show it. One day when the college was on holiday and my husband had visit the city for some work, I thought this will be a good opportunity for us. When Peter calls me that evening I told him of the plan for the next day.

I told him that my k**s will not be a problem as long I reached home before they return at 4 in the evening. But the problem is with our domestic helper, I will have to think of some way to fool her. Luckily the next day is also my shopping day, so I planned to tell our domestic helper that I will do some shopping and after shopping I will have to go to college and then visit one of my colleagues.

Then I think of the place that Peter would come pick me up, I suggested he wait for me at zone B; a busy parking lot in the market and I will come to his car. I normally take bath in the evening and that evening I decided to put on my sexy lacy panty. My husband use to say that whenever I put on my sexy panty, it is a signal that I’m horny.

My husband like touching my ass and he can feel the kind of panty I wear, he was happy that evening hoping that finally after weeks of sex starvation he would be able to have sex with me. But as usual I stayed up late and by the time I got into the bed he is already fast asleep.

When in the morning he complaint that I did not wake him up to make love, I said I am sorry darling I don’t want to disturb you in your sleep. u*********sly I already decided that the sexy panty is not for my loving husband but for my boy friend. The next day, Peter was already in the parking lot and head straight to his car and he too move fast to the road so that nobody can see us.

Once inside the car I noticed that he looks fresh and wear a sexy after shave. He wears a tight fitting jeans and a tight t-shirt which show much of his body. I on the other hand just wore a loose skirt around my waist and wore nothing else under it except my panty, I also wear a lose top which was covered by a shawl.

My husband say that he likes it very much when I wear the skirt because it shows off my round and tight ass. Without saying a word to each other, we rush from the car to the door of his house and as soon as we were in the house Peter kiss me like crazy, while we kiss and stroke each other he dragged me to his bedroom this is the first time that he took me to his room.

While inside the room we continue to kiss each other and while I take off his t-shirt and he removed my blouse. Once his shirt was off, I can’t help but admire his athletic body. His body was full of muscles with all the six abs and it was so beautiful and I caress them like crazy.

After he pulled my top, he removed my skirt till my body was covered with just the two piece dress, my bra and my lace panty. Peter watch in disbelief when he saw my petite body, he said your body is much beautiful than even that of a young girl darling. He caressed my ass and said oh my darling you have a perfect body and I’m glad these beautiful ass are mine.

Although I am a mother, I am lucky that I still have a perfect body, with no sign of motherhood except for the big nipples on my tits. We start kissing and embracing each other again, he is taller than my husband so he had to bend to kiss me. I then move my hands from his ass to his front and started to unfasten his belt and then pull down his jeans.

Meanwhile Peter too unhooked my bra and removed it from my body, when he saw my breast he fondle them and tease my nipples and slowly removed my panty with the other hand. The fire was burning inside the two of us, I was on cloud 9, I forgot that I am a married woman as I move my hands towards his crotch and start stroking his already erect cock.

I then pulled his underpants down and stroke his hard ass. I took control and push him towards the bed and start licking his breast and play with his small nipples. He lay flat with his back on the bed while I work on his body, after the breast I went down to kiss his stomach, his navel and finally his crotch. I first kissed his groin then I took his hard penis.

Peter was feeling the heat of my warm mouth and my tongue playing on his cock, he can’t hold it no more, he did not let me suck his cock but get up and strongly make me lie on the bed and put his penis on my cunt and start fucking me. He fucked me for few second and then said to me darling I don’t have any condoms, I told him not to worry because I am sterilized.

He then pumped his penis few more times on my cunt and discharged his seeds on my barren cunt. I can see that he lack experience, though Peter is a little bit shy; he admitted that this is the first time that he had sex with any woman.

He lay exhausted on the bed with his head on my shoulder while I stroke his head and caress his body, I then get up of the bed and told him that I am going to get him some drink from the kitchen. He watched me while I walk naked to the kitchen and I went straight to the fridge. While walking to the kitchen; I can feel his cum juice oozing out of my cunt into my legs, and I let it flow down to my legs.

I returned to the bedroom with a bottle of cold drinks and two glasses, while walking towards the bed naked, I can see his rowing eyes were watching me. I pour the drink and gave him a glass and hold another for me, I got into the bed and lie next to him with my head resting on his naked shoulder. He took my left hand and holds it tight while we both slowly drink our cold drinks.

One thing I like about Peter is that he is a man of few words and he has a dark complexion but just sexy dark. I like everything about him, he has an athletic build and his young and strong body was so beautiful. I said to myself I am the luckiest 44 years old woman in the world to have a handsome young man as my sex partner.

His young and strong body is the kind of body that I want to have real sex with and deep inside me I wish he will be able to really fuck me again. I also know that women of my age or even young women will envy me if they know that I have this handsome young man in bed with me.

Peter took a cigarette from his pocket and asked me if I mine if he smokes. I didn’t object, I think may be because my husband is a non smoker, I want to have a new experience of having a man who smokes. When he light his cigarette and smoke, he looks more handsome, in fact he looks manly and sexy.

Once he finishes his cigarette he put the bud in the ash tray and took another sip of juice from the glass. He then moved towards me and started stroking my hair; I know we still have time for another round of sex, and I decide that I will take control. The good thing about having a lover much younger is that I can always control the situation.

I put my lips on his and start kissing him again and while doing that I started to climb on top of his naked body while he lay flat on the bed. I have never kissed a smoker in my life, so I kind a like it, the cigarette smell from his mouth is something unique that I cannot explain. On top of his body I can feel his fleshy and sticky penis touching my body, while I continue kissing him.

I move both my hands to his two nipples and started to lick and suck one after the other with my mouth. His body writhes and moved with ecstasy as I play with his nipples and in the mean time his cock started to rise again (If young man lack experience, they compensate it with strength vigor and vitality).I then kiss his body down to his penis which is still sticky and wet with our juices from our last sex and start sucking his cock again till it was hard as a rock. While I was playing with his nipples and suck his tasty cock, he holds my hair and enjoyed watching me doing it to him. I then climbed him and took his hard cock and place it on my cunt and I started to fuck him slowly.

Although Peter has just filled my cunt with his semen yet my cunt is tight again, or maybe his cock is bigger than my husband that I can feel the pain and I moan when his penis started to penetrate inside me. I initially ride his cock slowly and then increase the pace once I get excited. I was very careful not to make him come because I want our love making to last longer.

I want to come as many time as I can as long as my boyfriend can last and I realized for the first time that every time I come, I said to Peter I love you baby- I call him baby. He lay on the bed while I was on the top fucking him and on the other hand he was groping and playing with my boobs and caresses my whole body with both his hand.

I cannot remember how many times I come, because we have been fucking for a very long time, and when he feel that he cannot hold it anymore, he rolled me down and made me lie on the bed and fuck me on a missionary position. He fuck me hard and I cannot understand what happened to me that I keep pleading him to fuck me hard and say repeatedly fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard baby.

And as I was yelled and asked him to fuck me hard Peter too increases the pace of his push and thrust and pump his cock deeper and deeper into my cunt. By the time he had discharge his semen inside me I too came again and we were both came together and were exhausted. He lay on the top of me and we both fell asleep.

I woke up first and I feel his heavy body on top of me, I caress his naked body and he woke up and said sorry darling, how long have I been sleeping on top of you. He moved to the side of the bed and I said to him, baby my cunt is filled with our love juice can you give me something to wipe my cunt with.

I also said if I go home with a wet and smelly panty, my husband will suspect me, I don’t want that to happen. He looked at me with a smile and then gave his handkerchief to me and said wipe your cunt with it but I want it back; I want to keep it, I’ll need it when you are not with me. I look at the clock and I told him I have to go but he said he will first make something for us to eat.

He then went to the Kitchen and while he was preparing the food, I started to dress myself again. When the food is ready he came to call me to the kitchen and when he saw that I was dressed up, he too took his cloth and started to dress while I also help dress him up again.

We sat close to each other and eat quietly in the kitchen and while eating we continue to caress and stroke each other. After we have finished, I told him I have to go but before that I pull the handkerchief from under my cunt and give it back to him. He took it kiss it and said it smell good and we then went to his car and he dropped me in the market.

Since then we met each other at every opportunity, each time there is a holiday I would always try to find some excuses to visit him and every time we meet, it was sex and it depends on the time that I have- sometime it is quick sex and sometimes it is a gratifying sex in his room.

There were times that he even took me in his car to a far off place and we even make love in his car, I don’t understand myself anymore, I love my husband yet I want Peter’s young body to make me happy.

Of many meeting or dates I had with Peter, this one is the most memorable one. We went to his house and the moment he unlocked the door, he then all of a sudden kisses me and carried me to his bedroom.

In the bedroom, he made me sit on the edge of the bed, and sat next to me. He started unbuttoning my top and slipped the straps of my bra off my shoulders and pulled it down, exposing my breasts to him. “Oh sweet darling they are small but so beautiful!” he exclaimed, staring at my breasts.

He then started to take the dress I was wearing from my body, one after the other, starting with my top and my skirt and left me covered with just my panty. “You are beautiful,” he said, then kissed me and I let my lips part slightly, the tips of his tongues started to open my mouth. His hands found their way to my breasts and began to squeeze and play with my nipples.

My pulse began to pump rapidly and my body is getting aroused. He pinched my hard nipples and I started to feel the pleasure. I moaned “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……. ssssssssshhhhhhhhhh” several times, which fuelled his passion. He broke the kiss, his head bobbing down and starts taking my right nipple into his mouth.

I lost track of time as he explored my tits with his mouth and hands, and I arched my back, giving him full access to my now swollen breast and hard nipples. After laying with my breast he then took off his cloth and stood up and stands over me fully nude; his huge erect cock standing out and whenever I look at his cock I can’t help but compare it with my husband’s.

His strong hands found my head and pulled me forward, guiding my mouth to his cock. “Suck me, Darling,” he said, his voice is more of a command than a request. My hands reached for his pole as I open my lips taking him into my mouth. I reached behind him and rubbed his tight bum and sucked the pink tip of his penis.

After a long gradually sucking and licking his cock, I started to slid my mouth up and down his shaft. He then pushed me gentle on the bed and his strong hands grabbed my waist and lifted my legs to the air while I lay flat on the bed. My mind screamed at me to protest and stop him, but I spread my legs at his bidding and let him lower his head between them.

I willingly let him explore me with his tongue. He sucked at and tickled my clit with his tongue, over and over again while his hand reaching up to squeeze my swollen tits and hard nipples, and I lost count how many time I exploded.

He then turns me around, pushing me gently but firmly forward, until I am leaning over the edge of the bed again. My hand grip the edge of the bed, my knees on the floor, my bum out facing him. He then slides his hard cock into my cunt from behind. It felt so good as he began to gyrate his hips and thrusting his cock into me in and out.

I could feel that my cunt already wet and juice started flowing. I arched my back, pushing back against his cock with each thrust, my breasts dangling like bells. Peter’s hand gripped my hips and rubbed and squeezed the cheeks of my tight ass. At some point, one of his thumbs began to rub my ass hole and he was playing with it.

He put some saliva on my virgin asshole and rubbed it with his thumb and gently played with it and I’m beginning to enjoy the sensation that comes out of it. My mind was screaming, how can I let this happen? My husband had tried several times but I’d never let him fuck me in the ass, so why should I let my boyfriend have it this time?

Inspite of that I said to him “You can fuck my tight ass if you want, baby.” He smiled and then took some juice from my cunt in his hand and applied it on my ass hole. While applying the juice in my ass hole, he also inserted his middle finger inside my anus.

He continued playing with my back hole for some time, he then reach for a tube of vaseline and simultaneously apply it in and around my virgin ass hole. He then slowly put his penis in the opening of my hole and move it round the rim and slowly to push it in, but after some time he hesitates briefly I felt him stopped thrusting his pole into my ass, and then he slid his penis out of my cunt.

“Oh my god, Darling can I really…?” he said, clearly unable to fully process what was happening, and I felt him press his wet sticky cock against my anus. Pain shot through me briefly as his thick cock slid in my ass hole. “God your ass is tight,” he groaned, and he thrust his penis just deep enough inside me. He then slowly pushed it as deep as he can inside me.

He leaned forward, burying his cock in my tight ass, and reached around me, taking both breasts in his hands. He twisted my nipples ruthlessly as his cock fucked my butt with long, hard strokes. I can’t believe it. I had never ever let my husband fuck my ass and here I am allowing this Youngman to do it to me. Why what’s the matter, what wrong with me? I said to myself.

After fuking my ass hole for sometimes, Peter then said “Oh baby, can I come in your ass?” he said, hardly able to keep control. “Sure honey, cum in my virgin ass and fill it with your sperm baby!” I responded back. I felt him pushes his penis few more times and came as his load shot deep inside me.

He thrust a few more times then he leaned heavily against me, his fingers still working my nipples, which were growing rather sore by now. His cock slipped out of me with a pop and we both collapsed back on the floor, exhausted. We clean ourselves up as he help placing soft tissues on the outer rim of my ass hole.

We had just gotten our dress back on when I realized it is time that I go back home, before my husband reaches home. I smiled and winked at Peter and said “you are very lucky to be the first person to fuck me in the ass?” Surely my husband has attempted to put his cock inside my anus many times, but it never really happened, so my ass was still a virgin till you break it just now.

We made love many times, but we always did it in my young lover’s house, we seldom did it outside because I don’t want people to see me and Peter together. But this is one exception that we were not able to control.

He was waiting for me in a secret place, when I arrived he looked at me, a smile on his face as he open the door of his car.”You know, you look really amazing today,” he said to me, his eyes looking up and down my body.

I just looked at him and gave him a wicket smiled. I got in the car and slammed the door close and look at him with a suggestive look. I was wearing tight red tee shirt which amply show my breast with a black lose skirt which I think matched my tee shirt.

He switched the ignition key on and hit the road while his eyes kept wandering from the road to my body. I could tell he wanted me. There is no denying, that I wanted him too. So, I moved my hand and put it on his thigh. He shifted a little bit, taking one hand from the wheel to hold my hand on his thigh. He stroked my hands slowly and released it because he has to change gear.

I move my face near his head and whispered into his ear “Are we getting hot here?” I breath softly on his ear and lick his lobe with my tongue and bit his left ear gently. He was beginning to feel the heat, he looked at me and asked “Do we really have to do this now and inside the car?” Can’t we wait till we reach home honey? he asked. I kept mum.

Then I shook my head, moving my hand even higher up his leg near his crotch. I wasn’t even an inch away from his semi-hard cock. I moved my hand slowly and rub it over his cock to make him even harder.

I moved my body closer to his, thanking him for having nice car with good soft seats. I let my leg barely touched his as I rested my head on his shoulder. He glanced at me for a moment and was tempted to touch me, then he looked ahead on the road. After driving for sometime he saw a dirt road in a distance ahead which leads to a forest nearby.

