18 At Last

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Disclaimer: All characters and events are fictional, and any similarity to real people and events is purely coincidental. This is a work of erotic fiction intended to be read by people over 18 years of age (or 21 in some areas) where reading erotic fiction is legal. Story and all characters ┬ę Kardas Fox.

* * * * *

The warm, flaxen light of the sun flooded through the second story windows of the Tokarev home. Klara shifted in her sleep as she felt the warmth on her face, and slowly opened her cool blue eyes to the world. She slid out of bed and stretched, clad in nothing but a pair of simple cotton panties. Her blinds were open, but she didn’t particularly care if someone were watching through the window.

The young husky turned and began making her bed, humming quietly to herself as she did so. Today was going to be a very special day, for she and her brother were no longer pups. It was the greatest saturday of her life, she had finally ascended into adulthood!

She opened her door just a crack and peeked out into the hallway; all clear. She stepped out with a neatly folded bath robe pressed tightly to her chest. She took a couple of steps to the side and rapped softly at Aleksandr’s bedroom door; two knocks, then three, then two, their secret code. A code that said it was time to wake up, but that he was free to lay in bed and play with himself without a parent pestering him.

Klara made her way to the bathroom and started the shower — nice and hot. She stepped under the stream of water and turned a couple of times to get all of her fur wet. She slid her paws up and down her sides, then cupped her own breasts with a murr. It was saturday — she didn’t have to be anywhere in particular, so she could take her time in the shower. Everything would be perfect, and later that night she and her brother would become adults together, in the best way. She closed her eyes and thought of him, her paw sliding down her tummy and between her legs.

Aleksandr lay in a field of wildflowers, Klara sitting on his belly and caressing his chest, both of them as nude as the day they were born. She whispered something to him, but he couldn’t hear it — her voice came so faintly that the wind obscured it, but he read her lips easily enough and smiled. They shared a gentle kiss, their tongues embracing as she reached between his legs and cupped his…he was suddenly torn out of the surreal paradise with a soft snort by seven knocks in a familiar sequence.

He sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes groggily; as much as the twins had in common he didn’t often share his sister’s love of the morning. Once his eyes had once more adjusted to the wakeful world, he looked down to see the tent in his sheet and grinned a little. “Good morning, old friend,” he said, “I know the routine as well as you do, but today is special…you’ll have to wait until later for a massage, but it’ll be worth it, I promise.” He shut his eyes and concentrated, feeling his length retreat back to its sheath.

The sound of running water was quite relaxing — in fact, Aleksandr had almost fallen asleep again as he waited for Klara to finish bathing. Once the water shut off, he dragged himself out of bed and rummaged through his dresser for a pair of boxers. He checked the hallway to be sure his parents weren’t standing around upstairs, then stepped out and waited beside the bathroom door. After about ten minutes it swung open, allowing the hot steamy air to escape. Klara stepped out, clad in only her robe, with her fur still a bit damp. They exchanged a chaste kiss as they passed, and the door soon shut again so Aleksandr could bathe in privacy. Not that he’d mind company, but it could all too easily lead to awkward and impossible to answer questions if they were discovered.

Klara’s eyes caught something that had evaded them before; beside the staircase, a note was taped to the wall. She pulled it free and felt a smile spread across her muzzle as she read.


Your father and I stepped out for a bit to make some last minute preparations. We won’t be back until this afternoon, but there’s money on the counter if you want to order a pizza or go out somewhere. Happy birthday, we both love you very much!

<3 Mom P.S. Aleksandr, if you eat some Cheez-Its, please put them back in the cabinet when you’re done! I’m getting tired of searching all over the house for them! Klara giggled and stuck the note to Aleksandr’s door so that he would see it. They wouldn’t have to wait until tonight after all. It was perfect, now they wouldn’t have to worry about their parents investigating creaky bedsprings! She slipped into his room and sat on the bed, crossing her legs and waiting for him. It wasn’t long before the water shut off, and not much longer after that until Aleksandr opened the bathroom door. He made sure to check the hallway again before going back to his room; he didn’t want to be chided by his mother again for walking around in his underwear, but combing his halkal─▒ escort fur and getting dressed in the cramped bathroom with only a small wall mirror was such a god-awful inconvenience.

