Letting my daughter suck his cock

So Betty had to run to the store to pick up a couple of staples for the house, milk, bread, and stuff.

“I’m running to the store baby, won’t be gone long”

“OK Mom” said 20 year old Sophie.

Sophie still lived at home with her Mom Betty and he Step Dad Mike. They were a pretty open family, all of them walked around the house in their underwear. Sex was never thought of as bad and Sophie had caught her parents fucking more than a few time.

Betty is pushing 40 and sexy as hell, great tits with perky nipples and a mouth that loves to suck cock, especially her hubby Mike’s cock. She is a professional woman but day and a vixen by night.Letting my daughter suck his cock

Sophie was at the refrigerator in a t shirt and panties, getting a glass of juice when she saw her Mom’s I-Pad, the tablet lying on the table in hibernation. Sophie touched it and it awoke, and her Mom’s xhamster page was on the screen.

Sophie looked close and there were videos of her Mom sucking her step dad Mike’s cock. Enthralled, and overcome with curiosity, Sophie watched a few vids. She had seen Mike’s cock before, but not up close like in the videos. Sophie’s hand went in her panties, her middle finger dipping in her pussy for moisture, then rubbing her clit as she watched Betty, her mom suck Mike’s fat cock.Letting my daughter suck his cock 2

Sophie was amazed at how much her Mom seemed to enjoy sucking Mike’s cock, and he was obviously loving it. She watched her Mom Betty deep thought him, sh saw her suck him until he cum, then he gabbed her hair and sucked him until he cum again!

She imagined how good Mike’s fat cock would taste and how it would feel in her pussy. She was close to cumming and put her head back and rubbed herself to climax, her eyes closed.

Startled by a noise, Sophie opened her eyes to see her Mom in the kitchen, watching her masturbate. She said “I’m sorry mom, it just happened!

“So you like Mike’s cock, eh?”

“well yeah Mom, it’s beautiful”

“So, do you want to suck his cock? Just asking.”

“Well yes, but he’s your husband, I can’t go there Mom”

“Well let’s sleep on this tonight, and we’ll chat tomorrow, okay?

That night Betty’s pussy was on fire. She masturbated. She read stories about i****t, she masturbated some more. When her hubby Mike came home from the night shift, she pounced on him and sucked his cock good, she sucked him hard and he fucked her brains out. But she had a restless sleep thinking about how or if she should let her daughter Sophie, suck Mike’s cock.

The next day at work she wrestled with the idea, and the hotter she got thinking of her baby girl sucking her hubby’s cock. After work she went home and confronted Sophie.

“So do you still think you would like to suck Mike’s cock?

Sophie blushed, and said “Well hypothetically…..fuck yeah.”

“OK, here’s the deal, stay up in your room and after Mike and I go to bed, wait about an hour and come in. Mike does not know. I will be sucking his cock, then I will give you a chance”

“Wow Mom you are so cool, I love it!”

Sophie went up to her room and patiently waited, every so often she rubbed her pussy through her panties, reading a magazine. Herpussy wet with dire, and her belly fluttering with butterflies.Letting my daughter suck his cock 3

Later that night, Mike was home and watching tv, and everyone but him wanted him to go to bed. In due time, he was ready. In the bathroom, Betty texted her daughter Sophie and said “One Hour”

As Mike and Betty kissed and Mike ate her pussy and Betty cum twice, one right after the other. Mike loved to give Betty multiple oprgasms and she loved to please him right back. Then Betty began to lick and suck his cock, sucking and licking, his cock only getting fatter and longer. Once Sophie entered the room, Mike was puzzled and never said a word. He wondered what was up.Letting my daughter suck his cock 4

As Sophie kneeled on the bed and got her face close to her step-father Mike’s cock being sucked by mom, Betty asked Mike is he wanted Sophie to suck his cock, he just smiled…of course he did! So Betty gave her the look and took her mouth off Mike’s cock. Without a hitch or glitch, Sophie leaned close, grabbed her stepdad’s cock in one hand, and Sophie’s mouth segued onto Mike’s cock, and began sucking and licking like her Mom. She even tried deep throating her step father’s cock.

With her hand on her pussy and her face inches away from Sophie sucking her hubby’s cock, Betty came hard. Sophie sucked and sucked expertly for a good 15 minutes, eventually her stepdad cum in her mouth and she swallowed nearly every drop, sticking her tongue out to show her Mom Betty proof. A big blob of her hubby’s cum was on her daughter’s tongue, and with a gulp, it was swallowed.

The scene was a bit unreal, yet so hot, Betty cum had at least four times. Sophie got up off the bed, said “Good night” and went to her room, presumably to masturbate. Betty sucked Mike hard and straddled him and fucked him hard until he cum. Maybe u*********sly marking her “turf”

Betty was in a state of arousal all day thinking about it. Now she wonders, will there be more cock sucking? Should or would Sophie and her stepfather start fucking? A door has been opened, a page turned. Things will never be the same.

Her Boyfriend really is Bisexual

This is something that happened back in February when I was staying at Kip’s place in Breckenridge.

I didn’t write about it at the time because I didn’t have the consent of the people involved and I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask at the time either. After posting some bisexual threesome photos last week, I thought maybe I should seek permission to write about it and permission has been granted and I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did…..

Last night Kip and I hosted a wonderful dinner party here in Breckenridge (Colorado).

The guests were; a gay couple from Denver, Kip, Kip’s sister and her latest boyfriend. All of us except the new boyfriend have been to Kip’s famous “Speedo Only Parties” which he uses me as the excuse to host.

I figured it would get naughty at some point and we’d end up in Kip’s hot tub in speedos, or less, later in the evening. What I wasn’t sure of was what combinations there would be.

Kip’s sister is always the wild card. I’ve known her since my first trip to Colorado years ago, she always seems to have a dirt bag boyfriend and she and I have had some naughty nights together, but never just the two of us, always some weird scenario in the wee hours of the morning.

We sat around the dinner table for hours after dinner and the problems of the world were solved. Lots of Trump discussions as always which is fun, as long as everyone has a sense of humor. One conversation that came up later in the evening was the definition of sexuality. Three people at the table identify as being homosexual, the two Denver guys and Kip. It is public knowledge that I am bisexual, Kip’s sister said that she is bisexual and she volunteered that her new squeeze (boyfriend) reckons/thinks he is bisexual. The conversation had many tangents and everyone was pretty drunk so the conversation flowed.

At some point late in the evening the two Denver guys asked if they could borrow Kip for some hot tub time… hehehe, we all know what that means.

The only person whose permission was required was Kip’s and we had spoken about this on a chairlift earlier that day. The Denver couple consider it a ‘treat’ to have Kip join them every now and then which is cute. I have partaken in sexual activity with the Denver Couple (I’m sure I’ve written about it) but they have dreams of being the bridesmaids at Kip’s sister and my wedding. So, Kip and the Denver Couple left the dinner table to go and have some speedo fun in the hot tub.

Kip’s sister, her boyfriend and I were left at the table. The conversation continued to flow just as it had.

The conversation was great but after a while I thought I’d throw a spanner in the works and I asked the boyfriend just how bisexual he was. I felt like during the conversation with the entire compliment of guests, it was Kip’s sister who volunteered his bisexuality and I was wondering if that was just a redirect in order not to embarrass the guy.

His response was weak, the more he talked the dumber I thought he was. He rambled about gay and LGBT rights and weird abstract stuff. I had asked him about his bisexuality, not his opinion on gay marriage. The end of his rambling bullshit response was that he appreciated Kip’s sisters bisexuality. With a nod of approval from her, he proclaimed that their recent ‘bisexual threesome’, with an extra girl, was the zenith of his sexual experiences.

I could see Kip’s sister being exacerbated by this morons response.

Time for me to be quiet, I think I had stoked the fire a little bit and I didn’t want to embarrass Kip’s sister or her new boyfriend. I was wishing I was in the hot tub with Kip and the Denver Couple getting my cock sucked by one, two or three guys.

Kip’s sister had obviously had enough of this guys rambling so she took up the baton and starting the questioning.

“Have you ever made out with a guy?”


“Sucked a guys cock?”


“Been inside a guy?”


“Had a guy inside you?”


By that stage she was just teasing and it was light hearted.

The conversation moved on.

It was the moron boyfriend who brought up the topic of speedos. He said that Kip’s sister had given him, and made him wear them that evening. I let him talk and he said how great they felt, he did say that they felt sexy.

I asked to see them.

He got all shy then, but Kip’s sister was egging him on. He was being a pussy so I just stood up, undid my belt, pulled down my jeans revealing my red speedo.

The poor guy didn’t have much of a choice so he stood up, kicked his shoes off, undid he belt, undid the button on his jeans, slid down the zipper and slipped his jeans down. I couldn’t believe it, he was wearing a pair of AussieBum Portseas!!!

Kip’s sister commented that this was the kind of threesome combination that was her favorite. The boyfriend coughed but I said,

“Why not mate? She fulfilled your threesome fantasy, only fair to reciprocate.”

My cock was stirring in the front of my speedo and I had to adjust myself and as I did I caught the boyfriends eyes look at my crotch. He was nervous but I think he was up for it.

“Did two girls making out turn you on?” Kip’s sister asked. She wasn’t expecting an answer, I stood up, taking off my shirt. Standing there in front of the boyfriend wearing nothing but my little red speedos. He hesitated, then with a grumble of “I suppose so” he stood up. I let him initiate it which took for ever. Finally he moved in for his first bisexual kiss.

I took it slow, mostly lips to start, then a little tongue, then more tongue, then a proper kiss and we were sucking face. His shirt came off and we were going at it pretty good, this guy really is bisexual despite my earlier doubts.

Again, I was letting him go at his speed so finally he moved his hands from around my neck and back down to my arse, we were both hard and grinding our cocks together. The boyfriend seemed like he was about to move his hands to the front of my speedo when Kip’s sister broke us up.

Neither of us had noticed but she had stripped down to her black Wicked Weasel bikini bottoms, I had seen them before, they are tiny and barely cover anything.

She broke us up to make out with the boyfriend with one of his hands still on my arse, the other hand was presumably on her arse. My face was only inches from theirs as they were making out, to say I was turned on is the understatement of the year. It was a minute ago when I expected the boyfriend to start rubbing the front of my speedo, but it was Kip’s sister who started rubbing it. She broke off the kiss and she said to him,

“Watching me eat a girl out was hot right? Would you suck Dave’s cock for me?”

Kip’s sister was fumbling trying to get my fully erect cock out the leg of my speedos and failing miserably at it so I helped her out. Now I was standing there, in the personal space of a couple, him wearing my favorite speedo of all time, her wearing a Wicked Weasel g-string bikini bottom, me wearing a red speedo with my cock out.

“Come on, I’ll help you.” She said as she lowered herself to her knees bring him with her.

“Open up….” Her hand was on the base of my cock as she guided it into his mouth.


Sorry that is all I’m going to share for now guys. I have tried to finish writing this but every time I come back and try to do it I’m too horny and end up cumming in my speedo. Drop me a line if you enjoyed it and want me to continue.

An Amazing Night With An Indian Trans Woman

Now this story is a fantasy I have, maybe a little bit more than that. I see myself as a bisexual top. I’ve mostly been with women but have also experienced some guys too. I have always wanted to be with a trans woman.

However, I see them as the best of both worlds. I don’t purely sexualize them though, to me this story is a fantasy. But a trans woman is just another woman, with a little bit extra.

The sun shines brightly over the city of New Delhi as I walk towards the hotel reception desk. The soothing sounds of the water feature and the calming palette of colors bring me a sense of relief after my long flight. With my hand clenched to my bag and my eyes barely able to stay open I approach the desk.

Noticing my attire, consisting of an oversize Champion t-shirt, expensive white sneakers, Nike track-pants, and striking accessories, the hotel staff rightly assume I’m an NRI. With that, a barrage of unnecessary, complicated English and attention is thrown my way as we go through all the hotel formalities.

And all I say, in my rather harsh Punjabi accent is: “Bhai, room kahan hai?” It takes them a minute to register what I said. But they hand me the key card and politely point the way to the elevator. The elevator doors open and I step out onto my floor, my phone in my hand and eyes glued to the screen.

I don’t see where I’m going and accidentally bump into somebody. Straight away I say sorry as I bend down to pick up her fallen bag and hand it to her. Lifting myself up I take the time to look at her body, perfect smooth legs, thick thighs, a tight waist and a set of amazing tits.