He kissed my forehead as he turned off the main road onto a small, un-metal dirt road. He drove on for a little while going farther away from the main road and move till he reach a secluded place surrounded by forest where he hope no one would be able to see his car.

He stopped the engine then he looked at me with those piercing eyes, and I knew there was no turning back. Lust was in his eyes. Without waiting for him to act, I kissed his lips gently. He parted my lips with his tongue, pushing it into my mouth. I kissed him harder, massaging his tongue with my own while my hand was stroking the back of his head.

He moaned with pleasure while my left hand tried to unbuttoned his trouser. Because of the steering; we can hardly do anything on driver seat, he then pushed my seat back unlocked it and let it drop almost flat like a bed. He moved to my seat and he asked me to sit on his lap with my legs wide open and my back facing the wind shield.

“Touch me,” I whispered, caressing his face with my hand. I could feel his cock getting even harder beneath me. Peter kissed my neck, making small circles on my skin with his tongue and bit me softly. His left hand then reached my breast. He rubbed it on top of my dress, pulled my nipples making it erect.

My pussy began to get wet and I squirmed in his lap feeling his cock pressing against me. I moaned, giving him the sign he wanted. He moved his hand, this time going under my dress, instantly making me moan even louder. He gently rubbed my breast; he then began tracing circles around my nearly hard nipple, pulling it to make it even harder.

I then felt his free hand sliding up and down my thigh, each time getting closer and closer to my wet pussy. He finally reached it and began stroking me through my panty, he push his finger and began to feel me. I moved my hips, begging him for more. Peter obliged, and moved my panty over and began rubbing and pulling on my clit.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally left my aching clit alone as his fingers drifted to my opening, tracing circles around it until at last he entered his fingers inside me, sending a burst of pleasure through my entire body. He pumped his fingers inside me as I moved my hips, fucking his fingers. I felt an orgasm building, and just as I was about to come he pulled out of me.

“Not yet,” he whispered, kissing my neck. Grabbing my skirt, he lifted it off of me, leaving me naked except for my red thong. He moved me away from his lap, pushing me down onto my back. The seat was barely long enough, but it was just perfect. He kissed me hard his hands running over my entire body.

He moved his kiss away from my lips, down to my neck, down to my left nipple where he stopped to suck at it, flicking it gently with this tongue, while his hands pulled my thong down my legs. As soon as he had it off, I gently nudged his head lower, and he easily got the hint. Peter kissed me down my stomach until he reached my pussy.

I lifted both my legs up and spreading them wider. He hold my left leg up, while I rest my right leg on the car doors and he licked and sucked at my clit while tracing a line around my hole with his finger. I moaned again, moving my hips, wanting his tongue inside me. He flashed his eyes at me before shoving his tongue deep inside me, lapping at my juices.

Only a few moments later an orgasm erupted through me. Peter eagerly licked away my wetness, tasting all of me. I moved his head away from pussy, pushing him to kiss me again so I could taste my sweetness on him. His hard cock rubbed at my thigh. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I unfastened his pants, reached through his boxers, and pulled his throbbing cock free of constraint. I stroked it, pulling it gently, wanting him even harder. His tongue searched inside my mouth as I began to pump him harder and faster, bringing him to the point of orgasm.

He turned me around with my front to the seat and my back to him, I put my left leg on the seat and my right leg on the ground just to make it easy for him to penetrate my already wet cunt from behind. He then really fuck and pump my pussy from behind till he was about to come and pull his cock just in the nick of time.

But, instead of finishing the job, he pushed my hand away and turned me to face him again before sliding his cock into my aching pussy. He slid it in slowly, until he filled me completely. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he began pumping into me. His movements were gentle at first, but then he got faster and harder, making me moan. I moved my hips to match his rhythm as we fucked.

As he pounded me even harder, my orgasm mounted and I bit into his shoulder to stifle my scream as it flooded my senses. A few seconds, he thrust into me as hard as he could, holding me onto him as he came inside me, sending another orgasm rippling through my body. I let my scream out this time, and I heard him moan in his own pleasure.

Peter lay on top of me for a few moments, his head resting between my breasts. Then, he slowly moved off of me, and helped me back up. I slid my dress over my head as he fastened his pants. I looked over at him, smiling, feeling more satisfied than I had ever felt before. He then restarted the car and we drove back and he dropped me home satisfied and tired.

Judith’s Punishment

Chapter 1 Judith Concedes

Sir Jolyon Lattimore reached into the inside pocket of his pinstriped Savile Row suit and took out a gold ballpoint pen which he handed to Judith. “What if I choose not to sign?” asked the young woman as she took the pen from him, a note of defiance in her voice. Sir Jolyon paused for a moment before answering. “Well, whether or not you sign is entirely your decision but should you choose not to sign you will leave me with no alternative other than to fire you on the spot. I must also add that should you choose that route you’ll be lucky to find employment beyond working on a supermarket checkout or stacking shelves in a DIY store, rather a waste for an ambitious young woman with a Master’s Degree from Cambridge I’d say.”

Judith swallowed hard as her eyes hastily reread the agreement which Sir Jolyon had placed in front of her a few minutes earlier. Judith breathed deeply as she contemplated her options, her thumb nervously clicking the nib of the pen in and out. The position at Lattimore, Harvey and Errington had been the perfect start to her professional career, that is, until she had been foolish enough to be tricked into providing personal information about one of the company’s top clients to a rogue reporter over a dinner date.

Judith’s moments of contemplation seemed like forever, but eventually she gently nodded her head “Okay, I’ll sign.” her voice little more than a whisper. After placing her signature at the bottom of the agreement she handed the pen back to Sir Jolyon. “I think you’ve made a very wise decision Judith.” His deep cultured voice almost providing some comfort to what the young woman had agreed to.

Sir Jolyon Lattimore was a distinctly handsome man and although more than twice Judith’s age she could not deny that she found him extremely attractive. As he picked up the signed agreement and walked across his office to place it in the safe, Judith’s eyes followed him. For a man in his late forties he was in excellent physical shape, his swarthy good looks and dark hair flecked grey at the temples had caught her attention from the first time she had met him, but never in her wildest dreams had she expected to face what was in store for her on this particular Friday evening.

As Sir Jolyon began preparing for Judith’s punishment, she glanced at the antique dial clock which hung on the wall opposite his desk. It was fast approaching 6.00pm, almost a full hour since the working day had officially ended and the other staff had headed home for the weekend. After a few moments of consideration, Judith asked Sir Jolyon if she could contact her friend,” I was due to be meeting a friend in Covent Garden at around 7.00 pm, may I go to my office and send a text to let her know I’m working late and won’t be able to make it?” Sir Jolyon smiled “Yes of course, I suppose in a way that’s exactly what you are doing Judith, working late.” Sir Jolyon smiled and tilted his head in the direction of Judith’s office, she wasted no time in hurrying off to message her friend.

Judith returned a few minutes later and as she entered Sir Jolyon’s office her eyes were immediately drawn to the implements which Sir Jolyon had placed across the red leather inlay of his desk. Judith had little doubt that Sir Jolyon intended to enjoy every moment of punishing her, subjecting her to a level of pain and humiliation which she had been cornered into accepting without redress. Judith smiled inwardly though, as a growing level of excitement invaded her body and had she been given the option of walking away at this very moment, her job intact, she knew that she would somehow be compelled to stay. She did not intend to share this strange desire with Sir Jolyon and would want to make him believe that being punished by him was truly unbearable.

Sir Jolyon stood beside his highly polished pedestal desk and rested a hand on its edge. His eyes appeared to scrutinise every inch of Judith’s perfect body as she stood before him. “Take off your clothes Judith” instructed Sir Jolyon, his voice calm yet powerful, not unlike that of a trained actor.

Judith made no verbal reply and began removing her clothing in a controlled and unhurried manner carefully folding each item as it was removed and placing it neatly on the seat of a nearby chair. Beneath her blouse was a see-through top and as Judith started to remove it Sir Jolyon told her to leave it on. She wore no bra, her pert young breasts were firm and hung well unaided. “Turn around Judith” commanded Sir Jolyon, using the index finger of his right hand to draw an imaginary circle in the air “Let me see your bottom”. Judith turned as instructed and after a couple of moments of visual scrutiny

Sir Jolyon stepped forward and ran his hands over the perfect contours of her young buttocks before squeezing them firmly with his large, masculine hands. Judith wriggled, as even this mild attention was not without discomfort and she could only imagine the true pain she would be subjected to when Sir Jolyon began to spank her.

Stepping slightly back Sir Jolyon’s cultured tones again echoed in Judith’s ears “Let me see your arsehole Judith”. Judith couldn’t help but think that the word ‘arsehole’ when spoken by one less cultured had a crudeness to it which could easily repulse, but in Sir Jolyon’s hands the word sounded almost refined. Judith placed her hands on her buttocks and slowly eased them apart. “That’s excellent Judith, just stay like that while I take a good look at your arsehole”.

Judith almost savoured the use of the word for a second time and as she stood with this most private orifice on full display to Sir Jolyon, she somehow curiously imagined that it may be a word which featured more regularly in her own vocabulary from now on. Sir Jolyon placed the tip of his index finger against the neat bud presented to him and pressed against its centre. “Beautifully tight Judith, but I’m sure we can coax it open when we need to.”

Judith enjoyed anal sex, but this too would remain a secret from Sir Jolyon. It was now her turn to use a word which sounded crude in the wrong hands “But Sir Jolyon must I really be buggered?” She knew that he would not change his mind, men like Sir Jolyon rarely do and in truth she probably didn’t want him to. Sir Jolyon chose not to answer the question directly “You’ve read and signed the agreement Judith, so let’s get on with things shall we?” Sir Jolyon pointed toward his desk and as he removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves Judith took her position bent over it with her hands on the leather inlay and her eyes focused on the implements which were soon to challenge her endurance.

Chapter 2 The Hand and the Plimsoll

Judith had been born far too late to have ever encountered corporal punishment at school but had often been fascinated by the stories she had heard of punishments carried out in years gone by. The boarding school her parents had sent her to was steeped in tradition and as she looked at the black, size 6 plimsoll and the two, different sized crook handled canes in front of her, her mind flashed back to the display cabinet in the entrance hall of her former school which contained an array of similar items which had been used on errant bottoms in decades before, a kind of tribute to the era.

She also recalled a time when she and another girl, Shelley Bailey had stood before the Headmistress’s desk during their final year of school after being caught with two boys in the sports pavilion. “If you’d been at this school a few years ago you’d both be getting your bare bottoms soundly caned for this,” the Headmistress had growled. Judith had never forgotten these words, they always sent a tingle of excitement through her body whenever she recalled them, triggering memories of how much she had wished the Headmistress could have caned her and Shelley on that day.
Both she and Shelley had lost their virginity in the pavilion to those boys, and somehow watching each other getting their bare bottoms caned for this act had become etched in her fantasies. She also imagined the two boys there also, eagerly watching as she and Shelley were caned before thrusting out their own bare bottoms for the cane as she and Shelley were made to watch. Facing away from Sir Jolyon as she was, she allowed herself the opportunity to run her tongue across her top lip as she savoured this delicious thought.

Judith’s time for reminiscence and fantasising was soon over as Sir. Jolyon placed his hand against her left buttock. “I’m going to warm you up with my hand Judith, just to break you in. Are you ready?” Judith inhaled and exhaled a couple of times before answering, “I’m ready Sir.”

Sir Jolyon drew back his hand and brought it down with a resounding smack against Judith’s left cheek. Judith kept her composure but within her the sting which blossomed through her left buttock was enough to let her know that this spanking was for real. With little time for contemplation Sir Jolyon placed a similar smack to her right buttock before beginning a rhythm of alternating rapid smacks from one cheek to the other, a pattern only broken by the occasional slap to the centre of her bottom. As the spanking progressed, Judith’s small, firm young bottom was soon glowing pink.

The spanking hurt, there was no denying that but Judith mostly remained stoic, the occasional wriggle and deep intake of breath the only sign to her discomfort. Sir Jolyon did not count the number of smacks, his purpose was to ‘warm her up’ in preparation for the selected implements and this was best judged by seeing her bottom reach the desired level of redness.

Eventually Sir Jolyon stepped back “How does that feel Judith?” “It stings Sir and my bottom feels really hot,” her voice almost haughty in tone. Sir Jolyon reached forward and picked up the plimsoll from the desktop. Gripping it firmly at the heel end he leaned forward and held it a few inches from Judith’s face and slightly to the side, “Have you ever been punished with one of these Judith?” Keeping her head still, Judith moved her eyes to the side and focused on the plimsoll. “Of course not Sir, they’d banned corporal punishment by the time I went to school, I’m surprised you didn’t realise that.” Sir Jolyon chose not to react, if Judith wished to goad him then it would be her bottom that would pay.

Sir Jolyon turned the plimsoll to hold it by the toe end. “I was going to spank you with the lighter end of the plimsoll, but on reflection I think the heavier, heel end is what you deserve.” “Oh, must you Sir?” responded Judith, her voice more humble than before. “Now bend a little further forward and stick your bottom right out.” Judith slowly did as instructed and as she reached forward her fingertips accidentally pushed one of the canes a little nearer the edge of the desk.
Sir Jolyon had deliberately left the canes where Judith could not avoid seeing them, a reminder that she would soon be feeling their bite across her naked buttocks. As Judith pushed her bottom outwards the slight opening of her cheeks allowed air to pass between them and made her wonder whether Sir Jolyon was getting another view of her arsehole.

”You’re going to get twelve with the plimsoll, or did you call them daps at your school?” “We used to call them pumps Sir Jolyon, I believe you’ll find they have different names in different parts of the country.” “Well Judith you really are a mind of information but regardless of what you call them, the pain they inflict is exactly the same.” Sir Jolyon gently tapped the heel of the plimsoll against Judith’s left buttock before drawing it back and delivering the first blow. The solid thud as plimsoll displaced flesh caused Judith to cry out “AAH! AAH! OW! that really hurts Sir.“ and as she wriggled her bottom to quell the discomfort the plimsoll delivered another fierce whack to her right cheek causing Judith to jolt forward knocking the thinner of the two canes from the desk. “OW-AH-OW, I’m sorry Sir, I’ll pick it up” said Judith apologetically, her voice trembling in discomfort as she spoke.
Sir Jolyon stepped back and watched as Judith went around the desk and bent down to pick up the cane and replace it on the leather inlay, his eyes drawn to the two deep red imprints which the plimsoll had added to her already well-coloured bottom. With no prompting required, Judith repositioned herself with her bottom once again offered for Sir Jolyon’s attention.