He paused momentarily at his door and looked at the note. Was it new? It must be — he didn’t remember shutting his door on the way out. He pulled the paper free and read, a smirk forming on his face. A welcome change of plans was in order. He was a bit surprised to see Klara on his bed as he entered his room, but the surprise was a pleasant one.

“Tsk tsk tsk, don’t you know it’s rude to keep a lady waiting?” she said playfully, “But we don’t have to wait anymore dear brother, our torture is over…”

“Right here?” Aleksandr asked.

“Well, we can do it in my room if you prefer,” she said, “It doesn’t really make much difference, does it? Our beds are almost as identical as we are…”

“No, I mean, why the bedroom for the first time?” he elaborated, “Don’t you remember our first kiss, when we were twelve?”

“Yes…one of my most cherished memories,” she said, closing her eyes and smiling, “Valentine’s day, was it not? There was a party at school, but we only got valentines cards from each other. It didn’t matter, it only made the decisions of that day easier. We held hands the whole way home, and mom was out running errands when we got there…”

“And you said ‘Aleksandr, I always want you to be my valentine,'” he continued, “We sat on the couch, but instead of turning the TV on I kissed you on the cheek. The way you blushed was so cute…”

“I got you back though, I kissed you right on the lips!” she giggled, “I feel giddy just thinking back to that day. You’re right, our first time should be on the couch!” She stood and embraced her brother tightly, sharing another tender kiss with him and then nuzzling close to his ear to whisper, “Race you downstairs.”

The two huskies bolted off toward the staircase, they were quite evenly matched for speed thanks to their time together on the school track team, but Aleksandr had been closer to the steps. No sooner had he cleared the last step, Klara threw herself at him, snaring him in another tight hug. He spun with her, and the two of them giggled while nuzzling one another’s faces.

“We should close the curtains, so no one can look in,” Klara suggested. They quickly set about pulling the curtains closed, then a bath robe and a pair of boxer shorts hit the floor. There were some birthday cards on the coffee table — one each from their parents and a few envelopes that had been sent in by more distant relatives and hidden until the morning, but the cards were ignored. The twins embraced once more, sharing their first naked hug in a very long time. They both gasped in unison as Aleksandr’s sheath pressed lightly against Klara’s labia.

“Make yourself comfortable, I’m going to get something to set the mood,” Aleksandr said softly. They pulled away from one another and Klara sat on the couch. It was the first time she had felt the fabric of the sofa against her bare fur, and it was a little strange.

Aleksandr returned a few short moments later with two glasses of clear bubbling liquid. He handed one to Klara and sat beside her, they took turns sipping from each other’s glasses. After the first few sips, Klara began to giggle.

“You know it’s just 7 Up, right?” Aleksandr said with a warm smile.

“I don’t care, the bubbles are tickling my nose and I like it!” Klara giggled.

Once the make-beleive champagne was all gone, the glasses were gently dropped to the plush carpet and the twins began to kiss once more. Lusty paws roamed across nude bodies — exploring, caressing. Aleksandr broke the kiss after a moment and moved to her neck, nuzzling and nipping softly with his teeth to coax cute little gasps from her. His attention moved even lower, to her ample breasts. Her nipples were painfully hard, but the wet warmth of his tongue soothed her ache.

Klara squirmed and moaned softly as her brother moved his head back and forth every minute or so, giving each of her stiff nipples equal attention. She reached down to fondle his large, heavy balls, and blushed lightly as his growing erection brushed her wrist. “Aleksandr, please, no more teasing,” she begged, “I am more ready for you now than I have ever been. Take me…”

She pulled away from his loving attentions and laid back on the couch, spreading her legs wide. Aleksandr eagerly got into the position, rubbing the head of his cock against her hot, moist lips. She shuddered and moaned, rocking her hips gently and grinding right back.

The twins gasped out in unison as Aleksandr pushed forward just slightly, sinking his tip into his sister’s tight orifice. He pushed in a little deeper and started to rock back and forth, going just a bit further with each stroke. He mated her slowly, gently, lovingly, and the room was filled with their moans and murrs and whimpers.