But what really stole my attention was her soft round face, fair skin, round eyes, and her delicate yet enticing lips. “I am so sorry about that, beautiful,” I say as she begins to blush. Her soft, enchanting voice replies, “It’s ok, you seem a little tired.”

“Extremely tired, could you guide me to my room, please? Number 407?” I say with a smile. “Sure, it’s right next to my room. Just left down the corridor.” saying that she gives me the cutest smile I’ve ever seen and walks past me. I turn around as she walks.

Her round booty was swaying with each step and just as she’s about to walk into the elevator. She looks back for one last sly smile. I head over to my room, swiping the key card I make my way inside. Finding it hard to get her out of my mind as I walk towards the large bed.

I notice a small flyer on the table, “Valentine’s day party tonight, banquet hall at 7 pm.” And I think to myself what if she’s there tonight?

A few hours later:

After taking a shower and getting dressed, now in a shirt, formal pants and loafers I make my way to the banquet hall. Having absolutely no reason to attend other than the slight bit of hope that this random girl might be there, I nonchalantly hand over my key card and walk in.

Trying not to be too obvious I look around as I approach the bar. Sadly, no sign of her. Ordering myself a drink, I take the first sip and suddenly I notice her. Her eyes, her lips, her waist, her legs. All neatly wrapped under a gorgeous black dress. Her signature swaying of her hips as she makes her way to the other side of the bar.

And just like me, she seems to be alone. Praying to god that she’s single, I make my way over to her. Acting as cool and calm as I possibly can. The next three words becoming the start to one of the most amazing nights of my life, “Hi, remember me?” Of course, she remembered.

We spent the next few hours drinking and talking: about her, about me, where we’re from, what we do. Getting closer and closer to each other. We spent the night dancing. By the last song, my hand was around her waist and we were barely a millimeter apart from each other.

And we realized how uncomfortable we were making the other guests. The middle-aged couples trying to ignore our existence or shielding their c***dren’s eyes from us. But it didn’t faze us. We went back to the bar for one last drink, our conversation turns to love and relationships.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and nor could I stop telling her all the reasons why. Within seconds we finished our drinks and found ourselves in one of the many corridors. I pushed her up against the wall as she grabbed my collar and pulled me close.

Her lips touching mine and my tongue interlocked with hers as her hand brushed through my hair. With one of my hands on her waist, I ran the other down her back and onto her gorgeous ass, squeezing it as I kissed her harder. She tasted so sweet. I felt something press up against my leg.

So I moved my hand between her legs. Running it up her inner thigh and onto her crotch. I took her dick into my hand but she pushed me away. Without looking at me she walked off. I told her to stop but she didn’t. I chased after her as she made her way to the elevator. I made my way in behind her.

She looked at me with a tear running down her face and she said, “What do you want?” I looked into her deep dark eyes as I moved in close and wiped her tears from her soft cheeks. “I want you.” And I kissed her again softly. She returned the kiss but then moved away again, “Are you sure?” I said. “Yes, I’m sure.”

I brought her into my room, pushing her up against the wall once again, her leg wrapping around me as her lips met mine. My hard cock pressing up against her as I pulled her dress up; and the zip of her dress down. Moving my hand further down, grabbing a hold of her beautiful booty once again.

She began to unbutton my shirt as I lift her up off the ground and throw her onto my bed. She kicks off her heels with a smile as I slowly pull my shirt off, exposing more of my body to her. As she pulls off her dress and throws it at me. Her gorgeous body lying there on the bed, in nothing but sexy black lingerie.

Her hard dick pressing up against her panties. I move up to her body. She feels the warmth of my breathe on her navel as I make my way back up to her sweet plump lips. My tongue sliding back into her mouth, tasting more of her. Our bodies right up against one another, her sweet fragrance driving me crazy.

I want her so bad. She pushes me down onto my back, moving up on top of me. My hands on her waist as she looks down into my eyes; unhooking her bra before throwing it off to the side. My hands move up her waist and I take her large round tits into my hands.

Her erect nipples begging me to take them into my mouth. She brings herself down to kiss me as my hands reach onto her back and down to her perfect booty. She pushes off me, slowly moving down my body; kissing down my chest. Looking down at her I say “Oh baby, you’re so hot.”

She looks back up at me as she kisses down my stomach. Her hands wrap around my belt as she says, “It’s only going to get better, daddy.” Hearing that I feel my cock press harder against my pants, rolling my head back as she unzips my pants and pulls them down.

I feel the warmth of her breathe now, inches away from my underwear as she pulls those down too. My cock springs to attention; landing across her cheek as she bites her lips. Wrapping her hand around it and bringing it closer to her mouth she says, “It’s so big baby, I love it.”

Before I can say a word she licks the tip of my large caramel cock, taking my oozing precum into her mouth. She licks up from the base, her tongue sliding up my shaft, sending bolts of pleasure up my body. She takes it into her mouth and slowly slides it inside.

Her saliva dripping down my cock as it starts to move down her throat. Rubbing the base she starts to slide my cock in and out of her mouth, the taste overwhelming her and she can’t get enough. The amazing sensation taking control of my body as I bring my hand onto her head as she takes more of me inside her.

I push her down and she takes more and more of my cock down her throat. She gags and I release. Bringing her head up again she takes a deep breath and smiles. I tell her to bring her ass to me. She turns around, bending over as she pulls her panties down. Teasing me with her gorgeous round ass.

She straddles me again, this time her face is at my cock and her booty is at my face. I grasp her ass and pull it down, closer to me as she lowers her lips onto my cock again. As she takes my cock into her mouth she feels my tongue against her hole. Her dick twitching as my tongue circles around her sweet hole.

I sense that and wrap one hand around her leg and grab a hold of her dick. I can feel her precum on her tip as I slowly jerk her off. My tongue sliding into her hole. Her taste overwhelms my senses as I begin to devour her ass. Squeezing her cheek with one hand and jerking her dick off with the other.

She takes my cock out of her mouth as she begins to moan, “Yes daddy, please don’t stop.” She begs as my tongue reaches deep inside her. Her precum dripping onto my chest. I lift her off me and throw her onto the bed right beside me. Turning her onto her stomach, I pull her ass up.

She arches her back, poking her ass out to me as I spank it hard. She bites her tongue and looks back at me as I give her a smile. I reach over to my bag, placed at the foot of the bed and I pull out my tube of lube. Pouring it down her ass and onto her hole, I slowly slide one of my fingers in.

Stretching her out slightly as I pour some more lube onto my cock. Placing my cock up against her hole. As I reach around her neck and pull her closer, for one more kiss before pushing her back down. I slowly push the tip of my cock inside her hole, she whimpers and I ask her if she’s ok.

She nods, “Don’t stop, I want you inside me.” I begin to push more of my cock inside her, stretching her hole as she whimpers louder. My heart sinks as I know I’m causing her pain. But she doesn’t want me to stop. Soon I’m entirely inside her, and as I feel her ass stretch for me more.

I hear her whisper, “Fuck me, daddy.” I spank her ass one more time, now slowly fucking her. Grinding up against her gorgeous round ass. Her whimpers of pain turn into whimpers of pleasure as she begs for me to fuck her harder. Her moans fill up the room as I take her hair into my hands and pull it gently.

My cock slamming in and out of her as the sound her ass hitting my pelvis gets louder and louder. Her hard dick oozing precum all onto the bed as her ass gets stretched out. She begins to shout, “Yes, yes! I love your cock inside me.” And I tell her how good her ass feels, how tight she is and how much I love fucking her like a slut.

I let go of her hair and slide my cock out of her. She looks back at me, scared for a second, wondering why I’ve stopped. I bite my lip and flip her around onto her back. Her worry turns back into happiness as I make my way between her legs. Kissing down her navel, I move to her dick.

Kissing the region just above her dick, I lick down and around to her thighs. Biting them softly. She feels me breathe on her balls as I slide my tongue up her shaft. Kissing her tip and taking it into my mouth. She moans in ecstasy as I return her favor. Her beautiful cock tasting nearly as sweet as her hole.

She runs her fingers through my hair, whimpering and smiling as I look back up into her eyes. I lift her legs up as if I was eating a girl out holding one of her legs and resting the other on my shoulder. As my other hand moves back up her body, I slide my fingers into her mouth.

Sucking on her dick as she sucks on my fingers. I take my fingers out and bring them down to her nipples, playing with them and teasing them. Before bringing those fingers down to her hole. Sliding them in and finger fucking her ass while I suck her cock.

Taking her cock out of my mouth and pushing her legs further up and back, I place my cock back on her hole. Moving down to kiss her as my cock slowly slides back inside her. Wrapping her legs around me I begin to fuck her again, this time harder and faster as I kiss her.

She moans into my mouth as she feels my cock on her prostate. Her dick twitching and leaking as she loses control of her body and succumbs to my cock. I move back up, holding her by the waist I fuck her harder than before, she moans so loud I bet the people in the rooms near us can hear.

My cock sliding deep inside her as she holds her dick and starts jerking it off. Looking into my eyes and biting her lips. Her head rolls back and she closes her eyes as cum shoots out of her dick. All over her chest and stomach. She moans louder than ever as her dick releases her sweet seed.

I take some onto my fingers and slide those fingers into her mouth, she hungrily licks up her cum from my fingers. Suddenly her eyes widen as she feels my cum shoot into her ass, and she shouts, “Breed me, daddy!” I kiss her again as my cum fills her hole, now oozing out of her as her tongue interlocks with mine.

My cock slides out as my cum drips down onto the bed. I fall down beside her, as we breathe heavily. She curls herself up beside me. And we kiss each other, this time softly as her arms wrap around me. And she says to me, “Thank you, baby, I loved that.”

I know this story was rather long, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it, email me at [email protected] If you’d like to sext, I would thoroughly enjoy that too. So, hit me up if you want some fun.

Hopefully, someday this fantasy of mine can come true. Maybe one of you readers might be interested in making that happen.

Jasmine Fucks My Wife

Hello, my name is Tim. I am a 30 year-old married man. I have been married for five years to my wife Danielle. She is an absolute beauty of a woman. I remember when we were married, I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world. Since I am no hunk myself, standing at just five foot six and extremely lanky, I felt like I didn’t deserve such a nice, gorgeous wonderful woman.

Let me describe my wife to you. Danielle is five foot seven, fair with blonde hair. Her bright blue eyes and charming smile are a delight to behold. Although she is 28, she has the body of a twenty year old, through regular workouts and a strict diet. Her figure is 35-25-38, and her ample breasts and wide baby making hips attracted a wide range of suitors. She chose me, however, because she considered me nice and sweet, and someone who could be a good father for our k**s.

Our sex life however, was not great. I am not really hung, my dick only standing at five inches when hard. As such, sex with me probably hasn’t being very satisfying for Danielle. We were also not very experienced when we got married; as a matter of fact we were both virgins, Danielle only having gone to second base with one guy she knew in college, and me of course. As such on our wedding night, when we finally had sex after a year of going out, kisses , handjobs, and me sucking her nipples, I could only last for a couple of minutes before I came in her pussy. Needless to say, she was disappointed, and things didn’t improve much during our honeymoon. However, over the years I got better at getting her off with my tongue, and she has more or less grown to prefer my tongue to my dick. The last couple of years, however, saw a rapid slump in our sex life. We would hardly even make out or cuddle together anymore, and would only have sex once a week or so. This also mostly included me eating her pussy endlessly before I was allowed the usual three minutes or so to put my cock in her pussy and cum.

Given this situation in our marriage, with it being stagnant in terms of sex and sometimes even celibate, I began worrying about the effect it might have on Danielle. I was pleased, therefore, with the introduction of Jasmine into our lives.

I must mention here that Danielle was previously working in a company called Floyd and Macgruber Inc. as a secretary. However, three months back, she applied for the post of executive assistant in a company called Cruz Market Research Ltd., a company that specialized in studying the market and guiding potential investors. She had bagged the post, and a much improved salary, and Jasmine was her new boss. The two had apparently hit it off outside of work, going to a corporate party and a nightclub together, and were now great friends. Danielle was often in awe of Jasmine and the way she had made her way up the corporate ladder, and brought her to the home often. Although I was pleased that Danielle had this new friend in her life to provide a welcome source of entertainment, I must admit that the woman intimidated me. Jasmine was a five foot ten black amazon, with muscular arms and a broad chest beneath a carved but beautiful face framed by hair that ran down to her shoulders. She seemed to have a toned stomach and her jeans made it obvious that she had sizeable thighs and calves. Not only did she look powerful, but she also carried herself in an aggressive and dominant manner. She would dominate the discussions we had and would ignore me for most parts of the conversations while directly addressing my wife. My wife, however, seemed taken by her new friend. Hence, I never voiced my concerns and allowed the friendship to bud. I had no idea what I was in for.