The heel end of the plimsoll was hard and unforgiving and as Sir Jolyon applied another whack to her left cheek Judith cried out “AAH! Oh God, that hurts Sir.” It was all that Judith could do to stay in position and as an experienced spanker Sir Jolyon moved in a little closer and placed his left hand against her lower back before adding, “It’s a spanking Judith, it’s meant to hurt”

From this closer position, Sir Jolyon adjusted his aim to bring the plimsoll down more vertically and with his hand firmly restraining her back, he proceeded to add further alternating whacks to her already challenged bottom. Judith wriggled and cried out with each one but resisted any protest. She had underestimated how much the plimsoll would hurt, her only experience to date had been secretly spanking herself in the privacy of her own apartment.
Judith had always liked her own bottom, she had no explanation for this it was just the way she was, and when at home she would often study it in the large mirror which hung on her bedroom wall. Despite the agony of the moment Judith knew that in truth, she wanted to be here.

With one more whack of the plimsoll remaining Sir Jolyon paused for a moment. “Tell me Judith, what’s always special about the last stroke?” Judith hesitated before answering, she instinctively knew what she should say but had no intention of giving Sir Jolyon the satisfaction. “It means that there won’t be any more after it Sir.”
Sir Jolyon chuckled and drew his arm right back before delivering a blistering whack to her already roasting right buttock. “EEEOWCH,OW-OW-OW!…. it’s the….the h-h-hardest Sir.” her voice displaying an almost strangled tone. Sir Jolyon smiled, “You’re a quick learner Judith, I’ll give you that. You may rub yourself.” At this invitation Judith began frantically rubbing her anguished bottom.

The hand spanking had certainly stung but it had been nothing compared to the plimsoll and as her hands traversed the surface of her buttocks she could feel the pattern which had been embossed on them by the hard, rough, rubber sole. Judith’s buttocks stung more than she could have imagined and as her eyes were again drawn to the canes which lay in front of her she could only imagine the pain she still had to endure.

Chapter 3 Time for the Cane

It had been more than six years since Judith had stood shoulder to shoulder with Shelley Bailey in front of the Headmistress’s desk and since that time she had often found herself fantasising about being caned. She knew though, that in truth her interest in corporal punishment had existed well before that time, the display cabinet in the entrance hall of the school had captured her interest from almost the day she had arrived there and she knew that this curious desire was just something that was part of her. Somehow, Judith had never shared this with anyone else. She’d been tempted certainly, and knew that with her looks it wouldn’t be hard to find someone, male or female, who would relish the opportunity to spank and cane her naked buttocks.

After receiving the twelve whacks of the plimsoll Sir Jolyon had escorted Judith back to her own office and made her stand facing the wall. He had decided to allow her a short period of respite, making her stand with her well-spanked naked bottom on display within her own office. Placing his hand on her cheeks as she stood, Sir Jolyon gently stroked them, feeling their warmth as he did so prompting Judith to say “Thank you Sir, that’s very soothing.”
Apart from Sir Jolyon there was no one to see Judith, but he mischievously imagined her, this moment etched on her mind whilst dealing with a handsome male client, perhaps wondering his reaction should he have seen her spanked bare bottom displayed as it now was.

Sir Jolyon returned to his own office and after making a brief telephone call he made a few adjustments in preparation for Judith’s caning before requesting her return. As Judith came through the doorway, she could see that Sir Jolyon had cleared the surface of his desk and placed a plump velvet cushion near the centre. “I’m going to cane you now,” announced Sir Jolyon, his educated velvet tones almost matching the texture of the cushion, ““You’re going to receive twelve strokes Judith, six with each cane. Should you fail to remain still, use any inappropriate language or displease me in any way you will receive extra punishment. Is that clear?” Judith drew her lips together and gently nodded, “Perfectly, Sir.” came her eventual, almost whispered vocal reply.

Sir Jolyon had hung the two canes on the brass doorknob of the heavy oak door which led through to his secretary’s office and as he selected the thinner of the two canes, Judith found herself wondering whether Sir Jolyon had ever punished Sophie, his attractive blonde secretary, in this way, she truly hoped he had. Sophie also had a magnificent bottom, so often perfectly packaged within the tight skirts she favoured.

Bent over the desk, Judith placed the cushion beneath her belly, at Sir Jolyon’s request she gripped the far edge of the desk and widened her stance as he addressed the centre of her bottom with the cane before drawing it back and testing it through the air. Judith flinched as she anticipated the cane striking her buttocks, but was soon to realise this was just a ‘practice stroke’. The unmistakeable swishing sound as the thin, whippy cane displaced air, sent a wave of nervous excitement through every cell of her body as in a way she felt a sense of relief that the caning she had waited for so long was about to become a reality.

Again, Sir Jolyon squared the cane to the centre of her bottom, before saying “This is going to be painful Judith, very painful indeed.” “I’m aware of that Sir and I know I deserve it for the embarrassment I have caused.” replied Judith, making every effort to sound sincere. This time the air was not Sir Jolyon’s target and as the first stoke landed crisply across Judith’s buttocks she tightened her grip on the edge of the desk as a deep intake of breath hissed through her perfect teeth. For Judith, the feel of the cane’s bite was different to how she had imagined.

She had tried caning herself at home, using a cane she had bought to support a tall delphinium which grew in a pot on the balcony of her apartment, but generating an accurate, forceful stroke had not been easy and although she had made her bottom sting, she knew it would in no way match the strokes she must now endure. Sir Jolyon’s intended target was the lower, fleshier part of Judith’s bottom and as he delivered the second stroke parallel to the first Judith flexed and straightened her knees causing her bottom to move up and down “OW, WOW, WOW!” she cried.

With her caning barely underway Judith somehow felt cheated, she had wanted to be caned for so long but now that it was happening for real, she truly hated it, the cane felt so different to her expectations, its hard explosive bite unlike the sting of the broader implements she had been more successful in experimenting with at home. Sir Jolyon raised the cane for a third time before delivering another crisp stroke. “OUCH!…. OUCH!… AAH!” yelped Judith as she contorted her upper body at her discomfort before adding “It really hurts Sir, my bottom really hurts.” “It’s supposed to hurt,” replied Sir Jolyon gruffly, as he again addressed the target area with the cane, tapping it alongside the slender red stripes which had already emerged on the pinnacle of both of Judith’s buttocks.

The next two strokes added further to her discomfort but as many who have been on the receiving end of a caning will attest, as the caning progresses it becomes more bearable and with just one more stroke of the thin cane remaining Judith was beginning to acclimatise and despite the pain, or perhaps because of it, she began to feel aroused by her ordeal. Once more, Sir Jolyon drew back the cane, this time a little further than before. As the final stroke of the six this would be the hardest and aware of this fact Judith braced herself accordingly. As the cane began its descent Sir Jolyon employed greater wrist action and speed, driving it close to the point where buttock and thigh merge. “YEEOW, AAH! AAH! OW, WOW!” squealed Judith as the bite of the cane exploded in her bottom.

Desperate to clutch her wounds but aware that she must be given permission, Judith hovered her hands behind her before Sir Jolyon gave her that permission, “If you wish to you may rub yourself.” he said, his voice showing little sympathy for her plight. Judith wasted no time in clutching her cheeks and as her hands traversed them in an attempt to ease her discomfort, Sir Jolyon replaced the cane on the doorknob, exchanging it with the heavier, thicker cane. Judith watched his every move. Judith’s bottom was sore, she could not deny that but within her blossomed a height of arousal she had never before experienced. She momentarily recalled an article she had read in a spanking magazine about a young woman who despite finding the pain of a caning almost unbearable claimed to prefer being caned to having sex.

The shock of the first few cane strokes she had received seemed now almost a distant memory and with both mind and body in harmony Judith was ready for the rest of her punishment. “Bend over again Judith,” requested Sir Jolyon, holding out the cane as a kind of pointer to where she should place her hands. The sound of those simple words, ‘bend over’ sent a quiver through her body and Judith felt compelled to run her fingertips along the end of the outstretched cane, as if sensuously acquainting herself with what her bottom was about to experience. “Six with the senior cane should help keep you on the straight and narrow.” added Sir Jolyon.

Sir Jolyon’s experience was enough to make him sense that despite the anguish Judith had displayed to her punishment to this point, she was beginning to be absorbed into the true submissive role. Any temptation to suggest to her that she was enjoying her ordeal would though have to wait, but Sir Jolyon’s instincts told him that it may not be much longer before she fully convinced him of this fact.

Sir Jolyon’s eyes focused on Judith’s magnificent bottom. The slender stripes left by the thin cane made a perfect template for the application of the senior cane. If the thin cane had challenged Judith, she was now about to experience a proper ‘six of the best’. “Are you ready Judith?” asked Sir Jolyon. “I’m ready Sir, she replied timidly.
As Sir Jolyon once more offered the cane to Judith’s buttocks, gently guiding it over their perfect contours, he questioned in his mind whether Judith’s bottom was indeed even more delightful than that of Sophie, his secretary. His mind travelled back to the first time he had caned Sophie, her screams each time the cane had struck her luscious bottom had been almost enough to raise the roof of his office, but now after a whole year of regular spankings and canings Sophie could accept her punishment without undue fuss.

Sir Jolyon’s mind quickly refocused on the bottom now displayed in front of him. Drawing the cane back, he wasted little time in delivering the first of the six strokes. The more rigid nature of the senior cane caused the firm young flesh of Judith’s bottom to ripple on impact and for her to arch her back in an effort to quell the agony of the stroke. “EE-OW!” she shrieked, but almost before the echo of her voice had faded from the room Sir Jolyon applied the second stroke. The white stripe it painted on the delicious canvas of her bottom soon flushed deep red as Judith’s grip on the edge of the desk tightened, showing near white knuckles as she contorted her bottom wildly. “OUCH! OUCH!..OUCH!.. OH MY BUM! she cried.

Raising the senior cane for a third time, Sir Jolyon delivered another hard stroke, this time his target area the upper portion of Judith’s buttocks “OW..OW..OW” squealed Judith, and as the forth stroke landed close to the third, her response was less than ladylike, “OW-OW-OW, OH FUCKING SHIT!” she yelled. Sir Jolyon made no response to Judith’s outburst other than a private smile, and allowed her a moment to regain her composure before offering the cane a little lower on her bottom. The fifth stroke was a fairly routine one, hard but not excessive and apart from a low gurgling sound Judith showed little distress. Sir Jolyon’s experience though, had taught him that delivering a penultimate stroke that erred on the milder side was a ‘false security’ for the punishee and made the traditionally harder final stroke all the more effective.

“Remind me Judith, what’s special about the final stroke of the six?” enquired Sir Jolyon as he repeatedly tapped the cane across the centre of her bottom, his rich tones presenting an almost menacing air as he spoke. “It’s the hardest Sir.” replied Judith trying to avoid flinching as the tapping of the cane against her sore bottom was in itself enough to impart an uncomfortable sting. Judith screwed up her face as she awaited Sir Jolyon to pull the trigger. Somehow though she wanted this stroke to be severe, to test her every fibre, had she been asked she could never have explained this to anyone, it was just part of her curious desire. Judith didn’t have to wait long and as the sixth stroke with the senior cane was unleashed against her bottom it was as though a red hot poker had been placed across her behind. “OH SH-SH-SHIT, BLOODYHELL…..OW-AH-OW,” screamed Judith as she reached back and clutched her bottom without permission.

Sir Jolyon paused and secretly enjoyed the ‘floor show’ as Judith struggled to regain her composure. He allowed himself a smile at the sight of her glistening labia which from her bent over position, peeped erotically between her sumptuous, spread thighs. If there had been any doubt about this young woman’s inner desire to be caned, it was now completely erased. “This is no more than you deserve Judith.” Sir Jolyon added, resisting comment about the moist lips of her cunt. “I understand that Sir,” replied Judith, uncomfortably aware of her wetness. Sir Jolyon reached forward and ran his hand over the raised weals which now adorned Judith’s buttocks before offering a finger to the tell-tale juice which oozed from within her. Judith remained silent, the embarrassment of her arousal making the cheeks of her face a near match to the redness of the cheeks of her throbbing behind.

Bringing his hand back, Sir Jolyon savoured the aroma before secretly sucking the nectar from his finger. “Six more strokes Judith, for using bad language, failing to wait for permission to rub yourself and apparently enjoying your punishment just a little more than you were supposed to,” he announced, “you’re going to receive these as a straight six, one after the other without a gap.” Judith stood upright and turned to Sir Jolyon, “Oh but please Sir, I don’t think I can take any more, please just bugger me now” she pleaded, her voice sounding genuinely distressed. “You’ve got thirty seconds to present yourself back over the desk or I’ll make it a straight twelve,” growled Sir Jolyon. Judith wasted little time in returning to position, she had once seen a girl in a video clip get a ‘straight’ caning and knew that it would take every ounce of her self-control to endure six strokes, twelve was just unthinkable.

“Are you ready Judith?” Sir Jolyon’s deep, authoritative tone appeared more of a command than a question. “I’m ready Sir,” replied Judith. Sir Jolyon paused for a moment to visually savour the delight of the magnificent bottom which nature had given to Judith, the creamy, smooth appearance of her perfect buttocks which had been revealed to him as she had slipped off her panties earlier that evening, had now been replaced with a vividly colourful and rugged landscape. For Judith the few seconds of visual scrutiny Sir Jolyon afforded himself seemed like forever as the nervous anticipation of the remaining cane strokes grew within her. Sir Jolyon reached forward and ran his index finger across the lower part of Judith’s bottom “I’m going to cane you in line with the position of your arsehole Judith, it might just help to rouse it before I bugger you.” Inwardly Judith once more relished Sir Jolyon’s reference to her ‘arsehole’ and his use of the word ‘bugger’ had a richness to it which seemed so much more preferable to terms like ‘take you up the bum’ or ‘fuck you in the arse’.

Judith swallowed hard as Sir Jolyon offered the cane to the target area. As she felt the cane drawn away from her she pressed her upper body hard against the desktop as almost simultaneously the cane returned with a ferocity she could never have imagined. The sound of the impact as the cane bit deep into her flesh resembled a pistol shot as it echoed around the room. As ‘THWACK’ followed ‘THWACK’, Judith barely had time to distinguish one stroke from the next as she writhed and contorted, with little time to cry out before the caning was over. “YEEEOW….Mmmmmm…. OWAH… AHA….OW!” she shreiked as the cane came to rest.

With the six strokes skilfully placed close to each other, the lower portion of Judith’s bottom felt like it was on fire. “OH IT BURNS!….IT REALLY BURNS, SIR!” she whined as Sir Jolyon gave her permission to rub herself. Judith clutched her bottom and began frantically rubbing her wounds, the feel of the raised weals through her fingertips resembled a ploughed field and she immediately wondered whether the marks of her punishment would be gone before her holiday to Florida in a fortnight’s time.

Thoughts as to whether she would be able to wear the new bikini she had purchased for her holiday flashed through her mind, it’s skimpy design did little to protect the modesty of her bottom and any marks which remained would be clearly on view. “You may stand and turn around,” announced Sir Jolyon, “you can have a few moments to recover before the final part of your punishment. Slowly, Judith responded to Sir Jolyon’s words, even more uncomfortably aware of the wetness between her legs as she presented herself to him. As often happens with a caning, the pain it inflicts is quick to subside and as Judith continued to rub herself, the feeling in her bottom was soon to transform into a hot, pleasurable glow.