Alyona taksim escort finished loading the trunk — enough soda, ice cream, disposable cups, plastic utensils, and paper plates for all of the guests, and a big store-bought cake. The twins had insulted her baking skills for the last time! She looked at her watch and smiled; it was just after 11 am and she was already finished with her part in the preparation. Viktor’s part would be longer — he was busy setting up decorations in a building they had rented at the park. She would help him when she dropped off the rest of the supplies, though, so they would be finished early anyhow.

Viktor was making pretty good time on the decorations, even more so because a few family members had shown up early and decided to help out. Banners, balloons, streamers, and a pile of gift boxes that would only grow larger as more guests arrived. He intended to see his children spoiled the way he never was, just like every year. Suddenly, the door opened and an attractive red-head husky female came in. She was struggling to carry six grocery bags and a cake. He hurried over and took her burden, giving her a soft kiss on the nose.

“Go ahead and pick up the twins, dear,” came Viktor’s thickly accented voice, “We will probably be finished before you get back.”

“Those pups are probably still sleeping,” Alyona said with a smirk.

“They are not pups any more,” Viktor said proudly, “Our darling children have grown up on this day! I think they will not have gone to bed at all from the excitement!”

“I don’t know about that, I can’t see Aleksandr putting off a chance to sleep in on Saturday for anything — he takes too much after his father,” she joked with a playful wink, “I’ll be back!”

Aleksandr’s pace had quickened considerably, his paws tightly gripping his sister’s ass as he bred her enthusiastically. Klara’s dull claws dug into his back as he pounded his maleness into her again and again, a sweet sexual cocktail of their mixed natural lubricants dribbled down the crack of her ass as he stuffed her. No fit could be more perfect, but he had waited too long to try and tie with her and his knot had already grown too large to fit inside. The big bulge smushed up against Klara’s outer lips with every thrust, and she started to tighten up as a climax approached.

Alyona hummed softly as she walked up to the side door leading into the kitchen. With just a couple of quick motions, the door was unlocked and she was inside. She shut the storm door behind her, but left the wooden door open. An odd series of noises greeted her as she entered, though. A steady, repeated thumping, and a series of whimpers and growls. She wondered what it might all be about as she walked toward the living room. The twins always got along so well, they couldn’t really be fighting could they?

The curtains were all closed, the living room was quite dark. Something was happening on the couch, but Alyona couldn’t tell what and the noises were only getting louder. She flipped the light on and gasped sharply, she felt as though her heart had stopped from the shock. They didn’t notice her presence, and with tightly shut eyes they didn’t realize the lights had come on. In the close proximity, Alyona could even hear the lewd, wet sounds of sexual fluids trapped between the surfaces of their genitals as they made love.

For a few seconds, she was completely paralyzed. This couldn’t be real, it simply couldn’t! The voices of the twins soon rose into howls of orgasm, a simultaneous shared peak. Aleksandr pushed in as deep as he could, his rod pulsing as he fired his load deep into his loving sister. At the same time, Klara’s tunnel flexed and pulled wildly, milking him for every drop.

The howls were enough to snap Alyona out of her daze. She turned the light off and quickly fled to the kitchen. She hugged herself to stop the trembling and began to hyperventilate a little. What the hell did she just see, and how much vodka would she have to drink to un-see it?

Aleksandr and Klara held each other close as they came down from their climaxes, each of them panting hard from the workout. They basked in a beautiful afterglow, embellished with nuzzles and kisses.

“Happy birthday Klara,” Aleksandr said softly, “I love you with all my heart!”

“Happy birthday Aleksandr,” Klara murred, “My brother, my lover, my soul mate, my one and only…”

Alyona rest a paw on her head and stared up at the ceiling. How was she going to handle this? It’s not the sort of thing any mother can prepare herself for. Should she confront them about it? Should she tell Viktor and leave him to handle it? Should the party be called off, should she call a psychologist? Her conscious mind was bombarded with conflicting thoughts, and the image of Klara’s splayed legs with Aleksandr’s rolling hips between them had burned itself into her mind fairly well. Finally, she gave up and left it to instinct, and instinct told her to deny ┼či┼čli escort what she had seen.

She slammed the door as hard as she could and shouted at the top of her lungs, “KIDS, I’M HOME!” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw two flashes dart past as the twins ran for the stairs at top speed. She slumped against the wall and slid down to the floor with a long sigh, parenting wasn’t supposed to be this bizarre.