I worked as a sales rep for a Pharma company and I had been required to attend a conference out of town. I would have been gone for five days, but as luck would have it, the conference was concluded on the fourth day itself, and I was able to make my way home a day earlier. I was happy to get the chance to be able to surprise my wife. For this reason, I didn’t call her up at home.

If I had, my life would have turned out so different. It was around ten o clock when I reached home. As such, I was surprised to see that the door was locked and there was nobody in. Assuming she was having a long day at the office, I used the spare key under the welcome mat to let myself in. Having done so, I went up to my room to freshen up after my long journey home, and descended to the living room to wait for my wife.

As I was climbing down the stairs, I heard a car pull up. Without turning on the lights, I rushed to the window to see who it was. What I saw, I couldn’t have imagined in a million years.

My wife’s car was in the driveway with someone who looked like Jasmine in the driver’s seat. I couldn’t see my wife but saw Jasmine fiddling with something. After a short while, I heard a low moan being emitted from the car. I gasped in shock as it sounded like my wife. As I watched on, Jasmine got out of the car and walked to the passenger’s side door. As she helped my wife out, I gasped again.

I must mention here that my wife is quite conservative. During the five years of our marriage, I have rarely seen her ever wear anything above knee-length, even to work. Her tops are also quite modest and rarely, if ever, show any hint of cleavage. Her heels are only moderate and she applies minimal make-up. Though it is true that in the last couple of months, in fact ever since she met Jasmine, she has changed her style of dressing, wearing shorter skirts and lower-cut tops, she has hardly ever worn anything even slightly revealing. In fact, even this recent change could only be explained by reasoning that it was a way of keeping up with her new friend. In short, nothing could have prepared me for the clothes I found my wife wearing that night.

She was dressed in a black halter top that was scandalously low cut and showed off most of her ample boobs. It didn’t even fall far enough to cover her belly. Below it she wore a metallic mini-skirt that clung to her ass and fell barely beyond her bum-crack. Below it she wore thigh-highs and what looked like 5″ fuck-me-pumps. She had on at least two layers of make-up and her hair was done up in a very curly and trashy manner. In short, she looked like a complete whore, and from the glazed over look in her face, a whore who had probably been fucked. I could only watch as jasmine led her to the house, her hand obviously on Danielle’s ass, with Danielle clinging to her. She opened the door with a key, stepped into the house with Danielle, and turned on the light. As she did so, I came into view, standing at the window, apprehension etched on my face.

Danielle saw me. She smirked.

“Well look who’s here slut. Your sissy husband”

Danielle only looked at me blankly. I could only stammer.

“D-Dani. W-What’s going on? Where were you? W-W-What are you doing?”

“What’s going on is that you have been replaced with someone superior. Your wife has decided she prefers me to the sorry excuse for a man she is married to and we have agreed that from now on only I shall have the right to fuck her”

Her words hit me like a slap across the face. I could only look at them in confusion.

“What….D-Does that mean….you are lesbians….Dani what?”

“No she is not. She is just bored of your boy-cock and she wants a real orgasm for a change. In fact, if she were lesbian she would not have jumped into my arms and my bed the way she did”

“Danielle what is she saying?” I said desperately. “Danielle….”

“It’s true, Tim. I cannot go on living off your tongue and your little cock. Jasmine has shown me what a cock really is, she can do things to me you never could, and I have given myself to her. This has been going on for the last two months in fact.”

“Two months” I cried out. I was angry now. “Why I’ll” I said threateningly as I advanced towards Jasmine.

It was a mistake. With two long steps she covered the distance and slapped me. I raised my head and received another. I tried to recover and punch her but she grabbed my arm and twisted it. I fell to the floor, crying in pain.

“Well, look at your sissy husband, crying in pain. I’m gonna love fucking your wife in front of you. I bet you’re gonna love it, after all it’s what you could never give her”

She then grabbed my hair and started dragging me to the bedroom, my wife following meekly. She sat me in a chair and warned me to stay there or there would be consequences. I sat down, terrified of this strong, brutish woman.

“Well bitch, seems I’ve made a willing sissy cuckold of your husband. Now why don’t we get to business?”

My wife seemed to be very turned on by this chain of events. She was breathing quickly and quickly got to her knees in front of Jasmine. She started opening her pants followed by Jasmine’s trunks. As her trunks dropped, a large, veined 9″ cock came into view. It was hard and stood at attention. My wife purred with pleasure as she started to blow the cock. She kept moaning as Jasmine started fucking her face.

I could only watch these events in amazement. My wife had always been averse to the idea of blowjobs and had shot me down every time I had suggested it. Yet here she was, gagging on Jasmine’s big cock. She had most of it in her mouth and was touching herself as Jasmine held her hair while moving her cock in and out of my wife’s mouth.

After a while of this, my wife took off her top and Jasmine sat on the bed. My wife started squeezing Jasmine’s huge cock between her boobs.

“Oh yeah, slut show your husband what he never had, what he’s never gonna get again. You are my property now. I’m gonna bring the others from the office over to fuck you in front of your husband. Hubby’s gonna watch his wife become Jasmine’s personal whore. Now get your cunt over here and beg for a good fucking”

I sat in shock as I watched my complete stranger of a wife start begging to be fucked.

“Please fuck me master Jasmine. Please fuck me in front of my husband. Show him how much more of a man you are. Show him how a woman is really supposed to be fucked”

“Fine slut, climb on top of me”

My wife purred as she readily sat atop Jasmine’s huge cock. She slowly started to take it in her pussy. I didn’t think she would be able to take something that big, yet a few moments later she was already cumming as she finally managed to take it all to the hilt. Jasmine then lifted her and started fucking her cunt as she continuously kept making unclear, incoherent noises. She seemed to cum in the first three minutes itself, and continued to have regular orgasms as Jasmine kept fucking her twat. After a while Jasmine held her to her body and stood up, cradling her as she continued to move my wife up and down on her cock. At this point, my wife seemed to lose all control.

“Oh my god, she is making me cum so hard. Look at her Tim, look at how she fucks me, that’s what you could have had if you hadn’t been such a pencil-dicked wimp. Look at your wife, being fucked, she’s Jasmine’s whore now, I’m your whore master, I’ll never let my sissy husband near me again. I’m all yours. Oh Gawddddd!!!!!” she screamed as Jasmine laid her down on the bed and started to pile-drive her.

“I’m gonna cum inside you, slut”

“Yes, please cum inside me. I want to feel your seed inside my body. It feels so much better than my husband’s pathetic seed. Give it to me. GIVE IT” She arched her back off the bed as Jasmine came into her. She must have come for nearly twenty seconds in my wife’s cunt, some of her semen overflowing. I could only look on with my eyes wide.

Jasmine looked at me now. “Well sissy, you seem to have two choices. Either you can shout at us or try to fight me and get your girl back. But we both know that won’t work. Or, you could accept this and maybe I’ll allow you to touch my property and get your hands on your wife. If that is the case, I expect you to crawl over on your hands and knees and lick my cum out of your wife’s cunt. But then you will have to see her get fucked by me, my friends and my colleagues every single night. She’ll be the slut you always craved, but my slut, and I’ll use her until she won’t even feel your pathetic dick anymore. So, what will it be?”

I looked at the woman, the shemale who had defeated me. I looked at my wife’s curious face, her completely fucked look. I looked at her pussy, loose and dripping with cum. I was done. I crawled over.

“Good boy” Jasmine said, laughing as I started lapping up my wife’s pussy. “Maybe next time, I’ll bring Kesha and Roxy along” she said to my wife, who came on my face at these words.

Tigerlover takes me in the butt: quid pro quo

Writers are not only writers, but often also readers. I read a lot of porn stories by fellow writers. Because I am curious as to what they write and how they write, and of course because their stories often excite me.

Some time ago I came across the deliciously horny stories written by Tigerlover. My heart beat went up because of them. By their contents and by her staccato writing style. It was as if she whispered the stories into my ears, intimately and panting. As if some sphlnx like woman grabbed me by the balls. In short paragraphs, no difficult constructions. No long stretches of text, that make you lose direction soon. No abacadabra.

That the stories were written by a woman is quite rare. She is a ‘normal’ woman that is very ‘loose’ in her stories and appears to have orgasms very easily. And she also claims that her stories are not fictitious.

This gave a special flavour to them and made me even more curious about her. I tried to become friends with her on this website and when I succeeded I first complimented her upon her stories. She liked this, maybe because a fellow writer made these compliments. And of course because every woman likes to get compliments.

We started chatting. First about the technical side of writing and she asked me how I had become such a productive writer on Xhamster. I told her I have a very rich phantasy and write quickly.

One thing led to another and after a while she said she wanted to meet me in person, to learn more about writing and maybe to discuss writing a story together. We had been given each other feedback on our stories, but she said this was not enough. S we made an appointment somewhere in Rotterdam (the big harbour town in the Netherlands).

When we met on a terrace (she had brought a fluffy tiger toy as a sign) she struck me by her beauty and natural looks. No bling bling, not a lot of make-up, no tattoos, no piercings. At least not visible. A fine product of Mother Nature, beautiful. Not conspicuous, and yet conspicuous, because of that. It is difficult to explain if you haven’t met her in person. And there is not much to go by on her Xhamster account either. What she found of me and my old body, I did not dare to ask. You should not ask a lady about that, should you?

We had a long conversation on the sunny terrace, about all kinds of subjects. The conversation never got dull. We did not only talk about writing, but also about sex and what we had experienced. Because our own experiences were often the input for our stories. And it struck me that she was very open about her sex life. To a relative stranger like me.

But all nice conversations come to an end and after a while she had to leave. It was a long journey home for her. I found it hard to let her go, and I do not know if she felt the same. After that we kept chatting intensively and during these chats I told her that one of the things on my bucket list was to be fucked in the butt by a woman. A long-time phantasy.

Tigerlover was very cool in her reaction. ‘If a man wants to have anal sex with me, I always react like this: I will get my rubber penis’. And she had never had to use it upto now, she confessed. A nice deterrent for all anally fixated men.

But I immediately said; ‘Ow, I think that is a good idea, I am no coward. Let us do that on our next date.’ She was silent for a moment and gave me no reaction. So I did not give up hope.

For our second date she traveled all the way to my place (she need not have to, I would gladly have come to her, but this was more ‘practical’). And again we talked for hours, as if we were old friends and had known each other for many years. What struck me again, was her self-confidence and of course, her great body. I was very curious how she would look without clothes …

I had to go to the toilet after many cups of coffee and was thinking how I could move the conversation in an anal direction. In order to fulfill my wish, with her. After being taken in the butt by her, I would take her in the butt. Quid pro quo, fair deal.

When I returned to the living room she had unbuttoned her blouse a bit and what I sat down next to her I could see her nice pointy titties. I immediately felt my dick grow in my pants. Mother Nature doing her work. I saw her hard nipples through her blouse and felt a sudden urge to kiss her. Which I did straightaway, without hesitation. Our wet tongues met and I felt electricity all through my body. I had not felt that for a long time.

The electricity automatically reached the tip of my dick, my guide in sexual territory. I let my hands roam over her body and she panted in my ear, telling me to continu. I kissed her neck and in the meantime she took off his blouse. She also unbuttoned her trousers and pulled them down, taken her knickers down in the process. Her naked body stared at me, as an innocent virgin that had to be handled very delicately. Her looks had something terribly horny, which was hard to match the innocence her body emanated.

This combination nearly made me come in my pants. But I wanted to postpone this for a while. I dived into her pussy and started licking it. She was aroused by this and I put a finger between her shining labia. And another finger. I also shoved one into her butthole. When I tried to push this finger further inside, she grabbed me by the hair and I stopped this little plan of mine.