“Well done Judith, you did very well indeed,” announced Sir Jolyon as she watched him place both canes into a well-worn leather sports bag similar to the one she remembered her father using when he had played cricket many years ago. Sensing her interest in the bag Sir Jolyon, informed her that both he and his father had used it during their cricketing days at Oxford, but now that he no longer played cricket it made a useful container for his spanking equipment. As he spoke he produced a sturdy looking birch which he held up in front of Judith whilst reaching down with his free hand and offering a finger to her wet minge. “I could use this birch on you now Judith, as it seems you really have enjoyed your punishment just a little too much, but I’ll spare you this time.” Once more Judith blushed, unable to find any words which could reduce her embarrassment. “I think though, we may have to use the birch the next time I need to punish you,” added Sir Jolyon. Judith gulped hard, “You’re going to punish me again?” Sir Jolyon smiled before responding, “I think we just might need regular sessions seeing as how much you seem to have enjoyed this one.”

Chapter 4 Buggered before Dinner

Once more Judith found herself bent over Sir Jolyon’s desk with her bottom presented to him. She was now completely naked, Sir Jolyon had ordered her to remove the see-through top she had worn during her spanking and caning and with the spanking implements safely tucked away in Sir Jolyon’s leather bag, Judith was now at his mercy for the final part of her punishment. Her bottom stung like it had never stung before, but as Sir Jolyon stood behind her and grasped her buttocks with his hands she could not deny that the aftermath of such punishment was not altogether unpleasant.

“I’ve booked a table for us at a little Italian place I know in Covent Garden so that you won’t completely miss your night out Judith. It’s rather a basic little restaurant with plastic table cloths, tacky cruets, and although the wooden chairs they have may be a tad uncomfortable for someone with a well-punished bottom, the service is marvellous and the food is just exquisite,” announced Sir Jolyon as he began to knead the flesh of her buttocks. “’s very, OOH! thoughtful of you Sir J.J..Jolyon,” replied Judith, her voice wavering as she began to writhe to his touch. The attention he was giving her hurt, there was no denying that, her buttocks were covered with raised swellings and although these swellings had soon lost their bite as the caning had ended, squeezing and manipulating them was quick to reignite some of their fire, but it was like that curious feeling that can be got from pressing a bruise and not being sure whether the sensation it creates is pleasure or pain.

Judith could only imagine the discomfort she would have to endure whilst sitting on a wooden chair at the restaurant. She was again made to think of the display cabinet at her school where genuine handwritten punishment records contained in the cabinet made a number of references to pupils who had needed to ‘stand for the remainder of the lesson following a caning as it was too uncomfortable to sit’. One particular entry which had become fixed in Judith’s mind stated that ‘Following receipt of twelve strokes of the senior cane applied to the naked buttocks at 9.15am for talking during assembly, Miss. Elaine Hamilton-Davis was provided with two pillows from her dormitory bed to enable her to sit more comfortably whilst completing her Ordinary Level English examination.’ Judith had no idea who Elaine Hamilton-Davis was but had frequently found herself drawn to the display cabinet just to reread that entry.

Sir Jolyon continued to tease Judith’s flesh for a while before offering a finger to her anus. It was a finger he had lubricated from her own juices, a finger he had run in between her cunt lips collecting more of her delicious nectar. As he eased his finger into her hole Judith gave out a sigh, she had always hated that first intrusion, it always made her squirm, but her ex-boyfriend had visited this most private orifice many times and she knew that beyond the initial discomfort, pleasure would almost certainly follow.

Sir Jolyon’s hands were large and strong, the hand spanking she had received from him had certainly challenged her and now that his sturdy index finger explored her inner realms Judith began to breath heavily. As Sir Jolyon began to work her open, he offered a second finger to her anus, coaxing it even wider. Judith could no longer contain herself at the attention her attractive boss was giving her and with her hands clutching the far edge of the desk she began to sway back and forth enabling her pert nipples to rub against the leather surface, igniting an arousal she could no longer contain.

“Oh, bugger me now Sir Jolyon, please bugger me now.” The words had slipped from Judith’s lips against her intentions, it was one of those dreadful and embarrassing moments where thoughts turn into words without control. Sir Jolyon though, needed no such invitation, his large, erect cock stood proudly before him and with his pinstriped trousers settled below his knees he was more than ready to offer himself to her beckoning hole. As Sir Jolyon began to slide inside her, Judith felt the challenge of his girth to her anal sphincter, she had always been able to accommodate her ex-boyfriend with ease, but as Sir Jolyon’s hardened member journeyed to its limit in her arsehole, Judith knew that she was about to experience being buggered by a real man.

By Tobias J

Epilation a quatre mains

J’ai découvert l’épilation intégrale il y a quelques années et depuis je ne peux plus m’en passer. J’ai commencé par de la crème dépilatoire, puis ma tendance exhibitionniste m’a poussé vers les salons d’esthétique. Et je me suis vite aperçu que beaucoup d’hommes s’y rendaient, et les salons sont de plus en plus nombreux à proposer cette prestation pour homme. Pour les femmes c’est plus ancien mais pour les hommes la partie « maillot » est plus longue à réaliser et donc le prix proposé est aussi plus important, mais le résultat est tellement agréable qu’il faut qu’un maximum de mecs se fassent épiler.
Je vais donc depuis quelques années dans un même salon proche de chez moi. L’esthéticienne est sympa très sexy d’un physique agréable. Lorsque j’y vais elle me laisse aller en cabine et ne me donne plus de sous vêtement jetable car au début j’avais mis des strings puis elle m’a dit que cela ne la gênait pas que je sois nu durant la totalité de la séance. Comme je suis plutôt exhibitionniste cela me convient parfaitement, et en fait j’adore me mettre nu devant une femme habillée, et dans son cas elle est toujours avec des tenues super sympa.
Lors des rendez-vous nous parlons de tout mais aussi de sexualité. Elle m’a dit qu’en tout homme il y avait une part de féminité ce que j’ai approuvé, lui disant que la vue d’un bel homme ou d’une belle femme était pour moi très agréable. Je lui ai aussi dit que je faisais régulièrement du naturisme et que j’aimai me promener nu au bord des plages.
Lors du dernier rendez-vous elle m’a accueillie avec une jeune femme qu’elle m’a présentée comme étant en formation dans son institut et devait apprendre à faire des épilations intégrales pour homme. Le meilleur moyen d’apprendre étant la pratique elle m’a demandé si la venue en cabine de sa stagiaire ne me gênerait pas afin qu’elle puisse aussi « se faire la main ». J’ai accepté de façon très spontanée et disant effectivement qu’il fallait pratiquer pour être bien opérationnelle.
Je suis donc allé dans la cabine comme à l’habitude en me déshabillant totalement en mettant négligemment en évidence mon string dentelle noir et avant l’arrivée de ces jolies esthéticiennes, je me suis un peu masturbé afin d’avoir une belle queue. Je me suis donc allongé sur la table d’épilation bien face à l’entrée afin que dès leurs arrivées elles puissent bien voir mon sexe.
Elles sont rentrées quelques instant plus tard et alors a commencé les explications sur comment bien épiler sans procurer trop de douleur au client. La première partie fut le torse et l’une montrant à l’autre comment s’y prendre et surtout après l’enlèvement des poils la position d’apaisement avec la main bien à plat sur la partie du corps qui venait d’être traitée.
L’épilation s’est donc déroulée à quatre mains car la stagiaire pratiquait sous les conseils de l’esthéticienne l’épilation, et j’eu donc le droit au placement correct des quatre mains sur toutes les parties de mon corps. Cette technique était pour moi un ravissement et ma queue semblait bien en ressentir les délices. Tout mon corps fut donc épilé talqué puis massé avec des huiles apaisantes de façons bien insistantes ou l’apprentie devait recommencer le soin s’il n’avait pas été bien, ou mal exécuté. C’était un pur bonheur et ma queue grossissait presqu’à vue d’œil. Je ne faisais rien pour l’éviter et les deux praticiennes frôlaient régulièrement ma queue mes couilles ce qui augmentait encore mon bonheur.
Puis vint l’instant de l’épilation des fesses du sillon fessier. Alors comme d’habitude mon esthéticienne m’a demandé de lever les jambes bien haut en écartant les fesses au maximum pour que le trou fripé soit totalement dégagé. Elle a ensuite montré en touchant avec ses doigts ce qu’il fallait faire pour réaliser un bon travail en demandant à sa stagiaire de bien aller partout en commençant par placer le doigt dans le début de mon cul pour bien sentir ou étaient les poils. J’étais aux anges en sentant ces doigts s’insinuer dans mon trou du cul alternativement, puis en sortant les mains se posaient sur la partie intérieurs des cuisses qui est une zone érogène très sensible. Et là l’esthéticienne disant qu’il fallait être délicat car cet endroit était sensible, tout en me regardant, et disant aussi que cela avait une incidence sur la verge. Oui c’était évident et cela se voyait parfaitement. Il y eu quelques petits échanges de sourires, et moi pour continuer dans le même sens j’ai dit que cela serait plus facile pour épiler la verge et les bourses. Les deux praticiennes en ont convenues. L’épilation anale fut un autre moment de bonheur car je sentais la cire qui était déposée sur ma rosette et les quatre mains qui m’écartaient bien les fesses pour encore plus entrer dans mon antre de bonheur. De mon côté je tendais le plus haut possibles mes jambes et écartait au maximum mes fesses pour bien leur montrer mon trou du cul. J’étais ainsi l’objet de ces deux femmes soumis à leurs mains à leur désir d’exploiter au plus cette situation ou j’étais en fait un objet manipulé pour, je pense aussi leur désir de soumettre un homme à leur manipulation épilatoire, un peu sado mazo qui au fond m’était pas pour me déplaire. Soumission à deux délicieuses femmes entre leurs mains, tout en étant dans un cadre parfaitement « respectable », puisque c’est bien moi qui avait pris ce rendez-vous pour une épilation totale.
Puis vint l’épilation de la queue et des couilles. Elles me dirent que je devais les laisser faire fin que j’ai le moins mal possible. Mais sentir ces mains tirer sur la peau des couilles y déposer de la cire puis la retirer en enlevant les poils c’est bien évidement légèrement douloureux mais quel bonheur de se laisser aller être « le soumis » de ces femmes. Ma queue était bien droite toutefois les manipulations m’ont quelque peu fait débander, mais peu et suffisamment pour avoir un organe bien fière de son sort. J’ai dit qu’il fallait être un peu mazo pour se faire pratiquer une épilation intégrale et que j’étais un peu mazo en disant que j’aimerai bien me faire poser des piercings intimes. Elles ont alors déclaré que c’était une très bonne idée et mon esthéticienne m’a d’ailleurs indiqué un pierceur qui faisant ce type de prestation.
La séance s’est terminée avec un bon massage qui pour me remercier de ma docile patience a été plus long qu’à l’habitude, mais en arrêtant toujours à la limite de ma jouissance.
Peut-être que la prochaine fois j’aurais le droit de me faire masturber totalement. Je ne sais pas si j’aurais le bonheur d’une autre épilation à quatre mains, je l’espère, en tous cas j’ai pris un rendez-vous avec mon esthéticienne comme je le fais à chaque fois et je lui ai dit que le travail était parfait toujours comme d’habitude mais cette fois c’était encore mieux. Elle m’a dit qu’il fallait toujours satisfaire les clients pour les fidéliser j’ai répondu qu’elle était excellente sur le sujet.
J’ai réglé puis j’ai adressé mes salutations à ces deux femmes en précisant à la stagiaire qu’elle était douée de ses mains.
J’ai hâte de faire ma prochaine épilation.

