1-2-3…My First DP

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Since being introduced to the pleasures of man on man sex I had begun to crave it even more. Luckily my new friends, Alex and Mitch, were always more than willing to accommodate my need for cock. It seemed like the more I was fucked, the more I wanted to be fucked. If I wasn’t able to get together with them I was looking for other ways to get off with something in my ass. I bought a rather large butt plug and was finally able to work it all the way in. If you’ve never had one I suggest you get one! Once I was able to fully insert it and keep it there for longer than a few minutes, I started getting braver and would wear it out in public or just go to sleep for the night with it inside me. Going to the store to grocery shop while you’re plugged is a huge turn on! Anyways, back to the point of the story…Since I was experimenting with larger objects in my ass I decided that I needed to be DP’d.

Of course, once I told Alex and Mitch about this they were all too excited to try it out. The evening started out as any other did when I was planning to get fucked. I would spend extra time making sure I was clean (inside & out), slide my new plug in to get my hole warmed up and head on over to their house. Once I was there we’d usually just get right bahis firmaları down to business. I’d become quite a fan of sitting in the hot tub and getting my dick sucked by one of them while I sucked the other. We usually all shot at least one load before heading into the bedroom to fuck. And since we were regularly meeting we had decided to get tested for STD’s so we could enjoy barebacking each other.

So there we were in the hot tub catching our breath when we decided that it was time to go fuck. I was so excited to try being DP’d that I barely lost my erection after cumming the first time. I still had my plug in and was feeling more than ready to get the party started. We headed into the bedroom and got on the bed. I got on my knees in the doggystyle position and began to suck Mitch’s cock to get it good and hard while Alex got behind me and removed my buttplug. Once it was out they traded places and Mitch placed the head of his cock at my willing asshole. As I hungrily sucked Alex’s cock now, he pushed me back onto Mitch’s cock and I was once again filled with two cocks at once, but this isn’t the double penetration that I was after that day.

Mitch slowly and rhythmically pushed his throbbing cock in and out of my ass while kaçak iddaa I worked Alex’s cock to rigidness with my mouth. Much to my dismay they both pulled their cocks out of me and I all of a sudden felt an emptiness that needed to be filled. Alex laid down on his back and I positioned myself in the missionary position over his hardness and sank down on it. My hungry ass devoured his cock all the way to the hilt with one smooth movement. I rose up so he could fuck me a bit before the final assault on my ass.

When I first told them of my desire to be fucked by both of them the same time Alex voiced a concern that I had not considered. Since they would both be fucking me at the same time both of their cocks would be rubbing each other as well as being squeezed by my asshole. This meant they would probably both cum rather quickly. I told them not to worry because if it felt as good as I thought it would, I would cum just as quick. Not to mention I may not be able to keep both of them inside me that long anyway.

While Alex fucked me, Mitch got some more lube for his cock and positioned himself behind me. The moment his cock touched my asshole I almost came. Alex stopped fucking me and pushed his cock all the way inside me and held it there. kaçak bahis I can barely describe the feeling of sheer pain and pleasure that swept over me as Mitch started to push his cock into my now occupied hole. I made sure he knew to go slow, but also that I didn’t want him to stop no matter how much I begged. As he slowly worked his cock inside I could feel myself getting light headed and felt like I may actually pass out! Once he got his cock all the way in he held it there for a few seconds. It felt like an eternity!

I’m not sure how, but I managed to speak and tell them I was ready for them to start fucking me. We started off slow and it took a few strokes before we could develop a rhythm. I felt like I was being split in half, but it was the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced. Just as we thought though, neither of them was able to last long and it only took about a minute before they both started cumming in my ass. As I felt both of their cocks start to spill their seed in my ass it pushed me over the edge and I exploded all over Alex’s stomach.

Somehow I managed to pull myself off their cocks and roll over on to the bed. We all just sort of collapsed for a few minutes as I felt that feeling of emptiness wash over me again. As we regained our strength we got up and washed off in their oversized shower. My asshole felt like it was literally on fire, but it was the most pleasurable heat I’ve ever felt…and with any luck I’ll feel it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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