I noticed her getting horny and wet by the fingers that were in her tight pussy, and decided to try again in her butthole. Now she accepted my finger and suddenly had an orgasm. I knew from her stories that it did not take her long to reach an orgasm, but I was still a bit surprised. Not so much by the timing, more by its intensity. A little volcanic eruption, registered by my fingers. That I had brought this about in such a short time, made me especially horny.

I waited for the shocks to die down and then took her to my bedroom. I had already put the rubber dildo I had bought on the internet beside my bed. I attached it to her naked body, silently. It was a strange and kinky sight, the black dildo on her lilywhite skin. I undressed, knelt before her and took the big rubber penis into my mouth.

My own hard dick touched her leg. And it seemed to shy away in a reflex. I took some lubricant and applied it to the dildo. I lay on the bed on my back, she came and stood in front of me, took my dick, raised it and put the dildo close to my butthole. She pushed the rubber penis-double inside and started moving back and forth. At the same time she started pulling my dick and I played with the nipples on her nice titties. The dildo in my arse felt different from what I had expected. A bit painly of course, but terribly horny, in combination with her pulling my dick.

I could not longer hold off a orgasm and let my sperm explode into space. Tigerlover took the dildo out of my arse and started kissing me all over my body. I grabbed her by her hips and lifted her up, to have her sit with her pussy on my face. I opened her pink pussy lips, again licked her gorgeous cunt, played with her clitoris and shoved a finger into her tight little butthole. Soon she had another orgasm and lay down next to me, quite exhausted.

Within a minute she fell asleep. I looked at her beautiful body, could not get enough of it. I covered her with a blanket and then pinched my cheek, just to make sure I was not dreaming. Soon I fell asleep too.

The next morning I woke up with my usual erection and started fondling her entire body. I pushed my hard cock between the muscular round buttocks. She was still asleep, ignorant of what was coming. I took the lubricant. Suddenly she woke up and saw me put lubricant on my dick. I shoved it between her buttocks, while she turned her back on me. ‘A promise is a promise’, I whispered into her ear tenderly.

I pushed the tip of my dick into her butthole, put my hand before her mouth, because I did not want the neighbours to be alarmed by her moaning. Because moan loadly was what she did, albeit it muffled by my hand.

When I had safely parked my dick inside her arse I started fucking her slowly, while I tried to let her relax and distract her a bit by putting some fingers into her ever-wet pussy. I noticed that I nearly stepped out of myself in the process, because I asked her quite loudly: ‘What are you now?’. When she did not reply, I squeezed her labia between my fingers and repeated my question: ‘What are you now?’. ‘A slut’, she replied. ‘And what kind of slut are you?’ ‘An anal slut’, she replied. ‘Indeed you are, my little anal slut. Now, where do you want my sperm?’

‘In my arse’, she replied. I pulled dick out of her, turned her on her stomach and pushed my hard dick into her tight arse again. But now a bit deeper. She groaned under the weight of my body and my dick giving her a sore arse. ‘You’re my slut’, I heard myself say. ‘Your arse is mine!’. Tigerlover begged me to continue. ‘Fuck my harder. please, put your sperm into me!’. That is what happened quite soon. With a deep groan my hard dick exploded into her arse.

The sticky sperm dripped out of her slowly, in threads. She looked like a boxer after a heavy fight. I looked at her and asked myself what I had done to her. Was it just to get something from my bucket (fuck-it?) list … Something in her eyes told me that she had enjoyed it enormously too and had also triumphed. Because she was the one that had ‘deflowered’ me anally …

Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian

I looked at my Bank Account for “Amy Macabe, Associate Entertainment Specialist Cascade Club Tucson” and just smiled. Not bad money for a forty-three old divorcee. There were four $500.00 deposits in the past week and a $2000.00 deposit for my trip with Sophia to Vegas. I had a very good week being the highest paid lesbian escort in Tucson, Arizona. I earn close to $9,000.00 a month by making love to a very select group of seven very wealthy older female clients. My clients have to be attractive, wealthy, slim, well dressed, who women who exuded class. I had to get to know them and become personal friends before I would accept them as a client. And of course they had to have the money to afford me.

I made most of my money servicing just seven beautiful and wealthy women two or three times a month. I charged $500.00 to go out for a “dinner, a play or a movie” followed by one or two hours in bed. My biggest money came in when a client would ask me to go Vegas or a cruise with them for a weekend, or accompany them on a business trip A trip cost $1200.00 a day, plus airfare, hotels and meals. The ground rules on a trip were pretty wild. It was “anything goes” including strapons, annalinquis, voyeurism, tribbing and even some light BDSM. But most of these wealthy widows and divorcees wanted was the companionship of a beautiful very classy well-dressed woman as “arm candy”for the weekend to show off to their jealous friends. Her older friends looked on knowing their friend would be sleeping with a beautiful younger woman in her bed that night.

Well as Associate Entertainment Specialist at the Cascade Club in Tucson” what does “afford me mean” Here is some history, even until I was 21 I was a very petite girl, about five feet tall with small breasts who looked to be about 16 years old teenage k**. I got married to a grocery clerk who knocked me up at age 17. But while attending nursing school I matured into a beautiful, petite brunette, with a movie star face and an absolutely perfect body. I got used to being “stared at by men” everywhere I went and liked it. I learned to dress well, always wear full make-up and wore “very expensive preppie suburban housewife style clothes that fit my perfect Size 2 body”. I always looked incredibly hot. Of course I dumped my grocery clerk husband and moved to Tucson, Arizona, to be by my parents. In short, I was probably one of the most beautiful classiest women in Tucson. I was the star of every event at my wealthy fathers exclusive Country Club.

Well how did my current career as a lesbian courtesan start? I was 40 when I was introduced to lesbian sex by my butch co-worker Brenda. She took me to the “Delicate Flower Lounge’ a local lesbian bar and introduced me to the scene. I was a lipstick lesbian who liked feminine women over more masculine women. I prided myself in becoming a good bed partner. At first I just watched a lot of lesbian porn, but most of it was “fake”. As a nurse I got a hold of as many sex manuals and text books on gynecology, neurology and anatomy that I could find. I focused my studying the pleasure centers of a women’s body. And of course I had plenty of women to practice my techniques with. By the end of my studies I knew more about a women’s’ pussy and pleasure centers than just about anybody. I could find a women clitoris in seconds and her “G” spot in a few minutes by gently probing a women’s body with my tongue and fingers. I really enjoyed sex with women.

Then one day it occurred to me that most of the women I met at “The Flower” were young and always talking about what they called their “issues”. Here they were complaining about life after getting sex from the one of the best looking women in Tucson for free. I changed my preference for dates. I found I really enjoyed being with older women in their forties like me, there were no “issues” because most of them were married. I became very picky about whom I slept with. I only dated women who were attractive, well dressed and well groomed, refined and polite, and showed they had class. They were all more experienced lovers, so soon my bed partners were almost exclusively women over 40/50 like me.

Then one night my life changed for the better. I decided to really step over the line. There was a woman at the “Flower” sitting with a friend. She was very attractive, elegant, slim, and a much older women than I had ever seen there before. I was immediately enthralled with her. I said to myself “Amy you’ve got to go to bed with this women tonight”. I found a reason to say hi and she said I’m Carolyn and sat at her table. We hit it right off. She soon explained that the woman she was with was a younger co-worker Ashley from out of town. She bought me a drink and made it obvious to me that Ashley was not in the picture, but I certainly was. I took an instant liking to Carolyn.

We danced, and I was intoxicated by her elegance, she was a graceful dancer and obviously a very refined women. After three hours together staring in each other eyes and holding hands we danced for the fifth time that night. I whispered in Carolyn’s ear, “take me to bed tonight” and she softly whispered “of course”. We drove to her million dollar mansion in the Tucson, Foothills. We both knew what we wanted and made no pretenses about it. I said “where’s the bedroom”. We both slowly got undressed and savored the experience of revealing our bodies to each other for the first time. We both lie back in the bed. But I saw from looking at her naked body that Carolyn was much older than I thought. But I just didn’t care, she was lovely and I wanted her.

I kissed Carolyn from head to toe and focused on every erogenous zone of her body. She responded with soft moans and gentle motions that were in unison with the sexual acts I was performing on her. I had learned to make love to a women’s entire body and did not even reach Caroline’s’ vagina’s until a half an hour of devouring her beautiful body. Like older women Caroline’s’ pussy was hairless and I got some lube. I gently began focusing on her pussy by softly rubbing her pubis and kissing and gently licking her inner thighs and pubic area.

Then when she was ready I made love to Caroline’s pussy by sucking and licking the whole sensitive area of her lower body. I probed her pussy with my fingers until I found her “G” spot and began gently massaging this spot with my two fingers. At the same time I began gently sucking on Caroline’s swollen clitoris. Inevitably, my new lover began moaning loudly signally me that her first orgasm was eminent. She raised her hip slightly and her body spas med as I pleasured her.

I then opened my mouth all the way and began sucking Caroline’s entire upper pussy into my mouth including the clitoris and the very sensitive bundle of nerves located just under the clitoris. Between my fingers massaging her “G” spot and my mouth sucking her entire beautiful pussy Caroline was screaming and writhing in pleasure. My head was firmly between her legs pleasuring my elderly lover. I was surprised when a refined women like Caroline just began screaming at the top of her lungs “fuck me fuck me”. Her entire body responded as she arched her back upwards and she began thrusting their hips upward in an attempt to fuck my face. I loved this part of lesbian lovemaking I really enjoyed eating pussy and really enjoying the flavor of a women’s vagina. I put my arm over my lovers’ stomach to hold her down and just sucked her whole upper pussy and clitoris as orgasm after orgasm emanated from her body. Caroline writhed in pleasure as I held her pussy to my face as I sucked and licked her delicious pussy as my fingers massaged her “G” spot. She had two more intense orgasms but I knew Caroline was much older, so I stopped much earlier than I normally would have.

But I wanted our first time together to be special so after Caroline collapsed on the bed I lay with her and gently held her as I kissed her face, forehead, neck and small breasts until she calmed down. She whispered to me “you were wonderful Amy”

As I was getting dressed to leave Carolyn mentioned that she was President of the “Cascade Club” a very “private women’s club” in Tucson. She said most of the members were older divorcees and widows like her. She asked me if I would like to go there with her next Saturday. Of course I said yes. Carolyn said the club was so exclusive she was only allowed to get me a three visit “Guest Pass”. She then commented “you know the membership fee was just raised to $11,000.00 a year, that’s outrageous!!!

Then to my surprise she said “honey I’m no idiot, a women who looks like you sleeps with women like me for nothing”. How much do I owe you?

I thought to myself let’s face it, I already accepted expensive gifts from wealthy lovers and free trips for sex, I might as well just accept cash money. I said $500.00 just send it to my PayPal Account here is the number. I kissed her good bye and she said “don’t worry about the money, it means nothing to me. I really like you, let’s get together this week for coffee.

Geting Some Help

So…. the set up is basically this……… we are separated, but living in the same place, we have separate rooms and in a few months I am leaving and we are divorcing…. for now, I have my own room and she has hers….. we exist in the same space…..

It has been a while, since we did anything sexual and part of the deal of us “co existing” for a few months, was no sex… treat each other like room mates….

This does however change, when something is wanted, by her…… same as it always has been…… this time, she wants a new cell phone… cant afford it at all and knows I can easily……

So the cycle began… a few days bitching about the cell she has…… pissed off for a day about not being able to get a new one…. then hints that I should get it for her, jokingly of course…..

There I was last night…. laying on my bed….. looking at some porn and thinking ok so she wants a cell….. then came the text….. instead of coming to ask me she sent a random question that she had all day to ask….. it was just an excuse… we started texting…

I asked her if she would be willing to do me a sexual favor in return for the cell…. she said no sex, but agreed to just wear a thong and let me suck on her huge tits as I got off on her…. it was a deal.

So… I walked in and she was already on the bed propped up against her thousands of pillows, wearing a red thong and nothing else….. the room was dark but she had turned on her fake candles and had the fake fire place on the tv…. legs wide waiting to be used….

I undressed as she maneuvered to get comfortable and give me all the show, whilst I then kneeled beside her groping at her tits and wanking slowly……

she complained that this would do nothing for her… so I simply slid some fingers in and teased her… she said nothing and just lay there as I fingered her and groped her tits…. her facial expressions, were a mix of just wanting to get it over with combined with not sure if to just stop… uncertain… wants the cell… has to get cum on….