Mit mehreren Spaß drinnen und draußen

Mit mehreren Spaß drinnen und draußen

Die Zeiten wo ich im Süden lebte, sind vorbei. Kein Sea Sun and Sex. Ausflüge und Abenteuer am Meer unter der Sonne des Südens sind Vergangenheit.
Zwar ist der Sommer hier dieses Jahr ganz nett aber die Gelegenheiten nackt sich zu zeigen und auch zu spannen sind geringer. Der Job als Hausmeister einer Sporthalle bietet auch nicht gerade viel Freizeit und meistens sind nur Senioren Gruppen die Besucher, aber nach einigen Wochen fand ich doch auch attraktive Seiten dran.
Jeden Mittwoch zwischen 19 und 21 Uhr ist eine Jugend Damenhockey Mannschaft zum Trainieren in der Halle und alle sind zwischen 18 und 20 Jahre alt und ausgesprochen hübsch. Sie bleiben nach dem Training und duschen bevor sie gehen! Also habe ich mir die Räumlichkeiten des Duschbereichs näher angesehen und dabei eine Lüftungsklappe entdeckt zu einem Heizraum. Dort ließe sich hervorragend eine kleine Webcam platzieren. Ich habe die Vorbereitungen für den nächsten Mittwoch getroffen und gegen 21 Uhr bin ich in den Heizungskeller gegangen, um die Kamera wieder raus zu holen. Dazu musste ich auf einen Stuhl klettern und durch die Schlitze konnte ich noch vier junge Damen beim Duschen live sehen. Das musste ich nutzen den schönen Nackten zuzuschauen, dabei machte ich wohl ein Geräusch und die Mädchen unterbrachen ihr Tun, zwei von Ihnen gingen in den Umkleideraum, den ich nicht einsehen konnte, die beiden anderen umarmten sich und begannen sich gegenseitig zu streicheln und das wollte ich nun mir wirklich nicht entgehen lassen.
Doch plötzlich standen die zwei anderen hinter mir und riefen den Freundinnen durch die Wand zu, sie sollten in den Nebenraum kommen, sie hätten den Spanner erwischt. Sie waren im Nu, im Raum, alle vier hatten sich nur ein Badetuch umgebunden und es wäre an sich ein geiler Anblick, wenn ich nicht in der peinlichen Lage gewesen wäre. Als Erstes nahmen sie mir noch auf dem Stuhl stehend die Kamera aus der Hand.
„So nicht nur spannen, sondern uns auch noch filmen, du alter Wichser!“ Dann machten sie sich an meinem Gürtel zu schaffen und zogen mir meine Hose samt Short von den Hüften, sodass der Wulst der Hosen auf dem Stuhl lag und ich halb nackt quasi gebunden vor ihnen als Säule stand. Eine von ihnen hatte einen Einfall und ging zurück in die Garderobe und kam mit einem dicken wasserfesten Edding zurück.
„Wir werden den Spanner mal ein wenig beschriften.“ Abwechselnd schrieben sie mir mit großen Buchstaben nun Wörter wie Wichser, Spanner, alte Sau, Fickschwanz, Arsch auf die nackte Haut. Dabei schlugen sie mir mit einem daliegendem Zollstock auf die Arschbacken. Aber sie machten sich auch einen Spaß und öffneten das Badetuch vor meinen Augen um mir ihre geilen nackten Körper mit der sportlichen Figur zu zeigen, ihre kleinen Brüste und ihre rasierten Fötzchen. Dann nahmen sie aber auch den Schwanz von mir in die Hand und wichsten ihn, bis er stramm mir vom Körper ab stand. Sie hatten alles mit meiner eigenen Kamera gefilmt.
„Der Alte hat ja einen mächtig großen Schwanz, da müssen wir uns, was überlegen wie wir daran unseren Spaß haben können und für das Filmen verdient er auch noch eine Strafe. Nächste Woche, nach dem Training kommen wir zu dir in dein Büro und wage es bloß nicht noch mal uns zu filmen.“ Sie nahmen meine Cam mit und ließen mich beschmiert zurück. Mir blieb nur mich wieder anzuziehen, die Duschen zu reinigen und die Anlage abzuschließen. Zu Hause hatte ich meine Mühe den Edding von der Haut zu bekommen, aber nackt wie ich dabei war, machte mich das Erlebte geil und ich holte mir einen runter. Jetzt musste ich nur hoffen, dass die Mädchen keinen Missbrauch mit den Bildern meiner Kamera machten. Vor meinem geistigen Auge sah ich mich schon in verschiedenen Sex Seiten.
Die Woche verging schnell und nichts war passiert. Doch mittwochabends hatte ich wieder Dienst und harrte der Dinge in meinem Büro, naja es war ein fensterloser Raum zwei Stühle und ein alter Tisch zum Schreiben der Arbeitsprotokolle. Eine Weile nach dem Training und dem anschließenden Duschen war Ruhe und ich hoffte, es würde niemand kommen und doch war ich auch geil von den vier Mädchen bestraft zu werden. Da ging die Tür auf und die Vier kamen bereits angezogen in den Raum.
„Hast wohl gehofft wir hätten dich vergessen, nein so einen Schwanz lassen wir uns nicht entgehen. Stell dich vor uns und zieh dir die Klamotten aus. Wir haben uns auch die restlichen Bilder auf deiner Kamera angesehen und wissen was du für ein geiler Bock bist.“ Mir blieb nichts übrig, als zu folgen und als ich komplett nackt war, banden sie mir mit einem Schal noch die Augen zu. Ich stand zwischen ihnen und ich spürte, wie viele Hände meine Haut streichelten und es wurde nicht mein Körper verunziert wie das letzte Mal. Der Schal roch nach Damenparfum und es begann mich zu erregen fast verwöhnt zu werden. So wurde mein Schwanz durchblutet und auch ohne Berührung wurde er größer und in mir stieg in Anspannung. Endlich spürte ich zwei Finger an meinem Glied, was ich mit weiterer Versteifung beantwortete. Da sprach eine, etwas aus der Garderobe vergessen zu haben und sie trat aus dem Raum, um jedoch schnell wiederzukehren und sie verschloss die Tür hinter sich. Von beiden Seiten hatten mich zwei Hände gepackt und mich umgedreht und mir, mit Kabelbinder die Arme auf meinen Rücken zu fixieren. Dann drückten sie meinen Oberkörper vor. Ich hörte das Geräusch einer Tube und es floss mir kühle Creme über den Arsch und zwischen die Backen. Ein Finger übernahm es, das Gleitgel zwischen den Arsch zu verteilen und es auch ausgiebig in mein Loch zu drücken. Dann spürte ich etwas Hartes, kühles und es wurde mir wohl ein dicker Buttplug in den Anus gepresst. Danach wurde aber wieder meine Vorderseite mit vielen Händen betastet. Eine Hand hatte den Schwanz umschlungen und zog mir die Vorhaut zurück und wieder vor, sodass meine Erektion immer mächtiger wurde. Es folgte eine andere Hand mit einer anderen Wix Technik, das Glied wurde von oben mit vier Fingern umschlossen und in dieser Position glitten die Finger den Schaft nach unten und zurück. Andere Hände und Finger strichen über Haut, Brust und auch meine Hoden wurden verwöhnt. Doch mit der geilen Finger Bewegung über dem Rohr wuchs meine Geilheit. Die Finger schoben die Haut nach unten und meine Eichel war prall und drückte an die Handinnenseite.
„Sieh mal an, der dicke Lümmel wird schon richtig feucht, will nicht jemand den Willkommenstropfen auflecken.“ Die Hand entfernte sich und im Raum herrschte Stille, zwei Händen führten mich an den Tisch und man hieß mir mich rücklings auf den Tisch zu legen. Ich spürte, wie der Plug tiefer in den Arsch drückte. Doch dann spürte ich zarte Lippen auf der Eichel. Aus den Lippen heraus kam eine feuchte Zunge. Diese leckte die Schwanzspitze so zart wie möglich ab. Mein Schoss schob sich den Lippen entgegen und wollte, daß das Glied in sie versinken. Ich war zuhöchst geil von den Berührungen am gesamten Körper und dann noch meinen Schwanz in dem Mund einer Unbekannten. An meinem prallen Hoden hatten die vier wohl erkannt, ich würde gleich meinen Samen verspritzen. Der Mund zog sich zurück und die Hände verließen schlagartig meinen Körper. Standen nun meine Demütigerinnen neben mir und fotografierten mich, waren sie eigentlich auch nackt oder würde ich wie ein räudigen Hund auf dem Rücken vor bekleideten Mädchen auf dem Tisch liegen?
„So jetzt noch nicht kommen es kommt erst unsere Überraschung für dich! Ich habe vorhin noch meinen Umschnall Dildo geholt und wir werden der Reihe nach dir in den Arsch ficken. Aber wehe, du kommst zu früh!“ Breitbeinig musste ich an der Tischkante mich nach vorne beugen und in dieser Position wurde der Plug raus genommen. Ich spürte, wie eine sich wohl den Dildo anzog und sich so hinter mir positionierte, daß der weiche Plastikschwanz genau meiner Rosette gegenüber war. Es war wieder das Geräusch der Gleitgeltube zuhören und mit mehreren Fingern wurde mir Gel in den Arsch gedrückt. Zwei Hände drückten meine Arschbacken auseinander und ich spürte das Teil auf meiner Haut, es bedurfte kaum Druck um in den vor geweiteten und geschmierten Anus zu stoßen. Es folgten mehrere Stöße und das Ding war tief in mir, die Haut der Dildoträgerin klatsche auf meinen Hintern. Dann wurde gewechselt, es war die nächste dran mich in den Arsch zu vögeln von den anderen dabei auch fotografiert zu werden. In der Wartezeit war eine wieder zu Gange mir meinen Schwanz zu wichsen, ohne daß ich komme. Dann wurde mein Arsch gefickt. Wieder wurde gewechselt. Ich hatte gespürt, dass meine Peinigerinnen wahrscheinlich auch sich nackig gemacht hatten. Die Zeit ging schneller um. Gerne hätte ich meinen aufgestauten Samen in eine dieser Schlampen gespritzt. Wieder stand eine hinter mir und presste den Dildo in den Arsch, der war inzwischen glitschig und heiß gefickt. Doch erschien er mir auch größer zu sein, hatten die Luder etwa mehrere Dildos dabei. Das Eindringen in mein Loch ging schnell vonstatten, so geschmiert mein After war, doch die Stöße waren härter und das Ding bohrte sich tiefer in mich. Ich vernahm auch ein leises Stöhnen hinter mir. Und dann spürte ich, wie ein Schwall Flüssigkeit mir in den Arsch floss.
„Das war jetzt wirklich richtig geil und du wirst deine Freude an den Bildern haben. Mein Bruder ist schwul und wir haben ihn mitgebracht, falls du eventuell Schwierigkeiten gemacht hättest. Er hatte dir auch vorhin schon den Schwanz geblasen und du hast ihm fast deinen Samen in den Mund gespritzt, jetzt hat er seinen Samen in deine Arschfotze geschossen! Wir hatten geknobelt, wer die Letzte wird dich zu ficken, aber nun sie ist vom gesehenen so scharf und möchte in ihrer Möse deinen Schwanz fühlen. Vielleicht weil du dich zurückgehalten hast möchtest du ja eine von uns mit deinem Rohr ficken?“ Das war ein Schock von den Schlampen so getäuscht worden zu sein, aber so bot sich auch eine tolle Gelegenheit. Aus meinem Arsch tropfte noch der Samen eines mir Unbekannten und ich hatte bereits seinen Blowjob genossen. Ich durfte weiterhin die Augenbinde nicht entfernen und mir wurden nur die Hände befreit, ich musste mich zur Gänze auf den Tisch legen und eine von den Mädchen stieg auf mich. Schnell hatte ich mich gefasst. Zusammen rieben sie mir meinen Stab fest, dann kletterte ein Mädchen auf mich. Während sie oder auch jemand anderes mein Rohr in ihre Fotze steckte, konnte ich ihr die nackten Brüste massieren. Im Nu nach dem Erlebten war ich bereit auch meinen Saft in sie zu spritzen und die Ladung war dementsprechend gewaltig.
Ich wurde mit einem Arm und Kabelbinder am Tisch fixiert und meine fünf Peiniger zogen sich an und verschwanden. Mir gelang es nach einiger Zeit mich aus der Lage zu befreien. Sie hatten meine Cam zurückgelassen und ich hatte den Schal als Erinnerung an das Abenteuer. Als ich den Raum verließ, fand ich beim Aufräumen ein Smartphone, das wohl eine der Mädchen verloren hatte. Zu Hause stellte ich dann aber auch noch eine Menge neuer Bilder auf meiner Webcam SDkarte fest, auf denen ich bei den verschiedenen Aktionen zu sehen war. Es gelang mir auch den Gestenkode des Handys zu öffnen und der Speicher erwies sich als wahre Schatztruhe an Bildern.


Auf den Bildern konnte ich dank der Kontakte mit Foto erst mal den Damen Namen zuordnen. Lisa war die ich zuletzt ficken durfte, bzw. die in die ich meinen Samen verspritzte. Marie war die mit der besonderen Wixtechnik und beide waren nicht nur befreundet, sondern auch miteinander liiert. Beide waren auch Fans von Selfies, auch der gewagteren Art. Lisa war die Besitzerin des Telefons, so schrieb ich Marie:
„Hallo Marie, wie du sicher weißt hat Lisa ihr Handy vergessen. Gerne gebe ich es ihr zurück. Auf den Bildern habe ich gesehen ihr kennt den Badesee vor der Stadt. Werft euch morgen Nachmittag auf eure Räder, zieht die luftigen Sommerkleidchen an, ohne aber Unterwäsche zu tragen, am See steht eine Bank am Ufer und ich werde da gegenüber unter einem Schirm liegend auf euch warten. Es sind nun weniger Leute unterwegs, setzt euch auf die Bank und zeigt mir eure nackten Mösen, macht mich richtig geil. Von euren gespeicherten Bildern ahne ich, dass ihr zwei eine exhibitionistisch Ader habt. Wagt es zu tun. Schick mir als Antwort ein Foto von euch zwei nackt auf Lisas Handy.“ Senden.
Keine Stunde später klingelte das Handy und als Anhang war ein Nacktfoto von den beiden, wohl im Garten von einer aufgenommen. Mit Selfie Stange aufgenommen, beide nahtlos gebräunt, mit kleinen Titten einem sportlich trainiertem Body und ganz glatt rasierten Muschis.
„Mach bitte keine Dummheiten mit den Bildern, wir machen alles, wie und was du willst!“ Das war ja eine ganz geile Zusage. Also ich am nächsten Nachmittag mit Liegetuch und Sonnenschirm an den See. Wegen des gemischten Wetter waren wirklich wenige Leute da. Ich hätte schreiben sollen, bei ihrer Abfahrt mir zu zeigen, dass sie nichts runter haben, so wartete ich auf die beiden. Und dann kamen sie auch. Die Bank war kaum 10 Meter von meinem Platz entfernt. Sie stellten die Räder ab und setzten sich nebeneinander auf die Bank, zu mir blickend. Lächelnd auf der Decke liegend, nickte ich ihnen zu, wie sie in den kurzen Kleidchen artig dasaßen. Der Wind blies ein wenig und unter ihrem ärmellosen Kleid war zu sehen, dass sie kein Oberteil trugen. Schüchtern begannen sie sich zu küssen, eine legte der anderen die Hand auf den Schenkel und streichelte sie auch zwischen den Schenkeln, was diese veranlasste diese auseinander zu breiten und ein Bein auf die Bank zustellen, um mir den Blick frei zu geben, daß sie kein Höschen trug. Als ein Spaziergänger vorbeikam, streifte Lisa sich schnell den hochgerutschten Saum nach unten, aber kaum vorbei, brachte sie beide Füße auf die Bank, der Saum rutschte nun komplett hoch und Marie griff mit den Fingern ihr auf die Muschi und spielte darin und glitt scheinbar leicht in die wohl schon feuchte Pussy. Dann war es an Lisa, sie griff Marie an den obersten Knopf des Kleides und öffnete ihn, dann den nächsten, ab dem dritten breitete sie zusätzlich das Kleid auseinander und bot mir und möglichen Passanten ihre nackten Titten den Blicken dar. Doch das schöne an dem Sommerkleidchen war die komplette Knopfleiste. Lisa öffnete alle, einen nach den anderen. Sie blickte zu mir und auf eventuelle Fußgänger, dann schob sie das Kleid auseinander und legte Maries Nacktheit frei. Ich war in T-Shirt und enger Badehose und was ich zu sehen bekam ließ mich geil werden. Beide kamen jetzt von der Bank zu mir. Lisa stand förmlich über mir und Marie vor meinen Füßen. Nach oben blickend sah ich unter dem Kleid die blanke Möse und Marie hatte das Kleid nicht mehr zugeknöpft und posierte quasi nackt vor mir.
„Jetzt bis du dran, auch wenn das kein FKK ist. Zieh dich aus, wir sehen ja die Beule in deinem Slip weg, geh rüber zur Bank und schmeiß ihn in die Mülltonne. Komm dann zurück und lege dich zu uns.“ Es waren keine Leute in Sichtweite und ich wollte es tun. Ich zog Shirt über den Kopf und Hose runter, es sprang förmlich der Schwanz steif aus dem Slip. Mit abstehendem Rohr ging ich gemessenem Schritt zur Tonne und entledigte mich der Unterhose. Komplett nackt und geil zurück auf die Decke wo Lisa und Marie schon saßen und mich in ihre Mitte Platz nehmen ließen. Was folgte war ein gegenseitiges geiles Masturbieren. Ich leckte Lisa unter ihrem Kleid die nackte Möse und fingerte in dem nassen Pfläumchen von Marie, während sie mich mit ihrer tollen, ich nenn sie mal Fingerpussytechnik, die zusammengelegten Finger gleiten von der Spitze der Eichel leicht pressend den Schaft hinunter und zurück, schnell mich zum Samenerguss brachte.
Ich gab Lisa ihr Handy zurück und wir vereinbarten eventuelle weitere Treffen, lächelnd sagten beide, sie würden sich freuen mit ihren nassen Muschis auf dem Ledersattel sitzend untenherum nackt in die Stadt zu radeln. Ich packte meine Sachen etwas später und trat auch den Heimweg an.