A few minutes later, Aleksandr padded into the kitchen. “Okay, I’m ready,” he said, trying to hide the fear in his voice, “Sorry, we didn’t expect you to be home so soon so we were still….in our pajamas.”

She smiled up at him weakly — how sweet, he was trying to protect her feelings! But she knew neither of the kids had worn pajamas in years. “Where’s your sister?”

“Still fixing her hair,” Aleksandr said quickly, “I keep telling her she should get it cut short like yours and it won’t take as long, but she likes it to be grown out…uh…why are you sitting on the floor? Are you okay mom?” In reality, Klara was scrambling to hide the robe, the underwear, and the “champagne” glasses from earlier. In the end, she just dumped all three in Aleksandr’s room and started a half-ass job on fixing her hair.

“I’m fine…” Alyona said, her voice becoming distant, “I’m fine baby, just been a really long day and I didn’t sleep much last night. I was too excited, my little pups turning 18…seems like just yesterday you were both in diapers.”

As she thought back on everything, Alyona realized she should have figured it all out sooner. The closeness and affection in place of any sibling rivalry, all of the time they spent alone together, that time she’d caught them kissing, the fact that neither of them had ever dated…

“Sorry mom, I started watching tv after my shower and my hair dried before I got around to brushing it!” Klara recited in a story she had practiced in front of the mirror, “I did what I could but it’s still kind of a mess!”

“Looks fine sweetie…” Alyona croaked, trying to hold back tears, “Let’s go, your father has almost everything set up.” As hard as she was trying to deny and repress, she knew she was right on the verge of a breakdown.

“Are you alright mom?” Klara asked, “You don’t look or sound so good…”

“I’m okay sweetie, just been doing a lot today to give you kids the best birthday I can…” their mother responded wearily. Most of the car ride was in silence — eye contact was averted, no words were spoken, and even the radio remained untouched. It was sapping Alyona’s strength just to avoid an interrogation, so many questions left unanswered, so many questions she didn’t really want to ask or even think about.

When they arrived at the park, most of the guests were already there. The twins mingled with friends and family, but Alyona made a beeline for her husband. She grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the door. “We need to talk, something very important!” she stammered.

“Alyona, what is wrong? You look like hell!” Viktor said, “Did something happen?”

“You aren’t going to believe me,” Alyona said, “I’m not sure I can believe it myself…”

“Just tell me,” he responded, “I will hear what you have to say.”

“When I got home…to pick them up…” Alyona started, “They were…oh god, right on the couch…”

“What? Were they fighting?” Viktor asked.

“No…no, no, worse…” Alyona said, her eyes filled with fear as she recalled the event with perfect clarity, “They were…they were having SEX! And…I think…I think he ejaculated! Oh god…we’re horrible parents…” She began to tremble and cry, but soon found herself in Viktor’s comforting embrace.

“Do not blame yourself,” he said, “We have no control over who they want to have sex with. I will talk to Aleksandr, I want for you to talk to Klara.” Alyona nodded and they headed back inside.

Aleksandr gasped slightly as he saw his father’s stern glare and the motion to follow him into the public building’s mini-kitchen. “Uh, I’ll be right back guys, dad needs something,” he excused himself from his friends and headed to the back of the room.

“Do you love her?” Viktor asked as soon as Aleksandr had joined him.

“What?” Aleksandr asked, shivering a little bit as his mind ran through all of the possible punishments.

“Do you love her?” Viktor repeated.

“I…I don’t catch your meaning, dad,” Aleksandr lied.

“I speak English well enough, your mother and I have raised you to speak English, it’s a simple question Aleksandr. DO YOU LOVE HER?!” Viktor growled.

“Y-yes sir…” Aleksandr replied fearfully, his eyes suddenly on the ground.

“Then this is going to be harder for you both,” Viktor announced, “No daughter of mine will have sex while she lives at home, I am not feeding another hungry mouth. I’m kicking Klara out.”

“I’m going too, then,” Aleksandr said.

“What was that?” Viktor growled.

“I said I’m going with her!” Aleksandr said more loudly, his voice trembling and his eyes starting to water, “If you kick her out, you kick us both out, I’m not going to live without her!”

“You are not even done with high school, how are you going to support yourself, much less the both of you and your inbred children?” Viktor asked.

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