As I kneeled there, I would finger for a few minutes then pump myself and suck her tits…. just grab them and grope….

She started to use her vibe toy in-between and I encouraged it…….. as I spread her wider, moved her arms and made her all sexy for me to wank over….. she basically had figured that I was going to take a while and cum over her… so she may as well cum too….

I had an idea….

I use my right and due to using it on her… wanking was slower…. so I just maneuvered between her legs and pushed her wide… she just lay there teasing as I used her as visual stimulation …… with one hand pumping my dick and the other fingering her as she vibes her pussy…… I would stop and grope her tits as she closed her eyes and let me use her….

Then that was it….. I was solid hard…. the tip was touching her pussy… so I pushed in fast and hard as I sucked her tits and before she could say anything smashed into her at least thirty times as fast as I could…..

She let out a moan that basically said… cum dump me…. so I kneeled, deep in her and pulled her knees up… she held position as I thrusted a few more times…. then back to wanking and fingering while she vibes away…

The routine became, that I would finger and wank or just wank, as she vibes her pussy… then randomly, whenever I decided…. I pushed in and took her pussy, positioned her legs….

After the first few times I began making her hold her tits when it was pussy fuck time……. the last time as I fucked deep into her…. she held her legs wide and perfectly as I had positioned them… whilst holding her huge tits and making sure as I moaned and built up, I had tit to suck… then she began to cum as she realized I was not just fucking her… I was about to cum dump her…

The build up was a frantic crazy pleasure….. she lay on her back… propped up by pillow… tits held in each hand….. legs so the knees are at shoulder height and as wide as she could……

I pumped in and out… sucking the left and then the right… moaning… telling her it was Cuming… it was so fucking close…….. I lifted up and watched her face turn…… the no fucking, no using her, no making her a hoar…….

She closed her eyes and moved her arms to what I love….. the two big tits held together by her natural form from her arms reaching down to hold her inner thighs… also keeps her braced for what she knew was about to happen…..

I watched her…. my dick pumping in and out… I built up like this for five minutes at least… watching my dick in her… watching her tits move perfectly… watching her face and knowing she was ready………

I moaned and her eyes opened suddenly with a almost shocked look…. boom…. I thrust hard, fast and no consideration for her at all….. it was for at least three minutes me building up and using her pussy… she just watched me use her…

She lay there with a desperation on her face as she was being used…… she looked like she wanted to beg me to stop… don’t cum in me…. but what was the point…….

She lay there and when I asked… can I cum in you…. she reluctantly said… yes….

It was mumbled, so….. I looked at her and told her to tell me to cum in her…. cum in me…. it was the uncertainty… the realization she was a whore a cum dump… her slight pause and crackle… that triggered the deep thrust….. the tightening of her arms…

I thrust so hard and deep to bury that seed, that she let out a noise like I had hit her in the gut and then she orgasmed hard…

When I was done… my dick was softer and the cum was emptied… I pulled out and handed her the towel after cleaning myself off….

She lay there I dressed… then I walked out of the door back to my own room…. and we will never talk about it….

First time in full on cross dressing

From my last story, Fred, the man I met at the gay bar, contacted me again a while ago. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about me. He told me had had other one night stands, but felt very comfortable with me. I was pretty flattered to say the least. Compliments are few and far between when you get to be my age.
He told me he’d like to see me again. My heart started to race a little. I mean, this is still all new to me and suddenly I have a regular thing?
He said he had some down time during the weekend and wanted me to come see him.
I admit, I thought about it for a while. I mean, I’m married. I can’t have something going on on a regular basis, but the thought of his cock got me getting hard again and I couldn’t help it. The tabboo of it all had me almost cumming in my pants. I agreed to see him and we found a hotel midway between us.
As I was driving, he texted me that he had already gotten a room and to meet him there. I pressed the gas pedel a little harder.
When I got there, I took a deep breath and thought again, “Is this what I wanted?”
Again, the thought of his dick sliding in and out of my ass got me horny again. There’s a pleasure a man can give that a woman just can’t, so I knocked.
He opened the door and welcomed me in. As I walked past him, he put his arm around my waist and said, “I have something special for you to wear in the bathroom. I hope it fits and I hope it ok.”
I turned to face him and he was smiling so big, his raging huge boner was practically coming out of his jeans.
I went into the bathroom and found a small paper bag on the counter next to a pair of opened toe high heels.
I looked in the bag and saw it was a dress, complete with nylons.
He wanted me to put this on?
I felt the dress. It was so smooth. Like silk. It felt really good rubbing around my hand, it HAD to feel good rubbing on my ass, right?
I stood there for a while and finally thought, “SCREW IT! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE !” and began to put out on.
I slipped the dress over my head instead of unzipping it. It felt so smooth and cool against my skin. I then sat down and put the knee high pantyhose on. Luckily the shoes fit. I felt he had maybe done this before.
I looked in the mirror and I’ll admit, I felt a little ridiculous. Was this what he wanted?
I walked out and saw him laying on the bed. He had a wig laying next to him. “Is this too weird?”, he asked.
I told him, if this was what he wanted, I would be more than happy to help. I put the wig on, which was a bushy blonde type color.
“My, God.”, he whispered. He then walked around me, looking me up and down. Then I felt him come up behind me, wrapping his arms around me and pushing his cock into the crease of my ass.
I’ll admit, I felt….. Beautiful.
He spun me around and kissed me, forcing his tongue deep into my mouth, his hands caressing my silky ass.
He kept pushing his cock into me. I took hold of it and started stroking it as we kissed. He finally stopped, put his head on my shoulder and moaned.
My turn.
I slowly kissed my way down.
Finally, I got on my knees and started slowly stroking his cock with my fingers. I licked the edge of it, up and down. He put his hands on my head and tried to push me on his dick, but I wasn’t ready. I wasnt through teasing.
After about 3 minutes of cock teasing, I licked the head a couple of times, then went in deep, putting his full, hard cock in my mouth.
I remembered the first time we were together. It was a wonderful feeling. We fully trusted each other to pleasure ourselves. His familiar cock sliding in and out of my mouth.
He pulled out, took my hand and led me to the bed. He laid down and pushed my head to his cock again.
I went faster and harder this time, wanting him to cum.
He was about ready to when he stopped me.
He then pulled my head up, took his arms and put me into a doggie style position. I felt him slide the dress up over my ass, then some cool liquid pouring over my ass. He was lubing me up good.
He placed his hands on the small of my back and started to enter.
It hurt at first, but it was a strange hurt. I loved it. The thought of him all the in had me so excited.
After a few more tries, HE WAS IN!
I was being fucked like a woman. In full women’s clothing, complete with heels. This is how a woman felt.
He grabbed me harder, thrusting in and out. I could feel his balls hitting my ass. I reached back and grabbed his hips, holding him in. Sweat dripped as he kept thrusting in and out. I held myself up, feeling my own hard cock sliding around the dress. Steady and smooth, we fucked as one. Both of us swaying at the same time.
That was enough for him as he finally came. I felt the hot liquid squirt inside me and drip out.
He collapsed behind me, saying that was the best sex he could remember.
Again, TOTALLY flattered.
He remarked how I hadn’t cum yet, so he rolled over and sucked me off. It felt good, but not as good as giving him the pleasure of being his bitch.
I stood up and started to walk to the bathroom to clean off, when I noticed the city lights cracking through the curtain. It was dark now, so I opened them to look. We were on the 9th floor and the view was fabulous.
Suddenly I felt familiar hands wrap around me and caress my cock. He rubbed it until it was hard, then slowly started lifting my dress again.
I felt his hot, throbbing cock once more start to force its way into my ass again.
I leaned forward and put my hands on the window sill. He slipped in easier this time and again, started fucking me harder with his cock, his hands steady on my hips.
I looked out at the city, feeling the head of his member sliding in and out, over and over.
What a beautiful site and what a great feeling.
We were both harboring a secret affair, but having sex right in plain view of the window.
“Do it!”, I said. “Cum in me again, right in front of everyone.”
He trusted harder and harder. I groaned and groaned.
Groaning in extasy.
Finally he came, oozing out my ass, pushing me against the glass.
As we rested for a moment, I finally stood up, knees weak.
He held me up, wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.
“Thank you.”, he said.
I turned and kissed him hard on the lips, feeling the dress press against me again.
I then went into the bathroom and showered, washing all the cum off me.
As I came out, he was dressed also. We kissed before opening the door, then went our separate ways.
I will admit, it was a 30 minute drive back to my house and wacked off while driving to ease her another erection.

Family Life. Ch 21-More relative arrive

, anal virg
David stirred to the wonderful sensation of his mother’s mouth teasing the head of his cock.

“Morning,” he said, looking down at the top of her head.

Mary left his cock, sliding up on top of his body so that she was face to face with him.

“Good morning,” she said, kissing him before sliding back down and resuming her attention to his erection.

“I need to pee Mum,” he said.

“Mmmmm,” she replied, her mouth fully engulfing the head of his cock.

“I mean it Mum, l need to pee,” he repeated.

“Mmmmm,” she replied, not intending to release him.

“No Mum, not here, not on the bed,” he said, gently pushing her away.

“Shower time,” she smiled up at him, rolling off him and standing up.

She took him by the hand, leading him to the bathroom. She stepped into the shower, dropping to her knees.

“I’ve done this with Jack a few times,” she said as David followed her into the shower, standing in front of her. “It’s good fun, Laura told me you’d done it with her.”

David couldn’t wait any longer, taking hold of his cock he directed his stream of piss at his mother, first at her tits as she held them up, smiling at him as his piss cascaded over her body.

David changed his aim, directing the stream directly at her face.

“Mmmm, yes,” she said, moving so that her mouth was directly in line, opening her mouth.

David watched as her mouth filled with his piss, flowing out and down over her body. She swallowed her first mouthful then opened to accept more.

“Dirty bitch,” he laughed.

“Mmmmm,” she gargled as her mouth filled again.

She swallowed again, then, as the force of his stream began to wain, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking as the last of his piss emptied from his bladder.

She kept his cock in her mouth after he had stopped, sucking him gently, returning his erection.

David switched on the shower, the initial cold water making them both shudder before it slowly warmed.

He helped his mother to stand, kissing her, tasting the saltiness on her lips. “You’re the most amazing mother in the world,” he said.
“Mmmm, that was fun,” she replied, “we should do that more often.” She reached down to take hold of his cock, feeling it swell in her hand. “Are you going to fuck Mummy now and make it a perfect morning?”

He pushed her back against the wall, lifting her, she wrapped her legs around his waist, he felt the tip of his erection nestling against the entrance to her cunt, slowly lowering her onto him.

“Oh yes baby,” she sighed as she settled on him, kissing him deeply as she felt his cock, hot inside her.

They stayed locked together for a few moments before he began to move inside her, forcing her back against the wall as his hips drove his cock into her cunt.

“God this is good,” she whispered as her legs held him firm, her hips meeting each of his thrusts. “I’m going to miss my baby boy fucking me, come with us to Spain, we can all be naked together, you can fuck me anytime you like, it will be perfect.”

David continued to hump against her, feeling his own orgasm building.

“Yes baby, harder,” she cried, her back banging against the wall with the force of his thrusts, her nails dragged down his back, her thighs gripping him as her orgasm approached. “Make Mummy cum baby, make Mummy cum and fill her with spunk.”

He grabbed her breasts, digging his fingers into the flesh, squeezing and twisting them.

“Oh yes baby,” she cried, “hurt Mummy’s tits baby, squeeze them hard, Oh yes baby, Mummy’s your whore baby, use her, yes baby….harder…..hurt her baby….god yes….yes……yesssss.”

David felt her body convulse with orgasm, his cock bathed in hot juices. One final thrust and his own orgasm exploded, forcing her back hard against the wall as he pumped his cum into her. “My whore,” he hissed as his balls emptied inside her.

“Yes baby,” she cried, gripping him tight as she felt him pulsating inside her, “Mummy is your whore baby, Mummy loves you.”

They stayed locked together, the warm water cascading over them, kissing, embracing, Mary trying to use her cunt muscles to hold on to him as she felt his erection receding. She finally gave a whimper of disappointment as his cock slipped from her cunt. She released him from the iron grip of her thighs, standing as he kissed her again, starting at her mouth, then her neck, travelling down her body, kissing her breasts, sucking each nipple in turn.