Mums Sister

hi….so the other day mum rang me and asked if i can go over aunty Tanya’s house for couple of hours to help her move some furniture to make room for a upcoming garage sale. when arriving i asked where uncle Col is ? Tanya replied ‘ in melbourne for 4 days for a work conference’. my thoughts were sweet i can flirt with Tanya without being caught…She has a great figure for a lady in her early 50’s, a bit of a pawg but she does keep in shape doing the modern lady routine of yoga and pilates…Tanya asked how i was and was grateful i came around, i said ‘anytime your free i can drop by’ with a cheeky smile. Tanya wore a pair of tight fitting jeans and a hoodie and sneakers. i could see the roundness of her breasts under the kinda got my balls tingling @ the thought. Any way she should me what needed to be done and what needed to go where so i got into action as Tayna disappeared up stairs. So i rearranged tables and shifted and emptied boxes on the tables for the garage sale. Then i come across a basket of freshly dried washing on the pool table. As i picked it up i noticed a 2 pairs of lace and satin panties with matching bras underneath. @ that stage i pushed the basket aside and clear a bit more off the pool table and found a thick sheet and covered it. Tayna came down stairs and was impressed on the progress that i had made. She helped get a few more things in order while i had a rest. Which wasn’t really a rest but me perving on Tanya as she bent over and picked up items off the floor. She noticed me staring @ her ass while doing what she was doing and subconsciously i had my hand on my cock just resting it there. Tanya stood up and looked @ me and asked ‘ if i was hungry’ .in the back of my mind i was thinking yes i’m hungry to eat your pussy and ass. So i replied with ‘certainly am’ , Tanya said good i’ll go and make something then and went up stairs while saying i’m hungry in a couple of was Ben, i’ll call you when its ready. i thought i’m not doing anything else just now, then i remembered the panties in the wash basket. Picking up the panties they were soft to touch looking @ them then slowly bring them up to my face so i could sniff the couch thinking about Tanyas pussy. the essence was amazing i almost instantly got a hard cock. i took a deep breath in, and then licked the front of the panties where Tanyas pussy would be… it felt great, something made me sniff and lick it more…by this stage my cock was fully hard and bulging inside my jeans, i unzipped my jeans and pulled out me cock and with the other pair of panties in my other hand stroked my cock. the feeling was amazing , the softness of the fabric sliding along my shaft. i must admit i was in the moment and didn’t hear Tayna call from up stairs but certainly heard her when she gasped ‘ Oh Ben what are you doing love’. In a bit of a panic and embarrassment i dropped her panties back into the basket and pushed my raging hard cock back into my jeans. ‘Well ?’ Tanya asked quite strenly. I looked @ her and replied ‘ i couldn’t help myself Tanya, i noticed your panties before moving stuff around and was i perving on you when you where down here before.’ ‘I noticed you were Ben’,’the thought of you thinking about me in that was is abit of a turn on for me, considering Col hasn’t paid any attention toward me in years.’ I was getting confused about the situation but then Tanya took control. She stepped toward me and began to rub my still hard cock through my jeans..i hadn’t realized i didn’t zip the zipper back up and felt Tanyas hand slide in my jeans getting a firm grip. ” MMMM you have a nice sized young cock Ben. I blush with embarrassment but my cock grew with excitement. Obviously Tanya sensed my excitement, stood back and took off her hoodie to reveal her breast under a white lace bra. She asked if i liked, all i could do was nod. Tanya looked me in the eye and massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples through the fabric. She whispered that its been a long time since she’s had sex and the time is now. I proceed to unzip my jeans and pull them down to expose my still throbbing cock all the while mesmerized @ Tanya rubbing her tits. Tanya proceed to take off her jeans , she has a fantastic body and a well shaped ass. She kept on commenting on how nice my cock looked as i watched her hand slide from her breasts down her tummy and disappear inside her panties. This made me take the rest of my clothes off and sit on a near by chair with me legs open and cock exposed and of course still slowly stroking it. I watched a Tanya walked closer toward me, she grabbed a thick blanket and placed it on the floor, then proceed to lay on her back facing me with her legs spread open wide. I started to move down but Tanya stopped me and said ‘ watch me Ben ‘. So i sat back down and watched a Tayna slide off her lace white panties and massaged her trimmed pussy with both hands, spreading open her pink pussy lips and slipping 2 then 3 then 4 fingers into her now wet pussy. I couldn’t help myself any longer and moved next to her kneeling beside Tanya as she continued fingering her pussy. I decide to take control and took Taynas hand a placed it on my cock, she knew what to do and stroked it with force like a horny lady ready for a good fucking. I looked @ Tanya the look on her face was magic.. rosey cheeks, small sweat beads on face her mouth open with small moans and gasps and the look in her eyes was like nothing i had seen in a lady before, for me i was extremely amd we both knew it no going back now..Almost laying down i pulled down her bra cup to exposed Tanyas large soft breasts and put my mouth on her right nipple and tongue and sucked on it and with 1 hand massaged and pinched her other nipple. I heard her gasps and in the corner of my eye i can see Tanyas hands spreading almost pulling her pussy lips open wide. I moved my own hands down toward her by now dripping wet pussy and got my first felt fantastic soft wet inviting @ the same time i felt a warm sensation over my cock and looked to see Tanyas mouth engulfing my cock. i looked her in the eye and as she took my cock deep in her mouth, i held the back of her head and slowly fucked her mouth. I was massaging her breasts and reaching for her pussy when Tanya moved into a 69 position with her on the bottom. This gave me better access to her pussy and i can feel her deep throating my cock and taking it out of her mouth and licking and sucking on my balls. Without hesitation i plunged straight into her soaking pussy.. my tongue sliding along the length of her pussy up too her swollen clit. my lips sucked on for for a minute and i Tanya let my cock out of her mouth to gather her breath while i pleasured her pussy clit. I forced in 3 fingers into her pussy while my tongue lashed @ her clit, she moans and gasps become deeper i knew she was on her way to an intense orgasm if i kept this going. i kept on licking and sucking on her swollen clit and rubbed pussy wetness over her pussy and over her asshole and when i touched her asshole i slowly and gently teased it and eventually slide in 1 then 2 fingers with Tanyas approval. Now with 2 fingers in her tight ass and 3 in her soaking pussy and my tongue still lashing on her clit i could feel and hear that Tanya was ready to explode into orgasm. Then with 1 swift trust with the fingers in her asshole i pushed deeper and that was it…Her pussy and asshole contracted over my fingers and Tanyas body heaved as her orgasm was strong… her gasps turned into loud moans and she forced my cock into her mouth deepthroating and gagging on my cock all the while bucking and gyrating her hips and pussy on my fingers still embedded on her pussy and asshole. Her orgasm lasted a good 2 minutes. She kept my cock in her wet mouth slowly sucking and licking it as i pulled my fingers out of her holes and looked @ Tanya as i sucked my fingers of her pussy and asshole juices. ‘Let me taste’ she said and i slide my fingers into her mouth and on her tongue. ‘I need your cock in my cunt’ Tanya demanded and moved so she was on her hands and knees ass up and pussy and ashole exposed. ‘Move around and put your good hard cock in my pussy Ben’.. well i was behind her in a flash and sliding my cock deep into Tanya’s already soaking wet pussy. I grabbed her hips and started to ream her pussy with force . The words coming out of Tanyas mouth was like a slut on heat..i obliged by slapping her ass and and pulling on her hair so her head was looking toward the ceiling…I spread open her ass cheeks to force my cock deeper into her pussy and saw her tight asshole and spat on it and introduced 2 fingers into it while my cock was deep in her cunt. I can hear her moan deeply almost grunt as i push my fingers deeper into her ass.. Tanya turns her head and looks @ me saying ‘ use my cunt use my asshole oh my god use me Ben use me like a dirty slut’. So i Kept doing what i was doing fucking Tanyas pussy and finger fucking her asshole by now was inviting and i slide in another finger into her…’Oh god yes’ she moaned “fill my asshole Ben’. @ this point i pulled my dripping cock out of her pussy and slowly slide it deep in to her well wet asshloe as far as i could go..I looked down and couldn’t see any more of my cock i was deep in Tanya’s ass. I held her hips and started to fuck her ass.. she was grunting and moaning with pleasure it was awesome to hear her hips were moving back to meet my cock , we were fucking like a well oiled machine. @ some stage i could feel her hands on my balls giving them a massage then sliding 4 fingers into her open cunt fucking herself while i take care of her asshole…And then all of a sudden Tanya was back on all fours gasping and moaning deeply for breath and bang , she let out a huge scream. I could feel her asshole contract around my cock wich was deep in her , i held on to her hips and fucked her harder while she had another huge orgasm. Anal this time. i Let her orgasm subside and with my cock still in her pulsating asshole i slowly pull out and she turns to lay on her back. Tanya’s legs are quivering, she breathing deep her breasts heaving up and down but i’m not going to stop here. I look @ her in the eyes and stroke my cock a few times then looked @ her pussy. her pussy lips were loose and her clit was hard and pink it was glistening with 2 orgasms i had to plunge it straight into Tanya’s exposed pussy. ‘Oh my god’ she gasps and i force my cock into her pussy again. I looked @ her and said ‘ you did say to treat you like a slut’ and continued to ream her well used pussy. Moaning under her breath i heard her reply ‘yes i did you horny boy now let me make you cum in my pussy’ As she said that she spread her legs even wider and thrusted her hips up to meet me reaming her cunt i watched as Tanya grabbed her tits and pinched and squeezed her nipples even pulling 1 upto her mouth and sucking on me a great show of self pleasure while i was fucking her. Then she looked straight @ me and said ‘spit on my face and in my mouth’ i thought weird but ok… so i spat on her mouth and face all the while chanting ‘ use me Ben treat me like a dirty whore’. I was ready to cum and pulled out of Tanya’s dripping pussy mounted her chest and proceeded to stroke my cock only centimeters from her open mouth and face. Her tongue was lashing out @ my swollen head of my cock chanting to me ‘ give it to me Ben cum on Aunties face, cum in my whore mouth’. And with that i exploded on her face 1 shot then Tanya grabbed my cock and forced it in her mouth and i blew in her mouth , i saw my cum oozing from the side of her mouth and she pulled it out still stroking it and i finally blew one more time on her cheek. That was the best orgasm i’ve ever had. Tanya was still licking and sucking the cum off my cock. Looking @ each other she said ‘ you have a good tasting cock young Ben, i think you need to visit more often don’t you think?’ i sat back on the chair and watched as Tanya scooped my cum off her face and swallowed it. I gazed @ her pussy, it was pink and dripping wet her pussy lips were open and loose. the look on her face was fantastic… rosy red cheeks mattered hair cum still on her lips and face her eyes were glazed of shining in the light, she was a well fucked lady. I asked her ‘when was the last time Col fucked you?’ she replied about 3 years ago..i replied no wonder you needed a good cock. She looked @ me and smiled saying ‘ let go you horny boy’ and proceeded up stairs for a shower.

Das zweite Treffen

Nach dem Treffen im Wald schrieb er mir noch eine Mail:

“Hallo hübscher Mann,
schön dass du gekommen bist 🙂 hoffe, es war ok für dich. ich fand dich richtig geil und süß.

Ich schrieb zurück
“Ja klar, war echt super. Und danke 🙂
Ich hätte lust mich mal wieder mit dir zu treffen.
aber dieses mal dann in deiner Wohnung wenn du magst.
Dann haben wir mehr Ruhe und du kannst mich dann mal von hinten in den Arsch ficken wenn du willst?!”

Nachdem ich die Mail abschickte bekam ich bauchkribbeln. Will ich wirklich in den Arsch gefickt werden? Ja… oder… Ich hatte mir schon ab und zu mal den Finger reingeschoben auch den Griff einer Haarbürste.
Ja doch ich wollte wissen wie es sich anfühlte.

“Ja klar, sag Bescheid, wann du Zeit hast.
Fand das im Wald schon sehr geil ;)”, antwortete er.

Wir schrieben wieder ein paar mal hin und her bis wir eine gemeinsame Zeit gefunden hatten.

“Wie wärs morgen so um 15:00 bei dir ???
dann kannst du mich richtig durchficken ;)”

“Hey, ja das würde passen. Hab dann aber nur bis 17:30h zeit. Ansonsten gern auch früher. Wie du magst.”

“Kein Thema bis 17:30 reicht………meinst du du kannst gleitgel und kondome besorgen?? wär sau geil”

“Besorge ich morgen, gleitgel hab ich sogar zu hause 😉
dann fang ich ma an aufzuräumen :)”

“ok geil freu mich auf morgen :D”

Leider kam das Treffe nicht zu Stande. Ich hatte Angst bekommen und war mit nicht mehr sicher ob ich diesen riesigen Schwanz in mir haben wollte.
Nach kurzer Zeit wusste ich dann aber was ich wollte… Ich wollte seinen Schwanz spüren. In mir!
Ich wollte wissen wie es sich anfühlt gefickt zu werden und wie es sich anfühlt, wenn er seine Ladung in mich spritzt.

Ich schrieb ihm also wieder eine Mail:
Sorry das ich mich ewig nicht bei dir gemeldet habe 🙁
Hab beim letzen mal irgenwie schiss bekommen, aber ich würde gerne ein neuen versuch starten….. wie wärs morgen so um halb 6 bei dir?
Ich will dich unbedingt in mir spüren…..”

“Hey, freut mich das du dich meldest. Das ist kein Problem. Würde mich freuen, wenn wir uns treffen könnten”

“Schön, hast du noch Kondome und Gleitgel?

“Besorg ich, bzw. hab ich da.”

Am nächsten Tag war ich super nervös. Nach der Arbeit fuhr ich nach Hause. Schnell unter die Dusche und fertig gemacht. Dann fuhr ich zu ihm. Parkte in der Nähe auf einem großen Parkplatz. Im Auto gingen mir noch jede Menge Gedanken durch den Kopf… Mir war heiß… Ich hatte jetzt schon einen Halbsteifen. Ich stieg aus und ging die Straße entlang, schaute mich um als ob mich jemand verfolgt, was natürlich quatsch war.

Da war das Klingelsc***d. Ich drückte den Knopf. Es dauerte nicht lange und der Summer ging und ich drückte die Tür auf.

Seine Wohnung war ganz oben. Als ich angekommen war machte er auch schon die Tür auf.

“Hey, komm doch rein”


“Lass uns direkt ins Wohnzimmer gehen”

Wir setzten uns auf die Couch. Unterhielten uns kurz und rauchten noch eine Zigarette.

“Na dann pack mal dein Schwanz aus”, sagte ich.