He felt her hands on the top of his head, guiding him downwards, he kissed the swell of her tummy, her pubic mound. She leaned back, parting her legs as his mouth centred on her cunt, his lips locating her swollen clitoris, sucking, teasing it with his teeth.

He moved on, his tongue tracing her labia, searching for the entrance, tasting his own cum leaking from her, mixed with her own juices.

“I need to pee,” she said.

“Mmmmm,” he replied, applying his open mouth to her cunt.
“Oh baby,” she sighed as her bladder released, her hands pressing his mouth against her cunt as the flow of piss poured over him.

David drank from her body, relishing the taste of her, her piss flowing over his face. As the stream finally diminished, he held the final mouthful, standing, kissing her, transferring the piss into her mouth as they embraced.

Mary accepted it eagerly, their bodies pressed against each other as they kissed.

“We had better finish showering,” she giggled as they finally parted.

“I love you Mum,” he said, giving her one more kiss, then soaping her body as she did the same to him.


David and Mary were in the kitchen having breakfast when Dan walked in. He went straight to Mary, bending to kiss her, sliding his hand into her dressing gown to hold her breast.

“I take it you two were having fun in the shower,” he laughed, pouring himself a coffee, “l take it it was your arse banging against the wall.”

“You could have joined us,” Mary laughed.

“Oh l was just relaxing listening to you two while Laura sucked me off,” he replied “she really is one hell of a cock sucker.”

“She had plenty of practice in that toilet block,” David laughed.

“Do you have to keep reminding us about that,” Laura said as she entered the kitchen, kissing her mother, “that is one episode of my life l would prefer to forget.” She sat at the table, helping herself to coffee and toast.

They discussed their plans for the day, Laura said she was going back to bed for an hour after breakfast. “I’m still tired,” she said, “not surprising when this dirty old man kept waking me up in the night to fuck me.”

“I never heard you complaining,” Dan laughed, “if l remember rightly it was you that wanted it in your arsehole.”

“Whatever,” Laura giggled, reaching over and patting the front of Dan’s trousers, “it was nice too.”

“I have to take your mother to the passport office to get that sorted or we won’t be going to Spain at all,” Dan said.

“I’m going to see Heather this morning,” David said, “but l’ll be back by lunchtime, l don’t expect they will be here by then.”

“I won’t be here this evening,” Laura said, “l’m going out with my friends for my hen night, are you taking John out for his stag night?” She said, looking at David.

“No,” he replied, “l hardly know the fella, l certainly don’t want to go drinking with him.”

“You don’t mind fucking his wife though,” Dan laughed.

“God, this is the weirdest marriage ever,” Laura said, getting up and heading back to her bedroom.

Once breakfast was over, David drove to Heather’s house. Her Gran answered the door saying that Heather had already left for college. David asked if she would tell Heather that he would be busy that evening but that he would like to take her out for a meal the following evening.

“You’d better come in,” she said, “l would like a word with you.”

David followed her into the living room, sitting in the armchair she indicated while she sat on the sofa.

“I don’t mess about,” she said, “l believe in saying my piece and if you don’t like what l’m going to say, well that’s tough.”

David went to speak but she raised her hand to silence him.

“I am only interested in Heather’s happiness,” she continued, “she has had a lot of heartache in her short life and l will not stand for anyone causing her any more.”

“Let me stop you there Mrs….”

“Call me Gran,” she interrupted, “everyone round here does.”

“Okay Gran,” he replied, “l think l know what you’re going to say, l can tell you that l have no intention of hurting her.”

“We’ve had a long conversation,” she continued, “you are aware of what she is expecting from this relationship.”

“Yes l am,” he replied, “and l have been honest with her.”

“Look,” she said, “there are things l know about Heather’s life, l hear gossip and l can put two and two together. I’m nor saying l approve because l don’t, but l recognise that she has had a lot of emotional upheaval and that has probably made her do things that she shouldn’t, but regardless of what she does, l will not allow you to use her as some worthless toy to be discarded once you get bored.”

“I know she wants me to marry her Gran,” David replied, “and l’ve told her my reasons for not wanting to get married yet. I am very fond of Heather, very fond, l love being with her, she is intelligent and she is fun to be with, but when l get married l want to be in a financial position to look after my wife properly.”

“But you don’t want to marry her, is that it?” She asked.

“No it’s not,” he replied, “l have very strong feelings for her, and if l was in a better financial position then l think we could be very happy together. There is a lot going on in my life at the moment, what with my sister’s wedding only two days away, and my father in hospital. I am on the brink of starting a new job which is promising to give me a good secure future once l’m settled in, then my outlook on life will be different. I do love Heather Gran, l can be honest that l never expected our relationship to develop like this but the more l see her the more l want to be with her.”

“I know you spent the night here,” she said, “l’m not saying l approve because l don’t but neither do l interfere in Heather’s life unless l see it causing her distress.”

“I promise you l’m not playing with her Gran,” he said, “l do love her and l will never do anything to hurt her but l’m simply not ready to marry yet, that may well change in the near future.”

“Okay,” she said, “l thank you for being honest with me, l needed to have this conversation with you.”

“I understand Gran, neither of us want to see her upset, l have to go as my Aunt and Uncle are due to arrive this morning, but will you please tell Heather l will pick her up about seven tomorrow evening.”

She told him that she would, then saw him to the front door. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said as they reached the front door, “but l am very defensive where Heather is concerned.”

“I do understand,” he replied, stepping out and walking to his van.


David was just finishing tidying up after making himself and Laura some lunch. Laura was upstairs getting dressed. He heard a car pulling up out side, going to the front door, he opened it in time to see his Aunt and Cousin getting out of the car.

Carol gave a squeal when she saw him, leaving her bag and running down the garden path. She was wearing a tight, very short, red dress, moulded to her slim body, the deep v-neck exposing a considerable amount of cleavage.

David could hardly ignore the size of her tits, they were huge and looked even bigger due to her slim frame. As she trotted down the path on her ridiculously high heels, her tits bounced wildly, David expected them to fall out of her dress at any moment.

Once she reached him she embraced him tightly, grinding her pelvis against him.

“Hi Cus,” she said after kissing him, “my word you’ve grown, a proper young man now,” she rubbed her pubic mound against him, pleased to feel his cock hardening in response. “And now you’re going to be a father, you naughty boy.”

David didn’t have time to respond as she clamped her mouth over his, her tongue delving deep as she pressed her body against him.

“Put him down,” Ann interrupted them, pulling Carol away, “you can’t screw him on the doorstep,” she said, “go and help your father with the cases.”

As Carol reluctantly turned away, Ann stepped over to David, kissing him on his cheek but grabbing his stiffening erection through his trousers at the same time. “She’s such a shameless slut,” she laughed. “Talking of sluts, where’s that sister of mine?”

David took the case his Aunt was holding as he stepped aside to allow her to enter. “She’s had to go and sort out a passport ready for going to Spain,” he said.

“Oh so she has finally decided to do it then,” Ann replied, “good for her, and how about you and your Mum, are you screwing here regularly?”

“Well…Er,” he hesitated.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed,” she giggled, reaching out and putting her hand on the front of his trousers, “l think it’s wonderful what you two are doing together, l’ve spent years watching Carol with her father and wishing l had a son, still you can make up for that this weekend,” she felt his cock stirring, “it feels like you’re interested already,” she laughed.

“Oh for Christ’s sake,” Jack said, coming through the door, carrying two suitcases, “give the lad a break, you haven’t been here two minutes, there’s plenty of time for that later.”

Jack put the cases down in the hall and shook David’s hand just as Laura came down the stairs.

“Hi everyone,” she said, kissing Ann and Carol, then turning to Jack.

“Well aren’t you a pretty picture,” Jack said, kissing her and placing his hand on the bulge in her dress. “And look at these,” he said, moving his hand to her tits, caressing them gently, “they’re beautiful, are you producing any milk yet?”

“Er..no,” she replied, blushing at the way her Uncle was openly feeling her tits in front of everyone.

“Now who’s impatient,” Ann said, pointing to the bulge in the front of Jack’s trousers.

“And what about you Cus,” Carol said, stepping over to David, pulling the neckline of her dress apart, allowing her tits to fall out, “what do you think of these.”

David watched in awe as she squeezed her tits together, bringing each nipple up to her mouth in turn and sucking it.

“Daddy likes me to keep them on show when we’re in the house, he likes to fuck my tits, would you like to?”

“Calm down,” Ann said, “let’s get settled in first, which room are we in David?”

“I think Mum is planning for her and Uncle Jack to have her room, You and Dan to have my bed and Carol to go in with Laura.”

“What about you?” Carol asked, “l’m sure Laura and l can have some fun, are you coming in with us?”

“The bed won’t take three of us,” David replied, “the plan is for me to go and sleep at Dan’s place.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Carol laughed, “l’m sure we can make room for you can’t we Laura, especially as you’ll be on top of one of us most of the time.”

David helped them carry the suitcases upstairs then left them to unpack and sort themselves out.
“Wow, that was a bit full on,” he said to Laura when he returned downstairs, “no wonder Mum says it’s wild when she goes there.”

“I think Carol looks ridiculous,” Laura replied, “those tits look unnatural.”

“Oh meow,” David laughed, mimicking a cat clawing, “yours aren’t that much smaller.”

“Yes well l’m pregnant, hers are just grotesque,” Laura replied, “and the way she showed them off, like some cheap tart, she’s twenty two now, not some silly teenager.”

“You’re in a mood,” he said, “is it because you’re going out this evening when it looks like you’ll be missing the fun here.”

“It wouldn’t make much difference if l was here,” she said angrily, “with Mum watching me like a hawk in case l hurt the baby l’m not going to get properly fucked anyway.”

They heard a car horn outside.

“Oh shit,” she said, “that’s John, his mother wants me to go over there and finalise some arrangements she’s made for the wedding reception.”

“Jed might be there,” David replied as Laura grabbed her coat and bag from the hook in the hall.

“At least he knows how to fuck properly,” Laura replied, “but l swear Eve suspects something, l’ll be glad when it’s all over, this baby born and l can start having fun again.”

Mary and Dan arrived home just as Jack, Ann and Carol were coming downstairs. Dan let out a whistle as he saw Carol displaying her tits.

“Hello sexy,” Jack said, kissing Mary, giving her tits a good feel, “you’re looking good, must be all this cock you’re getting.”

Mary allowed him to get a good feel of her tits, rubbing her hand on the front of his trousers. “Looking forward to getting this one later,” she said.

“You can bend over and get it now if you like,” he replied, unzipping his trousers.

“Put it away,” Ann interrupted, pushing her husband aside and giving her sister a hug. “Lovely to see you Sis,” she said, “you must come up again soon, everyone misses you, and those two black cocks that Carol has met are fantastic, you must come up and try them.”

Ann made way for Carol to step in and hug her Aunt.

“Still showing them off then,” Mary said, admiring Carol’s tits.

“Oh Daddy likes me to show them off,” Carol laughed, “he’s a dirty old man but l love him. What do you think Dan,” she said turning to Dan, holding up her tits, bouncing them.

“Beautiful,” Dan replied, running his hands over her tits. “Interesting,” he said, noticing the holes in her nipples.

“Oh that’s for later,” Carol giggled.

They all went into the living room except for Mary and Ann who went through to the kitchen to fetch the food that had been prepared the previous day. Once the food had been brought through and laid out on the coffee table, Ann sat between Dan and Jack on the sofa while Carol was already sitting on David’s lap. Mary went to sit in the other armchair but Jack grabbed her arm as she passed, pulling her down to sit on his lap, wasting no time in putting his hand up her skirt.

They chatted for the afternoon, both Ann and Carol were eager to learn all the details of how David started fucking his sister. Jack enjoyed hearing about Laura sucking cocks in a public toilet.

“I bet you want me to do that don’t you,” Carol laughed, by then enjoying having two of David’s fingers up her cunt while he sucked on one of her nipples.

“My daughter has no shame,” Ann laughed, the front of her dress open, her bra pushed up and Dan mauling her tits. She had already released his cock and was stroking his erection.

Things were reaching a logical conclusion, Jack had Mary’s tits out and one hand up her skirt, Ann had her mouth full of Dan’s cock and David was sucking hard on Carol’s nipples, his fingers working deep in her cunt.

“It’s too early to start the proper fun yet,” Jack announced, releasing Mary’s tit, “why don’t we have one quick fuck, then go to the pub for a drink.”

“Sounds good to me,” Carol said, rolling onto the floor, hitching her skirt and spreading her legs to display her smooth cunt. “Come and give your Cousin a welcome fuck.”

David needs no second invitation, quickly removing his trousers and underpants, kneeling between Carol’s open thighs before plunging his cock deep into her cunt.

“Oh yes Cus,” Carol cried, “good and hard, just the way l like it.”

David was too far gone to worry about niceties, he just needed to fuck her, slamming himself into her as she encouraged him.

Ann was also on the floor, just a few feet away, her legs resting on Dan’s shoulders as he fucked her, matching the force and rhythm of David.

Mary meanwhile was bent over the arm of the sofa, Jack standing behind her, his cock buried in her cunt. David heard his mother squeal as Jack gave her buttocks a firm slap. She cried out even louder when Jack pulled his cock out of her cunt, transferring it with one stroke deep into her arsehole.

The whole scene was too much for David to hold back for long, he heard his mother yelling out her pleasure, Ann calling for Dan to fuck her harder. He grabbed Carol’s tits, squeezing them hard, she raked her nails down his chest in response, digging them into his nipples.

One final lunge and they both cried out as he unloaded his spunk deep in her cunt. It had come too quick for Carol but she still worked her muscles to milk him as she felt him pulsating inside her.

Dan on the other hand had Ann crying with orgasm just as he released his spunk in her cunt.

David looked over at his mother, Jack having pulled out of her arsehole, now had his cock deep in her mouth, holding her by her hair as he forced his cock into her throat.

“Don’t ruin her for later Daddy,” Carol called out, hearing her Aunt gagging on the cock wedged in her throat.

“You’re right babe,” Jack replied, “l’ve got plans for her later.” He pulled his cock out, still holding her by her hair as he used his other hand to wank his cock. Mary held her mouth open, waiting for him to fill it with spunk.

“Oh god that’s beautiful Daddy,” Carol yelled as jet after jet of cum, fired into Mary’s mouth, some shooting over her face and into her hair. “Daddy loves abusing your mother,” she said, smiling up at David, “You aught to see her at our parties, she is a total slut.”

“Oh l know how much of a slut my mother can be, believe me,” David replied, pulling his cock out of her cunt, allowing her to take him into her mouth.

Once they had all calmed down the three girls went upstairs to shower and change ready to go out.

The three men dressed then David fetched three bottles of beer, they sat around the living room. Jack wanted to know all about the villa in Spain, and about David’s work plans.

“I’ve heard you gave a steady girlfriend too,” he said to David, “quite a cutie from what l’ve heard, Mary says she has a bit of history, l take it you are fucking her.”

David told him all about Heather, giving him all the details of how she had been brought up by her grandmother. He went on to tell him how she had got a reputation with his mates and that a few of them had fucked her in the past.

“She sounds like my kind of girl,” Jack laughed, “any chance of her joining us?”

David explained that Heather was well aware of the situation and had already said that she would like to join.

“Great,” Jack said, “when do l get try her out.”

“I don’t know if l want her to join just yet,” David replied.

“He’s in love Jack,” Dan interrupted, laughing.

“No shame in that son,” Jack told him, “if you’re not one hundred percent for it don’t do it, that’s what l say…shame though, from what l’ve heard she has all the equipment.”

“She’s certainly got good tits,” Dan laughed.

“Who’s has?” Mary said, entering the room.

“We’re just talking about David’s girlfriend,” Jack replied.

“Oh she’s lovely,” Mary said. “Ann and Carol are just getting ready if any of you want the shower before we go.”
David went up to shower, Dan said he had to pop back to his house and would shower there then meet them at the pub.

“I’ll shower after you,” Jack said to David, “l just want a chat with your mother,” he said walking over to Mary.

Mary put her hand up to stop him. “Oh no you don’t,” she laughed, “ you sit back down over there, l’m all ready to go out, l don’t want you messing me up again.”

Jack did as he was told, faking that he was disappointed.

Later they all sat in the pub, they chose to sit in one of the booths, occupying three sides of the table. Dan sat with Ann, Jack with Mary and David with Carol.

Carol looked stunning in a short red dress, once again with a plunging neckline exposing a generous amount of cleavage. They all chatted about the coming wedding, David told them about Jed and how Laura had already got him fucking her.

“I remember Eve,” Ann said, “she was a bit of a tart when she was younger.”

“So were you,” Mary laughed.

“Well she’s not any more,” David said, “Jed says she’s never interested in sex, that’s why l told Laura to get him fucking her, he’s got loads of money so if she keeps him sweet she should have a good life.”

“You women are all whores aren’t you,” Jack laughed.

“If you mean we know how to use our cunts for our own advantage,” Mary replied, “you men make it easy, your cocks rule your brain.”

As they were talking Carol had taken David’s hand and guided it up her skirt, he discovered she wasn’t wearing panties, he also discovered what felt like rings attached to her labia.

“I put them in for later,” Carol whispered to him, “l have two for my nipples too, Daddy likes to use them to do naughty things to me, Mummy has them as well.”

Just then there was a burst of laughter from the bar area, David noticed a group of his rugby mates all laughing at some joke.

“Who’s the hunk in the blue shirt?” Carol asked, looking over at the group.

“Oh that’s Keith James,” David replied, “he’s best man on Saturday.”

“Oh, is he a friend of the boy Laura’s marrying,” she asked, realising that Keith was looking over at her, obviously staring at her tits. She preened herself, smiling at him, making sure he got a good view.

“Oh no,” David replied, “he’s my best mate, we play rugby together, John hasn’t got any mates around here so l asked Keith to be best man.”

“Mmmm,” replied Carol, “l wonder if he is the best man,” she giggled.

As they continued to chat, David played with the rings on Carol’s cunt, locating her clitoris and flicking it with his finger. Carol gave a little shudder, putting her hand down and pressing David’s hand against her.

“Oooo that’s nice,” she said, “don’t make me too wet, l’ll have a patch on my dress.”

David noticed that she was continually looking over toward the bar. After a few minutes she said she needed the toilet, David allowed her to get out of the booth, watching the sway of her buttocks as she walked passed the bar on the way to the toilet. As she passed Keith, he saw her say something to him, Keith made some reply then Carol carried on. David turned back to his group but as he took a drink from his beer, he noticed Keith making his way to the door leading to the toilets.

They talked for a few minutes, David telling them of Jed’s plan to develop a haulage company and for David to gain experience ready for taking over management at a later date. Jack congratulated him, saying it looked like he had a secure future ahead.

It was about fifteen minutes before Carol returned, a broad grin on her face, making sure the group of lads at the bar got a good view of her tits jiggling as she walked past them. David moved to let her regain her seat.

“Well,” Ann said, looking at Carol. “Is he the best man?”

“I don’t know,” Carol replied, “l haven’t tried the others, but he sets a good standard.”

They all laughed, David saw Keith returning to the bar, they made eye contact, David giving him the thumbs up, Keith responding with a smile and a nod.

David noticed the time was after nine o’clock. Jack also looked at his watch. “Come on,” he said to the group, “party time.”

They all finished their drinks, as they walked past the bar Carol paused, nestling up to Keith she kissed him, “Thank you, it was lovely,” she said, loud enough for the rest of the group to hear. As they reached the door, David heard one of the group say “You jammy bastard,” obviously referring to Keith, there followed another burst of laughter.

They walked back from the pub in pairs, David with his arm round Carol, his hand slipped inside the front of her dress holding her breast. Mary and Jack were laughing together, stopping frequently to kiss and for Jack to put his hand up her skirt. Dan and Ann were doing the same.

As they entered the house, David pushed Carol against the wall, pulling her dress aside to reveal her tits. “How do you manage without a bra,” he said to her, “they’re so big, aren’t you afraid they’ll sag.”

“Oh l do lots of excercises,” she replied proudly, giving her tits a shake, “ l’m sure they will sag eventually but Daddy doesn’t care about that.”

“What about Gary,” David said, referring to Carol’s husband, “does he know about you and your father, what about the others, does he know about them?”

“He doesn’t know about Daddy,” she replied as David began sucking her nipples, “he knows l like a lot of sex and he’s away on the rigs for months on end so he says he doesn’t mind as long as l don’t embarrass him, he has a girl in Aberdeen he fucks when he has a few days on shore so we understand each other.”

David was getting worked up, trying to undo his trousers and at the same time lift Carol’s skirt. He could tell the others were similarly occupied, in fact his mother was already on her knees with Jack’s cock in her mouth.

“Hold on fellas,” Carol called out, “let’s not rush this, we’ve got all evening.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing, then Ann told the men to go into the lounge and get undressed while the girls went upstairs to get ready.

David and Dan went into the lounge, Jack went out to his car, returning with a long bag which he placed on the floor by the sofa. All three were soon naked, David rather more self conscious than the other two.

Jack stepped over to David, taking hold of his semi rigid cock in one hand and cupping his balls with the other. He noted the look of uncertainty on David’s face.

“Loosen up son,” he said, stroking David’s cock as he gently massaged his balls. “Mary tells me you’ve already sucked Dan’s cock.”

“I know,” David replied, “it’s just that this is what queers do.”

“You need to stop thinking like that son,” Jack replied, “this is nothing to do with being homosexual, it’s about having fun. Tell me honestly, did you enjoy sucking Dan’s cock.”

David hesitated before replying. “Well yes l suppose,” he said finally.

“And l take it you took his cum in your mouth, Mary tells me you had taken cum out of her cunt before.”

“Well yes.” David replied.

“Right, so now you just need to relax and enjoy yourself,” Jack continued. “You need to develop a philosophy of being prepared to try anything at least once.”

“Mum said you would say that,” David laughed.

“And she’s right son, your mother has experienced many things for the first time and ended up enjoying all of them, l can tell you she is one of the most popular women at our parties. There is a world of adventure in sex son, just relax and enjoy it.”

David realised his cock had hardened as Jack had been stroking him and when Jack fell to his knees engulfing his cock in his mouth David just closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations caused by an experienced cock sucker.

“Hey, you’ve started without us,” Mary said, entering the room naked.

“Don’t worry,” Dan said, going to her, kissing her and putting his hand between her legs. “He’s just getting David to relax.”

“Enjoy it sweetheart,” she said, going to David and kissing him, “just open your mind and enjoy it.”

“I love you Mum,” David replied.

“I know baby, l love you too,” she replied, kissing him again, then patting Jack on his head she said, “Leave him now Jack, Ann and Carol are waiting to come in.”

Jack released David’s cock, giving the head a kiss, they all then turned to wait for Ann and Carol.

Ann entered first, naked apart from a heavy gold chain connected to a ring in each nipple, David noticed that she also had rings attached to her labia, difficult to miss as there were little weights handing from them, David presumed they must be quite heavy, judging by the way they were stretching her labia.

Carol followed behind with similar attachments to her tits and cunt. Standing side by side they looked amazing, Ann’s tits were large, not as big as Carol’s, and sagging with age but David still found her a very erotic sight. Carol of course looked amazing, her large breasts still standing out from her body, made to look even larger compared to her slim frame.

“I’m getting my tits and cunt done soon,” Mary said, “don’t they look brilliant.”

Both Ann and Carol then turned, spreading their legs and bending forward, both using their hands to pull apart their buttocks to reveal large, black butt plugs inserted in their arseholes.

“I’ve got one of those,” Mary said proudly, displaying herself alongside the other two.

Dan went over to Mary, kissing her, then sitting her on the sofa, opening her legs and burying his face in her cunt.

Carol approached David. “I’ve been looking forward to this moment for years,” she said, kissing him, then dropping to her knees to take his cock in her mouth.

David saw Ann on her knees, sucking Jack’s cock. Then Carol rolled back onto the floor, spreading her legs wide. “Can’t wait any longer,” she said, “be as rough as you like, l like a man who knows how to take charge.”

David could not have held back if he’d tried, kneeling between her thighs he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt, then with one lunge he was in her to the hilt, driving hard against her.

“Oh yes,” she cried, “my tits… hurt my tits….fuck me like a slut.”

Ann appeared at his side. “Make her your slut,” she said, stroking David’s back, moving down to his buttocks. He felt his Aunt’s hand reaching under for his balls, squeezing them gently as she encouraged him to hurt her daughter. “Hurt those big tits,” she whispered to him as her fingers caressed the sensitive spot behind his balls.