“Dann zieh du dich auch aus”, sagte er.


Ich stand auf und stellte mich vor ihn. Er öffnete seinen Gürtel und zog die Hose aus.
Auch ich öffnete meine Hose, dreht mich um, zog die Hose aus und bückte mich. So, dass er einen schönen Blick auf meinen Arsch werfen konnte. Dann machte ich mich komplett nackig.

Ich war schon so geil das mir die Soße aus dem Schwanz tropfte.
Der Blick auf seinen noch schlaffes Ding machte mich noch geiler.

Er saß auf der Couch, ich ging vor ihm auf die Knie, nahm seinen Schwanz in die Hand und wichste ihn leicht. Dann nahm ich ihn in den Mund. Diesmal ohne Gummi. Was ein unglaubliches Gefühl.
Sein Lusttropfen stand bereits auf der Eichel. Leicht salzig, aber irgendwie lecker.

Er wurde immer größer in meinem Mund. Ich massierte ein wenig seine Eier, wichste und lutschte ihn gleichzeitig.

“Komm her, dann lutsch ich ihn dir auch mal”, sagte er.

Ich leckte noch einmal über seine Eichel und stand dann auf. Die Couch hatte genau die richtige Höhe, sodass mein er meinen Schwanz perfekt in den Mund nehmen konnte. Ich schloss die Augen und lehnte mich gegen die Dachschräge.

Seine Hände wanderten langsam von meinen Oberschenkeln zu meinen Arschbacken. Er zog sie auseinander und fing an mir meine noch trockene Fotze zu massieren.

Kurz bevor es aus mir rausschoss zog ich ihm meinen Schwanz aus dem Mund und sagt: ” Willst du mich jetzt ficken?”

“Oh ja du Sau!”

“Wo hast du Gummis?”

“Hier.” Er griff in eine Schale auf dem Wohzimmertisch.

“Haha, wohl immer griffbereit.”

Mehr als ein Grinsen bekam ich aber nicht zurück. Ich nahm das Kondom, öffnete die Packung und zog es über sein steifen Pimmel.
Ich wichste ihn nochmal während er Gleitgel auf das Gummi tropfen ließ.

Oh Gott ich war so geil und wollte einfach nur von diesem Prachtprügel gefickt werden.
Ich kletterte auf die Couch, lehnte mich über die Armlehne und hielt ihm meinen Arsch fickbereit hin.

Er ging hinter mir in Stellung und ließ noch etwas Gleitgel auf meine Fotze tropfen das er mit seiner Schwanzspitze verrieb.

Ich schloss die Augen und konnte jetzt schon die Wärme an meinem Loch spüren.

“Bist du bereit?”, fragte er.

“Jahh..”, stöhnte ich.

Ich hatte immernoch die Augen geschlossen. Er zog meine Arschbacken auseinander und fing an seine Eichel langsam in mich zu drücken. Dank des Gleitgels war der Anfang kein Problem. Ich wollte mir das Gefühl ganz genau einprägen.
Erst fühlte es sich etwas komisch an. Er schob ihn erst ganz langsam immer tiefer in mich. Ich spürte wie seine Oberschenkel meinen Arsch berührten. Er muss jetzt ganz in mir sein. Ein leichter Schmerz überkam mich als er ihn wieder zurückzog. Aber das war kurz darauf gleich wieder weg.

Er schob ihn wieder rein… und raus… und rein.. und raus.. immer schneller.

Das Gefühl das sich dabei einstellt ist einfach unbeschreiblich. Irgendwie ungewohnt, aber einfach geil. Zu spüren wie der adrige Schwanz mit der riesigen Eichel immer wieder in mich eindringt.

Er fickt mich erst zärtlich und wird langsam aber sicher etwas härter. Ich spüre wie seine Eier an meinene Damm schlagen, wenn er ihn ganz in mir hat. Seine Oberschenkel klatschen gegen meine Arschbacken. Seine Hände umgreifen meine Hüften.

Ich schau unter mir durch und sehen das mein Schwanz auch knüppelhart ist. Aus meiner Eichel tropft der Saft raus. Es fühlt sich an als könnte ich jeden Moment abspritzen ohne das ich ihn überhaupt berühre. Also fange ich an mich auch zu wichsen.

Er stöhnt leicht. Sein Griff wird fester. Ich kann spüren das sein Schwanz auf einmal noch härter wird. Er stöhnt nochmal. Und stößt fester… jetzt drückt er ihn so tief rein wie noch nicht zuvor. Ich stöhne laut auf.

Ich fühle wie er in mir kommt. Auch mir kommt jetzt die Soße. Die spitze des Kondoms füllt sich mit Sperma.

“Jaaaahhhh…” stöhne ich.

Sein Griff lockert sich… Langsam zieht er ihn raus und hält dabei den Gummi fest.
Ich spüre wie seine Eichel aus meinem Loch flutscht und einen Krater hinterlässt.

Völlig erschöpft lassen wir uns beide auf der Couch nieder.

“Black Stranger on White Twink”. (Fictio

My names Gary,I,m 16yrs old,not sure of my sexuality,live on my parents farm in Yorkshire.School summer hols.
I come into our farmhouse,i,ve been working on an unbroken pony I bought in a local sale,my parents have gone to local farmers sale to sell produce & to buy,Johns,(works for my Dad), in the kitchen having some lunch,I sit at the table opposite him & my Granny puts a sandwich in front of me & gets me a cold drink out of the fridge,she sits down with us,drinking a mug of tea,we get talking about the pony,after a while John gets up from the table to go back to his work,
I sit admiring his form,tight shirt across his chest,showing his nipples standing out hard,his jeans tight across his ass & the bulge in the front,he,s about 30 years old,seen him with his shirt off moving bales of hay & straw,Wow,gives me feelings of excitement.
John had gone back to work,I went upstairs & took a shower,I stood in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom,looking at my naked body,I had an average size Uncut Cock which was starting to harden as I stroked it.I turned looking at my Ass,firm Bubble Butt,I ran my fingers up in between my Buns stroking my Rosebud,thinking,”I wish some guy would Fuck me,maybe John,he,s got a Big Bulge,bet his Cock is massive”,I knew I was Gay but still a Virgin,desperately wanting to experience a Cock,Fucking my Hole.
I shot my Load all over the tiled bathroom floor,I did,nt realise how hard I had been Wanking,i used the towel I had dried myself off with to clean the Cum up with & put it in the laundry basket.
I went into my bedroom,put on some blue shorts,did,nt bother with any Underpants,thinking,”If someone,s going to Fuck me,gonna make it easy for them”,put on a white teeshirt,a bit tight to my body,making my Nipples stand out,
& put on a pair of plimsoles,went downstairs,”Gran,going for a walk,see you later”,she replied,”OK,Gary,off to see your friends,don,t be late for your tea”,”All my friends away on hols Gran,wont be late for tea,”I called out to her.
I walked down the drive from the farmhouse,climbed over the 5 barred gate,into the lane,climbed the gate on the other side of the lane,looking down our fields to see the cattle were OK,looking down on an housing estate just off our fields.
I carried on walking across the top of our fields,heading to a wood on our farm,I spotted this Black guy,about 28-30 years old & this White Youth with him,he was about 20-22 years old,I had seen them before,a few times going towards the woods,when I had been working with my Dad doing work on the fields,me thinking,”Wonder if they,re going into the woods to Fuck”I was soon going to find out.
I followed them towards the woods,keeping myself just out of sight of them,using the line of the trees,I could see they were argueing,they stopped,I ducked in behind this big oak tree,close enough to see & hear them,the Black guy saying”,You,re so fucking boring Darren,don,t even moan when I,m Fucking you nowadays,so fucking boring”.
The White Youth,replied,”Suppose you,ve got some new k** giving you his Ass”,”Fuck Off Darren,You,re past your Sell By Date”,the Black Guy replied.
The White Boi,(Darren),ran past me,I could hear him sobbing,he must have caught a glimpse of me,out of the corner of his eye,he stopped dead in his tracks,looking at me,turning to the Black Guy,”Oh! Danny,this your new boi,you Bastard”,he shouted out,then running off down the fields..
I realised my heart was racing,I had been caught out following them,the Black Guy,(Danny),had walked towards the tree,he now had me in his sight,I could see he was really good looking,great body on him & that bulge in his jeans,told me he had,One Big Cock on him,thinking,what I,ve just heard,”Am I now going to lose my Virginity”,I could feel my Heart Pounding as he casually walked towards me,I could,nt move,could,nt run,was it fear or was it excitement.
He came right up to me,it was like I was trying to dissappear into the tree,but I could,nt move,his hand came up from his side & over my shoulder,leaning against the tree,looking me up & down,he said,”And who are you Cutie,I,m Danny your Dream come True”,I blurted out,not even thinking,”I,m Gary,the farmers son,my Dad owns this land & you,re trespassing”,he leaned nearer into me,almost face to face,softly saying,”Well maybe Gary you will let me trespass even further,Yes”,his lips coming onto mine,his hand must have come down from the tree,I felt it settle on my hip,sliding,around onto my Buttocks,I gasped,& his Tongue entered my mouth,searching around it,deep,I was responding to him,my hands going onto his waist.
Responding to his Kissing,my Tongue was now in his mouth,his fingers now inside the back of my shorts,he was caressing my Bum,fingers slipping up between my Buns,teasing my Virgin Rosebud.
I could feel my Cock bouncing in my shorts,straining to be free of them,his fingers were trying to enter my Hole,I was trying to relax to allow his fingers into me,he then took his hand out of my shorts,taking a hold of my wrist he guided my hand to the open flyhole in his jeans,I let him guide my fingers inside,he undid the button,allowing me to take a hold of his Cock,it was massive & as Hard as a Rock,I Wanked it a couple of times then he pulled my hand away from it.
His hands slid around my Ass,Nibbling on my ear,he whispered,”Have you done this before,don,t think you have,think you,re a Virgin but you want my Cock in you,Dont you”.
Was I panicking,I don,t know but I sort of struggled to say it,murmering,”Yes Please,Fuck me,I want it so bad”,
He said,”OK,Gary,I know a safe place in the wood,lets go,I want your Virgin Hole”.
Stepping away from me,I walked off towards the wood,he came alongside of me,slipping his hand into my shorts, finger slipping inbetween my Buns,fingering my Hole,I looked up at him,he smiled at me,”Relax Gary,I,m going to be gentle with you,struggling I returned the smile,my Cock still trying to burst out of my shorts.
Danny guided me through the wood,us both Kissing occassionly,the far side of the wood he guided me behind some bushes,by the fence looking into another field,”We,re safe here Gary,nobody comes over here”.
I firstly enquired about his friend,Darren,he said,”Don,t worry about him,he,s gone,gotta new Fuck Toy now,YOU,OK Gary”,I nodded my head in agreement.
We started Kissing,standing up,,my Teeshirt came off,my shorts he pushed off my Ass,falling down my legs to the grassy floor,the sun was shining,it was a warm beautiful day,a soft gentle breeze,I could feel it caressing my Nakedness,I was Loving thhe feelings of excitement rushing through my body.
Danny took his shirt off,I stood admiring his Beautiful Black Body,he took off his shoes & socks & dropped his jeans.
I think I must have partially fainted,I went so weak my legs gave way under me,down on my knees looking at his monster of a Cock,10 inchs at the least & the thickness,I had laid smaller drainage pipes around the farm with my Dad,and a sideways bend on & a beautiful,Cut,Bulbus Knobend & it was Rock Hard.
He took it in his hand,stepping towards me,placing his other hand on my head,controlling me from turning away from it,he started gently slapping me across my face with it,I could feel flecks of Pre-Cum settling on my face,my Tongue flicking out,I wanted to taste him.
I loooked up into his face,he knew I wanted it in my mouth,guiding it towards my mouth I looked at it,Pre-Cum oozing "Black Stranger on White Twink". (Fictio"Black Stranger on White Twink". (Fictio 2
out of the PeeHole,I flicked my Tongue at it,tasting his Pre-Cum,I Loved the Sweet,Sour,Savoury taste,my eyes met Danny,s eyes,telling me to take it in my mouth,I licked on the Head,I was Loving its taste,he pulled gently on my head,making me take him in my mouth,it was hard work but eventually I managed to take it in my mouth.
I was sucking on his Cock,Licking up & down the Shaft,Sucking on his Balls,Tasting him,I was Loving it.
Reaching to my feet I pulled off my Plimsoles,I so much wanted to be 100% Naked for this man,I wanted to give myself completely to him.
After aa few minutes he forced me to take his Cock deep in my throat,Moaning he filled my mouth with his Cum,he was so deep in my mouth I had to swallow most of his Cum,some escaping out of the sides of my lips,feeling it dripping off my chin onto my chest & running down my stomach,the taste of his Cum was beatiful,I wanted more but I wanted the next lot in my Virgin Hole.
Danny eventually pulled out of my mouth,collapsing down onto his knees infront of me he smiled at me asking if I liked it,I smiled back at him,nodding my head & kissing him on the lips,my way of saying Thank You.
He licked the Cum from around my neck,then his Tongue in my mouth,sharing it with me.
I felt his fingers collecting the Cum off my Stomach & my Chest,thinking it was going in my mouth but I was wrong,his hands took a hold of my Buns,spreading them,his Cum wet fingers stroking over my Hole,he slipped one finger into me,my arms wrapped around his shoulders,then he had two fingers in my Hole,I was Moaning & Purring like a Pussy Cat content with life.
He told me to get to my feet after a while of Finger Fucking my Boicunt,he took my Cock in his mouth,Sucking me,then Licking up & down my Shaft which was,nt even half the length or Thickness of his Gorgeous Black Cock,Sucking on my Balls,he was driving me crazy,I was moaning & whining with the pleasures he was giving me,it was,nt long before I came in his mouth,I collapsed to the ground on my back,his lips came onto mine,sharing my Boi Cum with me, thinking,”You dont taste bad yourself Gary”.
We Kissed & Cuddleed for a while,then Danny took a hold of my legs,rolled me up onto my shoulders,spreading my legs apart he looked down at me,”You,ve got a Pretty Virgin Boicunt”,he said to me,”You,re going to like this”,I felt his face go in between my Buns,licking them,then licking on my Rosebud,Wooow he was driving me crazy,his Tongue pressing into my Boicunt,getting in deeper & deeper,Saliva & my Cum lubricating my Hole,I was,Moaning & Squealing, Squirming my body,trying to push up to his Tongue,wanting him in me deeper..
After a while,Danny got up,reaching down he took my hand & pulled me to my feet,Kissing me then he took me by my hips,turning my back to him,I was looking over the fence into the open meadow,I knew what was coming next & I now really wanted his Cock in my Virgin Ass,I would,nt have cared if someone had walked past us,”I was having that Big Black Cock in me”.
I took hold of the top rail of the fence,Danny took a hold of my right leg,lifting it up & placing my foot on the second rail of the fence,I dished my back,pushing my Ass out towards him,God,I wanted that Cock.
Danny started rubbing his Cock up & down between my Buns,his Bellend stroking over my Rosebud,which I could feel was opening & closing in anticipation of trapping his Cock & allowing it to enter my Virgin Boicunt."Black Stranger on White Twink". (Fictio 3I looked around at him,he said,”Are you ready to give me your Cherry now,Gary,Just like when when your Dad takes the Bull to a young cow for her first time,Squeal at first then when the Bulls deep in,Luvs it & I,m the Bull & you,re the Young Cow”,”Yes Please Danny,Take me”,I say.
His lips fall on mine,Kissing me hard,then I feel the pressure of his Cock starting to open my Sphincter,he starts to go in deeper,I want to Scream but I,m being muffled by Danny,s lips,he,s working his Cock backwards & forewards,opening me up,wider & wider,I feel his massive Bellend pass through my Sphincter,Oh,the Pain,I try to scream but Danny now has his hand over my mouth & the other hand around my throat,partially strangling me so that I can,t scream.
He,s in me,Virginity Gone,he rest for a while,letting me get comfortable with it,Kissing me for a while,then he says,”Are you Ok Roy”,I nod my head to him & smile,he starts a gentle backwards & forewards motion in my Boicunt,(As it is now,Dream Cum True).
Danny picked up the motion,faster & faster & I was luving it,moaning & whining like the Little Bitch I was now & Danny luved it my,Moaning & Whining,his New Fuck Toy,he came his Load in my Boicunt but he was,nt done with Fucking his Load of Cum in me once,we changed positions.
Face & shoulders on the grass,dished back,Ass in the air,another Good Fucking & another Hot Load of Cum in my Boicunt."Black Stranger on White Twink". (Fictio 4
We Kissed & Cuddled for a while,Danny asked me if I rode the horses & ponies he had seen around the farm,I told him I did,he said,”Right get ready to ride again Cowboy,you can ride my Cock,I smiled at him OK,Sherrif,thats what you want me to do,I’ll do it."Black Stranger on White Twink". (Fictio 5
OMG,did I ride that Big Black Cock,myself,Hands Free,shooting Cum everywhere,Danny telling me,everytime I Shot my Load he could feel my Sphincter closing tight on his Shaft,making him Cum his Load inside my Boicunt.
When we had done my Hole was Oozing Cum,we Kissed & Cuddled for a while,Danny,playing with my Cum soaked Hole.
We got dressed,walking back towards the farm,Danny with his hand inside my shorts,Fingering my Wet Hole,telling me I,m a Better Fuck than Darren,that made me feel really good,he asked if he could see me the following day,I told him I had to work my pony in the morning,he asked if he could come & watch,then we can go in the woods in the afternoon,I agreed it would be Okay for him to come up to the paddock were I would be working the pony,he said,”I want to see that Sweet Ass,working in Tight jeans like all you horse riders wear.
We parted at the gate up to the farm,Danny saying,”Don,t get wanking all night,save yourself for tomorrow”,I said,Goodbye,Laughing.
I did wank that night,playing with my Boicunt thinking what we had done in the wood.
Danny did come to watch me with the pony & we went to the woods regularly after that first time & everytime seemed better than the last time.
Before the school Hols were over Danny invited me down to his flat,(Appartment)on the estate to watch some,xhamster Gay Porn Vids,I went to his flat,we were watching a vid,me sat on his lap Naked as he had asked me to do,some Black friends of Danny,s turned up,now I,m a Fuck Toy for all Danny,s Friends.