David felt his Aunts fingers circling his anus, pushing gently. This caused him to push his cock deeper into Carol’s cunt, yanking on the chain attached to her nipples with one hand, slapping her tits with the other.

“That’s it baby,” Ann said, “she loves the pain, can you feel her cunt reacting, you can make her cum by hurting her tits.”

“Yes baby,” Carol cried, “don’t hold back, hurt me like Daddy does.”

David felt something cold against his anus, realising it was some kind of cream as his Aunt worked it into his hole, her fingers probing until first one, then two slipped into his arsehole. He squeezed hard on Carol’s tits, hearing her sigh with pleasure as the hot flood of orgasm bathed his cock.

David could see Ann was sucking Jack’s cock as she worked her fingers into his arsehole, stretching and lubricating him at the same time.

Carol was crying for him to hurt her again, David’s mind was racing. Across the room he could see his mother on all fours, watching him as Dan fucked her from the rear. “Relax baby,” Mary called out to her son, “just relax and enjoy it.”

He soon realised what she meant when he saw Jack pull out of Ann’s mouth, moving behind him.

David felt the first contact of the head of his Uncle’s cock as it pressed softly against his anus. His initial reaction was to flinch, then he looked up, seeing his mother smiling at him, encouraging him.
He felt the pressure increase as Jack pressed against his anus. Instinctively, David pressed back, his lubricated arsehole giving way as Jack’s cock slid inside him. David let out a sigh, surprised at the pleasure of pain as that hot penis invading his body.

“He loves it Daddy,” Carol called out, watching the changing expressions on David’s face, “fuck his bum like you do mine Daddy, make him fuck me harder, make him hurt me…fuck him Daddy.”

As Jack took hold of David’s hips, withdrawing then sliding in again, he heard David sigh. “Is that good son?” He said, pleased to see David nod in response. “I’m going to fuck you now, l will be gentle, you can stop me anytime, just relax.”

David couldn’t believe the emotions he was feeling, somewhere in his head there was a voice telling him to stop it, but that voice was getting weaker and weaker as the pleasure that was being created in his arsehole took over. Each time Jack pressed his cock into David’s hole, David responded by driving his cock into Carol’s cunt. Soon the pace increased, David found the initial pain soon gave way to the pleasure, he felt his own orgasm building. His brain felt as if it would burst, his fingers dug deep into the flesh of Carol’s tits as she cried out for more, telling her father to fuck David harder so that he in turn would hurt her.

Mary appeared at his side, kissing him, “Oh baby,” she said, “my sweet baby, l’m so proud of you…Mummy loves you baby.”

David felt his Uncle force his cock even deeper, then he felt the heat as his arsehole filled with spunk. One more drive into Carol’s cunt and his own orgasm exploded, he opened his mouth to cry out but was stopped as Mary covered his mouth with her own, kissing him deeply.

All four collapsed in a heap, David, Carol and Jack panting for breath. David felt Jack’s cock sliding out of his arsehole, only to be replaced by his mother’s tongue as she lapped up the spunk leaking from him.

“You dirty bitch,” Jack laughed, giving Mary a firm slap on her bum.

“Mmmmm,” was all she could reply.

Alongside them, Dan lay on his back, Ann astride him, her cunt lowered onto his mouth, she bent forward into the classic sixty nine position, taking Dan’s cock into her mouth.

Once Mary was satisfied that she had cleaned David completely, she crawled up his body, taking him into her arms. “This is so wonderful,” she said, kissing him.

Jack was busy licking the cum out of Carol’s cunt when they all heard the front door opening. They all froze, staring at the living room door, wondering what would happen when it opened.

“It’s okay,” Laura called from the hall, “it’s just me, don’t panic.”

Laura opened the door, taking in the scene of total debauchery in front of her. “Well,” she said, smiling, “no need to ask if you’ve all had a good evening, by the way, l bumped into Keith James about half an hour ago, l take it you and him got acquainted earlier,” she said to Carol.

“Well he looked too good to miss,” Carol laughed.

“Well judging by the way he was talking about you, l think you made a good impression.”

“My feelings exactly,” Carol replied, “he’s got a lovely cock, and he knows how to use it.”

Laura began undressing. “Have any of you fellas got something for me?” She giggled as she finally stood naked before them.

“I’m going upstairs to freshen up,” Jack said, “why don’t you come with me, l’m sure l can manage something.” The two of them left the room, Laura giggling as Jack had his hand between her legs.

“Not too rough Jack,” Mary called after them, “be careful of the baby.”

“Oh you be as rough as you like Uncle Jack,” Laura said stopping and turning to look at her mother, “l’m in the mood for some rough sex.”

“Don’t worry,” Jack said, looking at the concerned expression on Mary’s face, winking at her before taking Laura upstairs.

“He knows what he’s doing,” Ann said, putting her arm around her sister, “we’ve had a few pregnant women at our parties, Jack was even fucking one up her bum when her contractions started, her husband had to rush her to hospital.”

“Was she okay?” Mary asked.

“Oh yes,” Ann replied, “she was back at a party three weeks later, only giving blow jobs though as she had stitches in.”

For the next thirty minutes they all just lounged around, David played with the weights hanging from Carol’s cunt.

“I’m having my clitoris pierced next week,” she said proudly, “Mummy is having hers done as well. Daddy said he was going to punish me tonight but it looks like he’s having fun with Laura.”

“Do you like being punished?” David asked, sliding two fingers up her cunt.

“Oh yes,” she giggled, reaching over to Mary and playing with her tits as Ann had her mouth clamped on her sister’s cunt. “Daddy likes to spank me and sometimes he pretends to be really cross, then he uses a cane or a whip, you like that too don’t you Auntie Mary?”

“Mmmm, yes,” Mary replied, “Jack uses a cane on me sometimes.”

“Oh, do you want to cane me now?” Carol called over to Jack who was sat back on the armchair watching David and the three women pleasuring each other as he stroked his cock.

“To tell the truth l’m a bit tired now,” Jack replied, “perhaps we could have a proper punishment party tomorrow.”

“That will be good,” Carol replied.

“Yes, it is getting late,” Ann said, lifting her mouth from her sister’s cunt, “where are we sleeping Mary.”

“Well l did have it all worked out but l think l would like to change it,” Mary replied. “I know Jack would like to spend the night with Laura, my bed is a king size so why don’t you and Carol go in there with Dan, l would like to spend the night with my son, is that okay with everyone?”

They all agreed and once the four on the floor had disentangled themselves, they all kissed each other goodnight and made their way to their bedrooms.

As David and his mother passed by Laura’s room, Mary looked in to see Jacks bum rising and falling between Laura’s open legs. “Goodnight you two,” she called, “not too rough Jack.”

“Don’t worry,” Jack replied, looking back over his shoulder, “Goodnight.”

David and his mother cuddled up in bed.

“Happy Mum?” He asked.

“Mmmmm,” she replied, “how about you, any regrets about what Jack did.”

“Did you know he was going to do that to me?”

“Yes baby,” she replied, “we talked about it on the way home from the pub, do you mind?”
“I don’t suppose so,” he replied, “after all, l do it to you and Laura so l suppose l should be able to take it as well.”

“Was it good?”

David hesitated before answering. “It didn’t hurt as much as l thought it would, it was weird at first but once l got used to it, it did feel good.”

“I was so proud of you baby,” she kissed him, “it’s like Jack says, you have to open your mind and be prepared to experiment, don’t take it seriously, it’s just fun.”

“I know you’re right Mum,” he replied, “it’s just that everything seems to happening so quickly.”

“I know baby,” she hugged him, feeling his erection pressing against her.

“Are you tired Mum?” He asked.

“Never too tired for my baby,” she replied, holding his cock. “Come on, make love to Mummy, nice and gentle.”

“I love you Mum,” he said, rolling on top of her, his cock sliding easily into her cunt.

One Hot August Night

I knocked on the front door. Karen opened the door and stepped back to show her new husband crashed out asleep on the floor. “Sorry. He has had a long week. Working two jobs is taking it’s toll”
“Yeah” being 18 I knew nothing of responsibility and doing what mattered. I walked in and followed her through to the back of the house. Watching her long lithe figure move gracefully through the house. My eyes were glued to her firm athletic butt and long long legs. My teenage cock throbbed in my pants.
Walking out on to the patio and pool area I noticed the light reflecting off the rippling water in the pool. Karen was wearing her very sexy teeny weeny bikini. As she grabbed a can of lager from the table, pulled the tab, and took a mouthful then handed it to me. My eyes were all over her body and she knew it.
“Thanks” I swilled it back trying to dull the throbbing erection in my pants. She watched as I skulled the beer her eyes looking at my tall athletic build.
“Swim ?” I nodded. I turned away from her and removed my shirt then my jeans and underwear in one go and with two paces dived in and swam to the other end of the 10metre pool. Her eyes had focused on the 9″ of young thick cock that stood proud. While I had swam to other end she had removed her bikini and climbed down the ladder in to the water. Standing at the opposite end she asked Do you like what you see?
I looked down at my throbbing manhood. Fuck my cock was bigger than when I jerked off thinking of my older step sisters. “I … I … I do” I replied anxiously.
“Come here ” she said quietly and her arm stretched out, as I tentatively took my first step, her finger indicated I should move quickly. I swam freestyle slowly across the divide , hoping, but not entirely confident of what was happening.
“Relax ” she whispered. Standing a yard apart she moved forward closing the gap her flat chested breasts with stiff long nipples grazed my chest. I held my breath. Her hand wrapped around the girth stroking my now ginormous hard on.
“I’m a sure thing” her leg came up and wrapped around my hip as she rubbed the head of my cock against her experienced slit. Moving her pelvis, grinding against me, my cock penetrated her wet juicy cunt. I moaned in pleasure as her velvet glove massaged my shaft. Her arms went around my neck and her other leg now wrapped me up and she pumped her hips against me milking my teenage cock. I breathed heavily my 13stone frame holding the weight of both of us in the water. I came with in seconds the pleasure and occasion over whelming.
“That was nice. To start I want the main course” she grabbed my semi hard prick and led me to the shallow end.
“Sit on here” she patted the wooden patio on the edge of the pool.” Mmm I wanna taste you” I watched her seductive lips. I obeyed quickly keen for this to continue.
Watching her, ogle my cock , her open mouth engulf my semi hard erection, her soft hand with wedding band on, expertly stroking and sucking my cock. Her head bobbing up and down. Her tongue swirling around the head as her hands massage my muscular swimmers chest and shoulders. Firmly pinching my nipples. Oh fuck that sent me over the edge I erupted in her mouth cum flooded out down her chin and in to the pool. She smiled and put her head under the water. When she surfaced her long blonde big hair do flatten out and hung down to the small of her back.
She climbed the ladder and started dancing like a stripper to music that could be heard coming from a party across the street. I climbed the ladder and the sat in a directors chair getting aroused again by her sexy performance.
She was now on her knees facing away from me a hand between her legs, fingers rubbing her clit, her head turned side on rested on the paving. A finger probed her asshole.
“Lick me”
I moved in my face between her legs, I watched as my semen leaked out of her pussy, her hand on the back of my head demanded I please her. My tongue licked her asshole she pushed my head down to lick her juicy slit. The mixture of cum and pussy juice I had not tasted before was not entirely distasteful.
“Mmmm Yes tongue fuck me” I poked my tongue in her juicy cunt ” God yes ! Faster flick your tongue on my clit ” I turned lying on my back I clamped my lips on her clit and sucked , lapped until she was writhing on my face. I pushed a finger in her asshole and she squirted all over my face.
“I fucking love how your cock is always hard” her long index finger ran up the stiff shaft on my six pack abdominal muscles.
Karen squatted over my waist as she guided the head of my bareback prick to her asshole. Easing the head passed her tight entrance she slowly began bobbing up and down taking more of cock deeper in her ass. She moved her weight back so I was pinned to the floor .
“MUM!!! ” her barely 16 year old daughter exclaimed
“Lick my pussy Lisa ” her daughter watched as my big hard cock went in and out of her mothers ass.
“Mummy needs your tongue baby”
I felt her tongue licking my balls and shaft. Her hand squeezed my scrotum firmly delaying my eruption by a few seconds.
It was a long night of fucking mother and daughter. They insisted that each time I ejaculated it should be over the drunken u*********s man on the floor. He would become a cuckold husband who would watch as I fucked all the females in his house. I moved in becoming the man of the house.