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Ass-pirations: Teacher’s Lesson (M/F, anal pl

I said good night to my college students and we parted ways. I pinched Sheli’s butt as a reminder of what she was to do then went into my room to wait for the phone to ring. She didn’t keep me waiting long.

I unlocked the door and she slipped into my room. She was wearing the outfit as instructed.

“Remove your underwear,” I ordered and my cock hardened even more as she did it. I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for her to bend over my lap. She was blushing a deep red as I motioned for her to lie across my lap.

“What?” she asked. I pulled her to the bed and helped her to bend over my lap so her breasts were pressed against my thigh and her ass was raised in the air, the skirt barely covering her soft round ass. I pulled the skirt up and exposed the flesh to the cool air.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl,” I said as I massaged one cheek then the other. I pulled my hand back and let it fall on the roundest part of her ass. Over and over again my hand landed on her ass until she cried out.

“Please … stop … it hurts!” she whimpered. I ran my fingertips over the red area as she squirmed. I reached over to the tube on the bedside table and squirted some of the lubrication onto my index finger.

I parted her ass cheeks with my other hand and exposed her tight ass hole. I pressed my finger against the opening and watched as her ass enveloped my finger. She gasped and tried to pull away so I held her in place with my free arm.

“No! Please, don’t do that to my ass,” she begged.

“If you say anything else I’ll gag you with your panties,” I said as I slid my finger completely into her ass and slowly started to fuck her. She squirmed more and more as her discomfort turned to excitement.

“You ass is so tight. Even tighter than your virginal pussy,” I said. “I should replace my finger with my cock but I’ll cum too fast and I want to fuck you for the rest of the night.”

Sheli whimpered as her ass muscles started to tighten around my finger. I slipped a second finger then a third finger into the tight hole, and fucked her ass faster and harder. “OHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m cumming!” she cried out as her ass came on my finger. I pulled my finger out and moved her so she was leaning over the edge of the bed.

My cock easily slid into her sopping wet pussy. I buried it deep inside her and looked down at her ass hole that was still stretched wide from my fingers. I just needed to feel how it felt around my cock, even if it wasn’t going to take me long to cum.

“You are such a good girl to take your punishment so well,” I said. “That’s why I’m going to fuck your ass and fill it with my hot thick gooey cum.”

“No!” she cried and tried to pull away.

I held her in place with one hand as my other guided my cock to her ass hole. It was already lubed up from my precum and her juices so it slid in easily. She groaned as it stretched her wide and I moaned as it closed around my cock fitting it like a glove.

“Oh fuck yes!” I said as I slowly moved my cock in and out of her. “So fucking tight … very, very tight.”

I picked up the pace as her ass loosened slightly, my cock slamming in and out of her. I knew I was going to be exploding soon so I reached under Sheli and found her clit. I quickly rubbed it as I got closer and closer.

“Cum for me,” I ordered. I wanted to feel her ass muscles milk my cock as she came. She whimpered loudly as her body started to shake. “Oh yea … so good … oh Sheli!”

I came hard as she started to orgasm. “OH! Mr. Timson!”

I laid across her back as I tried to catch my breath, my cock still buried in her ass.

“I’m going to take a shower and I advise you to do the same thing,” I said as I stood up and slowly let my cock slide out of her ass. She moaned at how empty her ass felt. “Do not speak of this to anyone and start dressing more appropriately. I don’t want to have to punish you again.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Timson,” she said looking at the floor.

“Good night,” I said and turned away from her. She headed back to her room and nothing more was ever said about that day by either of us, but I’ve jerked off to the pictures I took with my hidden camera many, many times since.

A stranger in need (tribute to John4u23)

It was supposed to be a mad night out. A stag do in Skegness that was supposed to get wild. It was for a guy from work that I didn’t know that well but who turns down an excuse to party? At 31 years old you look for any excuse to have a bit of fun. I had got my nice shirt on and I was knocking a pint back in the Marine Boathouse pub, waiting for the others to turn up. It was then that I got a text from my mate Steve, “the stag is off, Dave’s future Mrs has thrown a fit because we booked a stripper. He’s staying home to grovel”.

“For fuck’s sake” I muttered under my breath. I was supposed to be staying with Steve after the stag. Now I had no party and nowhere to stay.

“Are you alright there chief?” I glanced to my left. An older gentleman with grey hair was stood next to me at the bar. He seemed sincere.

”I suppose so. I was supposed to be on a stag and they’ve all bailed on me. I need to figure out how I’m getting home!”

”That’s a bit shit mate. What are you drinking, I’ll get you one in on me to cheer you up. The name’s John by the way.”

”Cheers mate, I’m Jason. I’ll just take a lager please if you’re offering”

”Go sit with my Mrs over there, she’s Clare and she’ll look after you while I get these in”

I walked over to the table that John mentioned and I saw Clare. I’ve always had a thing for older ladies and she was looking fine. She was wearing a red top that showed off her nice cleavage. She wore a modest floral skirt but still showed off her legs. I could see from the way she was sat that she was wearing some nice stockings. She had nice shoulder length hair and a very inviting smile. She caught me staring and she beckoned me over…

”Er… Hi… are you Clare? John said to come over and you’ll… er… look after me”

”hmm of course I’ll look after you” she said biting her bottom lip. “Come and sit here next to me”. She patted the seat right next to her. I sat more toward the edge. “You can come closer I don’t bite!” I shuffled up next to her. She grabbed my thigh firmly. “That’s better” she said while giving me a slight wink. At that point John arrived back at the table.

“Here you are lad, get that down you!” I wondered if he saw what Clare did. The man just bought me a pint I didn’t want him thinking I was coming on to his Mrs. I mean if I saw her alone at a club I would have done anything to take her home and fuck her. I would have bent her over and rode her hard. I took a few big gulps from my beer. I suddenly realised that thinking about having her and the leg squeeze had made me hard. John couldn’t see because he was sat at the other end of the table but Clare saw. She stared at it for a few seconds, her eyes widened. We then made eye contact and I could see her getting aroused.

“So who is this young fella that you want me to look after” she said while taking another long look at my hard dick.

”This is Jason, poor lad was supposed to be on a stag do but they’ve all pussied out. I’ve got him a Stella to cheer him up!”

”I’m sure we can help cheer him up.” Her hand brushed past my leg, my dick throbbed. “Where are you from Jase?”

”Err… Doncaster” I couldn’t help but stare at her tits. I tried to think about anything else but I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t turn away until John spoke:

”That’s a long way to try and get back at this time of night. Are you in a B&B?”

”No… I was going to stop with a mate but he isn’t coming. I’ll sort something out”. John looked at Clare and smiled and then turned back to me:

”You’ll never get anywhere now, it’s summer and too late in the day. I’ll tell you what, we live close by in Boston. We’ll go back, have a few drinks from our bar and you can kip on our settee.” I thought it was a bit weird that a stranger was offering to do this for a guy he just met but he was right, I really didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“Err… yeah I suppose so. That would really help me out, cheers.”

”Ok. I’m just going to book us a Taxi and go to the loo and then we’ll head off”. John got his phone out and moved out of sight. As soon as he did, Clare grabbed me again. Her hand slowly made its way up my leg until she grabbed my hard cock through my jeans. I let out a little moan.

”Stop… what about John?” I asked.

“He’s just fine sweetie, don’t worry. Let me see what we have here.” She slid her hand down my jeans, under my boxers and wrapped her hand around my dick. She slowly rubbed the shaft a couple of times. She put her lips close to my ear: “This will do nicely”. She slipped her hand out and moved it to her own crotch. She gave her clit a little rub. It seemed like forever but John came back:

”Taxi’s here!” In the taxi, Clare was sat opposite me. She kept moving her legs to reveal her knickers and kept bending over to show me her tits. I had to sit crossed legged to hide my excitement. We finally got to their house and we sat in the conservatory that had been converted into a bar. John rustled up some whiskey and cokes and we chatted for a few hours. Every time John went away for a few minutes, Clare would come on to me. Stroking me and teasing my cock. Finally John said he was heading to bed. He looked at Clare and smiled like he knew something but I had too much to drink at this point to notice. Clare said she was stopping up a little while to make sure I was comfortable and that she would be up soon.

Shortly after John left, Clare grabbed at my jeans and pulled out my cock. It had been hard all night and was ready to explode. Clare got down on her knees in front of me and took all of it in her mouth. I bit my hand to stop a loud moan from coming out. Clare was making eye contact while she deepthroated me. She looked so beautiful. The sound of her gagging on my cock was too much and I soon shot a load right in her mouth. She pulled her mouth away, cum dripping down her chin. She wiped the cum with her hand and then licked her fingers. She swallowed the whole load. Before she could say anything I got up and positioned her on the settee. I pulled down her knickers and spread her legs wide. I kissed down her leg until I reached her pussy. It was dripping wet and breathed hard on her clit. She started to moan. I placed my tongue on her, lapping up that hot wet cunt juice and using the tip to massage her clit. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and began rubbing the G spot. She started to get so loud with moaning I was sure that John would hear us but I didn’t care. I was going to make her cum. She shuddered and moaned loudly and grabbed me by the hair, pushing my face deeper into her pussy as she came. All of her moaning and writhing had made me hard again. I sat back on the settee and pulled her on top of. As she straddled me I could feel her cum juices sliding down my shaft. I entered her and we both moaned. Her pussy was tight around my cock. I took off her top and bra and began playing with her nipples. She leaned back with her head fully tilted back and she was loving every second. She began to ride me faster and a I grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled myself deeper into her. As she was riding, my hand moved around her arse and I slipped a finger in. She smiled and passionately kissed me. I motioned for her to move so I could do her doggy style when I heard a noise from the other room. I froze, I thought I was done for. I thought John was about to kill me! Clare quickly piped up:

“Are you wanting to join in or just watch?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. John quickly answered to join in and he came in the room. He was already naked and erect. He must have been in the other room for ages, listening and watching through the crack in the door. Clare positioned John on the settee and bent down in front of him like she did for me. She bent over, spreading her bum cheeks and showing her fine ass. She pointed to me and then to her bum and I didn’t hesitate. While she was sucking hard on John I slid my cock into her wet pussy. I got my dick all nice and wet and then pushed it straight into her arse. I went balls deep and fucked her hard but slow. She moaned loudly which then turned John on more. John came first and unloaded right into her mouth. Just as she was swallowing the last drop. I came hard. I pulled back on her hair and pushed my cock in as deep as it would go, filling her arse with cum. All of us spent, we collapsed onto the settee. Clare and John didn’t say much afterwards and soon headed to bed. I fell asleep more or less instantly.

In in the morning I woke to see Clare next to me naked. “It’s time for your wake up call” she said and she wrapped her lips around my cock again. It was hard straight away. She kept licking my bell end gently and then swallowing it whole and deepthroating me. A couple of minutes later I pushed her onto the floor and climbed on top. I slid my dick into her wet cunt again and pounded her hard while licking her nipples. She came first, shivering underneath me as I rammed hard and deep into her and I came soon afterwards. This woman was amazing and the best fuck I ever had.

I got dressed and got ready to leave. John came down the stairs just wearing a bathrobe. I shook his hand, thanked him and Clare for “looking after me” and I headed for the door.

“Don’t be a stranger” he said with a wink as I was just leaving. Don’t worry John, with a fine pussy and arse like Clare’s I’ll be back every week. As I was walking past their house to head to the train station I caught a glimpse through a gap in the curtains. John had his face in Clare’s pussy and was licking it clean. It was then I realised I had left my phone behind. Looks like I’ll just have to go back…………